8 Months Old

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David is 8 months old day!

Yesterday would not fall in my top 10 awesome days. I probably wouldn’t even put it in my top 20.

Despite that fact that I received very humbling, kind comments on my post, David is going through a growth spurt & cutting another top tooth so he was not himself.

I let the impatience win and became frustrated that he wouldn’t nap, even though he was clearly exhausted.

And then I kicked myself for not being as compassionate as I should be because he’s probably in a bit of pain from the tooth, and who knows what the heck else he’s feeling as he goes through this growth period.

Anyway, like I said, not one of my top 20 days.


I swear I’m not going to be such a downer in ever post from now on, but it was nice to seemingly “clear the air” yesterday and let you in on what I’ve been feeling.

Once David finally fell asleep for a nap yesterday, I laid down as well, and through several minutes of clicking around on Instagram I discovered Caroline’s Capsule Wardrobe Planner.

I’ve received a few requests from readers to do another 30 in 30 (remember?) and Caroline’s concept inspired me to do my own, maternity style.

So that’s one thing that I’ll be working on and adding into my regular posting here on the blog! I’m excited about it. It also involves purging which I happen to love doing these days. There will likely be a closet sale soon, keep your eyes here.

You know what else? It feels nice to blog in real time. I did that a lot when I was starting out as a blogger, but as it grew and my time lessened, I started pre-planning posts about a week out.

Alright. I’ve got a closet to clean out.

Peace out.


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Celina says · 08.13.14

Really hope little David finds some comfort! Teething is always a challenging obstacle to overcome with little ones. I am definitely looking forward to the 30 in 30, again! πŸ™‚ I love how your wardrobes consist of clean, classy, and simplicity. Yay for 30 in 30!!

Elizabeth says · 08.13.14

Yay for a 30 in 30 maternity series!!! Even though I’m not pregnant right now, I’m sure when that time comes again I will sorely need some inspiration. πŸ™‚ Have you tried an amber teething necklace for David? I use one for my baby, and it has been amazing!

Megan says · 08.13.14

You have the best style! Timeless and classy always wins and I find once you have the basic staples you can build your closet from that. Looking forward to the 30 in 30! I am also in a purging mood, must be the anticipation of fall, my favorite season!

Katie @ Loverly She says · 08.13.14

If you decide to make the 30 with 30 a link-up, I’m in! It’s a great challenge.

Hope your wee man gets through his rough patch swiftly. Been there, done that! Or rather, still there, still doing that! haha.

Evelyn says · 08.13.14

Hi Kate, some people like the amber necklaces for teething: amazon.com/SPECIAL-PROMOTION-The-Art-KNOTTED/dp/B004J1QNFW

I don’t have kids yet, but if you try that, I’d love to hear about it!

Also, looking forward to that 30 in 30!

Kate says · 08.13.14

Thanks for the heads up about that promo. I’ve tried a teething necklace with no luck!

Stephanie says · 08.13.14

I’ve followed for 4 years now, ever since my oldest daughter was born. Probably all moms can relate to what your going through. As a mother, we cant always be perfect and always keep our cool but the good thing is our little ones will love you regardless! I have noticed the shift in the blog from hair/makeup/fashion to more family, but I feel there are ways to become more of a family blog than more hair and fashion without having to share too much, but still keeping true to your roots. Everyone loves your style-clothing, hair, make up, nail polish as well as your interior designs- you can still incorporate those aspects into a family blog, just give it a family spin. You could post about creative ways to organize toys, fast makeup routines/tips for moms, how to accessorize an outfit from staying at home with the kids to going out with the husband for dinner, baby style, recipes, creative diy. I think the success of your blog comes from your realness and your ability to listen to your readers and adapt to your readers needs. I love trying your hairstyles when I go out, but some of my favorite posts were when you were redoing your office and your pics of outfits. Just post what feels right to you and well all continue to read!

Shannon Smith says · 08.13.14

It’s not a downer reading posts like this it’s refreshing to hear someone be honest about there struggles in day to day life that people can relate to. I have a one year old and a three year old and its a struggle sometimes and your patience is definitely pushed to the limit and then comes the guilt afterwards every mother goes through it . I love reading your posts and I hope that David’s tooth cuts through soon for you I always found teething powders helped and cold carrot sticks that they can chomp on

Traci says · 08.14.14

I totally agree. I’m currently pregnant with baby #4 and have been dealing with a teething toddler for the past week. Teething can be painful for the whole family! It’s good to have a reminder that we’re not alone in the struggle. πŸ™‚

Leigh says · 08.13.14

I’ve got two little boys, so I understand what you’re going through physically even if I don’t have a super successful and time consuming blog. My best advice is to just be gentle with yourself. Give yourself the compassion and understanding that you would give any other friend or mom who has too much on her plate. Life is all about ebb and flow, so allow yourself to glide gently in the direction that it’s taking you and see where you end up.

