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How are you? I’m good, thanks. This is a busy summer! Not only are my hands full with the boys and a bit of pre-planned traveling, but Justin and I bought a new house. We had been longing for a yard for a long time, and as soon as this house popped up we jumped on it. As in, put an offer in almost immediately after walking through it. It had only been on the market for 2 days and it had 3 other offers as well. After I found out there were other offers I had pretty much resolved that we would lose the house, but we got it!

So, I thought I would give you a little update aboutΒ what is happening in my life:

1. We moved! Just up the skreet. Like, 2 miles away I think it was? Justin and I hired TROSA to execute the actual moving of possessions and had, like always, a great experience with them. I’ve had dear family members struggle with addiction at times, and I love being able to support guys trying to get back on their feet. If you live around Raleigh/Durham and need to move (or need a christmas tree, or lawn care, or more but I’m not going to list everything right here), check out TROSA. It’s a long term rehabilitation campus in Durham.

2. David is saying “all done” and “uh oh” and “hi” but it’s more like “hi-EEEEEEEEEEEEE”. No “mama” yet, the little tease.

3. Luke is regressing from sleeping through the night. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not very fun and 10 being an absolute blast with sprinkles on top, I’d give it a 3. It could be worse, he could be crying all day like he did a few weeks ago, but DUDE NEEDS TO SLEEP through the night again! I know he will, eventually, but it makes for long nights of a handful of brief naps. In order to mentally prepare for the perpetually interrupted night of sleep, I don’t even approach going to bed as “bedtime”. It’s nap time. Luke clearly approaches it the same way.

4. One of THE biggest struggles with working from home and staying home with the boys is finding childcare that works for me and the boys. I’m sort of in between right now, so I’m hoping to find a more permanent, effective plan come July! Time management and juggling lots of different things is not my forte.

5. I have.not.trained. for the 10K I signed up for several months ago and it’s going down this coming Thursday. It was my plan to train hard enough to be able to run the whole thing but I have not worked out in weeks! WEEKS I tell you! The move and traveling has really interrupted my routine. This week I’ll get back home permanently and I’m hoping to start a workout routine again soon. I’ve been feeling like absolute junk about my health so I’m Β trying to make some simple changes to be a little more thoughtful about what I’m putting in to my body. I realized that a lot of the time I just look for food in order to stave off hunger pains (and thats usually worthless albeit tasty things like goldfish or fruit snacks) but I’m trying to shift to more of a “what would benefit my body to eat” mindset. Thus, more fruit and veggies and less bread and crackers. Anyway,Β I’m bored with this paragraph already. I’m sure you are too.

6. Luke, on a more positive note, has become such a little talker! He just chirps all day, and loves when someone gets up in his face and talks back to him.


8. Grits and Gravy adjusted really well to the new place. They love exploring everything, especially all the boxes we have strewn about.

9. I’m now scrounging for things to tell you about in order to get to an even number of 10 units.

10. Alright, I made it! So my plan is to keep on keeping on with regular blog content despite my night naps and unpacked home. I also have some fresh hair tutorial ideas too that I’m hoping to get filmed in July! But if there are a few days of quiet on here, bear with me. And if you hop over to Instagram I’m sure you’ll either see a photo of my boys, my cluttered house, or me hooking myself up to a IV drip filled with espresso.



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Katrina says · 06.15.15

Hahahaha! Oh Kate, hang in thereβ€”I’m glad that you are keeping your sense of humor up about these things. Don’t stress about the blog too much, being a mom is so much more important.
I’ll send up a prayer about Luke’s “napping” habits, but I am so thankful that he’s happy during the day now!


Amanda says · 06.15.15

I’m right there with you on night naps! I keep telling myself that it won’t last forever. Some days that works and other days I just have to suck it up. We love our babies though, and this is just one of the duties of being mommy. Hang in there!

AmandaD says · 06.15.15

Congrats on your new house and moving with kids.

