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It just felt right to link up for High Five for Friday this week. After all, I’m in the same state as my sister again!


I’m visiting her, and my family, this weekend in Chicago + chicagoland area. She and my mom are throwing me a shower, which is very sweet. I can’t wait for it! 

It was a busy week, but a good one at that.

1. Many of you said such nice things about my haircut from this post. Thank you! I feel much happier at this length and think I’m going to maintain a mid-length (what I currently am) for probably the rest of my life. 

2. I only have 2 more weeks behind the chair in the studio. I don’t think it’s really hit me that this chapter of my life is closing, but perhaps it will when I’m cleaning out the studio. I’m planning on writing a little reflective post on the past 10 years as a hairstylist. 

On that same note, I have developed a complex over what I should identify myself as. For 10 years, when someone would ask “what do you do?” I would say, “I’m a hairstylist” and that would naturally lead into a conversation about the worst haircut they ever had.

But now, well in two weeks, I’m no longer “officially” a hairstylist. I mean, I’ll still have my license and all that, but it won’t be my job. My job will be blogger. Until December, when I say I’m a stay at home mom. And while I’ll be blogging still, and that will still be a job, I don’t know if I’ll identify myself as that when I meet a new person. 

Sometimes I’ll meet people that have no clue what the blogging world is. And that’s fine, don’t get me wrong, but the reaction I get when I tell them I write a blog is like watching someone tell a joke that you already know won’t be funny. 

“ohhh, a blogger? Like, you write a little blog?” asked in a high pitched demeaning tone.

“yes, it’s a hair and beauty blog.” I reply.

“cuuuuuuute. no, that’s cool. My aunt blogs too.” and their eyes give me the ‘up down’.

mmmmm yeah you don’t really get it I think. 

I guess for the time being I’ll just say, “I’m a stay at home pregnant lady” and that should be sufficient. OR I could get creative and really freak people out: I stay home and watch cats all day. I’m a cat babysitter 24 hours a day in my home. I’m a housekeeper for a home with a few cats. 

That should alienate them enough so they don’t ask any more questions and just accept me for who I am. 

3. I carried 24 of the most delicious cupcakes I’ve every tasted from Raleigh to Chicago yesterday. My friend Julia is an incredible, incredible baker and makes these scrumptious treats. My life was forever changed when I sank my teeth into one at my baby shower a few weeks ago. 

Time stood still. All the conversation around me went silent. My tastebuds were erupting with joy and shouts of elation. I closed my eyes and savored every moment of that cupcake. And when I returned to earth from this out of body experience, I thought to myself, “that was the best cupcake I have ever eaten”. 

My mom had one as well and it took us just about 20 seconds to decide that we needed Julia to make cupcakes for my second baby shower. 

She kindly agreed and sent me on my way with perfectly packaged cupcakes that were in mint condition by time I got them to my parent’s home. 

Is it a little high maintenance to travel with 24 cupcakes? Sure. But you would do it too if you tried one of these.

4. My parents are very excited for their first grandchild, and my sweet mom set up a tiny nursery/grandchild room in their home. 

That’s my old crib (she’s getting a kit to convert it to a safe, updated crib. no worries.) and that little rocking chair to the right was in my bedroom as a child. She hung photos of my brother, sister and I as babies on the opposite wall. It’s such a cute room. I can’t wait to bring the baby home one day and lay him down in my old crib. This whole pregnancy has truly felt like such a gift from the Lord. 

5. I wrote some articles this week over on babble that you may want to check out:

Am I the only one who doesn’t love this mascara?

Some beauty products that are NOT worth the hype!

How to hide your grey roots between appointments

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Here’s a great list of beauty products to buy your sister/friend/mom.

Don’t kill me but I don’t have a tutorial ready for Monday. I’M SORRY. If I travel on a weekend, the opportunity to film goes way, way down. I’ll get one up as soon as I possibly can! 

Enjoy your weekend! 


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Susan Jeffries says · 10.11.13

It has been a joy watching your pregnancy on this blog. You are such a beautiful, genuine person. My tween daughter also loves your hair tutorials! I was a labor nurse for 10 years before I decided to stay home with my daughter. I have never regretted my decision. We have a sweet, beautiful, kind-hearted girl who loves the Lord. But it is hard to lose your identity. God will place things and people in your life to fill the void left when you leave your job. The best identity I have ever had is mom. And that will never change. Blessings! Susan

Ashley says · 10.11.13

I really love your hair.. I thought about cutting mine, but of course I always chicken out.. I think I might take the plunge!!! Loving that baby room, so cute!!

