Cut Your Blow Dry Time Down

Just popping in to say hey!

I had a post ready to go for today, but the video would not upload SO I’m calling an audible and just going to save it for tomorrow.


In the meantime I’ll be troubleshooting my internet issues.


::cheers and applause all around::


Mondays are awesome, aren’t they?


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Chantall says · 10.13.14

Hi Kate,

Yes, mondays are awesome, but not when you have Internet troubles 😉 Luckily no such troubles over here. Monday ‘s almost over for me (The Netherlands, evening over here) so looking forward to seeing your upload tomorrow!

Kristin S says · 10.13.14

Healthy boundaries right there. You can only do what you can do.

I need to learn that myself.


Sara says · 10.13.14

Is it Friday yet?! :\

JNJxn says · 10.13.14

Laugh out loud at the audible. 🙂

Sarah says · 10.13.14

The day’s almost over- you can do it! 😛 can’t wait to see your new video!
Try to rest tonight. 😉

Katherine Kelly says · 10.13.14

No worries! 🙂 Just work on it tomorrow…we’ll all be excited to see it when it comes up. 😉

Carrie says · 10.13.14

Thanks for the effort! Lol Sounds like one of those Mondays. All of us that love ya will always wait patiently for whatever you have to share sweet Gal!

Barb says · 10.13.14

I just found your site a week ago after I got my hair cut (yeah is found you on Pinterest and loved your cut). Now I’m obsessed with your blog!! Not in the weird stalker way. Lol. I LOVE your hair tutorials. You have made it so easy. Thank you!! You made my Monday because I know how I am doing my hair tomorrow. 🙂

Pearl says · 10.14.14

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