Shannon Ashley says · 08.13.14

Oh we alllllll have those days. Mine was 2 days ago. I posted a pic to instagram of my crying (7 month old tomorrow!) baby and a bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling cider with the caption “hard days call for the not so hard stuff”. I’m still breastfeeding, but Henley has her 2 bottom teeth and bites me sometimes…. OUCH! Those things are like razors! She had bitten me like twice (or more) that day, screamed every time I tried to get her to sleep, and was a super grump in general. In hindsight (being as it’s 20/20) she was probably feeling bad from teething and going though a major growth spurt. And like you said, I should have had more compassion with her. Oh well, live and learn. We become better parents for it! Ps, GIANT congrats on your new little blessing!

Kristen V. says · 08.13.14

My daughter will be two in just 2 months! I think we have finally gotten all the teeth in! I feel your pain and also know what it’s like to get frustrated at times. Happens to everyone! We can’t be perfect all the time πŸ™‚
Looking forward to your style posts, and going to check out the previous 30 in 30 now because I don’t know what that is lol
David is adorable and I love reading your posts about how he is growing! It makes me miss my daughter as a little baby

katie greenlaw says · 08.13.14

Oh Kate, so much of the world tries to portray themselves as Super Mom. One that can manage a house, a business, and take care of babies while wearing stilettos. It is a battle that I am constantly having to fight with myself. When my last was born, my daughter was 1 year and 1 week, and my oldest was 2 1/2. 3 under 3. It is the greatest blessing that I could have been given, but also the most difficult. Being pregnant while taking care of a baby is tough. Having a newborn when your oldest is still a baby, is tough……but it gets easier. I promise. My baby is still only 16 months old, but I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. At times when I felt like hiding out in my bedroom, I had to remember that God had chosen me for this. He felt like I was the perfect one to have all threes of these little babies. It really helped me get out of my funk. Also, being a mommy is so isolating. Being a part of my local MOPS group has been such a blessing to me and my family. If you aren’t a part of a group, I completely encourage you to get in one.

Courtney says · 08.13.14

I’m so excited for the new 30 in 30, i’m almost halfway through my pregnancy and just starting to actually show, and my closet and I are not friends.

Elise says · 08.13.14

You will have a LOT more days like this and that’s part of life – you did the right thing…took a nap (in my opinion anyways!). I have bought about doing a challenge like this myself so would love to see you do it! Blessings!

Janna says · 08.13.14

I have a 6 mo old baby girl and most days are wonderful, but some days are a challenge. I always look at those “bad” days and am grateful that they only happen once in a while. Hugs to you super momma!

Ps I am writing this as she crying in her crib because she refuses to take a nap.

Angela R says · 08.13.14

Girl every mother goes through what you are going through. Don’t beat yourself up about it. We are just human, we loose our cool occasionally, and that is ok.

Anne says · 08.13.14

Oh welcome to motherhood – the land of mommy guilt and lots of days who won’t make it to your top 20. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Candace says · 08.13.14

All us moms have days we’d rather not relive or we regret the way we handled every single thing that happened. No on expects you to handle crappy days as if they’re not crappy. And, that’s ok. Just shake it off and take each day as it comes. You’re doing a wonderful job!

Ashley says · 08.13.14

I feel like I can always tell when you do a pre-planned post verses something like this… I’ve been reading your blog for two years now and fell in love with your writing and all you have to share, and I’m excited that you are coming back to that a little bit! I hope that your little guy starts to feel better soon, teething is the worst!


Carissa says · 08.13.14

Our sons were born on the same day of the month!
My baby, Charlie, is 5 months today : )
I love Caroline’s blog Unfancy. It’s inspiring!

Christen says · 08.13.14

I can totally relate and I think every mother can. There will be days where you lose your patience and its totally okay. My second daughter had terrible colic and there were days where I just lost it. It’s okay. You get through it and move on. Now she’s a super smiley 19 month-old and just the most wonderful thing about my day (and her sister). πŸ™‚

Amy Nelson says · 08.13.14

My daughter will be 9 months old on Friday and I found the end of the 7th and most of the 8th month to be particularly challenging, especially with sleep. A friend turned me onto the Wonder Weeks app and it has been interesting to see how spot on her demeanor, behavior, sleep regressions, etc have been with their timing of developmental leaps. Better days are ahead πŸ™‚

Licia says · 08.13.14

as a new parent i find myself in the same position. i’ve adopted the mantra, “i forgive myself for today, and begin again tomorrow in love.’

sure hope you find your way to do the 30 in 30, it is so fun to follow!

