style inspiration: classic summer dress

Vinylux + Essie Hack


white dress

Brunch: blazer (similar), flats, lipstick

Simple + Dressy items: wedges, clutch, necklace, gloss

Casual + Cute items: sweater, nail polish, sandalsbag

Right before I left for NYC a few weeks ago I found the perfect white summer dress on sale at Gap. I ended up wearing it a few times because it was not only super comfortable, but all I needed was to throw on a denim jacket and I was good to go for anything we were doing that day.

It seems like white summer dresses are everywhere. I’ve seen some at Gap, and even some really cute ones at Old Navy. It’s the perfect thing to wear on really hot days, that can be casual or easily dressed up.

I love adding color into an otherwise neutral wardrobe with accessories. Starting with white dress means you can go absolutely any direction with color. Despite the fact that the dress is really simple, I find pieces like these allow a little bit more versatility in your wardrobe.

When shopping for a white dress, make sure it’s lined. If you aren’t sure about whether or not it is see-through, stand in front of a window and look in the mirror (or take a photo). The sheerness factor can be masked in a dressing room, and nothing is worse than being out in public on a sunny day only to realize your dress is completely sheer.

If you don’t have one in your wardrobe yet, be sure to add a classic white dress soon–summer is here!


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Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says · 06.18.14

I have lots of white dresses in my closet currently, as I borrowed 3 from a friend for our rehearsal dinner! I may have to sneak in one of these outfits before I give them all back 😉

Caitlin S. says · 06.18.14

I JUST bought a dress very similar to this one from Old Navy a couple of weekends ago, and have been pairing it with a jean jacket also! I love the idea of throwing a sweater over the dress rather than a cardigan, I tend to gravitate towards the same jackets/sweaters when I need something, so it’s good to have ideas on how to mix it up. An excuse for some new colorful shoes is never a bad problem either 🙂

Jessica Baker says · 06.18.14

I recently purchased a white dress and love it! It looks so good with a statement necklace or a cardigan! I also love the other outfits you created in that picture!

Christina Storm says · 06.18.14

Great picks!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Patricia says · 06.18.14

Love the white dress, but those T-strap shoe are ADORABLE! Thanks for another great blog.

Angela says · 06.18.14

Really cute dress! The versatility of a dress like this is endless. I am loving the crisp, fresh, clean look of white lately.

Carolyn says · 06.18.14

Great find! I think the quality of the Old Navy dresses aren’t worth it, the fabric and cuts are usually to strange and thin for me.
Carolyn | BLOG

Kate says · 06.18.14

It’s definitely hit or miss

Rachael says · 06.18.14

I love your style and think a white dress will be perfect for so many occasions this summer.

Melissa says · 06.18.14

Nude colored undies and slips are your best friends when it comes to white dresses! 🙂 Some call me old fashioned for wearing slips but I love them.

Kate says · 06.18.14


Seneca Massie says · 06.18.14

Naw girl, I’m with you! More ladies need to wear slips! Even if dresses/skirts are lined, they can still need a slip. Often times out in public I see a lady looking classy until she walks into the sunlight and you can see everything they are/aren’t wearing. I say better safe than sorry. All I wear are dresses/skirts and I wear a slip with 98% of what I own.

Lindsay says · 06.18.14

You are just so classy, as always. Classic and understated yet still very cute choices. Well done and thanks for keeping up your blog. 🙂

Lauren says · 06.18.14

Cute! Would love to see you in one of these suggested outfits!

Allison says · 06.18.14

I love having one item of clothing like a dress and then building off of it and getting multiple outfits. Thanks for sharing and the great tips.

xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

Mary says · 06.18.14

I try to busy a new basic white summer dress every year, I have over 6 in my closet now and I’m still on the look out for this years white dress. Hope to find it soon.

kim says · 06.18.14

my husband may be cursing your name later as I just bought the dress and coral sweater from Jcrew factory….. whoops!

kim says · 06.18.14

PS – I used the tips from your bobby pin tutorial the other week and it worked AWESOME! Especially considering I have pretty thick hair and was able to wrap it in a roll and pin in place, and the miracle of it all, STAY all day! I had a few people ask me how I did it and I sent the link to your blog. Yay!

Jade says · 06.19.14

It’s winter over here in South Africa now but I cannot wait to haul out all my summery dresses again in a few months – miss them! White dresses are so beautiful too – definitely great for the season!

New follower xxxx

Alisha says · 06.19.14

Where is the cute blue statement necklace from please?

Lee Wilson says · 06.19.14

I have that dress from Old Navy in White (and Yellow) and it fits SO great! It is definitely one of their better made pieces. Now I will have even more ways to wear it! Thanks!

Sylvia C. says · 06.19.14

Love this! This is why classic and basic wardrobe pieces are always in vogue! They change with the times, moods, and personality of everyone!

Lauren Rhodes says · 06.19.14

I love how you put three ways to change the look with accessories:) White dresses are a summer essential and yes, having them lined is important!

Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says · 06.20.14

Did you take those pics of the clothes? I love the perfect looking clothes for outfit posts and I’m trying to figure out how I can take pics like that.


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