Just shy of 2 months

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I have to laugh at the fact that I decided to only write about David on Wednesdays the week prior to his 2 month “birthday”. . .which falls on Thursday of this week.

I shall stick to my guns and post today, just a day before he turns 2 months old. 

In a lot of ways the time is going by slow, but when I think about coming home from the hospital it does not seem like that was 2 months ago. 

I never really understood what parents meant when they said parenting is “hard”. I would imagine the word “hard” to be used when talking about conquering a marathon or climbing a mountain. It never really made sense to me. 

But now I’m a few months into this parenting thing, with an easy baby nonetheless, and I totally get it.

It is truly challenging. It presses parts of me that I didn’t know existed, both in wonderful ways and in hard ways. 

His smiles are so rewarding, and I soak up the times he lays his head on my shoulder and falls asleep. 

It’s really fascinating to watch him do new things, like follow his mobile around and around. He likes to look at lights, and also is interested in watching ceiling fans. 

I have figured out a bit of a better schedule that works for us on a daily basis. That freed me up to do a little bit more work during the day instead of saving it for the weekend. 

It’s been a season of learning!

Quick things of note!

He finally enjoys baths! We are still using the Burt’s Bees baby wash because it makes him smell like Fruit Loops and who wouldn’t want that?

He falls asleep in the carseat every time we go somewhere. Sometimes, though, when it’s near the beginning of a nap, I’ll see a red stoplight ahead and think, “change! change! change! change!” David doesn’t do stoplights if he’s a little fussy. He’s only happy if the car is moving. Once he slips into the deep bliss that is a nap, he no longer cares about what’s going on.

The cats have been wonderful about adjusting to the new little life around here. At first they were apathetic, then when they realized he would cry they were not impressed. Now crying doesn’t phase them one bit. In fact, both cats have been known to come snuggle next to me while I’m feeding David. My heart explodes when they do that.

I have really enjoyed my “stay at home mom” life thus far. I also love that I still have this blog to work on. I’m very thankful for the flexibility and the fact I get to do what I love.


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Isla Grace Macdonald says · 02.12.14

Wow Kate, what a beautiful baby! Was your photographer self employed or part of a company? The pics are amazing! God bless you three 🙂

Samantha Craig says · 04.21.14

She’s self-employed and runs her own business! Check her out! http://jordanmaunder.com/

Aerin Downs says · 02.12.14

Such a beautiful child :)!

BerrieBlogs – Beauty Blog x

Christin Boyd says · 02.12.14

Kate, I really enjoy your posts…and love the baby post even more. It is comforting to know that our sons have stuff in common…Maddox was born on 12/13/13. It is funny you mention the red stoplights….he is the same way….wants the car to keep moving! Thanks again for sharing.

Tessa Ernst says · 02.12.14

He is adorable! Time flies, enjoy every day. I love the baby/mom posts BTW.

Stacy says · 02.12.14

It’s so great that you enjoy staying home! Can you share your daily schedule with us a bit sometime? 🙂

*Jess* says · 02.12.14

he is absolutely precious 🙂 And I enjoy watching you learn as a mom 🙂 It only gets better from here!

Rachel Parker says · 02.12.14

It seems slow going right now, but soon it’ll be next year and you’ll be praying for time to slow down just a little. They get bigger (and harder) quick. My daughter is 15 months, and while I love ALL of her milestones I sometimes miss that little tiny baby. And all the sleeping she once did, ha 🙂

Jillian says · 02.12.14

I had my little boy on 11/25/13 so I love reading about yours. Its funny how babies are similar. Mine does the same thing with stop lights and ceiling fans. Unfortunately I can’t be a stay at home mom and am absolutely dreading going back to work next week.

Jillian says · 02.12.14

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Elise Allee says · 02.12.14

I feel ya on the stoplight thing…I’ve learned the trick is to stop about 50 feet before the stoplight to leave room to keep inching forward – a trick I learned with my #1 baby! Gotta do what you gotta do! Baby David is absolutely precious. Blessings.

