Ask Kate 02

Loves Lately

You guys have the best questions. These have been fun to film!

Β 1. (00.52) How do you find time to always look put together?

2. (03:57) Since you are home every day, do you have a cleaning schedule?

3. (05:38) Will you pick out a boy and girl name, or just decide when the baby arrives?

4. (07:14) What are you most nervous about and most excited about in regards to having 2 babies so close together? (blog mentioned is Camp Patton)

5. (09:13) What is your favorite movie?

6. (11:22) What is Justin up to these days? Has he found a hobby or is he just enjoying free time since being done with school?



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Christen says · 09.29.14

Loved this video! Thanks for sharing! Holy moly though, Kilimanjaro? Whoa! I’m just excited when I can get to a from Target without wanting to hurt someone!

Emilie Rust says · 09.29.14

I don’t have a facebook account… But I was curious if you and Justin have thought about whether or not you will homeschool or public school your children?
I think having 2 children 14 months apart will be difficult at times but oh so worth it. Enjoy this season of life!

Cari B. says · 09.29.14

I loved this video. Great questions and answers!!

Emily -- The Rossetto Blog says · 09.29.14

Great video! Thanks for sharing:)

The Rossetto Blog

Stacey says · 09.29.14

Great video! I have 4 boys! Blake, Parker, Austin, and Tyson, we stayed more on simple side of names too. My neighbor is quite creative with names and i see the confusion it causes alot ;). I love dramas too, i also love tom cruise in action films, my favorite is knight and day! Anyway, just wanted to say i appreciate your video, we are quite similar πŸ™‚

Jami C. says · 09.29.14

I too love the Money Pit! I’m always laughing my head off thru the whole thing. That’s amazing that your husband wants to climb killimanjaro, he is more of a risk taker than i ever will be. Thanks for this fun video!

Deb Cadovius says · 09.29.14

My boys are 13 months apart and I have to tell you. I LOVE IT NOW! They are 9 and 10 and best friends. The first 2 years were ROUGH so just prepare. You’re right about setting LOW expectations of accomplishments throughout the day but as the years go by it just gets better and better. We are praying for y’all!

Angela says · 09.29.14

Love the video, you crack me up. My girls are close in age as well and yes it was kind of wild for a while but it’s do’able, you’ll be great! My girls are super close, and play extremely well together now.

Aileen says · 09.29.14

Thanks for sharing! I loved hearing your answers and learning a little bit more about you.

katie says · 09.29.14

This was so fun to watch! You are darling and candid. Love your honesty!

Carrie says · 09.29.14

Thanks for doing these videos and sharing more about yourself. So fun to hear more about you and your life. And your hubby sure sounds amazing and like he has enough energy for 2 people – don’t know how you keep up! Lol

Will you be doing another hair Q&A sometime soon? I misread on instagram and asked a hair related question. I love those too and LOVE following you on instagram.

Thanks again Kate and God bless ya! πŸ˜‰

Emily says · 09.29.14

Great video!! thank so much for taking the time to do it!

Rose says · 09.29.14

Sweet video, Kate.

I have four boys, all in their 20’s now. Great advice from the Camp Patton Blog you mentioned. She made me laugh out loud. Remembering my trips out with all four boys, when it was with a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, and a Kindergartner. Like Bees buzzing around my head. All different temperaments. Non stop. Glad you gave this brave and funny woman a Shout Out.

I so enjoy your videos and Beauty advice. I wear my hair up all the time after seeing your great hair styling videos. I have the Diane Bobby Pins you recommended, and can open them with my finger, like you showed, zig zag side ‘down’ and my hair always looks so put together.

Take care and keep telling yourself…lower those expectations a bit. People who love you, ‘do’ understand. Have you bought a double stroller yet? You will. I did that twice. Two of everything soon. Have fun with it. It’s challenging, but worth the effort. Hugs.

Kimberly says · 09.29.14

Thanks for bobby pin counsel! I’ve never picked this up! 4 boys, oh my! I have 3 kids, 2 girls, and we are having the best time! I don’t want it to end but know it does….

