The Grey Tee

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If you were to browse through my laundry basket, you’d find a handful of grey shirts that I wear on a regular basis. I don’t know why but it’s my favorite color/non-color to wear. I guess it’s easy? It can be casual but still look nice? Who could ever know.

I did buy this sweater from J.Crew Factory in fresh BERRY but ultimately returned it because it’s a little on the short side for me. But the color was refreshing! Perhaps a change is on the horizon.

The *perfect* grey tee is pretty hard to find believe it or not.

My wardrobe these days is pretty relaxed, but I wouldn’t call it overly-casual. I still put effort into what I’m wearing for the day so I don’t feel like a total bum. As I transition from maternity clothes to non-maternity clothes (that perhaps are nursing friendly too), loose, forgiving tops that are a little bit versatile are key.

I’d love to be able to wear a casual grey tee with black leggings and a vest for running around during the day, but then easily throw on jeans and flats to make it a little bit more “intentional” of an outfit.

I rounded up a few of my favorite grey tee’s that I found online. I bought the linen v-neck from Banana Republic on sale somewhat recently and have a few of the classic Madewell slub v-neck tee’s as well. I’m pretty modest in my clothing choices, so I hate a v-neck that goes too low and shows a bit of my camisole. I’ve found the Madewell tee’s to be the highest neckline, in case you look for that sort of thing too.

Target’s boyfriend v-necks are cheap ($9.00!) and if laundered with care could retain their shape nicely and be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Gap’s grey tee is going to be the most fitted, and the longest of the bunch is the tunic from ModCloth.


*just a friendly reminder that I’m currently on maternity leave so questions left in the comments may not be answered.


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Morgan A. says · 03.13.15

Oh I loove a good neck tee! I did get the white one from Target recently, but haven’t washed it yet…my favorites are the j.crew!

Jenn says · 03.13.15

I wear that target tee ALL OF THE TIME! I actually just bought a second because they are on sale for $5 right now!

Erin says · 03.13.15

Have you tried Everlane’s tee shirts? They are a great price ($15-18) and quality. I’ve been stocking up on their U-neck tees. Plus, they have great customer service and I love their philosophy!

Ashli Workman says · 03.13.15

Kate, this is perfect! I have been trying to find a t-shirt that is both comfortable and put together looking. Thank you so much for this post.

Denise says · 03.13.15

Old Navy Vintage T-shirts are my favorite. I have one in every color they have made, including gray – it is my go to!

Kacie says · 03.13.15

I’m with Denise, I love the Old Navy Vintage shirts – and have a lot of their colors! I love my gray one, and found that it (as well as their white) are not as see-thru as they may seem. However, you will need to try them on each time you buy as I found that some shirts may be bigger in certain sizes than others. Not a huge deal though! The last small I grabbed in a lovely coral stripe was WAY too big once I got it home, whereas my other smalls were more fitted – which I prefer. Love this post though, gives a lot of great options!

Andrea Boley says · 03.13.15

Kohl’s currently has super cute boyfriend t-shirts in their juniors department!

Plus they are only $9.99!!

Leonie says · 03.13.15

Cant go wrong with a bit of grey!!

Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

Stephanie Eva says · 03.13.15

I love tee shirts. You’re right, who knows what makes it work.. All I care is that it does! I just last night picked up a black basic tee from H&M, $9.95 USD and it’s a bit sheer, but SO comfortable. The shape is similar to the Banana Republic shirt (number five) on your picture-list. Hoping if I take care while washing it will last a little while longer.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

Maiko says · 03.13.15

I honestly think nobody will ever do basics better than asos. They have such good variety of styles and colours and the quality is so stinking amazing

Annie says · 03.13.15

I was searching for the perfect slouchy grey tee a few months back, wish I saw this post before then! I ended up getting the ASOS Forever tee…and then again in black, white, and eggshell, lol. My boyfriend was teasing me the other day as we were folding laundry because my stack was all gray shirts. What can I say – it’s effortless style. Thanks for rounding all these up…I won’t be able to resist picking some more up, the Banana Republic ones look right up my alley!

Ashley says · 03.13.15

I hear ya! I have been on the hunt and I think I found one. It’s from Emma and Sam. Soft, longer, loose and doesn’t shrink when you dry it in the dryer. If you come across the brand try one on for sure!

Aurore says · 03.13.15

Last summer I bought an Ann Taylor Loft gray tee shirt that I loooove! I purposefully didn’t get it from the Petite collection so I could more easily wear it with skinny jeans. It’s perfectly loose (even in the neckline) and hits the hips where I want it to. In fact, I’m wearing it today 🙂

Krista says · 03.13.15

It’s SO hard to find the perfect tee! Definitely will be trying some of your suggestions.

