An airplane, a wedding, and good times

A simple, swept braid

Justin, myself, and the boys flew to up north this pastΒ weekend in order to attendΒ my cousins wedding in Wisconsin. Not only was I excited to see Lizz get married and do her hair for the big day, but we also got to see a lot of my dad’s side of the family too!

Flying with two kids is, duh, a lot harder than flying with one. Like, 4 times harder. Luke slept pretty much the entire flight but David was antsy to get off the plane and run around. He did great, all things considered, but I determined that an hour and a half flight is about the max that David AND Justin and I can handle.

As soon as we landed in Chicago we hopped in my dad’s car and drove about 1.5 hours north to Wisconsin.

On Saturday I headed out to the church earlier than everyone else because I was doing Lizz’s hair and it was so fun to be in the room while all the bridesmaids and family members buzzed around getting ready.11358992_1443175919335077_1314627815_nMy cousins Lizz (the bride) and Kelley

I’ve done hair for plenty of weddings where the vibe in the room is pretty awkward, but on Saturday you could really tell that all her friends were so excited for her, and Lizz couldn’t wait to make it official with her man.

She has a lot of hair which I prefer when it comes to updo’s, and it’s one of my favorite styles that I’ve ever done.

11311430_405285849676653_190659707_n 11386528_524687167684674_916169622_n

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was really fun. June in Wisconsin is quite risky for an outdoor reception, but the weather could not have been more perfect. My parents generously offered to take David home around his bedtime so Justin and I could stay and dance which we immediately accepted. I hired my friend Sam to watch Luke for the day so he had a lovely low-key day at the cottage and was tucked into bed at his usual time.



My brother was able to drive up for the weekend and finally meet Luke! He’s kind of a baby whisperer so I was happy to hand Luke over to him and let him carry him around for awhile. I think they were both enjoying it equally.


Several cousins and family members weren’t able to make it for the weekend, but I did get to meet a few of my ‘out of towner’ cousins’ babies. It’s fun to see all the kids running (or laying in Luke’s case) around and survey the next generation.


It was a busy weekend but full of lots of laughs and very long overdue catching up.


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Kacie M. says · 06.09.15

Fun pics, and it’s always great to get together with family that you don’t see too often!! The hair you did for your cousin is amazing!!
I will admit, I am inspired by your hair in the first pic, but can never get that “part” right. Mine usually looks so goofy that I end up with some weird zig zag instead of that subtle look like you have (and have seen in other pics around the web). Do you have a secret in getting it to look so great? I recently cut my hair to your sister’s length, but still struggle with parting it, as well as incorporating some bangs that are somewhat growing out. An annoying cowlick up front doesn’t help either!

Ashley @ Sweet Carolina Belle says · 06.09.15

That bridal updo is beautiful! Looks like you had a great time catching up with family.

The Busy Brunette says · 06.09.15

Kate – what a fun time it looks like you had. And, I must say, that is the most beautiful updo! Can you share a picture of how she looked from the front with her dress on? I’d love to see it!
If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area, PLEASE COME DO MY HAIR!!!!! You rock, girl!
“The Busy Brunette”

elise says · 06.09.15

that updo is amazing! i second the request for any photos from the front.

great photos of you and your family as well – thanks for sharing a little slice of your life with us πŸ™‚

Sara Gwaltney says · 06.09.15

Kate I really enjoy your blog!!! I was reading your post on “love your hair” and I hate my hair!! I have natural curl/wave which used to be pretty but after 3 kids etc it has changed. The curl is inconsistent and gets very frizzy all over top layer! I am obsessed with products but am exhausted! I want to embrace curls but can’t!!! I’m 42 and my hair has been long, short and every thing in between! Currently it is cut at around chin length like Sienna Millers golden globe hair. I have aquage, it’s a 10, after party, and many other products (not used at the same time). I feel like my hair isn’t super thick and maybe fine/normal. Jeez I am a mess!! HELP!! Sara

Cait Bahena says · 06.09.15

Love the dress you wore to the wedding!!! Where did you find it at?

Colleen says · 06.15.15

YES!! I’d love to know too! I’m obsessed with stripes! πŸ™‚

Kate says · 06.09.15

Wow that is genuinely one of the most beautiful upstyles I have ever seen. Wow! I would love to see a tutorial if you ever have the time to create one. (I’m a former hairstylist so HOPE I could pull it together… :S lol and needing a style for a wedding I’m in–this would be perfect!) Again, seriously beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!

Marjorie Scheib says · 06.09.15

I am glad that our Wisconsin weather was so perfect for your day on Saturday. I live in Lake Geneva and I have to say it was awesome.
What a lucky bride to have such a talented stylist do her hair. Love the updo.

Jenny says · 06.09.15

What a fun trip! And you did such a GREAT job on her hair! That’s a unique hairstyle for a wedding, but so beautiful!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Kristi says · 06.09.15

I love the hairstyle you did for your cousin’s wedding! It’s so gorgeous!

