Friday Fives

If you booked, or are considering booking, a photography session with EverGLOW studios, please contact me via e-mail with subject line “everGLOW”.


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jess says · 02.02.14

yikes! doesn’t sound good. :-/

Hi, I'm Natalie. says · 02.02.14

They have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau – hopefully you didn’t have problems with newborn photos; your maternity ones were gorgeous!

R2P2 says · 02.03.14

Hm. I actually had book marked them for a possible family/newborn session. I’m guessing this isn’t good.

Erica Akroyd says · 02.03.14

I had heard about them being terrible at communication and some people even not receiving their photos so when I saw that you had your maternity pictures taken with them, I was hoping they got their act together. So sorry if something like that happened to you. I

J. Rae says · 02.06.14

For future photography needs: Rebecca is an awesome photographer in the Raleigh area! (I think that’s where you are?) Highly recommend her!

Stacie says · 02.07.14

Had a bad newborn photo experience myself, ended up with only 12 photos from the session and she didn’t bother to let us know that her disk had corrupted and that was all she got until 5 weeks later…I feel your pain. Fortunately, we found someone great and are very pleased with our 6 month and 1 year photos.

ISEE-ATO Glamor Tech Lady says · 07.09.14

Absolutely brilliant. Very helpful site indeed! When you have a sec, please click-over to peek at my blog and leave a comment or two… many thanks : )