Jessica Smith says · 08.13.14

If we do not have an instagram account, can we still buy from your closet???
Good luck with the teething battle. At least it’s an excuse for extra snuggles.

jill says · 08.13.14

So excited to hear that you might be doing a 30 in 30 for maternity style! I’m 20 weeks with my second one (my son just turned 1) so I would love some suggestions for re-styling my maternity clothes for the second go-round!

Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says · 08.13.14


I’ll pray you little man find some peace… teething is a bear with my little guy too.

So don’t judge… but our favorite “teething” toy is actually a bubble wand. We bought him a bunch for Easter… but when his little gums hurt he loves chewing on the wand… I think all the little grooves must feel good πŸ™‚ Non-traditional but it gave him relief…

I love you honestly on your blog! You’re a wonderful mom and inspiration πŸ™‚ We all have days like that… Have teething and first trimester preggo all at once is tough πŸ™

Thank you for all your hard work blogging we all love it!!

Jennifer Smith says · 08.13.14

I may not be your typical follower. I’m almost 60 years old (OH NO!!). But I started following your blog because you and I have the same hair. I love volume too! But anyway, I have an 8 month old granddaughter named Lucy. So I’ve been able to relate…..as an older wiser woman I’ll tell you the same things that I’m sure your mom has told you. No one is ever a perfect mom. There are days when being a mom is exhausting, overwhelming and you may think “why did I ever want to have kids”. But the good days are going to be more plentiful than the bad ones. You’re doing all the right things…..it’s just that being a mom is the hardest job EVER. And it’s life long employment.

janie says · 08.13.14

Not sure why but every baby shower I have been to there has been a request for Sophie the giraffe….I highly doubt it has magical properties but kids sure do seem to like to chew and teeth on that thing πŸ˜‰

My mom used to give us wet dish clothes to suck on and chew. (Not friends, tho others do that! I did it when my puppy was teething, lol)

Good luck sweetheart! You’re doing great!

janie says · 08.13.14

Sorry…should say “not frozen” instead of not friends … πŸ˜€

Gwen says · 08.13.14

Don’t kick yourself for being human. Even moms need a break every now and again. Forgive yourself, let it go, move on.

You have inspired me to do the capsule as well. I’m going to work on pairing my items down this weekend. I can’t wait to see what you post.

Melissa says · 08.13.14

Ugh, teething sucks. It just does. And sometimes when you’ve tried everything and your baby is still miserable, it’s time to bust out the infant Tylenol. No hate please, people. It was the only thing that gave my babies relief sometimes and let them rest. Ain’t no shame in that.

Jessica says · 08.13.14

I am thrilled that you are doing another 30 in 30 and MATERNITY STYLE!!! I love your style already but I have no idea how to make maternity clothes cute! Especially because I am not really showing (in bump form) yet so a lot of maternity clothes just make me look like I am getting fat! so exciting to see you blog in real time too! hope you feel better soon!

Erin R. says · 08.13.14

Thanks for sharing, Kate! Personally, I appreciate when you blog about the real stuff going on in your life (and not just the good). I can’t speak for all new moms, but for me, it really helps to hear that I may not be the only mama who struggles sometimes. This might seem like a “duh” statement, but in this day and age with social media, people tend to only share the “highlight reel” of their lives and it’s not always a real depiction of “a day in the life.” Brene Brown says it best: “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” Keep sharing!

CindyK says · 08.13.14

I blamed everything of teething until my boys were about three! I used to joke that Satan negotiated for teething. I would sometimes go to bed early on those hard days and rest in God’s promise that His mercies are new every morning. I wanted to go to sleep so I could wake up and get some new mercies. I pray that is what you are feeling in a day or so~

Maggie says · 08.13.14

The capsule wardrobe planner is pretty awesome. I think I will have to give it a try tonight πŸ™‚ Also really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Kendra says · 08.13.14

I am so excited about your maternity style series! We just found out we’re expecting baby #2 and I was thinking I’d have to sort through your posts from over a year ago. Yay and thank you!

Here’s to hoping for a restful night and a better tomorrow!

LauraF says · 08.13.14

Hoping you and your little David get some relief and calm. I feel like I’m in the same boat as our little has always been an amazing sleeper but now is an awful sleeper because she’s sick. I feel like a crazy person right now with lack of sleep and the fact that she’s not herself.
This too shall pass.
ANYWAY, wanted to say thank you! for posting about your latest clothing inspiration. I checked out the un-fancy blog and am so inspired by what she’s done for herself. I’ve got my wardrobe planner printed!

Angela says · 08.13.14

Yes teething can be so hard on both parents and babies. I used to put wet cloths in the freezer for my babies to chew and that seemed to helped a bit.


