Luke is ONE MONTH old

Day Date

Luke will beΒ one month old tomorrow.


I mean seriously.Β WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

In some ways it seems like he just arrived, and in other ways it seems like he’s been here forever.

Luke is such a happy, easy baby. He’s a great sleeper, a pretty good eater, and is happiest when being held (especially by my dad).

I have bonded with Luke as a newborn much faster than I did with David. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I imagine there are a few different reasons that contribute to it. The biggest is not going through the dramatic life change of a first baby. Justin and I were blindsided by how much our life changed when David arrived.Β And David wasn’t even a challenging baby.

We had no idea (and I’m not sure that you really can) how everything changes with a baby. So, in anticipation of Luke, we imagined some things would change but it wouldn’t necessarily be a major life overhaul like it was with David.

I made it a point to have Luke on my chest for as much as possible in the hospital. And I was greedier with holding him even after we got home as well. It also helps, I’m sure, that I didn’t have to think about a big holiday right after his birth like I did with David who was born right before Christmas.

The biggest change that I feel with two kids is that there simply isn’t a spare minute. And if Justin is with one boy, I’m with the other. Otherwise, Luke sort of just fits into our daily routine around these parts.

I’m breastfeeding Luke and it’s going exceedingly better than it ever did with David. I mentioned it here but I went into breastfeeding with a very open mind this time around. I wanted it to work, but wasn’t going to endure weeks of escrutiating pain if we were going to have the same problems David and I had.

In a nutshell, David had a shallow latch which caused damage on me that never healed and only got worse with each feeding. To answer the well-meaning advice that is usually offered in the comments when I talk about this, I did see an ENT for a tongue-tie, I had multiple Lactation consultants help me, and basically tried everything that anyone ever advised. So, at 6.5 weeks, Justin and I made the call to switch him to formula, which I do not regret, and all was much happier around the Bryan household.

I assumed I would have the same issues with Luke, because I tend to be negative sometimes, I was shocked to experience breastfeeding without toe-curling pain. I probably mentioned it to whoever was around me for the first week or so too. It genuiely was like doing something completely different than I ever did with David.

Still, though, Luke had a little trouble putting on weight in those first weeks like David did. However, after seeing a Lactation consultant again, I’m happy to report he has exceeded his birth weight of 7 lbs 7 oz! So, I plan to continue to breastfeed for as long as it works for us.

David is starting to notice Luke more and more, but still doesn’t seem too put off by his presence. He’ll bring me Luke’s blankets or pacifier when I’m nursing him, so I know he is aware of him! And I think it’s adorable that he knows what is Luke’s.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I simply cannot believe it has already been a month. I’m loving having two little boys, and am so thankful that this first month has been pretty darn easy and enjoyable!



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Liz. says · 03.11.15

He is gorgeous! A beautiful blessing! I’m so glad the breast feeding is a better experience this time around….it’s such a sweet time for you and Luke.

Shyanna says · 03.11.15

When I first read “Luke will be one month old tomorrow” I laughed and thought you had made a typo and that it was supposed to say Luke will be one WEEK old tomorrow.
OH. MY. GOSH. Where does the time go???

You have a precious family! Your boys are so cute!!

I am so glad that the breast feeding is going well for you this time. I was curious if it was but I figured if you wanted us to know you would tell us!!

Bri says · 03.11.15

Happy one month to Luke! How crazy that it’s been a month already!

Paula Buckmaster says · 03.11.15

First of all, I remember the TOE CURLING PAIN of a not-so-good latched baby!!! Yikes, it’s indescribable! I breastfed all three of my children and my middle one made me get MASTITIS! Not attractive. I love reading your posts because I have teens and tweens now. πŸ™ Enjoy every moment! Happy ONE MONTH little man! πŸ™‚

Lori says · 03.11.15

I know isn’t it amazing how the second child just sort of ‘fits in’ to your routine? I remember well how much easier son #2 was !! Luke is so cute!

Cynthia says · 03.11.15

I love nursing… It’s probably the single biggest thing I’ll miss when we’re done having babies.

I’m so happy it’s working out for you two.

Cori Schwabe says · 03.11.15

Congrats! He’s adorable. So great to hear that breastfeeding is going way better!

Krista says · 03.11.15

I had a very similar experience breastfeeding my first and I hope my second is better. With that said, whatever happens, happens. Love your openness!

