High Five for Friday

Pick Me Up’s (makeup for on the go touch ups!)
Well, it’s been a great week! My sister flew in on Monday and I have so enjoyed having her here!
She happened to bring some midwest weather with her too.

1. We’ve had quite the winter here in Raleigh. It’s rare to get snow at all, and this year we’ve already had a few snow falls. Currently I’m looking out my window at about 4 inches of snow covered in a layer of ice. Oh and there’s fresh snow falling on top of it too.
There’s a part of me that likes being “snowed in”. It’s so rare to see this kind of weather here so it’s a nice change from the usual. And it reminds me of home. I only wish David was old enough to go play in it!
2. My husband is in his last semester of graduate school at Duke. He’s getting his Masters in Engineering Management. Let me just say I’m glad he only has to do 1 semester of grad school now that we have a baby. He has a lot on his plate. He’s been incredibly helpful even with all that he has going on, but I’m looking forward to him having a little bit more “mental space” once he graduates.
3. I did my sister’s hair while she was here and we ginge’d her up a bit. We’ve done a subtle red in the past, but this time we went a little but more bold. 

It was really good to be working on a head of hair again! I hadn’t realized how much I missed it! 

Her formula is Redken Shades EQ Cherry Cola + Rocket Fire (50/50). I only applied it to the bottom 3/4’s of her hair.
 photo 82eee91894e011e3977e12aafff28a0d_8.jpg

4. David helped me with laundry this week. His contribution was entertainment + cuteness.

5. I received the prettiest glittery nail polish, called “Love”, in my February Julep box. I’ll post a full review of the box soon! 

p.s. my friend Rebecca is taking a trip to Uganda this month to work with The Archibald Project. It’s a pretty cool way to use her skills to help advocate for orphans. Click here to find out more details!


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Mandy K. says · 02.14.14

Sounds like you’ve had a fun week! I love Lauren’s color! Stay warm!

pbl81 says · 02.14.14

I’m loving Lauren’s color!!! Great job!

Olivia Rickert says · 02.14.14

Lauren’s hair is on fire! I love it!

Katie says · 02.14.14

Love that hair color! I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to color my hair and cherry coke kept coming to mind! Can you recommend a color that would be similar for us regular folk?

by CJ says · 02.14.14

Awesome week I’d say! We were snowed in here (Atlanta) and we have enjoyed every second. The north makes fun of us but I love how magical it becomes and everyone just STOPS and stays home. It’s awesome.

Ginnifer Jobgen says · 02.14.14

Yea for Gingers!!!!

kathy metcalf says · 02.14.14

Great winter hair color! So warm!! David is precious too! ❤️

Beth McFadden says · 02.14.14

That is awesome for your friend Rebecca. She is fortunate that she is able to travel abroad to volunteer. However, I want to remind all your readers that people need help RIGHT HERE IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY! I work in social services in my town & I see the poverty & need on a daily basis. So before you go renewing that passport & booking a flight to a third world country, please take a look around & see how you can help in your own back yard. Maybe you could help children in foster care thru your local CASA program or deliver meals to homebound seniors thru Meals on Wheels. You might be the only person they have spoken to all day, especially in this weather

Kate says · 02.14.14

Agreed-there are needs here as well! Serving here, and in other countries, is important!

Beth McFadden says · 02.14.14

*stepping down off soapbox now…lol!

LoriU says · 02.14.14

Ah! I do know what you mean about mental space! My husband got his Master Degree when he was 45 and it was rough with him working full time and going to school (and I work full time). I was glad when it was done. Then he started talking about going for his PhD. But luckily he decided not to!

Candi says · 02.14.14

I love the cherry coke color and have been debating having it done to my hair too.

Salley says · 02.14.14

My husband is graduating this spring with his masters in engineering management as well. I’m almost out of my first trimester of my first pregnancy, and I am so glad he’ll be finished with school before the baby gets here! Good luck to both of you as he finishes up!

spoonringgirl says · 02.14.14

Wow. Her hair looks amazing!

Ayesha says · 02.14.14

I’m wearing that color this week, too! I love a good glitter!

Lydia Monson says · 02.14.14

I love the color you dyed your sisters hair! I want to dye mine, but not so “bold” and a little more brownish-auburn instead of red/orange. Any suggestions?

Brenda Hernandez says · 02.14.14

Your hair looks amazing love the color. Check out fashion blog mywhiteT.com

Laurel says · 02.14.14

Love the hair color! And I’m a Julep “Maven” too so I received “Love” in my box, too 🙂

Camille says · 02.14.14

Your sister’s hair looks great. David, wow, sooo adorable and so helpful, apparently, too!

Ashlee says · 02.14.14

Love the red you did on your sister. I am getting ready to jump on the ginger ship for a while. Did you have to lighten her ends before you did the red? It is so pretty and vibrant!!!

Brittany K says · 02.15.14

I have a question about the color as well!! My hair is black, would you be able to see any of the color on my black hair or would it have to be lightened up to show up?

Sally HP says · 02.15.14

I so understand the husband in school with a baby. We had our first when my husband was in medical school and our second while he was in residency. When we had our third and he was ‘just’ working, it was wonderful! I love, love the color you put into her hair-so beautiful! I second looking into your community, but those tend to be longer term commitments. I’m a CASA, and it definitely takes a lot of mental space even though it’s not a ton of volunteer hours each month. Sometimes the third-world mission type trips are what will fill someone up without overwhelming them with the time commitment and the reality check of what’s in their own backyard. Both are needed!

grice chak says · 02.15.14

I love the cat and the hair! Guys, you are welcome to see https://www.facebook.com/abbyweddingdress for party wears and style ideas.

Aerin Downs says · 02.15.14

I love your sisters hair :)! it’s so nice to see and “ombre” i guess thats not bleach! I love David’s cute little face aha :)!

BerrieBlogs – Beauty Blog x

zahra abidar says · 02.15.14

even tha cat has beautiful hair. Do cats have hair dryers too

Susan Wright says · 02.15.14

Beautiful reddish brown hair on sis.

Whole Health Dork says · 02.16.14

I love your sister’s hair color! Thanks for sharing the formula! Looks great!

svetlana clark says · 02.16.14

Thanks for sharing your creative coloring tips!

rasheed ahmed says · 02.25.14

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