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I love watching movies outside in the summertime. The NCMA has summer movies, as well as KokaBooth Ampitheater if you are local to Raleigh. But I’ve always wanted to host a little outdoor movie party in my backyard! My sweet husband bought me one for my birthday recently so my dream can finally come true!

Have you ever taken a cooking class? How did it go? That’s something I’ve always wanted to do but I never seem to sign up in time for the classes that look interesting!

I think I’ll give this chicken taco recipe a go soon, it looks simply and flavorful!

Cat Owners: I tried the World’s Best Cat Litter and it went over like a lead balloon with both cats. I had always wanted to try it, so now I know it won’t work for us. Maybe if I had started the cats on it and they got used to it instead of clay based from the beginning, it would have been more successful? I’m not sure, but either way, I just wanted to offer my experience with it!

Love this desktop background by Lauren Carns!

My sister and I are making the trek out to Ikea this weekend so I can buy all the things for my house. I walked around and took photos of the closets and cabinets that are overflowing with mess so I can remember all the organizational things I need to buy. We are also making a weekend out of it and have a little quality sister time!



I just died at David’s face. I even cut my sister out of the photo because I was laughing so hard at David! Today is the last day to enter the Solly Baby Wrap giveaway over on Instagram. Comment on the most recent photo of Luke in the striped wrap to enter!

Happy Friday and I hope you have a nice weekend!


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Catherine says · 07.10.15

David’s such a cutie!! What a funny photo! I’ve never heard of that cat litter before. I will have to look for it. Currently, we use Fresh Step Extreme and it never smells, but it would be nice to use a more natural product. Thanks for the recommendation!

Jessica says · 07.10.15

Try switching over your cats litter slowly. By adding a small amount of the new litter to the old kind you were using. It will let the have an opportunity to get used to the feeling of it on their feet. 🙂

Cynthia says · 07.10.15

Yes, I was just going to recommend that!

We live in Canada and use a local brand for litter, so you won’t be able to use it. It’s a corn based, clumping litter and it’s FLUSHABLE! We have two cats too, Bubba and Nini, and I scoop their box every morning, right into the toilet. It’s awesome and it never smells. You know when you walk into someone’s house and you can smell that they have cats… I hate that smell.

Brittany says · 07.10.15

Yep. They’re on the right track. I used to work for a company that sells food and litter for cats. Switching slowly is key, especially since Worlds Best isn’t that different than clay litter when it comes to feel. I also recommend a non-scented brand. Cats noses are way more sensitive than human noses. Plus your house won’t smell like cat poop and fabreeze which is the scent that everyone associates with having cats. I like this cat litter that is walnut based because it has no scent and I haven’t had any issues with tracking but it’s really different than clay litter. It took me almost 2 months to get my cats completely switched to it. Good luck!

Jillzy says · 07.10.15

I’ve been using Sift Clean for a few years now with our cat and it’s so easy and cleanup takes a minute without needing to scoop. Just lift, throw away the liner and the excess litter falls back down into the box for re-use. This saves on litter and cleanup is a breeze! I highly recommend it!

Caroline says · 07.10.15

IKEA is simply the most amazing place ever! We love date nights there! Leave the kids with family, walk, talk, have dinner. Hubs is quite the organizer so he’s in heaven. 🙂 have fun!

And I love that picture of you and the kids. In the most important aisle of course! 😉

Christen says · 07.10.15

Are you going to the one in Charlotte?? I look at it longingly on the way to work every day but haven’t been in ages!! There are a lot of new stores there too, like Ulta, Marshall’s, Old Navy and Hobby Lobby!

Nicole says · 07.10.15

I never thought of taking pictures of what I wanted to get organized! What a great idea, thanks for that! 🙂
And your little boys are just so precious. David definitely has your smile!

Laura says · 07.10.15

I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class too!


Michelle G says · 07.10.15

I’m in the mountains of NC and there’s an inn near me that does cooking classes – I’m determined to take one soon; the inn itself makes me swoon! The Inn at Little Pond Farm,

Kim says · 07.10.15

love this! I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class!

Kim .. HAUL?!

Lori says · 07.10.15

David is soooooo cute!!!

Elizabeth says · 07.10.15

Cooking classes are great! You should definitely take one. It’s also the most fun if you can get a group of friends and all go together. My BF and I went to a class just the 2 of us but it would have been more fun if we knew the others in the class.

Cherish says · 07.10.15

Yep, we did an outdoor movie party and it was awesome! We played UP! and had everything matched to the theme of the movie, tons of balloons, grape soda in glass bottles so you can get the bottle cap, etc. it was tons of fun and we plan on making it a yearly occurrence, now we just need to decide on this years movie. Enjoy!

Jenny says · 07.10.15

I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class too! Now hopefully I remember to try and find one in my area. Could you do a post about your current favorite lip products?

