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When Makeup and Skincare Unite


image via Local Milk

This Apple and Rosemary Quickbread looks amazing.

Kaitlin was kind enough to interview me for The School of Styling website recently. Read here!

I read that it’s good practice to keep your house 10 minutes from “guest ready”. In other words, if you were only given a 10 minute warning that guests were coming by, you’d be able to pretty much clean up the main hang out area. While I also firmly believe in the kind of friends that “you don’t need to clean for”, I’ve simply enforced the 10 minute guest ready rule to help ME stay on top of the clutter. And I have to say, it works.

Did you catch this post from Emily Henderson on how to avoid buying an ugly sofa?

I thought I would give Redken’s Body Full Light Conditioner a try again since I’ve started using the Body Full Shampoo again. The results? Not so good. That conditioner is worthless for hydrating and detangling. It could be good if you have baby, baby, baby fine hair otherwise don’t waste your money. I have a post coming soon with some disappointing products, and this one is included.

It may be worth looking into this for the jar ALONE. Hello cute packaging. No but really, I love the Bite Agave Lip Mask and I can only imagine how good the Scrub Stick is!

If you want to be a good friend, send a Sugarwish to your favorite people.

Have you heard of Choix? It’s a monthly subscription service that allows you to choose your samples. Kinda cool!


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Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says · 01.30.15

That sugar wish thing is so cool!!! I’ll definitely be using that for my soon-to-be-mom friends that I can’t visit in person! 🙂

Angela says · 01.30.15

OMG that bread looks amazing. Great post, love the links you have shared. I see bite offers a kit where you can get a mini scrub and mask for $18 from Sephora. I have not tried either but this is sitting in my cart just waiting for a reason to be purchased (wink).
Have a great weekend!

Lucy says · 01.30.15

I think Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere talked about the 10 minute from guest ready rule last week!

Kate says · 01.30.15

Oh I think you are right! I’ll try to find a link to that post!

Kristy Renee says · 01.30.15

Hi Kate, I think this is the post you were talking about 🙂 Agreed on the Redken conditioner too!

Victoria says · 01.30.15

kate- I agree completely about the body full conditioner- it’s useless. The current dream combo for my hair is the redken body full shampoo and Sebastian drench conditioner- perfect amount of moisture and no weight!!
Best Wishes for the arrival of baby number two

Kellee says · 01.30.15

I just bought that same exact combo at Ulta’s liter sale. Now I just need to hurry up and use the rest of my current stash (Redken Smooth lock shampoo and conditioner, which I’ve been pleased with, just need to switch it up )

Absolutely Tara says · 01.30.15

The bread does look amazing. Thanks for some quick little insights. And have I mentioned how much I love your willingness to say negative things about products, as it really does inspire trust when you say positive things about others.

Catherine says · 01.30.15

I have tried a lot of the Redken products and have never been impressed. One day I said something to my hairstylist and she completely agreed. Kind of strange that quite a few people feel the same way and yet Redken still seems to be so popular.

And thanks for the sugarwish idea! I’ll be giving that to my husband for Valentine’s Day since it’s a fun, unique idea and he can’t live without sugar! 🙂

Chelcey says · 01.30.15

I’m usually not a huge fan of link love posts, but you nailed it, girl! I literally have 4 additional tabs open in my browser to check them out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Sarah says · 01.30.15

Kate what shampoo and conditioner is your favorite?

Amy says · 01.30.15

Loved reading your interview with Kaitlin! Thank you, thank you for starting a blog so many years ago. It has become my daily “morning paper” that I look forward to 🙂

Marlene says · 01.30.15

I have a request. My hair is severely damaged from pony tails, clear elastics, etc. I have been put on restriction by my hair stylist to not use pony tails or elastics for some time. 🙂

My request is, can you film a few tutorials that do not require elastics? And preferably no teasing. Bobby pins only! That is a nice challenge and I think several people would benefit from it 🙂

Kristin S says · 01.30.15

LOVE it when you do these posts. A few of my favorite bloggers do Friday/Saturday/Sunday posts like this and they are such a fun way to wrap up the week and I always look forward to them. Joy the Baker’s Sunday one is hilarious.

Megan says · 01.30.15

Thanks for sharing these links! I especially like the article about ugly sofas. I will have to keep those tips in mind next time I am in the market for a new one.

Clever Girl Reviews says · 01.30.15

That bread looks super yummy!

meagan says · 01.30.15

Can someone send me that a sugarwish e-card? Very cool!

Dana says · 01.30.15

I use the Redken Body Full shampoo, but definitely not the conditioner either. I have fine hair with no texture, so my choice at the moment is Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Rinse.

Victoria Smith says · 01.30.15

Hey Kate:)……my name is Victoria Rose Smith! I live in little Asheboro about two hours from you, I am 17 and I attend Bailey’s Grove Baptist Schools, I’m a junior; I am taking CNA classes right now, and plan to become a Maternity nurse, and I’m thrilled about it, my boy friend’s name is Jonathan, he is 19, we have been together for 3 years!!! He is the best, he is”the one” and I just want you to know you really inspire me, you just are have such a sweet spirit and I would love to get to know you better, and I always love looking at your blog:) your style, family is definitely something I want to follow after out model similar to! I know it’s not always perfect, Cause none of us are! But I want you to know that even tho I don’t know you all that well, I have been praying for your pregnancy and delivery! And for David and the little transition that will occur for him:) sorry for blabbing on and being weird and telling you a bunch of random things, but, thank you for your blog it’s awesome

Candy says · 01.31.15

Have you ever tried Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage shampoo and conditioner. I use the Lavender Mint, but my hair is thick and coarse. I’m a stylist and have a lot of clients that love these products. Love your blog!

Sarah says · 02.01.15

That couch buying link will be useful as I am moving out soon!


Kerri says · 02.01.15

Hi! This doesn’t have to do with this particular post, but I wanted to ask a question about top coats. Whats the best top coat that you would suggest? Thanks!

Rebekah says · 02.01.15

Hi Kate!
It’s so interesting to see that you got your undergraduate degree is Philosophy! I know it’s not beauty related, but if you ever want to expand on that experience, I’d love to read about it!

Thanks for teaching me everything I know about hair 🙂


Zo says · 02.01.15

I love how choix gives you $10 credit to buy a product you received as a sample!

Shelley says · 02.02.15

Hi Katie. I did the “pretty and simple updo” today for church, literally watching you as I did it. I am so excited that it worked well for me that I just have to say thank you! I wish I could attach a photo. Usually my efforts at hairstyling are a fail but I am coming along thanks to your blog. Also, I am needy and high maintenance and want to ask if you could do a tutorial for an updo that doesn’t begin with curling my/your/the(?) hair? I have strait hair, and it sounds like you do too, so you must have had days when the whole reason you want to put your hair up is because you don’t have time to curl…share what you do then pretty please?!