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sydnijackson says · 11.17.13

So I had a dream last night that my husband and I were going on a double date with you and your hubby, and I was trying on clothes in your closet and I was so excited that we were the same size, and you let me borrow a cute skirt. Later you taught me and a bunch of other girls this hilarious dance routine (I am not a dancer by any means!). And at some point I was trying to put my contacts in, but instead of contacts they were tiny cats! It was strange – thought you would enjoy!

Kate says · 11.17.13

Such a weird dream! 🙂

Abby says · 11.17.13

I really enjoyed your product mixing article… I love finding new combinations, new colors, new finishes, etc. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

xo Always, Abby

Lindsey D says · 11.17.13

I like the idea of mixing nudes and pinks together. Thanks!

Whimsical Allure

Cassaundra says · 11.18.13

Have you ever tried Maybelline’s Illegal Length mascara? I’m super picky about my mascaras and this one has definitely made the cut! I find that it goes on really well, doesn’t clump or flake, and it’s under $10.

Oleg Groch says · 11.26.13

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