High Five for. . . Thursday?

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I’m working on a post for tomorrow so I’m going to sneak ahead and post my high five for friday today. 

It’s a good thing my sister is the one who hosts little little High Five party each week, because she’ll have to forgive me for breaking the rules.

I am carrying her nephew after all. How mad can she be?

1. For starters retirement is going well. I really joke about it being retirement because that isn’t really what it is at all. The blog has been both my full time gig as well as the primary source of income for a few years now, and working behind the chair at my studio morphed into something more “part-time”. So, I basically dropped my part-time situation in order to blog full time until the baby arrives. So, it’s not like I’m sitting around all the time. I do have a lot more free time as well as mental space, so that’s nice.

It took about a week to adjust. The very first week following the weekend I finished at the studio was long and quiet. It was a radical shift from my typical week. 

I suffered a little bit. I tried to enjoy the free time, but it was a little too much. I started considering part-time jobs I could get. I even emailed a Golden Retreiver rescue in the area to see if they needed dog walkers. What am I, 11 years old? 

Turns out the rescue doesn’t want me as a dog walker and I managed to fill the following week with plenty of things/events, so I feel better now. It’s quieter and more relaxed than when I was working at the studio, but I think that’s okay. This is such a small chapter before my life is rocked with a newborn, so I’m truly trying to embrace it. 

2. I had waffles and coffee with a girlfriend on Monday morning. If you live in Raleigh, have you been to Benelux? I love it. Their waffles are amazing. Their coffee is great too. You may remember the blog meet up we did there a few years ago.

3. The weather finally cooperated for a maternity photo shoot! I’m very, very excited about these photos. I’ll share them on the blog when I get them back! 

It’s funny to have an actual photographer take photos. I’m so used to my little wireless shutter release and checking the camera constantly to see if I’m actually in focus. It was nice to just sit there and let a professional do the work! 

It was a bit chilly that day so I came home and made myself a cup of hot chocolate.

4. My foodie friend Allyson made Lasagna Grilled Cheese for me last night. The recipe is from Joy the Baker and it was delicious! Hello ricotta! 

Also, is there anything better than buttery grilled ciabatta bread? I don’t think so.

Allyson is engaged and getting married in a few short months, so she took me through a bunch of details that she’s been working on for the wedding. I’m so excited for her, and cannot wait to attend that wedding. 

5.  Finally, I picked up this scarf from World Market a few days ago. It has COLOR. It’s a Christmas miracle, folks. I’m 34 weeks in this photo and the white shirt sure does emphasize the bell-aye. 

Baby is moving around a bunch, and is still breech (the little punk). In fact, as far as I know, he’s been face forward, head up, butt down, legs bent in from of him for months. I was chatting with my sister last night and said his position is like what a baby kangaroo would be doing in his mothers pouch. 

So we nicknamed him Joey. This is a far cry from his actual name, but I seriously wouldn’t doubt if the Joey nickname sticks. 


Happy thursday to you! I have a delicious recipe coming next week. I’m drooling already just thinking about it.


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Lisa Cuba says · 11.07.13

hahahaha…you emailed a golden retriever rescue to volunteer for dog-walking?? Glad you got past that! Sounds like you are enjoying your time, and being productive 🙂

talley says · 11.07.13

Hey Kate,
If you’re really interesting in helping animals, you should see if your local animal shelter needs volunteers (and odds are, they probably do!). They often need dog walkers or someone to play with cats. I go visit my shelter kitties once a week just to hang out and pet them for an hour.

Ester Patroons says · 11.07.13

I actually live in the Benelux 🙂
And I have to agree, (Belgian) waffles are the best!

cindy h says · 11.07.13

Check out http://www.spinningbabies.com for ideas on simple exercises you can do to help baby turn. And… thanks for the tip on Benelux in Raleigh, can’t wait to try it!

Griggs says · 11.07.13

I was just going to mention this site, too. Glad to hear that someone else recommends it!

ains_rae says · 11.07.13

That is a great site. I’ve also read that going on all fours, as if you are washing the floor, can also be helpful in turning babe around! Good luck!