Krystal says · 03.11.15

Our littles are 15 months (and one day lol) apart. Now that the baby is 5 months my son is completely in love with his little sister (most of the time). He likes to share his toys with her and tuck her in, he feeds her and shares his sippy cup. It’s adorable. My experience was exactly the same as yours I thought my son was a pretty easy going baby but my daughter is so relaxed and content. Hurray for surviving 2 under 18 months!

Kim says · 03.11.15

My second is just a month older than David (his sisters is 21 months old) and I remember feeling a faster bond with him too. I feel part of it is you know what’s coming. It’s hard in the beginning when you are giving so much of yourself but don’t get a lot in return, which I know sounds weird but that’s how I felt. When they start smiling, cooing at you, etc. it was easier (is that the right word?) so I feel like with the second you know what’s coming with how they respond to you. I may have fumbled through this explanation but the point is, I totally get it and felt the same way. Really excited to hear that breastfeeding is going better the second time around. It’s funny how we think same boob so same experience but there’s no better reminder that the kids are different πŸ™‚

Katie Ball says · 03.11.15

What a great post! We are expecting our second in September and I’m loving reading all about your second go ’round!!! We, too, had trouble nursing – our daughter was (and still is) the SLEEPIEST BABY EVER and she refused to eat unless a bottle was in her mouth! Even the LC’s could not get her to actually nurse!!! Then on day 2 post-partum, I developed pneumonia and had to pump & dump for 24 hours b/c of medicine I had taken for the CT scan. Anyhoo… so after all that I just started pumping and I pumped exclusively for 9 weeks. It was HARD and I was totally unprepared for that, so we switched to formula. So, I am super happy to hear nursing is going better for you with Luke! I am praying already that this baby nurses better, too! I agree with doing more skin-to-skin and mama holding the baby a lot in the beginning…. gives you lots of opportunities to practice nursing. I didn’t really realize that with my first.

Sorry I wrote a novel. I’ll stop now. πŸ™‚

Susan Schnitzler says · 03.11.15

As the mommy of two boys, not quite as close together as your boys, I can tell you it’s a wonderful experience. My boys are now 12 and 10 years old and my goodness it’s amazing. They fight, hug, whisper, laugh, and love each other beyond my wildest dreams.
Have fun getting to know them together! It’s so much fun.

Amber says · 03.11.15

I’m so happy to hear that things are going well for your family. And my oh my, I can’t believe its been a month! I think motherhood suites you quite well. I can tell how much you love your boys even if it is just on social media or your blog. I feel like you’re one of my good friends that I visit each day. I too had a hard time with nursing my first son and a breeze with my second. I’m sure its a mixture of latching babies, but also the first time mother syndrome. Either way, I’m glad you decided to try again.
Congrats again!

Kim says · 03.11.15

Such a cute post! I remember reading when he was born so it’s crazy to read a one month post – I can imagine how fast time is flying for you!

Kim .. Wedding Wednesday and how YOU can be featured!

Kari says · 03.11.15

He look so much like your husband! So happy that it’s been an easy adjustment for you.

Anna says · 03.11.15

I saw the title of your post and simply said “no way” how can he be one month old?? Wow time goes so quickly, and what a wonderful time of life your family is in. Glad to hear everything is going so well!

Ashlee says · 03.11.15

Congrats on making it a month already! Breastfeeding is hard work, so congrats on that milestone too! It is nice to see someone who is open enough to say I will feed the baby however I need too. Mom’s happiness and sanity matters. I hope things remain peaceful in your household.

Tyana says · 03.11.15

He is literally the cutest

check out my newest post

Absolutely Tara says · 03.11.15

So so sweet. I always felt in a haze of baby lust for about 5 months after the birth of each of mine (I have four). So glad nursing is working out better this time. I know how emotional it can be when nursing doesn’t work out. Good for you for being willing to let go of it if necessary.

Gloria says · 03.11.15

Congrats on your new baby! He is just precious! Your family is so sweet and I love reading your blog. You are such an encouragement to me with your story. My son, Luka, is 1 years old and we are expecting #2 in September (they will be 19 months apart). I had such a tough time nursing #1 mostly bc I had PPD and my milk just dried up so I had to switch to formula. We don’t regret out decision to switch to formula but, boy does mommy guilt set in when I see other friends nurse when I couldn’t. I am really praying that I am able to nurse our 2nd baby come September. It’s really encouraging to see your success second time around. Enjoy sweet Luke!

Clever Girl Reviews says · 03.11.15

So cute!

