Which Stroller is Best?

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The stroller and the baby monitor are the items I got “hung up” on while preparing for David. I knew my stroller was going to be very well used, and I was ready to invest in one that would last me for the long haul.

There are so many stroller options, at so many price points, that I spent months mulling over pro + con lists, reading reviews, and getting my hands on a few at Buy Buy Baby.

After much research and thought, Justin and I finally landed on the Uppababy Cruz. I would have bought black, but Justin wanted a bit of color so we went with yellow!

I have been immensely happy with this stroller. In fact, as I was working on this blog post I could barely think of any “cons”.

So, one aspect of blogging that I’ve been able to be a part of is reviewing products. I always stick to products that fit in with my content naturally, so when 4mom’s and Stokke reached out to send a stroller my way, I happily said yes! Neither company required a review, but I found reviews so helpful that I wanted to share my opinions on the three strollers that get used around my house.

Stroller Uppababy Cruz $459.99          Stokke Crusi $1,249.00        4Mom’s Origami $849.99

I know it looks like he can barely contain his excitement, but David was actually pretty happy during this little photo time. He was absolutely engulfed in staring at the water fountain across the street, hence the focused face.

General thoughts on each stroller:


Uppababy Cruz: It’s true love. It’s hard to find a single thing that I don’t like about this stroller. It’s probably the most “petite” of the three, but don’t let that confuse you into thinking it’s small. It’s just the right size. It’s perfect for navigating a store, as well as taking David on a walk. The sun shade is used very often, and I love that it’s absolutely huge. The adjustable handle bar is great for my husband and I, as we have different height preferences for it.

It’s easy to open and close, locks shut, and is lightweight. David seems the most comfortable in this stroller, but that could just be because he’s used to it.

It does not give you the option to expand into a double stroller, although the Uppababy Vista does. I contemplated getting the Vista, but I settled on the Cruz for the size preference and I didn’t know when we would need a double stroller so it felt premature to invest in one so early. My husband is big on having “the right tool for the job”, and a single stroller was all we needed so a single stroller is what we chose!

Highly, highly recommend as I don’t think anyone could be disappointed with this stroller.


Stokke Crusi: This is my husbands favorite of the bunch. His stroller of choice, however, for evening walks is the $20 umbrella stroller we picked up a few weeks ago. He’s a minimalist! It is absolutely clear that the Stokke Crusi is a luxury stroller. Stokke paid attention to every detail of the product. It’s very high quality, has a very smooth ride, and is also lightweight. The basket is similar is size to the Uppababy Cruz, although it’s shallower.

This stroller is great for walks on an uneven path as the wheels are larger and can take more bounce better than the Uppababy Cruz.

The color options are expansive, and I love how close the child is to the parent. It makes toe-tickling very easy! The Crusi also has add on options to convert into a double stroller. So, if you are going to invest in the Crusi, you can absolutely use it with two kids.


4Moms Origami: The “coolest” stroller of them all, but also the heaviest. To say this stroller has an “easy” open and close would be a joke. It’s beyond easy because you simply twist and push a button and it opens on it’s own. Go watch this video. It can also charge your cell phone as you push it, as well as log your speed + miles walked. It’s techy.

It’s heavy and is only forward facing. The bag attached to the bottom of the stroller for your things is very small, and would definitely not accommodate a diaper bag.

4Moms has cornered the market on techy baby stuff, a lot of which I love, but I wish the Origami was 20 pounds lighter (obviously I understand why it needs to weigh as much as it does, it just renders it challenging to take with you).

So which is my favorite of the three that I’ve used? The Uppababy Cruz would take the cake. Second, would be the Stokke Crusi, and last would be the 4Moms Origami.

I’m really happy that I took the time to research strollers while I was pregnant. And as expected, my stroller gets a ton of use. I’d say multiple times a day for sure. It’s one of those pieces of baby gear that is absolutely worth the investment in my opinion.


1. Why didn’t you review any cheaper strollers? Makers of cheaper strollers haven’t reached out! If they would, I would happily review them!

2. Does your car seat fit in any of these strollers? Yes, we have the Uppababy Mesa car seat (which is very heavy) and it clicks right into the Uppababy Cruz. I haven’t had a need to click the car seat into either the Stokke or the Origami, so I haven’t even looked to see if that’s an option. If you are shopping around, make sure you triple check that your car seat of choice fits into your stroller.


I was not compensated for this post, nor was this post a requirement upon accepting the gift of a stroller from 4Moms and Stokke. Justin and I purchased the Uppababy Cruz ourselves. My hope is that you would know this already, but in case you don’t: I’m not promoting the idea of owning 3 strollers, nor do I plan on keeping all 3 strollers. I will not sell the strollers that were gifted. The strollers will be donated.