Spring Nails

Curling Wand Waves


I’m a sucker for a gel manicure but I haven’t gotten one in months! If I’m LUCKY I’ll find some time in the evening to polish my nails, but to be honest I’m likely to be bare nailed more often than not.

I tried a swipe of the Dior Nail Glow that is supposed to enhance the look of your natural nails at Sephora a few weeks ago. I thought it would act more like the Lip Glow that I love, but it was pretty much the same as plain clear nail polish. I’ve had much prettier results with Julep Oxygen nail treatment.Β If you are looking for a very subtle hint of color, look into that.

Anyway, if I do have time to polish my nails, these are the colors I’m grabbing.


Back in the Limo – a peachy melon shade


Taupeless Beach – my top pick for a soft, warm grey


Chinchilly – perhaps the most worn polish of all I ownΒ 


Care to Danse? – the prettiest sheer frosted pinkΒ 


Warm and Toasty Turtleneck – A “winter” shade but a lovely purple



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Stephanie says · 05.28.15

I know, I’m a sucker for gel manicures. But I try to give my nails a break in the summer and that peachy Essie color looks so cute!


Jackie says · 05.28.15

Have you tried the Jamberry nail wraps? If so, what did you think of those? Maybe do a post about them?

Kacie M. says · 05.28.15

After being a nail biter ALL of my life, I got acrylics done for my wedding last October. After I got them off and my nails had some length, I got Taupe-less Beach on them and loved the color. I even went out and bought the color, I loved it so much. It is definitely a perfect gray for any time and am debating doing gray for my next manicure – now that I have stopped biting my nails completely! πŸ™‚

Biana @Blovedboston says · 05.28.15

I have the essie colors, but now I need those OPI ones, especially the frosted pink! Thanks for sharing! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

Laura says · 05.28.15

These are so pretty!

I’m looking forward to trying some new shades this season!


Caroline (Virginia Sweet) says · 05.28.15

I love Get back in the limo – and I think it is a perf color for summer!!!

Sara w says · 05.28.15

I love the peach! I must get it today! I have jamberry from a couple parties I went to and they’re fun, but they only last as long on me as polish does (I’ve tried several application methods) and I’ve never gotten them to look as nice as polish does since you can’t go truly edge to edge-just what I’ve found.

Amy says · 05.28.15

Ooooo, I always love your polish recommendations! So excited to try these!

Brittney says · 05.28.15

thank you so much for this post Kate!!!! I absolutely love the look of the the warm grays you wear!!:)

(Also, wouldn’t you love to have the job of naming O.P.I’s nail polish? Lol where do they come up with some of these names! Sometimes I’ll just stand in the store for 30 minutes just reading all names lol)

Bya says · 05.28.15

Love your pics Kate! I wear taupeless beach, one of my faves!! I would love to try the OPI care do danse, looks pretty! I always recommend Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat by Butter to my friends, it works well for me for a longer lasting manicure! Have a great day!!

Lacey says · 05.28.15

you should try CND Vinylux polish! it lasts a least 7 days without a chip! It’s seriously awesome and I work on a computer all day, dishes, playing with a 15 month old and it’s the best. I feel as though OPI or Essy chip in a few days and this one doesnt! It’s a little on the expensive side, but to me, totally worth it!


PS- love your blog and with another little one on the way, I love getting your tips how to deal with kids close in age! mine will be 21 months apart.

Kate says · 05.28.15

I’ve used it for years! love it!

Lynn says · 05.28.15

I was just going to post the same thing! I recently discovered the 7day Vinylux and I LOVE it! I got 13 days out of my last manicure (at home)! I make jewelry and always struggle with finding polish that will stay on. I will struggle no more!

Valerie says · 05.28.15

I love the taupeless beach color! And great blog! I followed πŸ™‚

Kristi Craig says · 05.28.15

Chinchilly is one of my favourite Essie shades. I love the look of Care to Danse too! I’m all for a pretty pink manicure for spring.