Courtney says · 03.11.15

Happy 1 month, Luke!

I have two girls and had the same experience, where I just felt I bonded quicker with the second. I also had an easier time the second time around breastfeeding and totally understand the greedier holding as I knew we weren’t planning on having anymore kids.

Hope all continues to go well.

Rachel says · 03.11.15

You’re a good mom! I’ve got four teenagers right now. It might not mean much getting advice from strangers, but enjoy those little boys and keep doing what you’re doing!
PS I really love your blog. Thanks!

Pamela says · 03.11.15

Yes! That time sure does fly! Our little guy will be 2 months on the 19th. The first boy after 3 girls! πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about nursing. Our first two were formula after 4 weeks, I nursed our third for 6 months then switched to goat milk, and I am hoping to nurse and supplement for 6 months with our son. He is an eating machine!

Congratulations, and you are doing awesome, Kate!! Ya look marvelous!

Katie says · 03.11.15

What a sweet, sweet little man! The time sure does fly, doesn’t it? I’m glad to hear from other Moms who are in the beginning stages of having 2 kids, since I’m due with #2 in late May. My first little man’s arrival and adjusting to him wasn’t *too* difficult, but I’m always wondering how it will go once this new little person arrives!

Terri says · 03.11.15

He’s adorable. Like you, I felt like bonding with my second was much easier and faster–even though you can’t imagine how you’re going to love another one like you do the first before they are here! So happy to see breastfeeding is going much better this time. I know those struggles all too well :/ My girls are four years apart and it is still crazy busy, you are making this momma of two itty bittys look so easy πŸ˜‰

Arijana says · 03.11.15

Hard to believe its been one month already!
Glad you are adjusting well. Enjoy because he will be walking before you know it πŸ™‚

Jennifer Appleton says · 03.11.15

I love this post! Luke is adorable <3 So happy to hear nursing is going better this time. It's also encouraging to read about a 2nd baby fitting into your family. My first is currently 5 months old and feels all-consuming! We want more kids, but it's hard to imagine how it would be like with more all-consuming little humans around πŸ™‚

Maggie says · 03.11.15

My own daughter, now grown, graduated college and enjoying her own place. However, as a newborn, she had a serious medical condition which prevented breastfeeding due to the need to monitor her nutritional intake. We spent the first approx. 3 months after her birth visiting the Nutrition Dept. at the local Children’s Hospital with journaled feedings in hand. Finally, I put a stop to it as you definitely can’t make a baby drink… Long story short, genetics ruled and she is now a beautiful and healthy 24 yr old, 5’9, thin and fit.

The trend I am noticing, perhaps the younger gals who follow your blog who are new moms can speak to is how closely monitored weight gain in babies with no other medical issues. It is an issue with, or at least those in my friend/family circle of new grandparents whose “kids”, a little older than my daughter are experiencing. While I realizing weight gain is an important issue, I had no idea until the last 2-3 yrs or so that the pediatricians are to the point of urging these new moms to invest in scales, weigh the baby daily. Ugh, I feel so sad for those poor gals. I remember with my own, the anxiety that went along with the Nutrition Dept. visits. The guilt if the gain wasn’t what it “should be” charted on the Gold’s Growth Chart (showing my age, lol). Anyhoo, unless these babies are failing to thrive (which is a serious medical condition, but not usually common in babies with mom’s who took pregnancy seriously, and took good care of themselves and thus, their babies in utero.

I realize when breastfeeding, you need to be sure the baby is getting enough. However, if you’re changing a wet diaper frequently, I think it’s safe to say that the baby’s not having a problem with intake. As for formula fed babies, there’s a nutrition label provided on the cans of formula. I think there must be some happy medium which allows new parents to relax and enjoy their newborn without the added worry of how much weight gained monitored so often. Gosh, when my generation was being born and fed, we weren’t weighed but for the regularly scheduled pediatrician visits.

Ok, stepping off of the soap box now. I just wish some of the extremes of today with newborns were a bit more balanced for the parents’ sake at least.

I enjoy reading your blog and have actually purchased some products that I would never have gone near prior to finding your blog. My daughter, like you, is completely well versed on the latest and greatest ___________ that comes out in the hair/makeup dept.

Congrats to you and your family on the addition of Luke, and I am glad you’re enjoying your breastfeeding experience with him!

