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December Beauty Favorites


On rainy days or “not really doing much but don’t want to bum around all day” days, I have a really quick makeup routine that I’ve found myself repeating quite often. In total, it takes me about 10 minutes, but I could easily fly through it faster if I was in a rush. The longest part, for me, is applying mascara so if you are blessed with naturally fantastic lashes you won’t have to spend so much time on the ‘ol lashes.



one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen

I always start with a healthy dose of moisturizer on my skin. fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is an all-time favorite. Next, using my finger, I’ll apply a bit of Painterly, an eyeshadow base by Mac, all over my lid. I’ll set that with a dusting of powder. I add a medium line of eyeliner to my upper lash line using Stila’s Smudge Stick liner in Graphite. I like using a grey or brown liner on days when I’m going light on my eyeshadow. It’s less harsh than my typical black. To finish off the eyes, I grab a small flat eyeshadow brush by Sonia Kashuk (not pictured) and pick up a bit of the shade “cover” for my crease only from the Naked2 Basics palette.


Next, I’ll start applying my mascara, as well as my favorite fibers to add a little kick. I curl my lashes, apply one generous coat of LashBlast, then immediately follow with Tarte’s Best in Faux by pressing them into my eyelashes. I’ll give that a bit of time to set while I finsih my face. Sometimes the fibers will fall off until they are completely set, so I like to hold off on my under eye concealer until almost the end. I repeat the mascara + fibers a few times, and then finish with a final coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. It’s a rather heavy, wet mascara but it ensures the fibers won’t flake off during the day.

For the face, I apply Bye Bye Undereye in a triangle shape under my eyes. And lately I’ve been loving Arbonne’s Got You Covered Mineral Foundation in Ivory. It’s a nice, natural coverage and feels very light on the skin. In comparison to Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, Arbonne’s formula is going to be a bit more sheer + not as full of coverage. I use Tarte’s Buffer Airbrush foundation brush to apply the foundation.

I finish with a swirl of my favorite blush, Los Cabos by Cargo. It comes in a tin, but I de-potted it and put it in a magnetic case. The tin was too loud/clunky.

And last, but not least, I’ll give my lashes a final curl with my lash curler, and avoid pressing down too hard to create a crease.



I found it apropos to don my daily vest, messy bun, and even a swipe of a must-have tinted lip balm.

Oh and those hexagon earrings? They are sold out, but similar ones can be found here!


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V says · 12.30.14

Some great tips! I love how natural it looks.

Have you ever tried using Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat under your eyes? Not that you need it but I’ve found it to be wonderful for my dark circles. Here are some of the products I’ve been using recently.

Hope you have an amazing NYE!


Jennifer Hibbard says · 12.30.14

Believe it or not, I’ve never shopped at Sephora or even entered a store. Sad, I know. However, I’m so tempted to purchase the Anthropologie tinted lip treatment. It’s such a pretty color!

Cynthia says · 12.30.14

Shoot… You’re always so gorgeous.

Cynthia says · 12.30.14

That posted before I finished my comment… Oops. Apparently, the Internet thinks your beauty deserves it’s own comment. 🙂

I’m heading out tomy local Sephora today. My mom gave us money for a Christmas date, but we ended up only using $30 of it (Yay Groupon!!!!). We have $170 left and husband said I could use it on whatever I wanted. Woot! I’ve been using Bare Minerals forever… It doesn’t make my skin break out and it provided the coverage I needed. Over the summer thoug, I started a new skincare routine and my skin has been a disaster ever since. About two weeks ago, I went back to what I new and now my skin has a lot of healing to do.

I’m looking for a new powder that has great buildable coverage. Do you highly recommened that Tarte foundation? Any other foundations I should look into? I like powders and I want something buildable so that I can use less when my skin heals more and I need something that won’t cause any more damage to my skin (I know that’s not something you can guarantee). Please help Kate!

Leyla says · 12.30.14

I use It cosmetics powder foundation. I love it. I changed to Makeup Forever and hate it. I will be going right back to It once I’ve finished this bottle. It has great coverage and feels amazing on the skin. And it’s good for problem skin (which is why the Ulta girl suggested it to me). I get tons of compliments.

