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I can’t remember the last time I rocked pink nails (and toes, but I spared you THAT photo) but when I opened up a package of Habit nail polishes and saw Kitten I decided to live on the edge and wear it. Frankly, anyย nail polish shade named Kitten would be something I wear so I consider this a huge win that it’s also a bold raspberry pink shade! #catlady

Remember when I started my own maternity capsule wardrobe and failed miserably? Well I’m still very inspired by Caroline and she’s just beginning to embark on her spring capsule! Check it out here.

My sister introduced me to this artist, and I’m dying for these custom prints!

I’ve started wearing a watch on the daily but I never know what kind of watch to wear when I’m wearing work out clothes. I’m not really “sporty” –shocker–so I don’t want to wear a typical athletic watch. What do you wear with your yoga pants/sporty outfits?

fresh Lotus Youth Preserve, my favorite facial moisturizer in history, came out with an EYE CREAM. COME TO MAMA.

Have you come across the new MAC “times nine” palettes? As if I needed another palette to begin with, the Amber Times Nine looks absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of a slightly warmer version of the Naked2 basics palette that I love.

The EOS hand lotion is possibly the best non-greasy but still effective hand lotion I’ve used. I like rich hand creams, but I hate using them right before I type something (greasy keys).

This would make cleaning your makeup brushes a breeze.


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Karen says · 04.07.15

You need a Swatch, darling!

Laura says · 04.07.15

I think it’s the season…I don’t typically wear pink either and I can’t get enough of it right now! Your nails look great!


Brittany says · 04.07.15

Swatch for sure! They come in so many fun styles!

Christen says · 04.07.15

Love that nail color! I need to bust out some fun spring nail colors!

Kim says · 04.07.15

I’ve been wondering about the EOS lotion! Thanks for sharing all of these!

Kim .. March Favorites & get featured!

Rebekah says · 04.07.15

I have a timex with a silver mesh band….it’s definitely more casual and you could wear it with workout clothes.

LeslieJeannene says · 04.07.15

I just picked up the MAC Nordstrom Neutrals palette and I am in love

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 04.07.15

I love that nail color – and the name! My default is to reach for bright pinks and reds instead of neutrals, and I’m definitely a fan of raspberry shades. So pretty!

Emma says · 04.07.15

Love the nail color! That lotion is the best

Emma | With A City Dream

Thea says · 04.07.15

I love my Timex ‘Weekender’ watch, and I feel like it’s pretty versatile. PLUS you can switch out the strap.

KC says · 04.07.15

I love my weekender watch, keep an eye out on different sites like and which will sometimes have the watch for as little as $15

michelle steen says · 04.07.15

Sephora has a solid brush cleaner I love… and you’re totally right, it does make cleaning your brushes a breeze. It comes with a little silicone thing that you run your brushes over and it has little round spiky things that deep clean the bristles. It’s somewhat pricy though at 14 bucks dor 1.1 oz.

I have also used this… which is a whole lot cheaper…. bUT just as good! It’s under 5 bucks for 5 ounces. I’ve tried the almond and the baby unscented and liked them both!

Hope this helps!

Elizabeth says · 04.07.15

I have an Invicta Angel watch with a grey silicone strap that I wear on the weekends and to the gym, etc. It has a nice big face and I absolutely love it.

Evelina says · 04.07.15

That nail polish looks so good on your! Perfect for summer. I adore my EOS hand lotion. It has cute packaging and is really effective, too!

Rebecca says · 04.07.15

What is your all-time favorite, go-to eye cream for eliminating dark undereye circles?? And I’m wearing a raspberry pink polish on my nails right now too. I don’t normally wear a pink either but have been given so many compliments with this shade. A quick snag from Target…cheap too! [Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Pink Punk]. P.S. Its not as “Pepto Bismol” on your nails as it may appear in the bottle….fyi.

Erika says · 04.07.15

Pretty nail color!

How are Grits and Gravy???

Clever Girl Reviews says · 04.07.15

I’ve never tried Fresh’s Lotus line. I’ve always stuck with the black tea! I’ll have to sample it.

