Progeny Children’s Shoppe

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Several weeks ago I was invited to check out a local children’s store called Progeny, positioned right in downtown Raleigh.

I asked Jordan to join David & I and take a few photos of him checking out some of the toys to share today!


Progeny is filled, to the brim, with adorable specialty children’s toys, clothes, and gifts. It’s a perfect spot to pick up something special for a friend, or would even be a really fun store to browse through after just learning the sex of a baby you are carrying!

While I anticipated that I would not know what baby #2 is ( Justin and I opted to wait and find out when the baby is born in February ), part of me wanted to know so badly just to celebrate by picking up something small at Progeny.



Lauren, the owner, created such cute little play areas for the babies or kids to hang out in. David dove right into the toys, christening them with his excessive drool and smiles.


If you are local, do yourself a favor and pop into Progeny one day. And if you are not local, check out the online shop! I’ve got these cute monster blocks on my wish list already!

Lauren is kindly giving away a $100 gift card (redeemable starting in November) to one lucky winner (usa only)! You can either shop in store if you are local, or use it online! 

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Nicole says · 09.24.14

I found this store last week and have been obsessed ever since!

Kimberly says · 09.24.14

That shop looks fabulous! Too bad I’m in Illinois! Your son is just precious! Would you say he has red hair? My husband and I both have red hair and two out of our three kids do too! I love it!

Kate says · 09.24.14

You can still enter to win the gift card to use online!

Shyanna says · 09.24.14

I bet in his head David is singing….”If I had a hammer…………”

Trisha says · 09.24.14

I think I’m missing something… when i click on the Rafflecopter link no giveaway is listed:( Help!?!

Katie says · 09.24.14

Hi Kate! I came across your blog as I gathered inspiration for my own hair blog that I want to establish for my new bridal hair business. I am a hairstylist of 14 years, a wife, a Mom of four little ones and a Christian! I was really encouraged when I read your About section and seeing a fellow hairstylist walking a similar journey to myself. Right now I am specializing in weddings as it allows me my weekdays to be home with my babies. I would love any tips or advice on getting a good hair/beauty blog started. I love yours! It’s awesome also to see how transparent you are about your life and faith on here! Good on you and I pray you continue to do well in your business, blog and being Mom and wife!

Much love,


Jill says · 09.25.14

Good luck to you, Katie! 🙂

Tyana says · 09.24.14

I didn’t know you lived in Raleigh!! Thats so cool

Check me Out if you’d like


Jessica says · 09.24.14

David’s shirt is adorable – where is it from?

christina says · 09.24.14

Progeny has some really cute, unique items but who can afford to pay that much for something they grow out of in a matter of months? Really hoping I win so I can style my little guy without breaking the bank.

Sasha says · 09.24.14

I am local, and I just checked out the online shop! Love it– and I love that she has Jenn Hales’ art! I have two of her prints in my kids’ playroom!

Lee says · 09.24.14

$53 for blocks your kid will chew on and ruin seems totally reasonable. Not. A great place for children’s toys is target or a second hand shop, or even kijiji!

Karen says · 05.05.16


fran says · 09.24.14

I have family in Raleigh I visit about twice a year. This place is going on the top of our “to do” list (next is Pullen Park). Looks like a fabulous place for a Grandma! How fabulous it would be to win!!! I do enjoy your blog and David is a cutie!

Baby Care says · 09.25.14

Nifty store! Thanks for sharing this and David is a real gem! – Grace

Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says · 09.25.14

How adorable!! It seems like everyone keeps talking about Progeny Shop… I’m hoping to go when I get down to Raleigh 🙂

Jamily says · 09.25.14

Such cute stuff!

Adelia says · 10.14.14

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