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So I’ve added a few new steps to my evening routine lately. The evening is when I’m able to spend the most time immersed in beauty and skincare since the boys wake up early.

And I need to get all the sleep I can get these days!

I feel like the fatigue and stress is taking a toll on my body. I’m also going to be turning 29 in a few months, so any skincare routine that I can do on the regular that has long lasting effects is a win in my book.

So, my two new steps are applying POND’S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle cream and dry brushing. The cream is new to me, but has been a #1 anti-aging moisturizer sold at mass retailers in the last year.

So I slather on POND’S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream when I get out of the shower. It visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines in 2 weeks! More than that, though, it has Vitamin E and Collagen–two ingredients that are must-haves for healthy skin. The price point is unbeatable, and I really love the fragrance of it too. I’m lucky if I can dust on a bit of powder some mornings, so keeping my skin in tip-top shape is essential. The less makeup I feel like I need, the better.

It’s funny, I’ve never really been much of a night cream kind of gal, but I since I shower now (and dry brush!) in the evening, I find that I need to apply a moisturizer before I go to bed. Days that I don’t do that, I’ll wind up with flaky patches on my face that makeup only emphasize.

If you want to try POND’S Rejuveness, and want $1 off, click here for a coupon!


The other step in the evening is dry brushing. Have you heard of dry brushing? It’s about as popular as contouring is right now but I can actually see working into my routine on occasion way more than contouring.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with contouring, I just can’t see myself doing it on a daily basis.

Anyway, dry brushing. All you really need is a body brush, like the one pictured below. I bought mine at Ulta for $8.99.

The benefits include exfoliation, increased blood flow, and it’s supposed to help diminish the look of cellulite as well. Oh and relaxation!

So I’ve been doing this lately and have really enjoyed it. It’s hard for me to tell if it’s truly helping anything internally, but the skin on my body definitely feels softer and there’s something about the repetitive and methodic brushing that is relaxing.

There are a lot of articles online about dry brushing, but I thought I’d run through my routine in a few quick steps just to provide the basics for you! I like to dry brush in the shower before turning the water on. I can only imagine the microscopic junk and skin cells that are flying off while I do this, so I’m happy to wash them away in a contained area.


Simple steps to dry brushing:

1. Always brush towards your heart. 

2. You want to use a firm enough touch without brushing too hard or pulling at the skin. 

3. Start with your outer extremities and work your way inward.

4. When you are finished, use a rich, hydrating body wash in the shower since your skin will be ready to receive moisture! 

I’ve spared you from a step by step image, so instead I’ll provide you with a basic info graphic so you can see how it’s done!


image source

So, two simple new parts to my evening beauty routine. While my morning routine has gotten quicker, my sacred evening routine is getting more and more relaxing and indulgent.

*this post was written in collaboration with POND’S.


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Kimberly says · 04.29.15

I definitely want to try dry brushing. Do you do it every night? What is a good hydrating body wash to use in the shower?
Also, would like a tutorial on using a highlighter for your eyelids.
Thank you!

Michelle | Birds of Berwick says · 04.29.15

This post was perfect timing for me! I have dry brushes for both my body and my face, but wasn’t quite sure I knew what I was doing. I’ve read other articles that say a circular motion? The face takes some getting used to, but being 36, I am willing to try anything to keep impending wrinkles at bay! Thanks, Kate!

Penelope says · 04.29.15

I’ve been using Pond’s for over a year now and I agree it is the best cream I have used in a long time. I have quite the collection of wrinkle/night cream ranging in price from over $100 to as low as $5 and this by far outshines any product I’ve used. It’s not greasy and the smell is so pleasant.

sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com says · 04.29.15

sooo, just fyi, i am majorly working on mastering one of your up-dos for a may wedding . . now i see i could use a could scrubbin’ too! lol. ‘always brush toward your heart.’ good advice in general 🙂 thanks for sharing!

Hush Hush says · 04.29.15

I have heard/ read so many recommendation of dry brushing. I definitely want to try it.


arnella kajtezovic says · 04.29.15

I love dry brushing! Has so many wonderful benefits, and that chart is really helpful thank you!


