A dessert picnic at the new house

RQ: If Luke had been a girl. . .

Justin and I moved into our house last weekend, but we couldn’t help but go over to the house on closing day (June 1st) to celebrate with a little “dessert picnic” on the floor.


It was really fun to see David just run from room to room with reckless abandon. The house was completely empty so he just ran in circles from room to room.

After doing to tour for the hundredth time, discussing once again where we thought we are going to “live” in the house (there are 3 bonus rooms and we always go back on forth on which one we want to be the play room), we told David to go pick his room.


*David’s wearing a Seventh Generation diaper as well. Strong and VERY stretchy–great for all the climbing and running he does.

He ran right into the one at the top of the stairs, only because it’s the first door you come to, and we declared it his! Luke’s room is down the hall a little bit, and his is a little bigger since I still use the glider and ottoman with Luke when he eats.

Anyway, after the tour we laid out a blanket and ate some dessert. David dove head first into the Oreos, and while he only had 1/2 of one, he sure covered himself with chocolate in the process.



We had nothing over there, so I grabbed some baby wipes for us all to use to clean up after dessert. Other than the fact that the Seventh Generation Free & Clear baby wipes are natural and made without harmful chemicals, there is no odor and they are also really thick. So one wipe really goes a long way. And wiping David’s face with any other wipes usually leads to a frustrating, hand-flailing experience, but wiping his face with these caused zero resistance. At home we usually just wet a paper towel, so he wasn’t even phased by this odorless wipe.


Luke did not get any chocolate but he was happy anyway.


I love the fresh start of a new *to us* home. We have plenty of projects to do around the place to really make it our own, and I find myself daydreaming of the boys growing older in this place. I’m also slowly but surely making changes from my default products to ones that are more gentle and natural. David makes an enormous mess when he eats a meal, so I feel better wiping his mouth and hands with a natural wipe since it will inevitabley go into his mouth again almost immediately.

*this post is sponsored by Seventh Generation.


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Aline says · 06.19.15

I love that they get so covered up and messy with such a little bit of dessert 🙂

Nikoleta says · 06.19.15

Great post!
You’re baby boy is so cute! God bless!

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Stephanie says · 06.19.15

Good boy, he already knows the deliciousness of double stuf oreos.

Congrats on the new house! Can’t wait to see more pictures!


Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 06.19.15

Those leg rolls. Can’t handle the adorableness! 🙂 Congrats on the new house!

Sabrina Alexandra says · 06.19.15

I hate to say it but David suddenly looks all grown up. Such a little man sitting there with his Oreo!

Have a great weekend!

Nicole says · 06.19.15

Congrats! Love this idea! Can I ask where you got the blanket from?!

Nuclear Glitter says · 06.19.15

Too much cuteness in one post :$

sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com says · 06.19.15

a dessert picnic, new house, and babies?! ♡♡♡

Aaren says · 06.19.15

Love your blog!
Just wondering the color you have on your wall with the photo of David at the window.
Many thanks.

Tina says · 06.19.15

I am addicted to Oreos, so I am happy to see you are feeding them to David for a special treat. My son (Jude) is only 9 months, but I think maybe to celebrate his one year we will introduce Oreos!

Angie says · 06.19.15

How are the cats taking to the new house? I remember when you moved to the house prior to this new house, I believe it was Grits who had a hard time adjusting.

The boys look happy and you sound very happy….your a great Mom

Michelle says · 06.19.15

We are moving from NY to Chapel Hill, NC in 10 days! I love the idea of a dessert picnic and may do that with my 10 and 13 year old girls 🙂 Your boys are adorable and I love that David got to pick his room.

Erika says · 06.19.15

Have you tried Branch Basics? http://www.branchbasics.com. It is a FANTASTIC cleaning product and can be used for so many uses. I highly recommend it.

Guess I shouldn’t mention that since this post is sponsored by 7th generation 🙂 They make some great products too. Theirs is my favorite dishwashing soap.

Evelina says · 06.19.15

this is such a cute idea! And I love that you let David choose his room. Aaaand I love his shirt! Where did you find it?

Erica says · 06.19.15

Seveneth Generation diapers are hands down, the worst diapers I have ever used. The leak horribly, and are NOT free of unsafe chemicals:


I have always loved this blog, but you have lost a lot of credibility with me, since the post was obviously motivated by the kickback received from Seventh Generation. It’s hard to trust any your legitimate product recommendations now.

Mary says · 06.19.15

I really like (ok, LOVE) your blog!! Keep it up!!! BTW, David and Luke are totally adorable!!!

I was wondering if you had any tips on teasing hair. Whenever I do it it ends up looking very snarly, that might be because I have fine hair. Suggestions???????

Sandy says · 06.19.15

I sure miss the days of your unsponsored/non-soliciting posts. Miss seeing new hair styles and how-to blogs. Been refraining from saying anything for a while, but I think it’s time for me to move on.