Happy Friday!
Sincerely Miss Ash

Jessica Manning-Garner says · 10.11.13

Thanks for sharing the Beauty Gift Guide! I’m already making my Christmas lists!

kristinwithani says · 10.11.13

Have a great time with family!

Nancy says · 10.11.13

I tell people that “I’m kept.” “I’m a kept woman.” (And proud of it, but I leave that part out) I love being a mom and I am so. grateful. that I can stay home with them. I love your blog. You are adorable!

Olivia Rickert says · 10.11.13

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Natalie says · 10.11.13

you can say that you are a lifestyle web-journalist? plus you don’t just blog…you do tutorials and product reviews too! That’s above and beyond blogging imo.

Lynn says · 10.11.13

I tell folks “I’m following a non-traditional career path.” I had 15 years at home with my children and wouldn’t exchange that time for the world! Embrace and enjoy!

Susan Wright says · 10.11.13

Love your blog Kate ! So many great ideas even for a woman of 56 ! I have been reliving my own past pregnancies ( 33 & 34 years ago) and it has been heart warming to think back on some sweet moments in my life. Thanks for all you do . Enjoy your shower. IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE !!! <3

Michelle Ash Latham says · 10.11.13

What a sweet room! I’m sure your little man will love it when he gets to use it 🙂
Have a great weekend with your family!


Allie says · 10.11.13

Congratulations on all the exciting events going on in your life! I love that you share them with all of us. And hey, my job actually is a cat babysitter! (I take care of dogs, too….but don’t tell the cats! They’ll get mad!). I own a pet sitting business, so I to go to my client’s homes and take care of their pets while they’re away….it’s like I have 100 cats to love on, but I don’t have to deal with their fur on my furniture! (I also recently bought 2 shirts with cats on them and thought of you…but I justified the purchases because of my career field, not because I have a slight obsession with cats, lol!).

Michelle says · 10.11.13

Being a Mom is the most important job you will ever have. I think it is the most rewarding and also the hardest job. I was a working full time mom with my first. When my second came along (10 yrs after my first), we decided it would be beneficial for me to stay home. We caught a lot of flack about it and still do from family, strangers. But, as I sit here typing this and my 3rd his home sick from school today and I can be here with him, I know it is worth it. I wouldn’t trade all the time I have had with my kids for anything. I love being home when they get home from school to hear about their day. To be here when they are sick. To be there for all the little things and all the “firsts” in those first years.

Sarah says · 10.11.13

Ah! I had no idea there were such things as kits to convert old cribs to safe ones.. My dad has saved my crib from when I was a baby through 8 houses and 4 states for me to have but we recently decided it wouldn’t work because of the safety issues. Do you know what kit she is buying?? If you could find out, that would be so wonderful. I was so upset when I realized I wouldn’t be able to use my old one. Now you’ve given me hope!

Kate says · 10.11.13

I don’t know which one, but google “drop side crib coversion kit” and you’ll probably find something!

elliesam says · 10.16.13

FYI – that crib in the picture, one of the old ones, is actually pretty darn safe. Since it has that metal rail that goes right down through the drop-side, that thing isn’t going anywhere. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as long as everything is put together nice and tight. The UNsafe drop-side cribs are the newer ones, that just have these flimsy plastic rails that hold the drop side on. It’s totally not the same thing as the way they used to make them. My parents use my old crib from 40 years ago for their grandchildren now and it’s so cool to see. 🙂

Melissa Carollo says · 10.11.13

Where are the cupcakes from?! I am in Durham and pregnant too and need to get my hands on some!

virginia says · 10.11.13

Can you please share the secret of how to safely transport 2 dozen cupcakes on an airplane? 🙂

Jamie says · 10.11.13

I love your new haircut. After I read the original post- I had 3 inches cut off my hair, and I love it!
Also, excited to read your articles, they are all up my alley!
Enjoy your time home.

Julia Haupt says · 10.11.13

Kate you are hilarious! And SO SWEET. I could give you a literal high five for your sweet words…up high AND down low! 😉
And I just can’t get enough of your mom’s nursery. I just want to stare at it!

Dranrab says · 10.11.13

So sweet of your Mama to set up a nursery. My mom has been SUCH a huge help since my son came along (1 year ago today!). Even if she just comes over to give him a hug & do a few dishes, it’s so sweet & helpful. Mom’s are the best.

