Shortbread Cookies

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There was no shortage of sweets around my house when I was growing up. My mom’s love language is, among other things, food.

My dad’s mom was similar, and loved to bake. I’ve been told that she’d make a pie for absolutely no reason on a tuesday just because.

Justin doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I look forward to passing on the “sweet” traditions of my family onto our family. Shortbread cookies are practically a theme of my childhood.

Oddly enough, when my mom and I were baking these this week, she mentioned that I stopped liking them as a teenager despite loving them as a child. Who on earth knows what was going on internally, because when I took a bite of this batch I was brought right back to about age 7, and enjoyed the entire cookie!

I had never baked them before, they always simply appeared, so it was interesting to see how few ingredients and how non-precise these are!

Shortbread Cookies


1 lb butter, softened (not melted)

1 C sugar

4 C flour

generous pinch of baking soda


1. Cream butter and sugar together.

2. Add flour and baking soda while mixer is going.

3. Form into 4-5 rounds (balls), and press out on the ungreased baking pan until roughly 1/2 inch thick. No need for the rounds to be precise.

4. Pinch outsides with fingers to create a decorative edge, or press lightly with a fork.

5. Bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour. Allow roughly 20 minutes of additional time only if your oven tends to bake slowly. My oven runs hot, and these were ready in 60 minutes like anticipated.





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Jordan says · 11.17.14

I make shortbread cookies for get-togethers but dip half of them in melted chocolate and then dip in either nuts or sprinkles. To die for!

Sarah says · 11.17.14

Ha! Finally i am second to comment… :p those look soooo yummy! I plan on making homemade apple bread today; our apples are just sitting there! 🙂

Laina Turner says · 11.17.14

Those sound wonderful. I love shortbread cookies.

DeAndrea says · 11.17.14

Yum, these look delicious. I am going to pair them with a Grand Marnier cranberry dipping sauce.

Emilee Johnson says · 11.17.14

Thank you for posting this recipe! They are way easier to make than I would have anticipated 🙂 can’t wait to bake them!!

Stephanie says · 11.17.14

Stupid question, did you leave them in the circle while baking and cut them into triangles afterwards? Thanks!

Kate says · 11.17.14


Donna Essenburg says · 11.17.14

Kate I Love You, will you be my families wife. <3

My family is getting the short end of the stick with me at their mom.
I cannot wait to surprise them with these delicious looking cookies.

Love your blog, Thanks for sharing.

Tyana says · 11.17.14

That looks like something yyou would get from starbucks. It looks so yummy

check me out

jen Schreiner says · 11.17.14

These look AMAZING.

Gabrielle says · 11.17.14

I am French. What does it means : 1 lb ?
I like very much your blog !! Thanks for sharing !!

Devin says · 11.17.14

I believe 1 pound of butter is 4 sticks.

Melanie E. says · 11.17.14

It can also mean 16 ounces or 453 grams.

Gabrielle says · 11.18.14

Thanks !!

Courtney @ titus2minutes says · 11.17.14

Wow. I have a baking addiction as it is… I guess I will have to add these to my must-try list!

Emily says · 11.17.14

These look fantastic, thanks for sharing. Some of my fondest memories include shortbread cookies. My mom makes these unreal ones, so buttery and delicious~!!!

Stephanie Eva says · 11.17.14

I love shortbread cookies! I have never seen them like this, cut into little pie pieces but I’m totally on board. Next time I want to bake, I’m baking these! Haha! I also know what you mean about carrying on the sweet-tradition to your family. I am from the Netherlands, living in the US and want to share all the amazing traditional food that I grew up loving with my future family. Not that that’s happening any time soon, but I agree with what you say. Carrying on tradition is something special!!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

Stephanie Summers says · 11.17.14

Did you use salted or unsalted butter? Thanks!

lana says · 11.18.14

Yummo! Love shortbread and this recipe came just in time. I’m doing some Christmas baking for the grandparents in our family and shortbread is always a favourite with them. Your recipe looks like it turned out so good! 🙂

– lana (

Denise Byrum says · 11.18.14

Just baked them and they are delicious!

Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog says · 11.18.14

I love simple cookies – especially shortbread! They’re not too sweet, but just the right amount to have with some hot chocolate or coffee.

Tereasa Hedges says · 11.19.14

Silly question, is C one cup? And how big is the cup? Sorry, we don’t measure by cups in the UK.

Kate says · 11.19.14

Yes C is 1 cup!

Cristin says · 11.21.14


Lisa says · 11.20.14

Hi Kate! I love the mug with the heart that’s in these pictures. Do you remember where you got it? I always see the cutest little knick-knacks in the background of the pictures on your blog. You arrange things so nicely too!