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The clock is ticking and pretty soon I’ll know whether or not I have another baby boy OR am surprised with a baby girl!

I have to say, it’s been fun not finding out thus far. There are times I wish I knew, just to prepare his/her nursery a little bit more, but that will just need to happen later! Everyone is guessing that I’m having a girl. I think it’s because I’m carrying wider than I did with David although I did start this pregnancy 10 pounds up from where I started from David. When I look at my naked belly I think I’m carrying pretty much the same. I’d show you but I’m not in the business of causing nightmares.

It wasn’t until very recently that I started shifting David’s clothes and size 5 diapers out of the nursery to make room for tiny onesies and newborn diapers. I got out the box of newborn clothes I had packed up and could not believe how tiny his clothes were. I can barely remember him being that little!

If it’s a boy, seasonally we shouldn’t need to buy too many clothes! David was born in December, and this baby is coming 2/12 (at the latest) so winter clothes and layers will work perfectly. I’ve bought a couple neutral outfits that can go either way, because if it’s a boy I don’t plan on buying much else!

If it’s a girl, there are a few basics that would work from David’s clothes (white/neutral onesies, etc.) but otherwise I might as well hand my credit card over to Baby Gap and just say, “I’ll take one of everything”.

I stayed pretty true to what I imagined I would dress David in as a baby/toddler. We rotate through roughly the same 4-5 pair of pants and about 6-8 shirts. A lot of his shirts come from Target, and his pants come from Baby Gap (they are the only ones not too long on him). I always put him in sweatpants or comfy pants because he’s walking or crawling every where and I want him to be comfortable. I never really liked the baby clothes with certain phrases on the front, and that didn’t change either over the last year.

For a girl, I’m not terribly into the frilly, tutu, glittery type of clothes. Perhaps that is because I’m projecting my own feelings but it seems like it could be uncomfortable to wear as a newborn or little baby. I’m drawn to simple, comfortable, and soft colored clothing for a girl. And I know there is a hair bow to go with just about every single outfit, it’s hard for me to imagine putting one on her on the daily. Or even the weekly. Sometimes they look so tight and painful! My friend did give me some soft jersey headbands (if it’s a girl) recently that are small and flat, and I could see putting my daughter in something like that.

Like I said above, it’s hard to believe that my pregnancy is coming to a close so quickly! Despite a bit of back pain, and definitely “feeling” more pregnant this time around, I would still say I love being pregnant. I’m sure I’ll miss the belly shortly after the baby is here like I did with David, but I am anxiously awaiting the day I hear the first cries and Justin tells me what our newest addition is.


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Christina says · 01.27.15

Congrats! So cool that you’re waiting until delivery. I’m pregnant with my third, my other two are boys. It’s very tempting to find out the sex but I Just asked my husband last night and he said he wants to wait again. I’d really LOVE a little girl and I think that’s more the reason I feel the need to find out before delivery. This will most likely be my last pregnancy. So far the only thing different this time I’d that I don’t have glowing beautiful skin. I’ve been struggling with forehead acne for two years now.
Congratulations again!

Katie P says · 01.27.15

How exciting. I couldn’t have waited to find out!

I have two boys, but I would have the same clothing preferences if I had ever had a girl. I have never been a lace-y, frilly, flowery girl myself. My luck I would have had one just like that and not be able to relate at all! LOL! Excited for you and yours.

Gwenn says · 01.27.15

Katie P, that’s exactly what I thought until my little pink sparkly princess came.


Caroline says · 01.27.15

We loved the tiny elastic bands from etsy for headbands (I bought 10 colors). They aren’t tight and she can still wear them now at almost 2. I LOVE a little girl with a hairbow so we started pretty early. Parents stop me ALL THE TIME asking how she keeps it on her head (she has hair now) and my answer is always “she’s worn one since day one!” She gets excited to pick her bow every morning. Also I think I’m a little bitter because a few times she’s gone out without one (especially in the beginning because she was bald) she was called a boy and that made me mad 🙂 Regardless, you will find your style! I agree comfy comfy comfy. It’s a rule in our house that we don’t wear shoes until you can walk. I can’t stand seeing babies (like 3 months old) in shoes.