Kristen says · 07.10.15

What a great picture of you and the boys! You look so pretty!

Kristin S says · 07.10.15

I heart you, Kate. 🙂

We did a “flick n float” this summer in Florida and since you have a pool now, it would be perfect! We had floats (root beer, Coke, orange Sunkist), inflatable floats in the pool, and a projector of UP!. It was really fun and relaxing. Of course, not everyone was in the pool the whole time but it did help with the heat.

Christine says · 07.10.15

I took a cooking class series when my kids were little like yours. It was so enjoyable, I met some new people and I had some me time. The bonus was we had “homework” that my family loved! Enjoy it!

Misty says · 07.10.15

You look gorgeous in that photo Kate. You are just very naturally stunning. Hope you and your sister have a great weekend! Love getting organized. It makes me feel sane lol.

Catalina says · 07.10.15

I’ve only taken a cooking class once. It was actually in Italy, on my study abroad trip this past May! It was so fun and I highly recommend it anywhere. We got to eat our food after making it which was such a great reward! 🙂

Catalina // heartenest

Bev says · 07.10.15

I die at both of your boys’ faces! They look they enjoy Target as much as thier mommy does 🙂

Kaitlyn S says · 07.10.15

Hi Kate! Love your blog!
I was browsing your back updates to see if you recommended a product for hair that’s prone to breaking. I saw that in an old video you recommended Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave in Treatment. Do you still recommend it? Is it worth getting anything else to help? I’m a runner and frequently wear my hair in a ponytail and find that the hairs right around my face tend to break easily. Since not pulling my hair back isn’t an option regularly, I’m trying to find products that can at least help.

KC says · 07.10.15

I switched from worlds best to the Tidy breeze system, they are ceramic pellets (if you don’t have septic you can flush these). The system has a pee pad that really traps the smell (until you have to change it that is). I just put the fancy box next to the old one and just stopped cleaning the old one. Eventually the kitties got the idea to use the new box instead of playing with the pellets. I love it so much, one box for my two kitties (3 and 14 yrs) clean it about every 4-5 days. I know I should have a second one, but small apartment living. This box + amazon subscribe & save is probably my favorite combo for litter.

Megan says · 07.10.15

The cooking classes at Southern Season in Chapel Hill are awesome, especially with friends. My favorite so far was the biscuit making class. They only offer it a couple times a year, and it fills up quickly.

Kate says · 07.10.15

Precious Ultra cat litter is the best ever!! It’s a regular clumping cat litter but it’s in scented and has no dust at all. I keep the cat box next to my kitchen and can’t smell the box. Plus, in order it on amazon and get free shipping, so no more lugging heavy bags around.

Beth says · 07.10.15

I took a sushi making class thru my local parks & rec. it was super fun, & I was good at it!

sharon / says · 07.10.15

yup, wee David loves shopping more than Anybody i know!!

Stephanie says · 07.11.15

Cooking classes are fun! It was one of my first dates with my now-husband. On occasion my niece and I go to a family cooking class together.

Megan says · 07.11.15

Love your blog!!! I took a cooking class a few years ago for a bachelorette party. SO fun. I totally recommend it. Grab some girl friends and pick out something you want to try. We made a southern rib BBQ and tried some new things. I still use the recipes!!

And I found your solly wrap post super helpful. I had some hard times with my own wrap, but you make it look so easy!! And David is the cutest!!

Kristine says · 07.11.15

I took a cooking class once, at a fancy grocery store where I live. It was so fun and definitely worth it! I highly recommend it.

Have a fun weekend shopping! I love Ikea! Cute picture, by the way!!

mary says · 07.11.15

shut the front door!
so cute i had to show my husband (we’re sorta wanting grandkids now).
love love the sheet for outdoor movies!
a w e s o m e n e n e s s

Giselle says · 07.11.15

I took a few classes, including a 6 week basics, at a local fancy grocery store. It was great, and well worth the investment.

Aliona says · 07.12.15

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Kayla says · 07.12.15

I seriously love the backyard movie theatre idea! Going to have to put that one down in the books before summer is over. Great idea!


Mary Engler says · 07.13.15

Love the idea of an outdoor movie night – what kind of equipment did you get? We want to do a flick and float asap as its getting really hot here in Southern California!

Mary Engler says · 07.13.15

Love the idea of an outdoor movie night – what kind of equipment did you get? We want to do a flick and float asap as its getting really hot here in Southern California!

HOlly says · 07.15.15

I love taking cooking classes! They are a lot of fun and you usually get to eat whatever you make at the end. Sur la Table offers cooking classes for many things and also has “Date Night” classes which can be fun with your hubby.

That’s too bad your kitties didn’t like World’s Best Cat Litter, I love it (well my cat does). It’s a little pricier than others, but it lasts forever, is super absorbent, and no smell.

Floy says · 07.16.15

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Joan C. Quinn says · 07.17.15

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