My chat with Sonia Kashuk

Hair Fix: Bobby Pin Basics

I think it’s so interesting to find out the stories behind the women who are doing big things. When I meet someone new, and they tell me what their favorite hobby is, I always want to know how they got into it.

For example, my sister and I started our jewelry biz (which is now exclusively her) on a whim after seeing a necklace we liked in Target.

Sonia Kashuk, who I had the pleasure of chatting with recently, got into makeup after filling in for a missing makeup artist on the set of the Funky Town video back in the 80’s.

She was there for another reason altogether, but stepped in to save the day and ended up discovering a true love for makeup.

Personally, I’m a big fan of her brushes and I love trying out new products from her line. I can’t get enough of the Pink Innocencia fragrance from her new bath and body line. I got to chat with her and a few other beauty bloggers recently and we picked her brain about summer beauty staples, how she started, and what always goes in her travel makeup bags.

She was a pleasure to chat with and I’m sure we could have chatted much longer than the allotted time we had!


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diya says · 06.02.14

Hi! Could you please do a review on babyliss pro mira curl machine.

Emma says · 06.02.14

She seems amazing! Lucky you

Emma | With A City Dream

Rebecca says · 06.02.14

Good questions….and great answers. Love the cheat cheat! 🙂

Angela says · 06.03.14

Sonia seems wonderful, I think I could listen to her all day. Love the story. Great questions.

Caitlyn R says · 06.03.14

I love this! I love how down to earth she is. I had very little experience with Sonia Kashuk products before reading your blog, Kate, and I am definitely a convert to her brushes. I just bought a travel eye kit for my vacation this month.

Thanks for this!

Beverly says · 06.04.14

Really great interview… We don’t have a local Target, but I know what I’ll be looking for the next time I visit my mom 🙂 Thank you, Sonia, for sharing yourself with us… And Kate, congratulations on a job well done!

Michelle H. says · 06.04.14

You did a great job moderating, Kate! Kudos!

Annie says · 06.11.14

omg I love this! I’m so impressed by all of these women doing big things like Sophia Amoruso from Nasty gal and the Skimm ladies! very inspired

MicheleStitches says · 09.30.14

Boo! Hoo! The SK interview seems to be gone! Is this an issue with your blog-host or did you have to take the video down?

marie mallette says · 01.28.16

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Thank you