Jenny says · 11.07.13

My son Jett was in the exact same position as your little guy. Like your guy my guy was in that position for a long time. I guess that is what works for them. I had a C-section at 39 weeks. It was great ( I did the natural thing with 1st child) easier than the natural thing. Jett was 8lbs. 6oz. and perfect. He was in a L position for the first few days and every nurse asked “is this a breech baby” but besides that no issues at all. Don’t worry about a thing! He is in that position for a reason, so just go with it. All will be fine. Congrats! So excited for you guys.

Chrary Love says · 11.07.13

Glad you are adjusting to staying home! It does take some time. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 14 months now and I love every minute of it. So, you have a little breech baby…that is how my son was from 20 weeks! He never wanted to hang upside down, like a bat. 😉 I had to have a c-section, it was the easiest thing ever. Honestly, I would always choose that. Do you know if that is what you have to do? Hope to hear from you!

Moorethanamommy.wordpress.com says · 11.07.13

My little guy was in the same position the whole time too! It seems like it would be the most comfortable, I mean who wants to be hanging upside down for 9 months?! I like to think he just wanted to be closer to my voice so her could hear me read and sing to him. 🙂

Tera Moran says · 11.07.13

Hi Kate! I was wondering where or what brand your white tank/tee is from in the scarf picture? I am having a seriously difficult time trying to find a white shirt that doesn’t have that gross see through quality. No one wants to see through my shirt going on 5 months pregnant! Thanks! I can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy/ delivery adventures 🙂

Cindy says · 11.07.13

If you are still looking for things to keep you busy, a lot of hospital nurseries take volunteers to hold/rock newborns. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you have time 🙂

Bella says · 11.07.13

I’m a lurker 🙂 you’re too cute! Love the scarf amd wish I lived there so I could try Benelux! Have any recommendations near suburbs of Chicago? My daughter (now 18 months) was born via csection because she was in the crag same position as your little guy!

Carly says · 11.07.13

Can’t WAIT to see the maternity pics!!!


Katie Lyerly says · 11.07.13

Kate! I just had to tell you that last night I watched your video about how to trim your own bangs, and I cut my own following your steps and they look SO much better! After seeing my skills with the scissors my sisters(who is kind of hair challenged) actually let me trim hers too. Which is a miracle in my book! Anyway, she also let me style her hair and tease it. She is such an anti-teaser(if that word even exists) so I was super excited to tease it! You have gotten me hooked on so many great products (my wallet dislikes you, but I love you lol). I now cannot live without my teasing comb, and Kenra volume 25 hairspray. I joke that when I graduate college the only thing left behind will be a thick film of hairspray in my dorm room.

You are looking great at 34 weeks, and I can’t wait too see your maternity pictures! 🙂

Kate says · 11.07.13

glad your bangs are cooperating!

Delta Daisies says · 11.07.13

lasagna grilled cheese? oh my word!

Stephanie M says · 11.07.13

Kate, see a chiropractor and get that little guy turned around!

Kate at Green Fashionista says · 11.07.13

Those waffles look amazing!

I’m sure baby boy blue will turn in time, hang in there 🙂

Jillian Dolberry says · 11.07.13

Your post is making me hungry. Plus I LOVE that cup. Where did you get it from?


Kate says · 11.07.13

it’s from Target last year or so

Lydia Geisendorfer says · 11.07.13

Ha ha I have to admit I love how real you are! My little beauty is due on Sunday and whenever she does anything particularly spunky, I call her “little punk” I’ve gotten several funny looks for that comment, but I figure I’d rather go into parenthood with a sense of humor!!

Dru and Jen says · 11.07.13

Love your iPhone case! Can you remind me where it came from?:)
Thank you!!

Kate says · 11.07.13

search Jen Ramos on Society 6 website

Lindsey says · 11.07.13

My sister-in-law is due the very beginning of December and her little boy just turned head down today. We thought he would never turn. You look so beautiful!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee says · 11.07.13

I want. Those waffles. I want to eat them until my belly looks like YOURS! 🙂

maryj85 says · 11.07.13

Those waffles look amazin!!! No Oct Birch Box blog? 🙁

Deva says · 11.07.13

The grilled cheese looks AMAZING. Totally trying that!