Question for ya: would you say Revlon’s 16 hour eye line is comparable to Stila’s smudge stick in charcoal? I always think that looks great on you, but just don’t want to pay that much for an eyeliner.

*Sparkles* says · 10.11.13

go with the cat babysitter thing that’s too great!!! And how CUTE that your mom set up a nursery at their place too… precious.

The Boyers says · 10.11.13

You are a writer!! I enjoy reading your blog!

Mia says · 10.11.13

You could say you are writer. Love all your tutorials and posts

MakeMeUpMia says · 10.11.13

My friend and I are flying to Chicago tonight to explore the city this weekend, can’t wait! Hope you have a great weekend with your family!

Colleen Barry says · 10.11.13

Kate, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. I really like your style of writing and that you share your faith so openly. It is so refreshing!
The picture of the nursery is so cute! That is so wonderful that your mom has made a special nursery in her home for her grand baby. I think that is so cool! Enjoy your visit with your family!

Whitney Carpenter says · 10.11.13

I about spit coffee all over my laptop when I read you “stay at home cat lady” part. LOL! You should definitely go with that one for now. 😉

Amanda Sokolowski says · 10.11.13

Kate I absolutely love your style! I would love to know what you are wearing to your shower! I am almost 29 weeks and I need to make sure I have the perfect dress/outfit to wear. Would love some ideas. You’re a Domestic Engineer now!

ctlogcabin says · 10.11.13

Kate, I too was Blessed to be a stay at home Mom, and had
my two grand-girls two days a weeks while my DIL worked.
Loved every minute of it !!! I know what you mean when you meet
people ….. I think Natalie’s suggestion “Lifestyle Web-Journalist”
or “Beauty & Fashion Web-Journalist” is Great !!! What ever you
decide say it Proud an give them your Beautiful Smile !!!
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Amanda says · 10.11.13

I think that you should tell people that you are a freelance writer. It sounds more intriguing than blogger, and you won’t get snarky remarks about how cute writing a blog is.

the terrian family says · 10.11.13

I haven’t read any of the previous comments (so forgive me if this is redundant!). I like to think of the transition from out-of-the-home work to AT HOME work (aka– in this case– mommying) a JOB PROMOTION 🙂 <3

Ashton Barker says · 10.11.13

Thanks for literally making me LOL at my desk (quite office) with the cat sitter comment. I would PROBABLY pay money to watch you tell someone that, just sayin. I love your sense of humor 🙂

wearyourvitamins.com says · 10.11.13

I love your perspective. A lot of us have a hard time “defining” and articulating who we are. 🙂

Adele Brown says · 10.11.13

They say “if you love your job you never wok a day in your life” and just from reading your blog it seems like that is how you are/soon to be were with hairstyling. That is great you found your nitch! I pray you love being a mommy, I am sure you will! I love it, it is the most rewarding job!


Emily H says · 10.11.13

You should just tell people you run an online business. If they ask more you can explain how you write about lifestyle/beauty and make how-to beauty videos. It describes blogging without adding a word in that they might have negative connotations with.

Beth Davis says · 10.11.13

What flavor are the cupcakes? I’m curious!

Melanie says · 10.11.13

I love how you did that instagram pic!


dresselfamily.blogspot.com says · 10.11.13

I am SOOO proud to tell people I am a ‘ stay at home mom’, there is no harder job, than to raise a beautiful family. I would not trade my position for any other in the word, and no amount of income. yes, I feel very blessed that I can do this, I know many families have to work, and I know how blessed I am. Yes, as a family we have to make some sacrifices for me to be able to do this, but again, I would rather for go a vacation and other stuff to see my littles ones faces when they come home home from school with a slew of stories to tell me about their day. I know this is not for everyone, and i totally believe if you do whats best for your family, no matter if you are working at home full time, outside the home, whatever you choose 🙂 so, kate, you will love been you, no matter what you do!!
i LOVE the Blog 71toes.com you have to check it out, she’s amazing!!

Jen says · 10.11.13

People are so snotty about blogging and about being a SAHM. I like the cat babysitter idea. Maybe tell them you’re teaching cats to speak mandarin chinese. That will really get them away from you fast 🙂 Who cares if some radom person approves of your decision.

Have a great weekend at your baby shower! You’ve peaked my interest with the cupcakes. I’m all about the cupcakes.