Alicia says · 01.27.15

If you’re into soft baby clothes you really need to check out Hanna Andersson. The colors/patterns may be a bit out of your comfort zone of soft neutrals, but the quality is amazing and they’re so soft. Once you get past the little infant stage, you can actually get multiple seasons out of the sizing. Right now we’re loving the play dresses with leggings.

Kristin S says · 01.27.15

If you have a girl, it’s time for Lou & Grey to make a baby line.

Angela R says · 01.27.15

So cute! My daughter’s b-day is 2/12. Also President Lincolns so its a good day!

Christina says · 01.27.15

So excited for you 🙂 I hope it’s a girl! I’m about to have girl number three… They’re so much fun but boy do they talk a lot. 😉

I used to think neutrals for a girl were best and I was not (and still am not) a fan of really frilly glittery stuff … But after looking at photos of my first girl in lots of neutral stuff when she was first born, I felt like she looked a little too boyish … target has ADORABLE baby onesies and comfy clothes that are girly without going overboard. And Gymboree is my favorite now for my toddlers.

Liz F. says · 01.27.15

Congratulations, I am so excited for you! I have a 3.5 month old daughter and we opted to not find out gender & although not knowing was at times tough, am so glad we waited! Upon her arrival we received so many wonderful girly and pink things, it was nice that during our pregnancy we were given some nice gender neutral things to balance it out. My husband tearfully announcing that we had a girl was the happiest moment of my life (and would have been equally happy had she been a boy).

Jennifer says · 01.27.15

Just a word of advice from a girl mom. If it’s a girl, I would recommend putting headbands on her as often as possible if you want her to wear bows as she gets older. A lot of babies pull them out if they aren’t used to them. I put bows on my girls almost every day when they were tinies and now they never bother them and even ask for them if they don’t have one. If you don’t care about bows, it’s no big deal. I don’t think they’re uncomfortable, though, as long as you get ones that are the right size and are soft. Congratulations!

Debbie says · 01.27.15

I had 2 kids never found out either sex until I gave birth to them. 1st born was my son.
2nd was my daughter. They’re now 23 & 19. To tell you the truth I knew I was carry a girl pregnancy was different. It was funny not knowing tho.. Good luck with your delivery.

jacinda beug says · 01.27.15

I agree with you Debbie and Kate! I too never found out with any of my two. My daughter is 24 and my son is 22! I don’t even remember having but one ultrasound with my daugher. When I was pregnant with my son 10 months later, I did have a few but he never cooperated. Not sure if that has changed

Jenny says · 01.27.15

One of my friends is also due on 2/12! She is celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend since she won’t be able to on 2/14.
I do think that when I have kids one day, I’ll go your route and have it be a surprise as far as gender. I think that’s so fun. I can’t wait for you to reveal the gender to us! 🙂
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Marcia says · 01.27.15

EEEEEEEK, the anticipation — early congrats!

Absolutely Tara says · 01.27.15

I didn’t realize you were waiting to find out! That’s exciting. I always have the opposite problem with my boys’ pants, who are both very tall and skinny. I have to shop at the Children’s Place for jeans, because their sizes run long. Very exciting stuff here!

Lori says · 01.27.15

I agree…..the elastic bands look SO uncomfortable and look like they are sqeezing poor baby girls brain!!

You need to throw some yellow and lavendar colors in with the pink and grays! I agree with the soft clothes though. I never put anything ‘scratchy’ on my babies!

Kim says · 01.27.15

It’s so unique for people to wait for the baby to be born now to find out the gender! I have no plan for kids right now but always thought it was a cool idea. Love that you’re practical about shopping!

Kim … Practically pajamas at the office?!

karen says · 01.27.15

You can do baby yellow, lavender & spring green to give a little girl a more feminine look without going omg pink & frilly.

Congratulations & good luck with two!

abby - says · 01.27.15

That little bike onesie is just adorable!