Kim says · 03.13.15

I love a good grey tee! Most of mine are from Target but since I don’t take huge care in my washing techniques (let’s be honest) they don’t fit as well now. I’m looking for a nice, slouchy, and soft tee so thanks for the recommendations!

Kim .. Travel tips and How YOU can be featured on my blog tomorrow!

Maria says · 03.13.15

I got a grey tee from Forever 21 and I’m in love with it! It is a darker shade though, but it’s so nice and comfy.

Emma B. says · 03.13.15

Thanks for sharing, Kate! I just hoped for a post like this after seeing you in a tee on Instagram. I have sever solid tees from various places but feel like some lose their shape quicker more than others. Thanks for clearing up my curiosity towards your favorite tees!

Sissi says · 03.13.15

I love grey T-shirts. They are a basic I always have!

stacy says · 03.13.15

Thanks! I am on the search for more grey tees and white jeans for spring. I’m surprised you said the madewell v-neck is not too low-cut. I would have passed on it from the picture.

Clever Girl Reviews says · 03.13.15

I always get my tees from Target. Thier perfect tee is very close to some designer brands and they always fit well.

ElleM. says · 03.13.15

I, too, am completely enamored with gray. It reads peaceful to me. I LOVE charcoal gray as a go to neutral, and it’s a little sophisticated. Gray is my black.

Ugh says · 03.13.15 Reply
ElleM. says · 03.13.15

Lighten up. I have a phD. You have an inferiority complex.

Ugh says · 03.13.15

Oh bless, so do I, but I don’t need to brag about it on a blog.

Tyana says · 03.13.15

I love grey tees

check out my newest post

Rachel says · 03.14.15

I also LOVE a good gray tee and wanted to share my new favorite with you and (bonus) it’s on sale right now! Anthro’s chiffon trimmed scoop neck is perfect and flatteringin every way.

Megan says · 03.14.15

I just ordered one of the Madewell tees. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

Jen says · 03.14.15

I too am in love with this color! This post just inspired me to go out this weekend and get another tee which I can definitely use now that the weather is finally getting warmer here! Your blog is awesome by the way!

Abby says · 03.14.15

Gray tees are honestly my favorite thing to wear as well. I like how you can really change them up and get away with them for any season and occasion. I think some people might think I am crazy because I wear them so often, but they’re just so practical!

Ginny says · 03.14.15

I was shopping with my sister today, and we both commented on how much grey we own, and is out go to color. I would recommend Eddie Bauer tees (both long and short sleeved). Great fit and quality. Thanks for this post though since I would like to try other tees too!

Kimberly says · 03.14.15

Thursday night, I went to Target and almost bought a gray t-shirt but opted not to. Then I read this post and went back tonight to get it 🙂

Kayla Hutchison says · 03.14.15

Comfy black tees and jeans are my go to “mom” outfit. I typically wear a cami under mine to make the outfit nursing friendly, so when I go to nurse I can kinda drape the tee over some of the skin showing if there’s any 🙂

Amal says · 03.15.15

Gray tee is a most have item and I love every single shade of gray there is.

Jen says · 03.15.15

I’m a big fan of a grey tee too! It’s my favorite throw on and go top. I have had a Target tee in my rotation forever, recently moved to my workout wardrobe since it has a small hole in it. I replaced it from a really loose fitting, casual one I snagged at Gap Outlet. It’s super comfortable and great for days I’m feeling bloated or just wanting to be really comfortable. Great roundup!

Trisha says · 03.15.15

After I read this post I was thinking about something you said “perhaps a change is on the horizon”. I am here to say, don’t change! I love your simplistic and colorless style! Not that you don’t look great in color but I really love your take on the simple pieces of clothes and jewelry. I myself have always been a loud dresser- but your style has prompted me to re-examine some of my outfits. Sometimes I’ll get a glimpse of an older blog post where you are wearing bright colors and I much prefer the “grey” Kate! Love ya girl! Keep up the good work!

Maggie A says · 03.16.15

I’M obessed with black white and grey Tees so this is right up my alley. Can’t wait to check them out.

Maggie A

Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife says · 03.19.15

I got my grey tee from old navy and love it!

Little One says · 03.21.15

I love these gray tees, can you ever have enough???? 😉

Hannah Vernon says · 03.22.15

Ordered a few of the Madewell tees and am IN LOVE! They are so comfy and fit perfectly! THANK YOU!

Caitlin Morton says · 03.31.15

I love a tee and jeans! I think I am going to try the madwell ones. The look really cute! Xo

Kari says · 12.03.15

I have read a post before but it was a while back but what are your go to black leggings? Looking for something that holds shape and fit well. Thank you!!!