AmyA says · 10.11.13

I’m reading this in between flipping a million batches of pancakes for my kids’ breakfasts next week, thinking that it is such a blessing to stay home and be a homemaker. I am a college graduate, 33 years old with three kids, and there is nothing I’d rather be doing in all the world. Staying at home isn’t exactly in vogue right now, and there isn’t a lot of respect in our culture, but you won’t regret making the decision. Congratulations!

Meredith says · 10.11.13

I have two cats, I blog (sort of, not like you, as very few people read it LOL), and I stay at home (my son is 6). When people ask me what I do and I say “housewife” I get all kinds of crazy reactions! Then they ask what I do all day, so I answer with “whatever I want”. That shuts them up. Hooray for crazy cat ladies!

Frenchie says · 10.11.13

Kate, you’re a writer! Yes, you write for a blog and you write articles for other blogs, but the truth is, you’re a writer. You’ll be a work from home mom, which is honestly so so so tough. I did it for a very short amount of time to transition between maternity leave and going back to work.

Leslie: DowntownHaute says · 10.11.13

Love your hair! It’s so pretty!


Erica says · 10.11.13

Don’t you just love that “what do you do” question??? I do lots of things. Why do I have to pick one and label myself as doing that one thing?

Megan {Willow Way Blog} says · 10.11.13

enjoy your sister! Your hair looks amazing!

Seneca says · 10.11.13

As for the cupcakes: My brother recently moved from Nashville where they have, in my personal opinion, the best cupcakes in the world from The Cupcake Collection. The are seriously devine. Well he moved back home over 600 miles to Tulsa. With 24 cupcakes (7 flavors), because I demanded he couldn’t leave the state without them. So no, It isn’t high maintenance. LOL!

Olivia Rickert says · 10.11.13

Hi Kate. My name is Livi and i just wanted to tell you how incredible I think you are and I LOVE your blog. You are such a inspriration. I have gone through many mental and physical issuses lately, but by being able to read this daily just makes my day. You are so funny and gorgeous. I have started my own blog because you are so inspiring. Good luck with the pregency. Best wishes, and thank you.

Brittany Reynolds says · 10.11.13

I loved reading this. I recently just quit my career in advertising to focus on my blog and it has been such an identity crisis. I don’t know what to answer when people ask what I do. And when I answer “blogger” I get an even more odd response than if I say “I don’t know.” It is a huge transition, but a very fulfilling one. You’re chasing your dreams and will soon be giving all your love to a little one. Embrace the change, dwell in it – you’ll get a new norm and it will be better than you ever even imagined!

Oh, and I think it’s worth saying your hair cut is AMAZING!



Jenn-Neal says · 10.11.13

Love the space that your mom created in her house. She is a talented decorator.

Maureen Merritt says · 10.11.13

I love your hair & your blog. When people ask what you do tell them you are a Mom! Any parent knows how much work that is. Be proud of it and enjoy the next chapter in your life 🙂

Krystina says · 10.11.13

Hi Kate, I’m wondering if it would be at all possible to do a post on drugstore shampoos/conditioners? I usually use Biolage, but can’t afford it right now so I’d love a good, cheaper alternative.

Emily says · 10.11.13

I never knew they had safety kits to update cribs?!! My mom keeps our old crib at their house for my nephews. That poor crib is 36 years old and a death trap! My parents used it for all 5 of us and only by the grace of God did we make it through childhood with all our fingers! It has metal springs and clips all over. I will definitely be researching this safey converter kit before we have kids! ha

elliesam says · 10.16.13

The problem with drop-side cribs is not the old ones. It’s the newer ones from just a few years ago with the stupid flimsy plastic rails. The old ones (like mine from 40+ years ago) have that wonderful metal rail going right down through the drop side. Those suckers aren’t going anywhere. 🙂

meljoypip says · 10.11.13

I love your hair too. I work in an office now, but I was a stay at home mom for 11 years and even though I did A LOT of different things during those years when ever someone asked me or when I had to fill out some official paper that asked Occupation? I would write: Mother. Because of all of the jobs I did it was the most important and the one I love best 🙂 Side note- I did my first triathlon this year at age 47 thanks to your blog post and encouragement- Thanks 🙂

Franziska says · 10.11.13

I’ll add one to the pile here about blogging. Clearly I’m a blogger too, but I’m also a medical student. I kept the blogging thing a secret for a couple of months and now it’s slowly getting out and I feel so weird about it. Like…having to explain that it’s really like a part time job for me, except I’m the boss and I get to do it all myself. For those who don’t have experience with blogging, it’s weird to be like “yep, I take pictures of myself, and then people come read it and I get money and it’s cool” and they’re just like…mmmkay crazy person. go study anatomy. anyway, I think that you’re one of the biggest “normal” bloggers out there, and those people who all give you up and down probably have at least one of your pictures on their pinterest board and may not even know it 😉