Katie B. says · 01.27.15

If you do have a girl, you might find your tastes for her change! I wasn’t into all the frilly stuff, but now she is 2 and she is a super girly girl!!! Plus, since I live in the South, those clothes are easier to find (we no longer have a GAP in town!!!) so I also have some limited options. And it is so stinking hard to restrain myself when it comes to her clothes! I did well when she was younger because I just knew it would only be a matter of months before she would outgrow something. Now she can wear clothes for much, much longer so I am more tempted to buy things because I feel like she can get so much wear out of them. But, either way, I am excited to see how you transition to two! We are welcoming a new baby later this year so I’m all about watching other people go through it first!!! 🙂

Jenn says · 01.27.15

It is hard to believe your due date is quickly approaching. David and my daughter are only one day apart and we are just trying for baby number two.
I am also not really into the whole frilly glittery outfits thing but I do love putting a bow in my daughters hair. She was blessed with LOTS of hair when she was born and there isn’t
Anything cuter than a baby bow!
The only bows I have ever found that stay in her hair are Baby Wisps. You need very little hair for them to stay in…
Congrats and good luck!

April W says · 01.27.15

i wasn’t into frilly either with my daughter. i liked small bows using fold over elastic bands. those were most comfortable. I also got some headwraps from little hip sqeaks. so friggin’ adorable without being super girly.

i’m having a boy this time in April and it’s hard to find stuff without trucks all over it. so i guess most of his wardrobe will be solids or lots of grey LOL. target/gap for the win!

Krissy says · 01.27.15

I’m so excited for you! David is going to make a great big brother.

Beth says · 01.27.15

I know this doesn’t have much to do with the post, but has anyone else noticed that the baby/toddler boys section at Target (at least at my sad little Target) is a FRACTION of the size of the girls? Sad 🙁

Arijana says · 01.27.15

Yup and its not just Target! I have two buys and i always struggle to shop for them.

Jodi says · 01.27.15

This is so true! I have one of each and the girls’ selection everywhere is so much better. 🙁

September says · 01.27.15

Don’t focus on the way you’re carrying. We didn’t find out with our baby number three and everyone thought I was having a boy for sure because I was carrying so differently than my other two girls. We now have THREE girls and everyone was completely surprised! The true test is whichever gender you slip up saying. I ended up saying “she” accidental WAY more than “he” and I thought for sure I was having a boy! Ha! Congrats either way. Both are a blessing!!

Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately says · 01.27.15

Eek! Cannot wait to find out what you’re having! I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant, so my own anticipation is killing me too! (We find out February 28th!) As soon as I saw your inspiration board I knew that had to be a Blabla Kids dolls. I absolutely adore those. So cute!

Denise says · 01.27.15

Yay! How exciting! I love the comfy look for kids instead of totally frilly!

Clever Girl Reviews says · 01.27.15

Everything is so cute!

Cheryl says · 01.27.15

How exciting! My boys are 15 months apart. When my third, a girl, came along I discovered Hanna Andersen dresses, really just long tops with leggings. The sizes start at newborn, and they wash great and wear like iron. I know many of our sets have been through my two girls and another multi-girl family and look good. Also, Lily Pulitzer dresses certainly aren’t neutral but the cut is absolutely classic, and they are great quality. I would have never spent the money on those except there was one in a box of hand-me-downs from a friend. The quality was noticeable.

However–I’m hoping for a boy for you! My boys are very different but having a brother so close in age has been a gift. (I had two boys and then two girls in five years total.) best wishes!

Heather @ Thrifty Stories says · 01.27.15

The suspense is killing me!! I am so excited for you, Justin and David. A new birth is such a precious event. As a mom of five, footie pajamas and footie play outfits have become standard attire for our wee ones until close to six months old. I always wanted them to stay cuddly and warm….and not worrying about lost socks was an added bonus. 😉 Congrats and enjoy these last few days. Treasure every moment.

Danielle Baker says · 01.27.15

Good luck to you with your new baby! I have one of each and I love it, but I also know I would have loved having two girls or two boys. Mine are 21 months apart and I love it. Tough at first, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so happy to hear you mention the too tight headbands for baby girls. I could never understand the tight and/or ginormous headbands people insist on putting on baby girls. I’m all about kids being comfy. There are enough things to make them upset without adding an uncomfortable headband to the mix! I love following your blog and wish you the best!!