*sorry it’s so long, but this baby weight gain thing really has me in a twist…

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 03.11.15

I’m so happy to hear that all is going well with the addition of Luke to the home. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe he’s one month old already either. That’s crazy! Then again, I still have trouble believing that Presley is already 17 days old — and at the same time, that she’s ONLY 17 days old. πŸ™‚

Deanne boonstra says · 03.11.15

He is adorable, you are doing a great job .you look wonderful love watching your videos and reading your blog take every day one day at a time and let God prevail.have a great day en

Kristi Craig says · 03.11.15

Oh my goodness! That picture! He is so sweet. It’s pictures like that that take my baby fever up a notch!

Melissa says · 03.11.15

He is adorable. I love that you are not willing to have any mom guilt about not breastfeeding. Simply put, there are real reasons that some can’t or don’t breastfeed. You are a wise mom for choosing what works best for you and your baby…unapologetically!

Kate D says · 03.11.15

Hi there-
Long time reader, first time commenting.. I am so happy to hear that your nursing experience is going so well this time around. I remember reading about your first experience and feeling your pain! It is so difficult when the world around you makes you second guess every decision you make once you are a mother, and still feel guilty either way! Breastfeeding is hard work no matter how long you do it- one day or one year. Congratulations and I am proud of you mama!

Jodir says · 03.11.15

Wow- time does fly by! He’s beautiful and you are doing a great job AND you,look amazing doing it! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica says · 03.11.15

Thank you for being open about your breastfeeding struggles and successes. I’m a new mom to an amazing 4 month old and we had to switch to formula for the very same reasons. It was heart wrenching for me and I still beat myself up about it but I know it was the only choice for us. Your better start with Luke gives me hope for a different experience with a second child. Thank you, it was so encouraging to read.

Trisha says · 03.11.15

His hair looks a little red in this picture! Love:)

Anna says · 03.12.15

omg he is the cutest <3 you are so lucky

Zuzana says · 03.12.15

congrats to another adorable little boy! myself almost 6 months pregnant with what I found out now is a baby boy

Caitlin says · 03.12.15

Congratulations! Luke is so cute πŸ™‚

Lauren says · 03.12.15

I know every other comment says this but he is adorable!! He fits right in with your beautiful family. πŸ™‚

Christina says · 03.12.15

Our stories are so similar, in that I was also unable to breastfeed my first after much pain and attempting to make it work, and was able to easily nurse my second child successfully… I believe you develop an unexplainable bond with your child if you’re able to breastfeed – I can see that with me and my second daughter. So happy it worked out for you this time! And yes your time is not your own anymore πŸ˜‰

Beth says · 03.16.15

Kate. THANK YOU. After seeing your posts about nursing Luke, I’ve been meaning to email to ask you about your experience nursing your second vs. your first. My first little one is 3 months old today and we had a truly awful nursing experience (like you, we tried ALL the things). At 3.5 weeks we switched to combo feeding formula and pumped breast milk (my supply never recovered from a rough start despite, again, trying ALL the things). While I’m not ashamed that my little one gets some formula, I do still struggle with it. Plus, EPing is just not fun.

Honestly, I’ve told DH I don’t think I want to have more children because I don’t think I can go through the feeding nightmare again. I know it’s no guarantee, but it is SO encouraging to read about someone else who had a more successful experience the second time around. It means it CAN happen! Thank you for sharing your story.

Shelia B. says · 03.18.15

Your little Luke is adorable. Congrats….
totally off topic and I’m sure it’s already been pointed out to you but you do realize your son’s name is the same as my ‘man crush’ country singer…..Luke Bryan???
Yay….now that your world is completed in knowing this random information – go enjoy that beautiful baby.
And BTW – for all you new mama’s out there, don’t sweat the breastfeeding vs formula feeding hype. Seriously – go to a Kindergarten class and point out which ones were breastfed vs formula fed just by looking at them. You can’t. This statement was a huge relief to me when my babies were born and I too struggled with breastfeeding. It released a lot of guilt. As long as that baby is healthy and happy, who cares where the food source comes from?

LInda says · 03.18.15

Long time reader πŸ™‚ My kids are now 24, 22, and 20. When I had my second, my mother-in-law, who had 11 kids (yikes!) said, “One is one, but two is ten.” I found that time-wise, it’s very true. There is little time for anything else! However, when I had my third it was a piece of cake. Take care!

Isobel says · 03.18.15

What a cute little bambino! I hope you find some time for yourself because it seems like you have your hands full!