Abby says · 10.11.13

Seriously, what gives with people having weird reactions to “bloggers”…? I don’t even tell people if I don’t have to because I don’t like awkward conversations! haha. I hope you enjoy your time with your sister this weekend. <3

xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

Dana says · 10.11.13

If you’re able to actually make a living as a blogger, there should be “professional” in front of the title of blogger. I have a blog, but it’s little and I do it once a week if I’m lucky and I’ve made a total of 45 cents off it. It’s like a guy who plays basketball in his driveway claiming to be a basketball player. He can’t make a living at it! LeBron James, on the other hand, is a PROFESSIONAL basketball player. So I think you can safely call yourself a PROFESSIONAL blogger. Or something like that. Maybe there needs to be a PBL (Professional Bloggers League). Then the average joe would know the difference. 🙂

So I’m curious to know how Julia packaged your cupcakes. I have a Food Network plastic set that I use for transporting dozens at a time for friends, church, etc. If I sell them, I usually send them off in a plastic clam shell bakery-style container, but I doubt that would hold up on an airplane flight!

bookluva13 says · 10.11.13

Could you do a post on professional blogging? I’m really interested about how that works.

I teach . . . says · 10.11.13

You are a hairstylist and a writer. 🙂 I am a teacher who is a stay at home mom and I wear both hats. Figuring out who you are is a tough transition . . . At least, it was for me.


Steph says · 10.12.13

I worked at a Orthodontist office and everyone wantedto show you their teeth or at least talk about them. Not fun.
I’m sure it’s been mentioned but I would say that I am a freelance writer and leave it at that. 🙂

Becky M says · 10.12.13

Your baby bedding is adorable, and the whole room is just so stinking cute!


Leila Dishes says · 10.12.13

That is so sweet of your mama to make a baby room. My mom saved all my baby clothes and I was gifted quite the assortment of flame retardant 80’s goodies. She also saved my pack’n’play, which is a) not even remotely easy to set up like the ones we have now, and b) not nearly as cute as your old crib!

Sally HP says · 10.12.13

I was a child welfare social worker before staying home with my kids and it was definitely a weird transition as far as what to tell people. I think you are going to love having the blog as something that is just yours once the baby comes. I have three boys now (my first was when I was your age) and I can’t wait to watch your journey as a new mom…and I have to say that your hair tutorials have been awesome because they are so simple and they really help me be able to maintain cute hair and presenting as put together when I am crunched for time a lot. I love your mid length cut!

Jacque Pinol says · 10.12.13

Gorgeous hair, always!


Jill says · 10.12.13

I linked over to read your article about the Benefit mascara, and agree 100%!!!! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t love this mascara. In fact, it clumps terribly on my lashes. Years ago, Loreal made a mascara that I believe had some type of oil in it which gave it a flawless finish. It was advertised as a more natural look. While it did not give a lot of volume or extended length, it gave a beautiful, smooth finish to my lashes. Unfortunately, they discontinued it. Hope you have a great weekend with your family! Can’t wait to see pics of your shower & gifts!

Lauren says · 10.12.13

Am I the only one who was surprised Kate has a brother? I don’t recall him ever being mentioned 🙂
Have a good shower! I’m sure it will be lovely.

Trisha Moller says · 10.12.13

Hi Kate. Congrats on everything! It is totally exciting and scary. Just to share my own (quick story), I quit full time teaching as a college professor (PhD in Math) and now stay home, part time adjunct teach. I learned a new culture as a stay at home mom (aka SAHM) so I redefined it and tell me my job is a “SAHM = Stay At Home Mathematician”. This is just one season of my life, my degree and experience will still be there, who knows what is next but for now, I am hanging on for the ride! (with 2 young boys)
Thank for you helping to inspire me amidst the rough and tumble of my days,

Spirt Mom says · 10.12.13

Writing a blog for those of us who are hair challenged is a big deal! But not nearly as big of a deal as being the caretaker of your infant son! 2014 has many blessings in store for you, Kate. When you look into that baby’s face, you’ll never want to let him out of your sight!!

