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One thing I wish I had done for my wedding day was had my hair and make-up done. I did both myself, because I like to be in control of those kinds of things, but it would have been nice to sit in a chair, relax, and let someone else work their magic.

My makeup was simply what I wore every day, albeit a bit darker, and I pinned my short bob half up to get it off my face. Everything was simple, which was perfectly fitting for my wedding day.

If I were to be getting married these days, I’d have a little bit more fun picking out a hairstyle and makeup for the big day!

When it comes to bridal makeup, I’ve seen it done very right, and very, very wrong. I’ve seen brides that wear light makeup in their day to day routine, walk down the aisle with black-smokey eyes and it just looks too intense! Conversely, if you go too light with your makeup for your wedding day, you may not be thrilled with how that translates on photos.

The key is to wear enough makeup to be flattering and complimentary, without going overboard. If you are having your makeup done by a professional, make sure you do a trial run-through. It’s essential. And the same goes for the hair. The goal is to look like yourself, in perfect lighting with 12 hours of sleep. Makeup is helpful to amplify natural beauty, so keep that in mind on your wedding day.

Starting with a hydrating face cream is the perfect way to prep your skin for a beautiful makeup application. Find a full-coverage foundation that melts into the skin instead of sitting on top of it. Hit the high points of your face with a highlighter (the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is perfect for this) and contour the parts you want to hide. If you are doing your makeup yourself, check out this fool-proof contouring video.

Pink blush, pink lips, and light pink nails are perfect for any wedding day. It’s youthful, fun, and always adds a beautiful glow and color to your skin.

If you are looking for a smokey eye, don’t underestimate the power of browns and greys. False lashes at the outer corners will help open your eyes up a bit, give them beautiful definition, and even add a bit of darkness to your eye area as well. And make sure you pick your favorite waterproof mascara to finish everything off!

If you are trying out a new skin care line, or even a new liquid foundation, give it a few weeks to see how your skin reacts to it. Perhaps 2 months before the big day? The same goes for a facial or any other skin treatment —  make sure you give your skin some time to calm down in case there is a bad reaction.

All in all, the natural bridal glow is hard to avoid on your wedding day, and the joy in getting dressed in white to begin the next chapter of your life is the most beautiful thing of all.


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Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 07.09.14

I couldn’t agree more! I got married in 2010, before my exposure to Pinterest or beauty blogs. I look so blah in my pictures, with my every day makeup and simple bob hair cut. If I could change anything about my wedding day, I’d change the way I got ready!

Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog says · 07.09.14

I agree! If ONLY I had pinterest then. Although, I may have never actually decided on anything because I would have wanted everything! Haha

Shanna says · 07.09.14

I agree soft tones and simplistic makeup is definitely much more elegant for a wedding, love your picks, I love wearing the blush pink/peach colour for this season – even if I’m just walking ‘down the aisle’ of a supermarket 🙂

Great post, thank you

Jennifer Leigh says · 07.09.14

I wear light or no makeup on a daily basis, but for my wedding I planned to get it done professionally. When I went for my “practice” appointment, however, I was shocked at how done up I looked–not in a good way. I didn’t look like “me”. So I ended up doing my makeup myself on my wedding day. Like you, I felt better with a sense of control. I did my research and watched tutorials ahead of time and splurged on some quality products. Although in an ideal world I would have had someone else do it, I was pleased with how my face turned out. I agree that the key is to wear enough makeup to not look washed out in pictures, but keep it simple.

Kate says · 07.09.14

I like those tips!
Could you do a post about your and Justin’s lovestory?
I would love to read it!

Melissa says · 07.09.14

Totally agree. I love doing bridal makeup and those are all principles I follow. 🙂 I did my sister-in-law’s makeup last summer for her and my little brother’s wedding and she’s the type of girl who wears ZERO makeup. Mascara and chapstick is getting dressed up for her. She asked me to do her makeup for the wedding and was super nervous because she didn’t want to look not like herself. But we came up with a look that looked great in the photographs yet soft and natural. I actually ended up using BB cream on her instead of foundation because her skin is awesome. Not something I would do for every bride, but for her, some BB cream and setting powder was perfection.

Allison says · 07.09.14

My sister in law is getting married. I’ve told her about your blog and this is the perfect intro. Thanks for sharing!

Allison over at Allison’s Eye

Kacie says · 07.09.14

Love this post! i am getting married in October and am starting to think of what make-up I want to wear, as I plan on doing my own (but will have my hair done professionally). I may play around with different liquid foundations, as my current one (Smashbox) works for a longwear some days and some other days not so much. I also have been looking for a different pressed powder (currently BE Mineral Veil), so that it’s not so shiny on camera. I will definitely have to check out some of your suggested products and see how they work for me.
I did recently buy the gel liner from Benefit and think that may be my go to liner that day, since it stays SO well. I also plan on getting lash extensions to buck up my wimpy eyes.