Kristi | Be Loverly

Michelle B says · 06.09.15

I’d love some details on how your sister styles her hair!

leticia justus says · 06.29.15

check out the blog Lauren Elizabeth πŸ™‚

Kristin says · 06.09.15

That updo is gorgeous!! So glad Wisconsin gave you some nice weather for the wedding. I would have loved to have run into you while you were here!
Let’s face it, you’re pretty much a celebrity. πŸ™‚ XO

Abi says · 06.09.15

soo sweet! Love the picture! You look beautiful in all of them

Kelly says · 06.09.15

Gorgeous updo!!! I also love your dress. Where is it from?

Chloe says · 06.09.15

Random question – I absolutely love your hair color – would you say it’s a neutral-toned blonde shade? To me it doesn’t seem too warm or too cool. Would you happen to know what level/shade it is? I’ve been struggling for 3 or so years to get the perfect shade of blonde and my quest is never ending it seems.

Kate says · 06.09.15

Yeah I’m naturally really neutral/cool toned so my highlights typcially lean towards the cool end of the spectrum. Redken Shades EQ 9NB is the perfect gloss for neutral highlights πŸ™‚

Amanda E says · 06.09.15

Kate, it looks like you had a great time. I would love an up do video on how the brides hair was done.

Evelina says · 06.09.15

Seeing out of town family is seriously the best. And your updo turned out so gorgeous!

Keelyn S. says · 06.09.15

Please do a tutorial for her hair! It is gorgeous!!

Amber Bradford says · 06.09.15

Hey Kate!! I keep forgetting you are Kelley and Lizz’s cousin! Small world! I was one of Kelley’s college roommates and good friends and stood up in Kelley and John’s wedding. πŸ™‚ I absolutely cannot believe her little sister, Lizz got married! I swear she was just 13. She looked beautiful, as always, and her hair was AMAZING! Kudos to you!

I have something I’d like to throw out there. I started a new job a couple of months ago working as the Graphic Designer and Marketing Associate for Enza Medispa – a company that sells Enza Essentials skin care products. The skin care line was custom designed by our plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Rucker, and it is wonderful! One of the selling points is that it’s not a cookie-cutter skin care line that you buy over the counter. It’s custom built just for you and catered for your personal skin needs. Would you be interested in trying our products and posting a review on them? I know you have a huge following (myself being a solid fan – I’ve definitely tried a kazillion of your hair tutorials) and I think everyone would benefit greatly from a new product option. Our beauty blogger, Kayla, is awesome to work with and she can hook you up! We provide all products at no cost – all you’d have to do is fill out a skin care regimen and you’ll be on your way. Let me know what you think!

LOVE seeing Lizz and Kelley in a blog post! πŸ™‚

Kate says · 06.09.15

Hi Amber! Small world πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the info about your company! I’m a little swamped these days with both boys so I need to pass but thanks so much for the offer!

Amber Bradford says · 06.10.15

No problem, just thought I’d throw it out there! Have a wonderful summer and happy blogging! πŸ™‚

Kristin S says · 06.09.15

Kate, hair perfection all around.

Mae says · 06.09.15

GAH! I love this hair!!! I’m so gonna try and repeat it this weekend πŸ™‚

AC says · 06.09.15

I think your brother and Luke look a lot alike.

Gturn62 says · 06.11.15

Yes! I do too. Twinsies for sure.

leticia justus says · 06.29.15

that’s what I was thinking πŸ™‚

Robin F. says · 06.09.15

Love the up do! Can you please share where you got the denim jacket?

Lisa Gates says · 06.09.15

I love your makeup in all of these pictures! Did you do anything different than usual?

Steph @ Stephanie June Blog says · 06.09.15

This looks like such a relaxed wedding day, how sweet! I had no idea until I went to do my own wedding hair trial how essential it can be to have a LOT of thick hair for up-dos! I love what you did with her hair.

Also, I think everyone needs a brother baby whisperer, they look so chill together!

Prudence Yeo says · 06.10.15

The wedding hair up-do is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for a romantic event! Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!


Gina says · 06.10.15

The updo was beautiful but pretty much everything you do is! πŸ™‚ I would love to see a tutorial on it as well!

Riv says · 06.10.15

you guys look all so happy and the hairdo is beautiful!! xx,

Yours Truly Wedding Albums says · 06.10.15

Oh her hair is so gorgeous!

Gretta Patrick says · 06.10.15

That wedding hair looks amazing! I absolutely love it! You’re a very talented gal, Kate!

Keep it Classy, Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick <3

Jenna Maddox says · 06.11.15

Do you remember where your jean jacket is from?

Kate says · 06.11.15

Yep, it’s from J.Crew Factory!

Ashley says · 06.11.15

Where did you you find your dress?

Carmen says · 06.11.15

That is the most GORGEOUS wedding hair I have ever seen!

Stephanie|ChalkSouthernToMe says · 06.15.15

Such a fun weekend with family! You did an amazing job with the bride’s hair, I loved it! Xo, Stephanie

Carolyn says · 06.18.15

Where is your dress from? I already checked the comments to see if you mentioned, but not yet. It’s super cute!