Allison Williams says · 12.30.14

Arbonne is a vegan, mineral and sulfate free product that I love! However you need a rep to buy it. If anyone wants to try it, I can help to get you on the website. My email is
Allison Williams (St. Louis):)

Gina says · 12.30.14

what is the lip color you have on?

Justine Brickner says · 12.30.14

It’s the flowered tube in pic, it’s a tinted lip balm from AnthRopologie. It’s wonderful!

Sarah M says · 12.30.14

Looks great! I tend to go this simple anywhere I go…it’s my normal routine, so it’s nice to see the steps you take so I can improve on mine! I LOVE Arbonne products, but their mineral powder is a-mazing. My sister sells it and I just love it!

Lauren says · 12.30.14

Well, you surely look more together than I do on my bummy days, haha. The only undereye concealer I’ve found that does the trick is also bye bye undereye. Great post!


Rebecca says · 12.30.14

I love your simple routine and that your makeup is not over done! Your beauty really comes through! Love your blog.

kathleen says · 12.30.14


BETH K says · 12.30.14

Loving your darker locks these days, super cute!

Leigh Ann says · 12.30.14

Here, too. More contrast against your skin 🙂

Joanna says · 12.30.14

Just wanted to give you a shout for yet another fabulous and simple tutorial! You have really breathed new life into my everyday morning routines. THANK YOU! Happy New Year!

Denise says · 12.30.14

I got the Naked 2 Basics Palette for Christmas. I can’t wait to try different styles with it. It seems very versatile! Yay!

Blow Of Bubbles says · 12.30.14

I love your makeup. Very pretty, and basic too. I shall try this on a lazy day.

🙂 x

Courtney says · 12.30.14

it is like you read my mind! I was thinking yesterday “I wish she had a post on simple everyday makeup.” I work from home and I think I’d be more productive if actually did my hair and makeup everyday. Thanks SO MUCH for this.

Kimberly says · 12.30.14

What type of brush do you use to apply your brush? Is there a trick to applying it as I always seem to put too much on?
Love your blog and informational How Tos videos!

Amanda says · 12.30.14

These colors look great on you! I love a natural look for every day. I really need to buy the Naked Basics palettes.

Becky says · 12.30.14

Love this post – I’m not a heavy makeup wearer so this is right up my alley!

Justine says · 12.30.14

I had the Shu Uemura eyelash curler for many years. When I could not find the replacement pads at Sephora anymore I switched to the Lancome version. It looks and functions identically for me – in case anyone can’t find the SU curler and doesn’t want to order.

Kerry says · 12.30.14

You look gorgeous! Nice and fresh 🙂 I have some kind of fibre lash thing upstairs but haven’t got round to using it yet, hopefully tomorrow I can crack it open!

Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog x

Fia says · 12.30.14

i love this look, it’s so simple and beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Michelle Mangrum says · 12.30.14

Now… I HAVE TO KNOW where to find those sold out earrings!! Please

Tara says · 12.30.14

I like that you did an everyday face post. I tend to stick to one basic routine on most days and only change it up for special occasions or if I hear of something I might want to integrate into my daily routine. I have a goal to get more specific with what I’m wearing, etc… but I prefer to not have to think so hard about my makeup every day. Thanks for sharing.

Jess says · 12.30.14

Could you tell me what shade of It Cosmetics concealer you use? I need to shorten my morning routine when I start nursing classes next week!

Laura says · 12.30.14

Such a nice natural look! I’m definitely one for easy to do makeup most days!

She Likes to Shop

Meagan says · 12.30.14

Gorgeous make up tips!

Emily says · 12.30.14

I use the Naked Basics palettes for my everyday basic makeup looks too 🙂 So helpful, it’s really all you need for your face!

Ashley says · 12.30.14

I love this look. I hardly ever have more than 10 minutes to do my makeup so it’s nice to have some suggestions for looking polished even when I don’t have much time. Thanks, Kate!

Veronica says · 12.30.14

Thanks for putting together this tutorial. I love it! I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to make up, so this “how to” is great for me!

I do have a question…and it’s probably fairly dumb! I’ve always struggled with the whole concept of how to apply eyeshadow in the crease and what sort of look that application method aims to create. Should I apply the shadow literally just in the crease? Do you do any other shading and blending outside of what naturally occurs as you shade in the crease? How far from the outside edge of your eye toward the inside edge should you shade?