Ahhh….the 4month wakeful period. I feel your sleepless pain. We are at the tail end of it despite my son being 5m old. My baby Sam was also sleeping through the night and then this happened. It is terrible but there is another side to it. I read just so what you can to get the baby to sleep. It doesn’t matter how-naps in the car, baby carrier, swing,etc. Best of luck!

Morgan A. says · 06.15.15

You just focus on you and your life and will always be here waiting for you! Plus, we should all scale back a bit on “work” in the summer to enjoy as much as we can πŸ˜‰ Congrats on all the exciting things happening!

x. Morgan / http://www.morningappleblog.com

Annette says · 06.15.15

I hear ya on finding intentional snacks! One of my favorite things is fruit with Fage Greek yogurt. I like to get the 2% yogurt and I think the yogurt keeps me satisfied longer. Also a whole grain frozen waffle with almond butter. Good luck!

Kim says · 06.15.15

Congratulations on the new house! So exciting!

http://trendkeeper.me .. WANDERLUST?!

Katie K says · 06.15.15

You just keep on doing what you need to do! I am still so impressed with how you manage all you have going on AND still post! I hear ya on the health thing. As moms I think we tend to naturally put our needs last. I eat those Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer meals in the frozen section of the grocery store. Zap ’em in the microwave and you have a small but quick healthy meal. They’ve been my lifesaver! Hope things settle down for you soon! We will all be here whenever you come back. πŸ™‚

Alli says · 06.15.15

Whew…. my ‘sleeping through the night since a few weeks old’ child lost it all at 4 months (from RSV) and we’re STILL up a hundred times…. I’m WITH YOU. And praying that this changes fast, I’m tired chasing her siblings around and am out of coffee- say WHA??? Take care of yourself and those sweet babies and everything else will fall into place… eventually πŸ™‚

Amber says · 06.15.15

Those night naps get old quick! My kid’s sleep schedule always get out of whack during when we travel. I hope things turn around for you quick. And good luck with the new house. It’s cool if you are still not unpacked when you are celebrating his first birthday.

Hannah Dickerson says · 06.15.15

Kate….I just love you! You are so genuine! And so real, and that is why I have been faithful to The Small Things Blog for 3+ years now….? Congratulations on the new home! We just moved as well! Like you, just a couple miles down the road. We live in Avon, North Carolina aka The Outer Banks πŸ™‚ Moving can be so stressful with little ones (I have 1 3yr old ginger boy) but so exciting as well! I can’t speak for everyone who regularly reads your blog like me, but I can say this: I admire how faithful you are to The Small Things Blog. Juggling your everyday life, sleepless nights, and still wanting to keep up with your blog…that is commitment and I commend you my dear!
May God pour out His blessings on your precious family Kate!

Meredith says · 06.15.15

Hey Kate!
Have you ever used Stellar Sitters? http://www.stellarsitters.com

A girl that graduated from Meredith College started it and they are great. I used to work for them when I lived in Raleigh. Amanda is great and might be able to help you find someone you like to watch the boys!

As always, love the blog!
Meredith Harris

Lori says · 06.15.15

Our son reverted to not sleeping at 5 months old. We ended up doing the ‘cry it out’ thing recommended by our pediatrician. (Yes yes I know that is probably not the ‘cool’ thing to do nowadays, but this was 30 years ago!). Anyway it was AWFUL for me, but he actually only cried about 40 minutes and then went to sleep. It just SEEMED like hours and hours.

Nicole says · 06.15.15

Pink Parsley blog has great recipes! It helped me get inspired to eat better with yummy recipes.

Jacquelyn @justjacq says · 06.15.15

I would love to see some hair tutorials inspired by Hilary Duff’s character in Younger. Her hair is on point every episode. I particularly liked the crown braid in the season finale. Just a little hint πŸ™‚

Good luck with setting up your new home!

Kerri says · 06.15.15

That was a cute post! I love hearing about your boys!!
No worries about the blog….all in God’s grand timing!!

Kristi says · 06.15.15

New baby, new house… either one of those would be stressful enough, but together I can’t imagine! I hope you can have more time to relax and rest!
Looking forward to those new tutorials!