Kristi | http://www.beloverly.com

Gina says · 05.28.15

Anyone have trouble with the beautiful pale light colors going on your nails streaky? Two coats doesn’t even help!!

Diane says · 05.28.15

These are so pretty! I love the dusty and desaturated colors!

xx, Diane || http://www.modernisticphoenix.blogspot.com

Evelina says · 05.28.15

I’m a huge Essie fan and I love Chinchilly! My current favourite is Peach Side Babe from their new collection.

gena says · 05.28.15

How similar is taupless beach to chinchilly? I have chinchilly and saw a gel manicure that was supposed to match taupless beach and I really liked the purplishness of the gel, but I havent seen the OPI shade on an actual person to compare!

On a Search says · 05.28.15

I have looked all over my hometown today and could not find the Essie shade anywhere πŸ™ Is there a chance that this might have been a seasonal color? I tried Googling the name and links came up saying it belonged to the Winter 2014 collection. I hope this isn’t true!

Susan says · 05.28.15

Well now thanks…I MUST go buy that lovely peachy shade ASAP!! πŸ˜‰

Emma Walker says · 05.28.15 Reply
Jenny says · 05.28.15

I love the warm and toasty turtleneck color! Not sure if you’ll have time to answer but I wanted to ask. What shampoo and conditioner would you recommend for hair the is frizzy and rough? It just never feels soft. I’d love to hear any thoughts you have.

Frances Naeve says · 05.29.15

Please explain the “gel” manicure. I rarely, VERY RARELY, to a manicurist so I am unfamiliar with what’s new today. My nails are weak and break easily.

Jen says · 05.29.15

These are all amazing shades! Pinning this for my next mani appointment πŸ˜‰

xo, Jen

Ashley Barrett says · 05.29.15

Have you tried Jamberry Nails?? Such fun designs and they look great up to 2 weeks! No dry time, no chipping, no harsh chemicals and very affordable. You definitely should give them a try if you haven’t- I’d love to see a blog post on them!

Alana says · 06.01.15

Essie has a very sheer color – Blushing Bride. You should give it a try.

Emily says · 06.02.15

I have gel nails on at the moment, but now I want to try some of the polishes from this post! Especially ‘Back in the limo’ which looks beautiful.

Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


Lisette says · 06.03.15

Have been looking for a new, lighter gray and am loving the taupe OPI!! Doesn’t stay quite as well as Essie, for me, but the color is lovely!! Thanks for sharing!

Marcik says · 06.16.15

Hi πŸ™‚ Kate Today I bought for the very first time OPI- colour Tickle my france-y. When I was reading your blog you always told about OPI nail polish and finally I can tasting it ( I hope that it stand on my nails 5 days). I love your blog and it’s nice to hear that you and your family are fine :* best regrets Marta from Poland
ps. sorry for my English I’m still learning
next test is Essie πŸ˜›

MJ says · 06.01.16

This stuff is awesome (perfect pink gel coat… makes your nails look like a american manicure and the bottle lasts a very long time…Makes the whites white and the pink, pinker… the dior nail glow is a much weaker look and wear, although the Dior lip glow is the best.


Diedre says · 11.26.18

Taupeless beach is always the color I pick. Not even realizing I was picking the same color each time! I finally just picked up a bottle for $6 at Walmart and polish my nails at home a lot more often than I go to the salon now. I’ve noticed OPI has it in 3 or lore different versions even! I need to check them out. I do have a light at home. I could do my own gel manicure.

Karen Terrill says · 04.19.19

Hi Kate, I love your blog! Your nails always look so nice. I bought Essie 308 Minimalistic polish recently but instead of looking pretty like yours it went on streaky. Any tips to help me with this problem? Thanks!

Kate says · 04.19.19

Dang that’s annoying. Make sure it’s mixed really well before you apply it and do 3 coats!

Karen Terrill says · 04.19.19

It is annoying! Thanks for the tips! I will give it another try!