Allie says · 09.29.14

Great video! I noticed that you are growing out your bangs a little bit – I would love to see a half-back or completely up hair tutorial from you for all of us bang-less ladies! I feel like I can never get quite the same look without the hair framing my face the way yours typically does.

Molly says · 09.29.14

From a fellow Tom Hanks fan…you must watch Saving Mr. Banks!

Sophia Varnam says · 09.29.14

I think these are my favorite of your posts/videos. You make me laugh!

Melissa G says · 09.29.14

I had 4 kids in 27 months. There were days that I looked at the clock and it was 1pm and I had no idea what happened to all the morning hours!!! They are now 12,11,10,10 and I would give anything to go back to when they were little. We didn’t go anywhere. It was just too crazy. It’s STILL crazy, just a different kind. SAVOR EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!!!

KRENEK says · 09.29.14

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Sara K says · 09.29.14

Oh my gosh. I am dying. I never comment on anything but I just had to. “People die always in any situation” That comment seriously made me laugh. Thank you for keepin’ it real. I needed that laugh today!

Katie says · 09.29.14

Your honesty is fabulous! Love your blog! Just thought I’d share this with you (and your husband), my uncle has the same dream to climb the seven tallest mountains on each continent, and has done most of them. He loves it! My aunt has even gone with him on a few trips, to the base camps. Here’s his website just incase y’all would like to see someone’s point of view who is doing the same thing

Best wishes!

Vanessa says · 09.30.14

A day in the life blog would be awesome! Plus I think it’s pretty cool you also love/like Tom Hanks. He’s my all time favorite actor. The Money Pit is hilarious and another classic of his is The ‘burbs. You oughta watch it sometime when you get a chance.

elyse says · 09.30.14

Such a good video.. i feel like we’re the same person lol. (Creepy.. hope not) love ur q&a’s!

Melissa Lane says · 09.30.14

You make the best videos! Thanks so much for always being so real in everything you do and working so hard on your blog. I always love coming to your page.

tricia says · 09.30.14

really love askkate videos! it’s so funny and cute, i shared it with all of my friends and they love it too. subscirbed to your blog!


Andrea Kay says · 09.30.14

Great Video! I’ve followed your blog for years! I wonder if Justin trains indoors at all for climbing because a good friend of mine owns Triangle Rock Club in Raleigh. If he hasn’t been, he should check them out! My husband and I are actually flying out to your area this weekend (from California) for that particular friend’s wedding πŸ™‚

Hannah Vernon says · 09.30.14

I loved this video! I’m not a blogger, and I don’t follow blogs but YOURS I check almost daily to see if you’ve posted anything new! AND I recently realized your in a small group with an old friend of mine, Megan! So anyway, this video is just fun bc I feel like I know you personally now! HA!

Kristy says · 09.30.14

I loved this video – the kind of video that makes me think we could be friends in real life. Thanks for being so honest! πŸ™‚ I have two small children (2 and 4) and choose to wait to find out the sex of either of them – it’s a wonderful experience. Look forward to hearing more about the family, and as always, beauty tips.

Sarah says · 09.30.14

I used to read your blog back before you had David, and although I’ve always had ambitions to be as “put together” as you are, I stopped reading because I realized that it just isn’t me. But I stumbled across your blog again recently and I just can’t stay away. I love your humor, I adore your taste in blogs and design, and this was just the one that seals the deal – I can’t explain it without sounding creepy, but let’s just say that I’m pretending that we would be friends in real life. I would be the unkempt one and you would be my inspiration to wear normal clothes every day. Or at least makeup πŸ˜‰

lesley says · 09.30.14

Love Christian Bale…was proudly a member of his fan club back in the day! πŸ™‚

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished says · 09.30.14

I love hearing your voice and your answers are so great! I’m not a mom (yet) but I definitely will continue to get ready for the day– it’s so refreshing and helps me take my day seriously!

