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tasha341 says · 11.30.13

Will def by trying a tea tree oil shampoo-a combo of dry, cold MN winter and pregnancy hormones has left my flawless, shiny hair dry and itchy, and flaky :/ never had dandruff before-I’ve been through a bottle of head & shoulders (followed by a morocco oil conditioner) and my hair is still flaky, plus it feels and looks like straw :/

Laura Mack says · 11.30.13

Love the “easy ways to makeover your makeup bag for the season”. I saw several products I would like to try. Thanks for sharing!

Kristina Knight says · 12.01.13

I was wondering what some of your favorite movies are. With news about Paul Walker, it reminds me of how much I love the Fast and Furious movies. So what’s your favorites?

Kelly says · 12.01.13

i love watts up…it’s so great…people always ask me about my skin and it’s always when I am wearing that stuff..I use it on my tops of my cheek bones, corners of my eyes and that little scoop above the lips below the nose…it just makes you look fresh

Mademoiselle Elizabeth says · 12.01.13

I have tried the Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo before and I don’t personally like it for my hair type. I use a tiny, tiny drop of tea tree oil in my shampoo(mix it around in a small container) it seems to work great. I only have to do that once a week. Dry, itchy scalp gone. Thanks for the body cream tips I will have to check those out. I can hardly bend my fingers my hands are so dry!

SHARM says · 12.01.13

This is neat where can I buy tree tea oil

Reply says · 12.02.13

Still trying to figure out the whole eyeliner thing. Love cat flicks. Have a lot of fun with them.

Amy says · 12.02.13

Any tips for controlling static in kids hair especially?!

jamal tasmamat says · 01.02.14

Thanks for sharing. There are a bunch of nice products worth trying. They’re on my waiting list.
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Hamet says · 08.13.15

Having grown up not far from Mastori’s and going there many many times during my cdhilhood years, I’m going to have to try this recipe to see if it brings back yummy memories!