Sara says · 02.12.14

Such a sweet little face. 🙂 Enjoy this time!

Jess Norden says · 02.12.14

He’s so sweet! Parenting IS hard, but it’s oh-so worth it…just wait until he starts interacting, talking, kissing. It’s amazing!!

PS I totally get the stoplight thing. Cam used to HATE them, but now it’s the SUN. If the sun is in his face, he freaks out, so I always try to drive faster to get out of the sun! Haha

Karlyn Beth says · 02.12.14

I am happy to read that you and the little guy are doing well! As I am a newlywed and don’t have plans for children for a few years yet, I appreciate how honest and candid you are about your motherhood experience. Best wishes to you both!

Erin says · 02.12.14

He is so handsome! Glad you are loving being a mommy 🙂

Kelly Stancek says · 02.12.14

OMG he is adorable!! Your blog is my fave! Keep it up!

Sherry says · 02.12.14

Precious !! Enjoy your blog a lot, be safe and warm during this pending winter weather.

sara says · 02.12.14

A friend of mine actually made a shutterfly book called “My friend the fan” for their son. He was obsessed with fans when he was a baby and stared at them all the time. The book had pictures of him staring at fans in what looked like deep thoughts and conversations and then smiling and laughing. It was the cutest thing.

Nicole says · 02.12.14

That is AWESOME. My little boy was obsessed with fans as a newborn, too. We used to call it baby crack – he couldn’t get enough!

Christy says · 02.12.14

You’re doing a great job as a Mommy! Enjoy & soak it all up.

Christina Georgopoulos says · 02.12.14

such a beautiful baby , he is really adorable !keep up the good work !

Life with Kaishon says · 02.12.14

Your baby is darling 🙂 . It makes me smile to hear you talk about 2 months. I miss those days of counting every single day and every single change. Bliss. Soak it up. By the way, if you think this part is hard in any way…just wait until they grow. There are so many hard parts. I think you will breeze through it though. As long as love is abundant, it will be a beautiful experience. Even when it isn’t.

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog says · 02.12.14

Love these photos! Beyond precious!

dressesforjulie says · 02.12.14

I’m not a mommy but I enjoy your baby posts just as much, if not more, than your “others.” And as a major cat lover, I am SO glad the cats have adjusted to David. Makes me smile!

Jillian Dolberry says · 02.12.14

How could anyone be disappointed with baby posts?! I just love little updates on your little man, and I love hearing about your experiences in motherhood. Keep up the good work! 🙂


Elizabeth Humel says · 02.12.14

I have two cats too, but i worry about the hair and them getting too close. what makes you comfortable when it comes to the cats being around David? How do you keep up with all the hair so it doesn’t bother David! 😛 I look forward to Wednesday’s posts. These new experiences are just heart warming and with my 6week old I can relate to driving in the car and hoping the lights stay green. lol

Nicole says · 02.12.14

Whoever is upset about baby posts needs to get over themselves. Your life has made a dramatic shift and if you feel like writing about your precious boy and your thoughts on motherhood, you should do just that. I’d guess the vast majority of your readers would be just as, if not even more, happy with whatever you decide to share. Enjoy your snuggles with sweet David on this snowy day!

Abigail says · 02.12.14

I so enjoy hearing the sweet things, and challenging things you are experiencing as a new mamma. My baby is 6 months and I can relate to both the bliss and the stretching that occurs. So very happy for you!!

Jodi says · 02.12.14

I enjoy your Mommy posts, and quite frankly think you do not need to apologize in any way for posting, nor should you feel the need to stick to a schedule in regards to your David posts. This is part of you and your life now, and if people don’t like it, it’s their loss. Also, you need a place to keep these sweet memories, right? Another thought might be to expand your blog and have a separate baby section: the “other” small things. 😉 P.S. I just discovered/realized who your sister is! Love both your blogs. 🙂

hollyhowe82 says · 02.12.14

I absolutely adore your baby posts and am kind of bummed you’re limiting them! I’m a new first time mom as well so I can completely relate. I’d love to hear more about the schedule you have come up with as we’re still kind of struggling in that area. I think I can speak for all of us commenters when I say keep up the great work!!