Daisy | Simplicity Relished

Jessica H says · 09.30.14

I just have to tell you that I’ve recently come upon your blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks and favorite things. It’s a fun blog. πŸ™‚

Megan says · 09.30.14

I absolutely love your wall paint color! Would you mind sharing?

Kristin S says · 09.30.14

This seriously makes me want to just go hang out with you and Jenna. In her living room. With a whole bunch of kids on the floor. I haven’t seen you since before you were pregnant with David! Craziness.

Sydni Jackson says · 10.01.14

These may be my favorite posts of yours!! Keep them coming, please. πŸ™‚

Some questions for a future vid –
What are some of the dreams you have for your children? You mentioned if you have two boys wanting them to share a room and be friends, etc.

Any tips on shopping? Do you buy online or in the store? How do you choose pieces? What are your favorite stores?

Liz says · 10.01.14

Great video q&as are always fun to watch. I look forward to reading your blog everyday!! Are you planning to breatsfeed again with new baby? I hope it will be easier for you this time around! take care!

Holly says · 10.01.14

I’m a huge Camp Patton fan so that was so cool to hear you talk about her too! So excited for you to have another baby! I’m hoping it’s a girl because you need a “Julia”! πŸ˜‰

Katie D. says · 10.01.14

oh my gosh Pearl Harbor is my favorite movie!! I’ve seen it a bazillion times and everyone always makes fun of me for loving it so much. But I just do! Also, I have nannied for a family for 5 years and they have two kids (boy and girl) 14 months apart who are now 4 and 5 and they are the BEST friends with each other. It’s so sweet to see, you will love it! πŸ™‚

Ellen says · 10.02.14

I also listened to Into Thin Air when I had a two hour commute. Such a good audiobook!

Nouschine says · 10.03.14

Dear Kate,
I had to laugh so much about picking up the peas under the chairs. I have twins, they are 8 years old now, it is some time ago, but they are still messy sometimes when they eat ;). We leave in Switzerland (tell your husband it is an extraordinary place to climb mountains as well, before going to Everest ;).
You know, I perfectly agree, to keep the respect of yourself, even if you stay at home all day is essential. And about having a perfect home, I remember a nurse telling me, “if I visit a young mother and her apartment is perfectly cleaned up, it is not a good sign, it means she is busy with things that are less essential, than spending time with her child.”
By the way thank you very very much for you fantastic hairs tutorials. We had a magic “flower party” this summer, for our 10th wedding birthday, and it helped me a lot, having a nice hairdo at that special night. Excuse my english it is not perfect…Kind Regards Anne

Alison M says · 10.03.14

I vacuum in red lipstick because it is way more enjoyable. When my kids were just babies, I enjoyed putting makeup on because while I couldn’t control what food/spit-up/etc got on my clothes every day, at least my face was put together πŸ™‚

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Rachele says · 10.05.14

Hi Kate! Not sure if you have ever checked out the book Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley. She offers some very encouraging advice about balancing the house work without going overboard. As someone who can totally relate to having the messy side of the room, I found Marla’s book to be refreshing and helpful. Kind of changed my life in that it helped me to establish some little daily/weekly habits that make a BIG difference. I really think you would enjoy it. I think she’s from North Carolina, too!

And by the way…welcome back and congrats on your recent successes! Seems like you’re feeling a little more like yourself again.


Laura says · 10.07.14

My boys are 14 months apart … now 14 and 13. And our daughter came along 23 months after our middle son. It’s wonderful having them so close together and it’s frustrating at times too. But you know, it all works out. I had three in diapers, but on the flip side, I’ll have all three in high school for one year altogether, but then I’ll also have three in college at the same time! Have fun and enjoy those babies.

Tara says · 03.09.16

I follow your hair routine pretty closely (aquage, purology mist, blow dry upside down, etc.) as it seems we have similar hair types, but when I wash my hair at night and wear it in a high pony I am still waking up to pretty flat hair. Any other tips on keeping the volume when washing your hair at night?