There’s nothing really like street food, is there?

Sweet Summer Lemonade


Now that David’s nap schedule has changed a bit and he’s up pretty much from about 3/3:30-7:30p, Justin and I have longed to have something to do in the evenings so they don’t drag.

Don’t get me wrong, David’s not boring to be with, but there’s only so many games of parachute or walks around the neighborhood before you need some variety.

I discovered that there was a Food Truck Rodeo downtown Raleigh last weekend and made plans to go with some friends who also have a little guy. The sky was a little bit threatening, but we pressed on regardless.

I expected that there would be a fair amount of people there, but holy cow it was packed! And there were trucks from all over North Carolina!

So not only was the people watching in abundance, but the masses of delicious food seemed to never end.

There were so. many. trucks. that had the longest lines and I was dying to see if it was worth the wait, but hunger pains took over and I settled with a delicious meatball sandwich from a truck whose name has left me.




My friend Iana did a little research on the drive over and wanted to get a Crepe from Parlez-Vous Crepe. I obviously hopped right on that train and stood in line with her for a good 20 minutes. After going back and forth over what we wanted, we decided to get one of each (of the sweet ones) and split them.


The crepes were rich. Tasty, but rich.


That’s Wesley, Mark and Iana’s son. He’s about 2 months younger than David.



Both boys did great while we binged on crepes. Wesley is  pretty good at chillin’ in his stroller, but David needed to be a part of the action. He was in the happiest little mood, and wanted to take in all the action that was going on around him.

It was a Sunday well spent.


And well eaten.


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Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says · 06.13.14

Aw that sounds so fun! I’m glad the weather held off so you could enjoy the food trucks 🙂

Rachel says · 06.13.14

So fun! I tend to stay away from the rodeo in downtown because it gets so crowded, although the selection is amazing. RTP has kind of a mini food truck rodeo for lunches on Fridays. I’ve taken our little guy & met the hubs for lunch sometimes; it’s a fun little excursion for all of us. I recommend it!

Divya says · 06.13.14

Such cute pictures! 🙂 I agree on street food amazingness! In fact in India its a BIG business now.. for street food! The variety, spices, aroma! aah!

My favorites from MAC | TheConscienceFund| My Bloglovin’

Angela says · 06.13.14

Yum it all sounds so good. I love the show “Eat Street” it is amazing to see what some of these foods trucks can produce.

Looks like you guys had fun! Next year your little guys will be sampling along with you. Have a great weekend!

Anne-Marie says · 06.13.14

Parlez-vous crepe is the BEST food truck! They even have gluten free batter! I would HIGHLY recommend “La Bonne Maman” as a meal crepe! They in Carrboro on Saturday and Sunday mornings with little to no lines, it’s the PERFECT brunch!

Kate says · 06.13.14

Good to know!!

Aunt Scary says · 06.13.14

he’s so cuuuute!

Kate says · 06.13.14


Summer says · 06.13.14

You guys area adorable! I’ve always followed around the www but just dove into your blog and I’m loving it!!! Have a great weekend! Food trucks rock!!

BG says · 06.13.14

Your meatball sub looks amazing!
I love your hair in the picture with David. Is it similar to your Fold Over Bang Twist style?

Kate says · 06.13.14

Nope, just a little fishtail 🙂

Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says · 06.13.14

Every time I read your blog I get hungry… First, Snapper then this 🙂

Kate says · 06.13.14

ha! sorry! 🙂

Adrienne @ Midwestern Belle says · 06.13.14

Cute pics and the meatball sandwich from that one place sounds delish! 🙂

Jessica Baker says · 06.13.14

I am convinced you have the cutest kid ever.

Allison says · 06.13.14

Oh I have been on a food truck kick lately. All I want to do is try food trucks! We found a super good waffle one here in LA. Hope you had a blast! Happy Friday!

xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says · 06.13.14

My husband JUST said to me that there was only so much “what sound does this make?” with our DD haha! Looks like such fun! We’ve got a food truck rodeo over here in Durham this Sunday if you’re itching for another one!

Evelyn says · 06.13.14

David’s features are just amazing!

suzanne says · 06.13.14

Love that you got out to try the food trucks! We have been to several different ones and have had pizza from pie pushers- I thought it would be sweet pies. They are delicious, fresh and unusual combinations. Enjoy that sweet little boy! I am having pangs as my home empties out….

Mary says · 06.13.14

I absolutely love how you call David, David (if that makes any sense… ;)) My boyfriend is a David and so many people shorten it to Dave even though he always introduces himself as David. You picked a great name, and he’s sooooo adorable!!!

Julia says · 06.13.14

This is such a lovely post!! It’s so great that you go out and do stuff like this, it’s inspiring me to get out more myself! 🙂

Jill says · 06.15.14

Those crepes look delicious. Would you believe I’ve never had one?!

David C. says · 06.16.14

Reading experiences like this makes me so happy. It is these small moments that adds up and make our full of happiness. Thanks for sharing. Now I think I should take sometime off and go on a vacation with my family to a nice and peaceful place.

Michelle says · 06.21.14

I sure miss NC, but after discovering your blog, it’s like you give me a little slice of home on occasion. I am especially enjoying your hair tutorials! I have natural curly, thick and coarse hair and sometimes I just dry it and forget about it because styling takes forever. I have found that some of your tips and tricks work for me too. I am now a devoted reader of your blog!

Hailey Barr says · 06.27.14

Hey I was just wondering if you take your own photos for the blog because i was looking at the picture of the bike and thought wow that is a beautiful photo and realized that a lot of your photos are really nice ones!