Sarah says · 06.19.15

Bye 🙂

Sandy says · 06.20.15

So mature!

Ditto says · 06.25.15

Pot, meet kettle.

Sandy says · 06.25.15

Yeah, it appears you two have a lot in common!

AnitaNC says · 06.19.15

I too love your blog but am not keen on these sponsored posts. For example, the Burts Bees Skincare was so obviously not what you use after you posted about all the high end brands you use from Sephora. It made me feel a little sad that it was posted as fact and a little disappointed that your I could not take your posts at face value anymore.

I understand you have to help support your beautiful family but this sort of thing makes your blog less appealing, in my opinion.

God bless.

Lynn says · 06.20.15


Katie says · 06.19.15

I always like eating in a new house. 🙂 And your boys are so adorable!

Em says · 06.20.15

Normally sponsored posts don’t rub me the wrong way if there is an organic and natural way to incorporate it into a blog post. But, I’m sorry – this was a big stretch.

Amanda says · 06.20.15

I have read your blog for years, but the way you format your sponsored posts is a little off putting. As I’m reading through this adorable post about your new home, I suddenly realize that I’m being sold something. It feels a bit like a bait and switch and a little sneaky. One suggestion – perhaps state the post is sponsored up front, so we don’t feel duped partway through.

Tara says · 06.20.15


Lynn says · 06.21.15

Legally, I’m pretty sure sponsorships are supposed to be disclosed at the beginning anyway per FTC guidelines. That’s why advertorials in magazine have the “Advertisement” label at the top of the page, not buried at the end.

charley says · 06.20.15

Your boys so cute and it’s good that he likes Oreos.

Amanda A. says · 06.20.15

While I agree this post felt more contrived than the usual content, give a girl a break. A stylist learning to become a writer deserves a measure of grace, as do the rest of us.

Tammy says · 06.20.15

The title should have been “Half an Oreo and a sponsored post”. Very mis-leading.

Brooke Jones says · 06.20.15

I normally love your blog and have never left any comment before. But the amount of these sponsored posts are just getting a tad old. This post was just not your best work output… sorry.
Please bring back the old and good content with tutorials and tips 🙂

Sandy says · 06.20.15

I completely agree!

Ditto says · 06.25.15

Then don’t read. This is not a hard concept. BYE, FELICIA!

Shannon says · 06.20.15

Such handsome boys! I too love Seventh Generation and have been using their diapers for years 🙂 Can’t wait to see all of the upcoming project pictures of the new place! Hope the cats are doing well adjusting!

Lynn says · 06.20.15

So happy for your little family to start this new adventure in a new home. I love Seventh Generation Products. I also the my awesome company that I work for Ava Anderson Non Toxic. I would love to send you some products to try. Also here is a link to my website:
Use party ID: 75374 if you or any of your friends would be interested in purchasing some products. Thanks

Julia says · 06.21.15

One of my fondest memories is when my parents did the exact same thing with my brother and I when we moved into our (their) first real home 12 years ago. We ordered a pizza, sat on the floor of our empty living room, and to this day, it has been one of the best nights of my life 🙂



Kimberly says · 06.21.15

Nothing to do with 7th Gen/sponsership………………
This is a random reader question. Why do women shave parts of their head? Does it mean anything or is it just a favored style? Any thoughts? Love your blog, Kate, & congrats on the move!

Another hair question. Do you have any idea how Kate Middleton does her hair? I love looking at the blog “What Kate Wore” and even though I don’t have a personal attendant to help me out, I feel like you’re my personal hair coach! Thanks for all the tips! If I want to have a good hair day, I know how to make it happen now.

Michelle says · 06.22.15

I actually liked how this sponsored post was written. It had a little bit of everything. Some cute stuff from Kate’s life and some info on seventh generation that you could just skim over if your not interested.

Brooke says · 06.23.15

I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and I’ve loved to see your growing family. The personal posts that you make are my favorite. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the sponsored posts (when I see them I usually skip over them) and this post did ultimately disappoint me.

Tara says · 06.24.15

I was so thrown off by this post! I was reading it and thought “oh so cute, a family post” and then it turned into a commercial about seventh generation. I felt tricked at the end. The way it was written was really deceptive. I’ve never commented before but wow this bothered me.

Kendra says · 07.01.15


Ann says · 06.25.15

My family moved into a new home when I was just older than 2. I’m now 50 and I still remember dancing on the hardwood floor in the empty room that would be my room! It’s one of my earliest memories and my mother has assured me it is a true memory. Your sweet post brought back a joyful moment of my own childhood and I loved reading it! My parents still live in that home, even though when they bought it they planned for it to be a little resting place before moving on.

Becky Horst says · 06.29.15

Where is your picnic blanket from?

Kate says · 06.29.15

Oilo Studio!