Thank you!!

Selena says · 12.31.14

Veronica – I wondered the same thing as you. I’m not very good at doing my eyes and I watch Kate’s videos but I’m still not very good at it. I use the Naked Basic Pallete but I only utilize 2 or 3 of the colors. I’ve bought good primer, brushes and shadows and it’s frustrating because I don’t feel like I ever get my eyes looking good.

Emily says · 12.30.14

Thanks for the tips! It looks beautiful

Erin says · 12.31.14

Hi. I am having issues with my face breaking out and being extremely oily by the end of the day. I am in desperate need of a makeover with cleaner and makeup. What do you recommend?

Jennifer D says · 01.01.15

Greetings Erin – I can’t recommend a skincare routine, but as a interim fix, I would try blotting papers, which I use on my forehead, nose, and chin in the early to mid-afternoon. Soaks up oil without altering your makeup. If you don’t have them on hand, or can’t find them easily (Ulta, Sephora, or Target should have them), a toilet seat cover works fine. I SWEAR I read that one in a Cosmopolitan article on what celebs put in their tiny clutches for awards shows. And they work 🙂 Jennifer

Jenny says · 12.31.14

This is very similar to the makeup I wear every day to work! I have really been wanting to try the Bye Bye under eye product. I have an Ulta giftcard from Christmas but I’m wanting so many things I don’t know what to spend it on, haha! I’ve been using Bare Minerals for a while now as my mineral foundation, but am always up to trying something new. Would you say the Arbonne mineral foundation has better coverage/staying power than Bare Minerals?
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Kate says · 12.31.14

Love your new color! Looks beautiful on you!

valerie says · 01.01.15

Would you ever be interested in doing a post on makeup contouring? If I’ve missed that one forgive me, it’s just that I follow a few makeup artists on IG and it’s always so extreme. I feel like you’d be a good person to show some light to moderate contouring instead of what ends up looking like a dolls face.

Miriam says · 01.02.15

What a lovely look! =)

Karen says · 01.02.15

Kate you always look beautiful! Motherhood becomes you!

Andrea says · 01.02.15

This is basically what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months, it feels so good to know I’m not alone on this laziness LOL… You look stunning, you don’t need makeup girl! xx

Bridget says · 01.03.15

every time you do a “make up” post, you have lots of new products. What do you do with it all? it seems you are always changing what you are using, and unless you are using a lot, I can’t imagine you are using up products before you try something new. If you keep/store them all, they obviously will go bad before you can use them up. Seems so wasteful.

Oh, and you have a typo you may want to fix: “I found it apropos to don my daily vest” – “apropos” ????????

Kate says · 01.03.15

I’m planning on doing a makeup storage post soon!

And apropos is a word 🙂

ElleMay says · 01.03.15

Haha – awesome! I like that word.
Also, love the new hair colour. Really suits you.

Jess says · 01.06.15

Bridget – Keep in mind, companies send out free products to bloggers in hopes that they will like the product and write about it. So, while she does talk about a lot of different products, it’s not like she’s actually buying everything and tell us we need to do the same. I think many bloggers like to try out a wide variety of products in hopes that it will be help different readers find what they have been searching for.

adamsjones says · 01.04.15

Thanks for your iq naturals beauty tips.Your sugesstsd cosmetics has medicated power,so no problem in skin when these cosmetics are used.

Heather says · 01.05.15

I think it looks great. I always neglect my eyes though because I find most mascaras and liners burn so badly. My eye makeup is always running down my face by the end of the day and I’m rubbing at it.

You do a lot of things to your eyelashes. How do you remove it? Is there a certain product you use at night to fuly remove your mascara and eyeliner?

Clever Girl Reviews says · 01.05.15

What a great fast face! I’m still trying to nail mine down!

Kristen says · 01.06.15

I have very fair skin (I’m a redhead), and I have circles under my eyes, but reddish hues in my cheeks. How do you choose a color for the under eye concealer? My inclination is to go with “light”, but it contrasts greatly and doesn’t blend well with my cheeks. Since I have so much red in my face, I don’t think anything will really match…

I would love to try the Bye Bye Under Eye…is there a makeup counter that sells this where I can try it out first?

Pengobatan Sipilis Herbal says · 01.10.15

very fair skin