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update:  We are sold out! 


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In case you missed my post on Friday, Jordan of Jordan Maunder Photography and I are hosting a blogging + photography workshop here in Raleigh called Type & Click on June 29th!

It’s aimed at bloggers who are interested in growing their blog, expanding readership, utilizing social media tools in the best way possible, and, most importantly, developing their photography skills in order to take fantastic photos for their blog.

Over the 3.5 years I’ve been blogging, I often think back to the days where I desperately just wanted guidance from another blogger. Blog conferences were sometimes good for that, but I really wanted to walk away with tangible and helpful advice for my individual blog.

Motivational and inspiring talks are good, without a doubt, but we’re hoping to give you really practical and helpful tips at Type & Click. I’ll be sharing about my blogging experience including ways I’ve found to best use Pinterest, working with brands like Birchbox or Real Simple, honing in on the best content for your blog, and utilizing an editorial calendar. I’ll share some mistakes I’ve made and what I wish I had done differently.

Jordan will teach attendees how to take better photos in manual, using light in the best way possible, and staging product that you may feature in a blog post.

Given that it’s going to intentionally be a small group, we’ll be able to answer really specific questions and needs from each attendee. We’ll be sending a questionarrie out to attendees to gauge what level of photography skill they possess, and details about their blogging history thus far. That will allow us to prep as best we can for the workshop.

Our goal, that we always come back to as we prepare for the workshop, is to really help people with what we’ve learned and try to foster an environment that encourages new relationships with other creatives in the same field.

Blogging can feel isolating, and it’s so important to meet other people who are passionate about the same things you are!

So, if you are interested in attending Type & Click, here is what you need to do:

Send an e-mail to Typeandclickworkshop@gmail.com with “ticket for Type & Click” in the subject line. Include your full name and e-mail address in the body of the message.

The first 25 people to e-mail will be sent invoices to purchase their ticket. They will have 24 hours to pay the invoice. After that time they will lose their spot and their ticket will become available.


1. I don’t have a DSLR camera, will I still be able to learn something?

Absolutely. If you only use your cell phone for your blog photos, just bring that with you.

2. My blog is brand new, will anything be applicable to me?

This is actually a great time to be attending something like this. You can learn, before you get in too deep, what kind of blogger you want to be and set yourself up for success right from the beginning. You do not need to have a certain number of followers to get something out of Type & Click.

3. Are the tickets refundable?

No, but they can be transferred to another potential attendee. Contact us at typeandclickworkshop@gmail.com if you need to find another person to take your spot.

Comment below with any questions you may have! We hope to meet you there!


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Hope Lowry-Russo says · 05.19.14

Shoot, no Paypal. Enjoy the workshop, y’all! 🙂

Kate says · 05.19.14

Do you know that you can pay with a credit card through paypal? Hope that helps!

Hope says · 05.19.14

Tremendously! I have to get to school, but I’ll get squared away once I’m there if tickets are still available. Thanks, Kate!

ashley @ LeavingTheRut says · 05.19.14

I sent my email in as soon as I saw your post go up. Hopefully I will get a spot!! 🙂
I just started blogging about an month ago and think that this would be the perfect conference to start with! I live in South Florida but my husband and I will make a road trip out of it (close to a 12 hr drive!!) and pull our airstream you there for the weekend. I blog about our airstream some and it will make the perfect little “adventure”!!

ashley @ LeavingTheRut says · 05.19.14

Woohoo!! looks like I got a spot! Can’t wait until June 29th!

Chanan Bond says · 05.19.14

Wish, wish, wish I could make the drive from N. Maine. I know I would learn so much to help propel my 3 month old baby blog forward. Alas, I do eat up any info you share here online. Thanks!

Elizabeth says · 05.19.14

Kate, what a wonderful idea and such a great platform to truly learn some valuable advice. Unfortunately, I have prior obligations on June 29, but I would love to attend if you do this again. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

Mike says · 05.19.14

Hopefully I got a spot too! I’ve been blogging for less than a year and am really enjoying it. The best part for me is giving back to the community and having a reader tell me that my content / tutorial helped them in some way.

I know I’ve got a lot to learn and this sounds like a great opportunity! I’m also in Raleigh which is just too convenient!

Marisa says · 05.19.14

I live so close yet I’ll be so far on the 29th!! If I can move my flight up I might just come straight from RDU! No need to bring a laptop??

Kate says · 05.19.14

you don’t need a laptop!

lisa says · 05.19.14

I live in OH but would love to attend virtually…any chance for a paid live stream for those of us who live too far?

Kate says · 05.19.14

We hadn’t considered that but you aren’ the only one that has asked. We are going to see if that’s a possibility!

Melissa Faye says · 05.19.14

Is there any chance this will become a traveling workshop someday? I live closer to ATL than Raleigh!

Molly says · 05.19.14

Wah, if only Spokane, WA wasn’t so far away. I would love to be able to learn from you two.
Can’t wait to hear how it went.

Kelly says · 05.21.14

I really want to attend and am seeing if I can make arrangements. I live in Indiana so I do want to endorse the idea of offering the workshop virtually. That would be awesome!

Kendra Kalis says · 05.22.14

Is there anymore tickets left ?

Kendra Kalis says · 06.03.14

Will you have another class??