Kristi | Be Loverly

The Busy Brunette says · 06.15.15

Congrats on the new house! How exciting. And I hear you about the terrible sleeping. My son was way older than most of my friends’ kids before he slept through the night. I don’t say that to scare you – just to prove that every child is different. This, too, shall pass!
“The Busy Brunette”

Molly says · 06.15.15

Thanks for keeping it real Kate! I’m a new mom with a 6 month old. We had a baby, moved, and I started a new job all within 4 months. I’m struggling to keep up with it all and terribly missing my workouts too. I love reading about your daily life as I can relate. Hang in there, the sleep will get better!

Crystal says · 06.15.15

Three things for you: 2 are books and 1 is not..
The Daniel Plan and Reshaping it All — I’ve been reading these concurrently and my health habits have done a 180. I was eating not well and all and not working out regularly. Feeling awful, no energy for my family, especially my sweet boy. My mindset has totally shifted and has literally been transformed. I’ve been eating very well, working out daily and just feeling amazing. I’ve been treating my body like a temple that it is and really letting the Lord work through me by this lifestyle change. I’ve passed up donuts (twice) and lots of opportunities for bread. It’s almost as if I don’t have a taste for it. I also feel like when you pass on foods like that, you should lose a pound instantly.. but I dream! I’ve been eating meals knowing that I’ll get another one because, America. The third thing is called Juice Plus. ((I do NOT sell this or make money from these comments, I’ve just literally been super happy with the product)) It’s 30+ fruits and veggies in three capsules or gummies. I’ve been using it for about a month and oh, man, can I tell a difference in my energy! I’d encourage you to check it out, and those books. I’ve known for a while that a healthy lifestyle is a state of mind, but until I paired it with a biblical perspective, I failed. Good luck!

Marilyn says · 06.19.15

Kate, as I read through your post today, I immediately thought about recommending the same thing Crystal did – Juice Plus! I have been taking Juice Plus for about a year and I have never felt better – physically and mentally. Plus, I love the peace of mind knowing my family and I are getting what our bodies need in the form of whole food nutrition. I’d love to help you out! Have a great weekend getting settled into your new home. God bless you and your darling family!

Devon Marie says · 06.15.15

Wowza you have been busy!! I was feeling pretty similarly about my own health recently. I got engaged in March and while me and my fiance are planning the wedding, I realized I need to get back into shape! I started the 21 day fix program (it’s totally not as gimmicky as it sounds) and it’s awesome! You can do the workouts at home, they’re only 30 minutes, and it comes with an eating plan that makes life really easy. I’m not a coach, or supplier or anything like that, I just think its really awesome πŸ™‚

I love your blog so much! I love hearing about your darling little boys and your tutorials are so great. Good luck with your 10k!!

Kristy says · 06.15.15

You are awesome Kate. Love your updates and looking forward to seeing the new digs once you are settled!

Emilee Johnson says · 06.15.15

I just have to tell you, your blog brings a smile to my face every day! Thanks for sharing your life with us.. And reminding us moms that we aren’t alone in the long, and I mean LONG nights with babies. Congrats on the new house! Can’t wait to see what you (or your mom) do with the decor Good luck getting enough coffee to survive the next chapter of your life!

Bonnie Stoltzfoos says · 06.15.15

Haha. This was awesome! TROSA sounds really neat… so cool to be able to help out people working so hard for a better life just by giving them moving business. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for places like TROSA… thanks for sharing about that!
Congrats on the new house! πŸ™‚

Tyana says · 06.15.15

Love the update post


HubbaMama says · 06.15.15

Our third child quit sleeping at 4 months too! I found out months later that because he was around 20 pounds at the time, he needed to start solid foods earlier. He was waking up hungry. This may not apply to your situation, but I wish someone had told me at the time! Good luck!

evelina says · 06.15.15

glad to hear the move went well and that everyone is adjusting well!