Kirsten Brusse says · 07.09.14

Love this post – As a trained makeup artist myself, it always blows me away when people spend thousands of dollars on their wedding and photographer, but when it comes to makeup, they do it themselves or have a friend do it to save money. It drives me crazy and in hindsight, it is always a bride’s biggest regret! This post is wonderful – great product choices. One very important item I would add is a good primer – it will make everything go on better and stay in place longer.

Carolyn says · 07.09.14

I knew a regret of mine would be if I did not get my makeup and hair done for my wedding day. I had it done and was not the least bit displeased!
Carolyn | BLOG

Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog says · 07.09.14

I can totally relate. I had my hair done, but did my makeup myself (after a visit to sephora to get some tips). It didn’t look much different than my usual, which is fine, but I think looking back it would have been fun to have a little more…fun! 🙂

Forever Alixandria says · 07.09.14

I agree! I just got married at the end of may 🙂 I did a light smokey eye using browns and purples from the lorac pro palette. It pictured nice and natural so I was happy about that.

– Alixandria

Kelly says · 07.09.14

Kate I am a long time reader and just got SO excited when I saw this post. I had actually been thinking about writing to you to ask if you would do a post about wedding day hair and makeup products! This is amazing. I’m getting married in October and am doing my own hair and makeup (because I like to be in control of those things too!). I don’t wear a lot of makeup normally so this post is so helpful! Thank you!

Meagan says · 07.09.14

Hi! I would love to see an up to date make up tutorial, you looked so refreshed after just having a baby. My youngest is 9 months and I just can’t seem to get that rested look. Love following along with your blog.

Veronica says · 07.09.14

After a trial run with hair and makeup, be sure to have someone take a few pictures. I thought my makeup was too heavy so I had her soften it. When I took a picture, it looked like I had nothing on. Makeup definitely looks different on camera so this is a useful tip!

Mary Keane says · 07.09.14

I wore soft red lipstick on my wedding day, but kept everything else fairly close to my simple everyday, with just a little shimmer in the eyeshadow and a little eyeliner. I am very pale with almost black hair, so all my experiments with the “soft, natural, youthful,” look just made me look washed out with the white dress.

If I had to do-over my wedding, I would have changed the dress! I really wanted sleeves and pretty lace but was so afraid of what it would cost I despaired before even really looking. I ended up with a super-simple sort of Jackie O-ish look, which was pretty, but not truly me.

Kim says · 07.09.14

Quick question: What are your thoughts on finishing sprays, like MAC’s Fix+? Have you found that they set the make-up alright?


Jennifer Causor says · 07.10.14

Love this! I regret not getting my hair and make up done on my big day. I looked like me but not a “special” me.

Reply says · 07.10.14

I was so stressed before my wedding. So occupied on thinking about the deliveries, worst case scenarios, etc. I didn’t really hire a makeup artist because I thought I can do it myself LOL! Good thing, my mom brought her makeup artist friend on my wedding just in case. I was so emotional back then! LOL I was a bit crying when she was doing my makeup. Whenever I think of what happened then, I just smirk and a nod. A real lesson learned! LOL


Courtney @ titus2minutes says · 07.10.14

Thank you for saying that everyone should do a trial run! I have done hair and makeup for several weddings and brides just don’t seem to understand how essential it is to choose something that is appropriate for the day! For instance, if it is super hot and your hair doesn’t hold curl well, you may want to go with an updo instead of wearing curls. You need to consider the weather, your hair type, and if your hair will last all day. A wedding is a long day!

Lyndsay D. says · 07.15.14

What shade is that Tarte blush in? I have “Natural Beauty” and love it, but it can be a little intense.

Priscilla F. says · 07.16.14

Hi Kate – I’m getting married in about six weeks and I’d love a suggestion or foundation. I’d like a light to medium coverage, but I very much despise the cakey feel of makeup. I don’t want my foundation transferred to every guest that I happen to hug that day! What are your suggestions? My skin is combination/oily, but the wedding will be in the morning in Washington state so there is very little humidity. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated! = )

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The Wedding Filming Company says · 09.14.16

Thanks for sharing!
You’ve mentioned that you did your hair and make-up yourself. Can you share please with your photo? Did you make a makeup trial run before the big day? What is the main advantage for when doing hair and makeup one’s self?