Megan says · 04.29.15

I have a question about the night cream, would it work for those of us with oily skin and who still sometimes fight adult acne?

Kate says · 04.29.15

The better you clean your skin prior to applying the night cream, the better. And sometimes oily skin can be a result of dehydration, so cream may surprisingly help it. Trial and error is the only way to know!

Kathy says · 04.29.15

I love all your tips and thanks for the coupon! It is good to have someone truly try out a product and report on it versus a magazine or tv ad. You always give us interesting tips and products to explore. Thanks again!

Angelica says · 04.29.15

Indulgent nighttime routines are very important!

Kelsey says · 04.29.15

I’m LOLing (silently so as not to wake my 2 year old) at your step by step picture sparing comment in today’s post. I’ve never heard of dry brushing, interesting concept! Really enjoy reading your posts, always leave smiling (or laughing).

Breanna C. says · 04.29.15

Thanks for the skin care tip! I am 28 years old and am always trying to moisturize and take care of my skin. I hear great things about ponds and really trust your opinion! Thanks for this post! Have really been loving the posts!

Jenny says · 04.29.15

I love anything from Pond’s, because their products have never irritated my sensitive skin. Ever! And that’s saying something, because eventually my skin will say NO to a product I’ve used for years with no trouble, just to be a jerk. Pond’s is so affordable, too.

I’ve heard the term “dry brushing” before, but never knew what it was. This is very interesting, and I’d love to see an update after a few weeks of doing it, to see if it helped with cellulite. I’d love to diminish the appearance of mine!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Kodi says · 04.29.15

So, according to the info graphic, brush towards your heart unless you’re near your vagina? Guess there’s need for blood flow there too?

Oh dear. I meant that in a non period related way but there’s really no way for that not to be how it sounds.

But really, I wonder why the direction changes when you’re in that zone?

Laura says · 04.30.15

Dry brushing is good for the lymphatic system, which helps with immunity and to move waste byproducts out of the body via the bloodstream. The brushing pattern is to facilitate the lymph towards the lymph nodes in your groin, arm pits, and chest.

Clever Girl Reviews says · 04.29.15

I love dry brushing! Haven’t tried the Ponds though.

Chantall says · 04.30.15

I would love you try Pond’s, but they don’t sell it in The Netherlands anymore. When I was younger I used it a lot, but somehow it’s nog available anymore. 🙁

valerie says · 04.30.15

Dry brushing feels so good. I love adding that to my massages. Great post!

Susan Wright says · 04.30.15

YES ! Ponds Rejuveness is a great creme. It came from Mexico a couple of years ago. I have also been dry brushing for a couple of years. It is a great way to relax and it helps soothe the tension out of my neck and shoulder area especially !

sarah says · 04.30.15

cha CHiNG $$$$$ post

Jen says · 05.02.15

Don’t read it if you don’t like it. I don’t understand why people get so upset by this, what’s the big deal?

Katy says · 04.30.15

I am 32 years old and have always had a “baby face”. I feel like time is creeping up on me. I still get occasional acne, but my skin doesn’t feel as soft as it used to and some makeup settles into lines under/around my eyes. Looking to find a product that won’t break me out- and is budget-friendly! Thanks for the info Kate!

Magdalena says · 04.30.15

It is my first time using POND today… I really like the smell and consistency… Wanted to share that Target has small versions of the cream by Travel-size section ( $1.50)

Amy says · 05.01.15

I’ll have to try out some Ponds. I’ve used it before but need to look into it again. I want to try the Nivea in shower body lotion since I am due in July with my second daughter. I am looking for some good skin hydration! Have you heard of this Nivea in shower body lotion? I would love to hear what you think or if you would be interested in trying it sometime. I always trust your opinions!!

Kerry says · 05.01.15

Seriously? You deleted my post about the Ponds cream being in the hazardous range according to the Environmental Working Group? I guess the fee you earned for the post is more important than your readers’ health? Very disappointing.

ISA-Professional says · 06.18.15

Exfoliating and moisturizing are truly the keys for healthy skin, thanks for the tips