Gturn62 says · 06.15.15

Wow! All that and you still find time to post. Impressive! Keep on keeping on, and your readers will keep cheering you on. Go Kate!

Stephanie says · 06.16.15

#7- PREACH. I’m right there with ya!

Andrea H says · 06.16.15

I am with you in the childcare boat. πŸ™ For the first time I am looking for it, so I can get some more work from home done. It’s such a hard thing, knowing HOW to approach it and WHO to look for. πŸ™ Hope it is easy for you to come by!

Lisa says · 06.16.15

This made me giggle because TROSA means “panty” (as in underwear) in my language..

Janine says · 06.16.15

Hey Kate! I live in the Raleigh area and have been looking for a 10K to sign up for. Would you mind sharing which one you’re doing? Or send me to their site? Thanks so much πŸ™‚

Amanda (yahoo) says · 06.16.15

I love these update posts.

Congrats on the new home!

And good luck with the sleepless nights!

Lyn says · 06.16.15

Hi Kate! Congrats on the new house…how exciting for you and the family.
When my daughter was 4/5 months old, she wasn’t sleeping much a night either. Fun to be around during the day, a nightmare at bedtime! Ugh. We went for a baby well visit and the head pediatrician was the doctor I was seeing that day and this woman laid it down for me. She had 6 kids, her youngest not much older than my daughter. She looked me straight in the eye and told me that I was in charge, I was in charge of driving this bus. Whoa. Ok, go,on. This may fall under the Farber, Feeber, whatever method its called, but it worked. Like a flipping charm. Do your normal routine. Bath, bottle, bed, book, etc. put baby down, leave room. If baby cries , wait 5 minutes, then go in to room. Do not talk to baby. Just pick him up, give him a quick snuggle, put him back down, walk out. Do not say a word. This time wait 6 minutes. Repeat. Then wait 7 minutes, repeat. Keeping adding 1 minute before you go back in. Never say a word. Maybe a quiet shhhhhhhh. Keep doing this until baby falls asleep. I think the first night it took 12 times going into the room before my baby fell asleep. my husband and I took this time to workout outside the closed door of the baby’s room. Weights, crunches, sit-ups, etc. Lol. It may sound/feel cruel, but it really isn’t. You have to be strong and really think about what the long term benefit is….SLEEP!!! It was about a week before it finally just kicked in, and she went to bed with no issues. That doctor saved my sanity,especially since I was back to work full time (outside the home) at the time. Remember you are in charge. Try it before you judge it. You never know until you try!!! πŸ™‚

Andrea H says · 06.16.15

I’m not going to join the CIO debate here.

But I wanted to share, this book, written by an actual sleep doctor, was a major game-changer for me. I used it with all three of my children. It was recommended to me by another mom, and now I highly recommend it!


Jenna says · 06.17.15

Love your candid sharing Kate.
Life with kids is CRAZINESS already before you add all that ‘eating healthy’… ‘working out’… cleaning the house {Ha!}… maintaining sanity stuff in there….
Thanks for sharing all your beauty/ hair tips… I need them! πŸ™‚
Have fun lovin’ on those sweet boys of yours! <3

Brianne Connolly says · 06.17.15

TROSA is the best! We worked with them when I was at Duke for a preorientation program for Freshmen. TROSA day was always the most fun πŸ™‚

Jill says · 06.21.15

My youngest (of four) does the night-napping too. she slept incredibly well for the first four months, then suddenly she decided that she wanted to see more of Mummy at night.
She is almost 11 months now and still not sleeping all the way through, unfortunately. I’m sure Luke won’t hold out that long though…. πŸ˜‰


Lorilyn says · 06.22.15

Oh I feel your pain on #3 – my guy was the BEST sleeper from day one, then when he hit two years old (and figured out he could get out of bed and attempt to come into ours) it all went down hill fast. Finally 6 months later we switched out his crib/toddler bed for a bunk bed, and that was so exciting to him he finally started staying in his room.

Saul says · 08.13.15

Superb inimoratfon here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.