Eleanor says · 02.12.14

He is fabulous! I’ve definitely been known to “bounce” the car by pumping the brakes at a stop light before so that my daughter would continue to feel “movement” and wouldn’t fuss and would fall asleep!! haha oh parenting….

Ashley says · 02.12.14

Absolutely beautiful!!! So precious..

xo Ash,
Sincerely Miss Ash

Christina Warren says · 02.12.14

He is just so darn cute! I’m excited for my baby boy on the way and get more psyched when I read your baby posts!

Arch St Designs Blog says · 02.13.14

This comment has been removed by the author.

...love Jillian says · 02.13.14

Someone told me once that the days go slow but the years fly by….

Jen says · 02.13.14

I absolutely love your comment on how “hard” parenting is. You explained it so well!

Linda says · 02.13.14

Kate, motherhood is one of the most demanding yet rewarding jobs ever! My “babies” are 18, 20 and 23 years now, and the 10 years that I was a stay at home mum are some of my most cherished memories. Enjoy every sweet moment with that gorgeous boy, and know that even us older mums are enjoying your baby stories!

Laura says · 02.13.14

Hello Kate,

Since a few weeks I come here every day to check your blog. I really enjoy your hair & make-up posts and your posts about David growing up. I hope you’ll find the time to keep this blog up for a long time.

(The Netherlands)

Tammy says · 02.13.14

Oh your sweet boy is growing so much. The photo of you and him in the chair is precious !

Oqibo Professional Skincare says · 02.13.14

Hi Kate,
I must confess that you are sending us a little ga ga here at the Oqibo office! He truly is beautiful (and far too distracting.. how do you get anything done?!)

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N x

Jessica says · 02.13.14

I actually found your blog while searching for a pregnancy blog following my same timeline. My son, Russell will be 2 months on Sunday. And he is obsessed with the ceiling fan!

Kerry Forristall says · 02.13.14

OMG, I am in officially in love with your David (also my husband’s name!). One thing I have learned with schedules is they are fluid. One week it works, the next is completely different. I have twins and was a schedule queen, but once I realized I had no control over it, things got a lot better! You assessment that motherhood is hard is spot on. When my oldest was a baby the Coldplay song “Scientist” was popular and there is a line that goes “Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be so hard”. It would play over and over in my mind. Every time I hear that song now, I’m brought back to those midnight feedings:)

Catherine Ray says · 02.13.14


vonda gafford says · 02.13.14

I can so relate to the redlight thing… oh my goodness, my little guy now 18 months old hated to stop moving in the beginning!

Shannon says · 02.13.14

Blog about your baby – ANYTIME YOU WANT!!!

Mark north says · 02.13.14 Reply
Casie says · 02.14.14

I’ve loved your blog for a while, but I check it a lot more now that you have a lil guy. 🙂 I feel like you can relate better to is mommies who still want to feel pretty. Well it looks like he’s doing great! Handsome lil fella.
Schedules change about a zillion times as baby grows, and I love your good attitude about it. It makes it so much easier when you know everything only lasts for so long and you can enjoy it.

adminallthatglitters says · 02.17.14

I’ve been following your blog since November and love the variety of your posts. I found your blog when looking for pregnancy fashion/style ideas, and have enjoyed following you through the end of your pregnancy and birth of your son. I’m due at the beginning of June and love reading about your experiences and learning about what has and hasn’t worked for you. It’s only natural for more of your posts to revolve around motherhood, and I think a lot of readers appreciate you sharing this new part of your life. Keep up the great work!



Greer McDonald says · 02.21.14

being a mom is the BEST! 🙂 congrats!


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