Abby says · 04.07.15

The MAC Navy Times Nine palette intrigues me…even though people are intimidated by blues. But there are only like two blues in there…

ALINA says · 04.07.15 Reply
Ann @ LiveGrowWrite says · 04.07.15

I don’t really wear pink either but it looks so great on you, now I am thinking about it. Thank you for the bold inspiration! ๐Ÿ˜‰
-Ann with

Kellie says · 04.07.15

I wear my Swatch (white rebel) every day! Because it is ALL white, no bling or detailing, it looks sleek enough to wear to work, but also is flexible and basic enough to wear with fitness attire. I’ve been a Swatch lover for the past 10 or so years, and I have yet to be disappointed by their products! Highly recommended!

Sam M says · 04.07.15

I love the pink nail polish! I like to think you can never have too many pink nail polishes, but I’m one of those people who wear bright pink all year.

The prints are adorable and would be perfect in a girly bathroom! I’ve been wanting to try the EOS handlotion for a long time and haven’t wanted to spend money on it if I don’t know if I will like it. But I’ve seen you post about it a couple times now so I will probably grab one next time I am at Target!

Kimberlee says · 04.07.15

I gave a Timex Weekender from Target that I love, you can change out the band… I have one that’s white leather or use the nylon “ribbon” in awesome colors.

Melissa says · 04.08.15

You really need to be introduced to the fossil watches. They have such a wide selection of of classy and casual everyday watches that are top quality and dependable. I own over 20 of them I just couldn’t walk out the door without one on my wrist.

Kate says · 04.08.15

I have, and love, a Fossil Watch!

Essie Jean says · 04.08.15

I looooove my Timex Weekender! You can change out the straps, and I have several (of the straps) that I’ve bought on clearance from Target for less than $3!

Christine says · 04.08.15

Lovely post. I hadn’t noticed MAC had new palettes out, I’ll need to take a look at all of them. I’ve been wanting to build my own but this seems like a cheaper alternative! I have to agree with the EOS hand lotion, best lotion.


Jess says · 04.08.15

I use my FitBit Charge HR for working out because I love tracking my runs and workouts! It’s also really great for every day use and tracking your steps, sleep, etc. If you’re just looking for a watch, check out 1:Face Charity Watch. You can pick a watch (really well priced) and each color is attached to a different charity, so you can give back while still getting a really cute, but sporty watch!

Trisha says · 04.08.15

Love those paintings on Olive Plum! And so reasonable! I can see why you like the brush and bobby pins!

Tyana says · 04.09.15

Love this

check out my newest post

Charlotte Brown says · 04.10.15

Very nice post. Your nail color looks pretty. I have never tried this color but now I am thinking of trying it. Thanks for sharing this post.

Laura says · 04.10.15

I really want to try the Fresh Lotus Line, but I just can’t get over the fact that it doesn’t have SPF in it. I just ordered Sunset Blvd and Kitten from Habit, can’t wait to try them!

Melissa H. says · 04.10.15

Kate —

Hope you’re enjoying this nice Spring weather here in NC!

Have you bought and started using the Fresh Youth Preserve Eye cream yet? I’ve been using the Fresh skincare line since you blogged about it, but have been disappointed there was not a decent eye cream available. I am interested to try it, but and trying to conserve money (planning a wedding), but if you’ve been happy with it, I think it’d be worth the expense!


Brittney says · 04.11.15

I definitely think a great Fossil, or other classic style, watch with a silicone strap would be a great alternative to wear for casual or athletic looks.

Angela Main says · 04.11.15

I love my KEEP Collective Time Key on a versatile leather color band. It feels casual but still cute when I’m having a leggings and Toms sort of day ๐Ÿ™‚

Jenna Harrison says · 04.12.15

I LOVE that nail color! I am a nail polish freak lol! I am always looking for new colors and brands that last! I will have to try this one you mentioned. Bright nails are so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s. I enjoy reading your posts so much and watching all of your videos. You are awesome. Hope you and your family are doing well!

Kira says · 04.15.15

I have Michele Jellybean watch and love it to work out in and to wear on casual outings! I am used to dressy watches with a little weight and the Michele offers the same sturdy weight with a more casual look.