Michelle Ash Latham says · 11.07.13

Mmmmm….waffles…… 🙂

Love the new scarf!


thea says · 11.07.13

I LOVE Joy the Baker. She and Pioneer Woman are my food soul sisters.

Kim A says · 11.07.13

My baby turned at 38 weeks so you never know! After having a C-section first baby and then a vag birth I can’t believe people are suggesting c-section is the easy way!! It’s abdominal surgery people! I had a way quicker recovery with the vag birth. That being said, do what is best for your situation. Good luck to you and I hope Joey turns around soon 🙂

Sunnyside Up says · 11.07.13

Completely agree Kim A! I had a VBAC (vag birth after C-Sec) with my second son and the recovery was WAY quicker!! Praying little Joey turns but either way we wish the best for mommy and baby!!

Ashley says · 11.07.13

All of this food looks delicious and is making me hungry!! Love your iPhone case 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

Bonnie says · 11.07.13

So why in the world would a rescue not want you as a volunteer?

Britni says · 11.07.13

To help your little guy turn get on your hands and knees and then arch and curve your back. Like a cat does. Do 5-10 sets once a day. It also helps to relieve some back pain and actually feels pretty good. Try to avoid a C-section if you can.

Kristina says · 11.07.13

Oh my gosh, that grilled cheese looks so. good. I would like one right now please.

Kristina does the Internets

Katie R says · 11.08.13

Thanks for the suggestion of Benelux! Now I can persuade my hubby to go downtown more often! Also, I was very excited to see you at my closest Target last night, but didn’t want to say hey and freak you out. Awesome to see a local celebrity!

Kate says · 11.08.13

You should have said hi!

One Pale Female says · 11.08.13

So glad to know about another good Raleigh restaurant…next time we go we’ll have to try it!! 🙂

Andrea Worley says · 11.08.13

You’re nearing the end. So exciting. You’re gonna love motherhood. Love that WM scarf by the way.

Kelly says · 11.08.13

a couple of things. first of all I always thought white made my stomach resemble a snowman’s…so I stopped that for my second pregnancy (even though I had a GREAT Michael Stars shirt) 2. I think the baby’s name is Jake/Jack only because you said it’s simple and cute. Plus Justin Kate and Jack sounds great together. and lastly THANK YOU for the hip tip about the new “gel” nail polish in that baby pink. Just got it tonight (from amazon) and I LOOOVE IT! nice work.

Kate says · 11.08.13

I like a snowman belly! and you are wrong about the name : ) Glad you like the nail polish!

Hannah Sjogren says · 11.08.13

My baby’s head has been in my ribs, which has led to a sprained rib…OUCH so my dr. directed me to this website http://www.spinningbabies.com for exercises and techniques to get baby to move and thank God it worked! Check it out!

Jen says · 11.15.13

Thinking about his name… a previous post or Instagram or something, you mentioned that you guys have decided to name the baby by the nickname you’ve been calling him… JOEY! Can’t wait to hear!

Colleen McCloskey says · 12.09.13

I have seen your hair tutorials on pinterest but never realized you were pregnant. My friend shared that info with me today. She shared it because we are due close to the same time and both have to have scheduled c-sections because of breech babies. So of course now I’m going back and reading your other posts not just hair tutorials. You are probably insanely busy this last week but here’s my blog in case you want to skim it to see my pregnancy info http://scrapandrun.blogspot.com/

I was actually curious how long you would work being pregnant. I have often wondered how hair stylists stood for so long all the time without even being pregnant. I have had issues with my entire pregnancy of getting lightheaded after standing. I’m in awe how you did it for so long.

I can’t wait to see your maternity photos. I took mine a bit early (http://scrapandrun.blogspot.com/2013/11/maternity-photos.html)

Speaking of baby name confusion. A guy in one of my classes recently shared a tidbit about himself. He goes by George but that is not his name. When he was 5 his dad asked him why everyone called him George. He thought it was his name. But nope, his sister just called him George so more people did too. He still goes by George. That’s not his first or middle name. I made this mistake of telling my brothers this story so they think they can call my baby Fido and that will be HER name. They also call my cat Fido and criticized me for making their names the same. (My cat is named Poly… a girl.)

Sorry to write such a long post and I’ll probably write more today while I catch up.
(Also those waffles look delicious)