Jessica says · 08.13.14

It’s ok to have a bad day, you’re a wonderful mother and are human, frustrations are normal so don’t be too hard on yourself. I think it would be fabulous if you could do maternity fashion posts for different stages of pregnancy, I really struggled to look decent toward the end of my first pregnancy, we are hoping to have another soon and you are my style inspiration so any tips would be great!

Sara says · 08.13.14

I need to read yesterday’s post as I wasn’t able to when I saw it on fb yesterday, but I’d just like to say ‘we’ve all been there’-you feel like garbage about your parenting at the end of the day, but today is a new day. Being pregnant with other kids is so exhausting, but even without the new pregnancy, there would still be hard days that in reflection feel like they shouldn’t have been so hard but it just is what it is…I love reading your real time posts and being pregnant with my fourth I can’t wait to see how you do the capsule wardrobe, I clicked over to her when you mentioned it on Instagram and can’t wait to pare down my wardrobe as well! You are always adorable, excited to see your 30 in 30 preggo style.

Amber R says · 08.13.14

Hi Kate, as a mom myself I find it very refreshing to see real posts like the one yesterday,bad days happen to EVERYONE, mom or not. Thank you for being open and vulnerable to us readers,BIG HUGS! On the maternity 30 in 30 post subject, A few months ago I stumbled across Audrey of the Putting me Together’s blog. She 39 weeks pregnant , and did a wardrobe remixing series, you should check her out!

C says · 08.13.14

Have you tried a baltic amber necklace for teething? I had them for my twins when they were teething and I noticed a huge difference with them. They didnt drool as much, slept better, and were not nearly as fussy. Clove essential oil is also really good for teething. DoTERRA has really good essential oils that are certified pure therapeutic grade oils, so they are safe to use on babies.

Jen says · 08.13.14

Hylands or Orajel teething tablets were our saving grace. I remember those days though. My husband worked 3rd shift, 11pm-7am for 15 years, and the first 4 years of our daughter’s life, that was hard and having a baby that would never sleep well especially at night, it was awful the first 10 months. I was almost to the point, that I didn’t want any more kids and then we had our son and he slept through the night and napped so well from 2 months on. It does get easier and don’t be hard on yourself. Especially being pregnant with number 2. Rest when he does and this too will pass. Prayers for you!

jennifer says · 08.13.14

Hey Kate-
Oh my what a little cutie David is! My days of our babies teething are a faded memory(our girls are 9yrs old & 5yrs old) However, I can remember buying all natural teething tablets from Walmart.
Here is a link to them- they are all natural, and safe- It seemed to help them- The gel just comes right out bc they slobber so much- I dont remember teething to be all that bad- i feel it was the tablets- just use the recommended dosage, as w/ any kind of “medicine” we use.
Good luck-this will pass- & do not feel bad- we are all human & sometimes mommies get irritated with the ones we love the most! It does not mean you are a bad mommy in any way shape or form-

Liz says · 08.14.14

Hi Kate, so good to read your post today I felt a bit down for me & you yesterday after ready how fed up you were. David looks like such a sweet guy and (i know) that when everyone thinks their being nice telling you that and you have just spent night & day with a grizzly little one you start to think your the only one who’s getting annoyed with him! I used to think awful things to myself about my kids when they were like that. It doesn’t make you a bad mum it just makes you a real normal person – those mums who sail through looking nice, are well dressed with beautiful well behaved kids do not exist! they are a figment of our imagination.

I love your blog especially when you bolg ‘real time’ you helped to inspire my own little blog.

Chelsea says · 08.14.14

Poor little guy! My daughter is two weeks younger than David and she has been having a rough time with teething too. Her screeching upsets my 19 month old son and I lost my patience with them a few days ago. She was screaming next to my ear in pain and he was trying to climb my leg. It was just too much!
I went out yesterday and chopped 5″ off my hair and now I feel much better πŸ™‚

Stephanie says · 08.14.14

Hang in there Kate! Teething SUCKS. The worst. Wash cloths helped a bunch – cold, nearly frozen. Also – I’d pup my baby in the bath tub with a Popsicle. We went through a lot of Popsicle back in the day. I did not care how messy she got – she was in the bath! πŸ™‚

This, too, shall pass. And then you’ll forget all the nitty gritty details of parenting and how days sucked and were horrible. Mine are 9 & 7. β™₯

Vickie Kennedy says · 08.14.14

You are going to find many moments where you will want to kick yourself for not being compassionate enough. Remember you are human and you will make mistakes. This is how you learn and grow to be a better parent. Just breathe and it will pass. I promise.

Jenny says · 08.17.14

Oh my gosh your baby looks like Chris Pine!!

Kelly says · 08.18.14

My little sister makes journals out of vintage books, and this one made me think of you and your little one! The cover says, “David Goes Voyaging”…so precious and would be a perfect place to write letters to your son!


Madison says · 08.18.14

Try an amber teething necklace for him!