Night Owl says · 10.12.13

cute haircut. love that you’ve got bounce and curls to it. wish i had some to mine. my curls never stay. sucks. and i only have curls if i let it dry by itself but even they wont stay. congrats on the new addiction.

pinkowl07.blogspot.com come check me out. Leave some love

RC says · 10.12.13

Let’s get something straight. You are both a hairstylist and a blogger. (And soon to be stay-at-home mama.) Just because you’re not standing behind a chair a jillion hours doing hair doesn’t mean you’re not that anymore. Are you seriously going to stop all hair-related things like advising people, showing us cute styles, etc. just because you’re not behind a chair? Yeah, probably not.

So no disempowering context. You provide such amazing advice with humor, warmth and grace, and -anyone- who gives you a snarky “Oh, you’re a *cough* blogger?” simply doesn’t know you and is saying that based off their own experience that really has nothing to personally do with you. To answer the question “What do you do?” I’d suggest something along the lines of “I do so many things. I have a lifestyle blog where I get to share all my experience as a hairstylist with people all over the world. I’ve found that I get to demystify how to have great hair with ease and it’s been so successful that I’ll get to keep doing that AND get to be home to raise my son. You should check it out! It’s at thesmallthingsblog.com.”

Bottom line, you are too awesome to have anyone else’s icky stick on to you. Rock on, Kate. And, very cute haircut btw. 🙂

Beth McFadden says · 10.13.13

I had an appointment at the salon yesterday. I brought the blog post showing the Clavicut & requested it from the stylist (whom I had never been to before). She looked at the pictures but didn’t read the text. I asked her if she would like to read the directions & she said no. Pretty soon she was snipping away & it was getting shorter & shorter! I told her to stop!!! Needless to say, I am SO disappointed that my haircut did not turn out as I had intended. It’s a cute cut – but it is WAY TOO SHORT

Stef says · 10.13.13

Love the old crib! Your mom must be head over heels about your baby and it is such a cute thing to use your old stuff! Congrats!

Jennifer cheetham says · 10.13.13

your hair looks utterly fabulous in the first photo, and i LOVE the bobbipin underlining in your header!!! #inspired 🙂

http://www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.co.uk | UK beauty blog


Jillian Dolberry says · 10.13.13

Your mom did such a great job decorating that grandchild room! It looks gender neutral for the most part and is so cozy looking!! Precious!


AJohnson says · 10.14.13

I’m absolutely in love with your blog. I love reading everything you write about. I have been trying to duplicate your hairstyle though, but can not find a stylist around my small town that can do it. Which means they have No idea what they are doing. But I have taken in numerous pics of your hairstyle and told them this is what i want. And it’s always wrong. Do you have any suggestions on where I should go that I can actually get it right? I live in Ahoskie, NC and it’s extremely tiny so I don’t mind going out of town to find the right stylist. Thanks in advance. [email protected]. Thanks again, Ashley

Daria Glushinskaya says · 10.14.13

you have sooo nuce hair!

come to my bloooog;)

Abbey says · 10.14.13

I wasn’t working for a few months before my first baby was born and struggled with what to call myself, too. I was explaining that to a friend one day and she started introducing me to people as a “stay-at-home mom in training”, which I thought was so cute for that in-between time!

masumppi says · 10.15.13

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sheri Vance says · 10.16.13

your clients have to be besides them selves…??? :/ i can relate, my very best friend does my hair, but i havent been very happy for some time and never knew how to deal with it,,,its my BFF!! I wish i had made a rule that i wouldnt use friends in this kind of matter, its to hard to be objective, you know??? hence, it did some to a head, and i will be seeing a new stylist on saturday…going with the idea that maybe its ME, i’m too critical…stay tuned!
Will you do hair on the side?? good luck to you, youre gonna have a blast!! 🙂

Sheri Vance says · 10.16.13

your clients have to be besides them selves…??? :/ i can relate, my very best friend does my hair, but i havent been very happy for some time and never knew how to deal with it,,,its my BFF!! I wish i had made a rule that i wouldnt use friends in this kind of matter, its to hard to be objective, you know??? hence, it did some to a head, and i will be seeing a new stylist on saturday…going with the idea that maybe its ME, i’m too critical…stay tuned!
Will you do hair on the side?? good luck to you, youre gonna have a blast!! 🙂

Maine Baby Treats says · 10.18.13

Silly girl! You are a baker:)

Randy Otten says · 01.14.14

I wasn’t operating for many months before my initial baby was born and struggled with what to decision myself, too. i used to be explaining that to an admirer in the future and she or he started introducing ME to individuals as a “stay-at-home mammy in training”, that i assumed was therefore cute for that middle time!

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