Tyana says · 01.27.15

good luck darling, cant wait to see

check out my newest post

Jayne says · 01.27.15

Good luck Kate, I am looking forward to your
posts about dealing with two children close in
age and managing with a routine and what pram
you will be using!! I am hoping to plan two children close together
if nature lets me!!!

Sara w says · 01.27.15

I just had my first girl after three boys. Not only was she a different sex, but the only one of my kids not born in the summer so it’s been fun to dress her! I am 100% with you on the clothes-there are so many soft and beautiful clothes that are feminine without feeling like I’m itchy just looking at her. There have been a couple headbands I love and they’re fun occasionally! I’m excited for you to find out!

Torri says · 01.27.15

Kate, I am so very excited for you. I have been reading your blog for years and years. My prayers are with you all for a safe and healthy arrival of this new little one. I know the lord will provide. I sent you an email about something dear to my heart the other day. I know you’re busy, but just in case you have a chance to read it. Thanks for keeping this blog up!

Evelyn says · 01.27.15

I like these headbands

And if you don’t need you can always gift to someone! You can also dye some of his clothes, if you feel like it!


Kelly says · 01.27.15

Oh my goodness, I a can not wait to find out!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Gwen says · 01.27.15

They have the best baby hats for girls! Consider the baby hat in place of the bow. I couldn’t stand putting my daughter in those bows and headbands – I thought they lookd so uncomfortable! I found so many cute hats to use instead.

Molly says · 01.27.15

Thanks Kate? Quick question ~ What’s your birth plan?

Molly says · 01.27.15


Meagan says · 01.27.15

How exciting! Cute kids clothes!

Jodi says · 01.27.15

I know it’s an old wives’ tale, but I carried completely differently with my two pregnancies. Same time of year (they actually had the same due date!), same starting weight, same weight gain–yet I looked much bigger with my first, a girl. The photos of me in the same maternity clothes really showed it. I also was much more tired with my girl. Sick for months, while very little sickness with my boy.

Can’t wait to see what you’re having! So exciting! My money’s on another boy!

April says · 01.28.15

I am so excited for you! I have a daughter that just turned 5 and I think by far my favorite place to shop for her is Gymboree. Now, she even loves picking out her outfits and matching accessories. :o) Their clothes hold up well too.

Tee says · 01.28.15

Yup, it’s a boy! Wishing you, in your final weeks of pregnancy, joy, comfort , calm and ease. No matter what…..thank God and enjoy your blessings!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 01.28.15

You’re almost there! Which is crazy… because then I’ll be right behind you! Ahhhhh! Babies!

Wendy says · 01.29.15

I bought the #12 pants for my baby girl in a 12 to 18 months (they don’t fit her yet) but they are super cute! Highly recommend.

Patti says · 01.29.15

Yay! I’m so glad that you didn’t find out what you’re having… I always tell expectant moms that they are missing out if they do. By far the BEST part of my whole pregnancy was that split second after the baby’s arrival and the exciting anticipation of the big gender announcement. There’s nothing better! You’ll love it. I have three boys and never found out with any of them. I never EVER wanted to feel disappointed in the gender of my baby through an ultrasound, and I knew I would the third time around. But when I found out that I had ANOTHER boy, and SAW him at the same time, there was nothing but utter joy. No disappointment! Now that my boys are teens, I can look back and see exactly what God was doing. They are blessing to me everyday. So excited to follow what God has in store for you too. Best of luck!

Leigh says · 01.29.15

You’re so close!!! I think the anticipation of not knowing what I was having might kill me. I have 2 boys (both born in June but 3 years apart). My youngest was over a pound heavier and 2 inches longer than my first (the first was on time, the second was 3 weeks early). I thought I would be able to reuse the clothes. It hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve reused a few things, but my youngest is 7 months and already in 24 months clothes. My oldest was still wearing 9-12 months when he was 7 months old. My hair stylist warned me this could happen and she was so very right on this (and many other things)!

Ana says · 02.01.15

That elephant onesie just melted my heart!

Lauren says · 02.10.15

Props to you for holding out on the gender reveal! It’s very uncommon these days, and personally I think a baby’s gender is one of the last true surprises in life! 🙂

Karanveer says · 08.13.15

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