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26 weeks pregnant
top: Destination Maternity (same, similar)
shoes: Alfani via TJ Maxx

I gotta say, I heard of a lot of negative things about Destination Maternity when I started looking around for maternity clothes.

I’ve had a relatively easy time finding pieces I like from there! Most are “A Pea in the Pod” brand (and maybe that’s the difference), but I find myself looking forward to popping in there every once in awhile.

They have a bunch of items on sale right now so I found some great tops for great prices

I also bit the bullet and bought some high end maternity jeans. Wow. Game-changer. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the jeans I have from Gap (currently on sale!), but they were a little too short to wear with wedges and I couldn’t find anything longer that would work.

I tried on Seven For All Mankind and Hudson while I was at the store a few weeks ago. I left, kept thinking about them, and went back to try them on again. I ended up with the Hudson jeans because I liked the darker panel and that they had a little bit more stretch. I also bought up a size (ignoring the reviews that they stretch out) so I could wear them for the rest of the pregnancy. I did have to get them hemmed, but now they are perfect for all of the shoes I wear on a regular basis. 

For years, even before Justin and I started trying to get pregnant, I was always curious about what I would look like pregnant. And I always wondered what kind of clothes I would wear. I really like the adventure of shopping for maternity clothes. It takes time and patience, but it’s so nice to find a top I feel comfortable in.

So often I heard from people to “wait until you absolutely have to to buy maternity clothes” or “wear as much as your regular wardrobe as you can before you start wearing maternity clothes“. So I had this desire to start looking around and trying things on, but I felt like it was “too early”. I would just loop a hair tie through the button hole on my jeans and wear the loosest tops I owned. But I wasn’t really comfortable. And I was so excited to be pregnant after the year of trying that I wanted to show off the bump as soon as I could!

And then my friend told me “buy maternity clothes whenever you want to” and I felt released to do that. And I’m glad I did.

So if you are pregnant and want to buy maternity clothes, just buy them. It’s fun. 

So, what is being 26 weeks pregnant like?

Well I’ll tell you.

I’m very aware that I have no abs. Rolling over in the bed takes arm strength and I know it’s just going to get tougher and tougher from here on out. 

I can’t get enough apples. I eat 2-3 Gala apples a day. My mom is visiting this weekend and she’s bringing down a bushel of Cortland (MY FAVORITE) apples and I can’t wait to start chowing down. And can’t wait for her to get here too.

I’m over chicken. I’ve tried to do a lot of lean protein (aka chicken) but I’m finding myself avoiding it when I can. I’m bored of it.

I like the aroma of coffee but have no desire to drink it.

Strangers are finally starting to notice that I’m pregnant. I was asked “how far along are you” by a woman at a store and it made my life. 

I registered at the hospital. 

I purchased furniture for the nursery.

I’m out of breath often.

The baby is moving a lot. It’s more than just kicks and punches now. I feel rolls and entire rotating of his body. It’s really cool, but also a little alien like. 

In general, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant. I’m very, very grateful for an uneventful pregnancy thus far. I’m thankful for boring appointments (in other words, everything is progressing as it should, nothing to be alarmed about). 

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Renate says · 09.11.13

Can’t get over how happy I am for you 🙂 You look gorgeous and I enjoy following your posts.

Renate from

Ashley says · 09.11.13

Beautiful pictures! I love that top.

I’ll be 25 weeks tomorrow, and I can relate to what you said about wearing maternity clothes. I started buying them right around 12 weeks, but felt silly wearing them, so I just made due with my regular wardrobe. I LOVED the first pair of maternity pants I put on (I started showing at around 13 weeks, but used a belly band for about a month). They were so comfortable! From then on, it was maternity pants all the time.

I’m so jealous that you’re still wearing heels/wedges. My feet have grown and get so swollen by the end of the day that I’m relegated to flats, which I’ve never been fond of.

A bit of a personal question: Have you had any strange emotional moments? I think my husband thinks of me as a bit of a hormonal/emotional time bomb. Sometime the silliest things make me cry!

Jenna Lou says · 09.11.13

I’m 20 weeks with my first and bought maternity clothes last week. What a difference! Even though I’m not showing very much yet… and strangers haven’t noticed I feel so much more comfortable… so I absolutely have to second the opinion of buy whenever you want. There is no such thing as too early.

I found lots of great tops and 2 pairs of really nice fitting jean from DM too.

So glad your pregnancy is going so smooth… it’s such a blessing.

Jen (Pink) Williams says · 09.11.13

You’re a beautiful pregger! Great post too – pregnancy isn’t always fun, so why not shop it up and enjoy the clothes you’re wearing?! It’s not often that you get to dress a pregnant belly, well, unless you’re a Duggar and pop out kids like it’s your job. Might as well enjoy it in some Hudsons! Ps – I’m sure you’ve seen it but it’s still funny:

Amanda says · 09.11.13

I looooveeee your hair like that! It is so effortlessly beautiful! Do you have a tutorial on how you have been doing it already?

Sugar Spun Sisters says · 09.11.13

You look so lovely – pregnancy seems to suit you very much! Love, love, love that lipstick too.

Eve & Faye x
Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

msmbk says · 09.11.13

You look so adorable! And apples were my food of choice and now my nearly three year old is obsessed. Makes ya wonder!! I ate the whole wheat thomas english muffins (like 6g protein), greek yogurt (chobani usually has nearly 16g in one container) and a handful of nuts here and there to up my protein intake. 🙂

Angela says · 09.11.13

I agree with you friend about purchasing maternity clothes as soon as you want to! I started buying jeans early because the tight waistband of my non-maternity jeans made me nauseated!

Ashley says · 09.11.13

You look amazing and a happy mommy to be 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

Lauren Elizabeth says · 09.11.13

so plump and cute!!!

Griggs says · 09.11.13

Thank you for this post. I’m 23 weeks into my second pregnancy and both times I’ve had to start wearing maternity clothes by the end of my first trimester. I always found them to be comfortable and a fun change up from what I normally wear. So glad that I’m not the only one. You look adorable, by the way.

Katie says · 09.11.13

I love your blog, and read it daily (or as close to daily as I can get). I was so excited when I saw one of your ‘dos on this Buzzfeed article this morning:

On another note, I have trouble doing most of your ‘dos because my hair is fine and layered, although I have a good amount of hair. So often, the strands just fall out of whatever cute bun, braid or style I’ve tried. Any suggestions?

You are so adorbs pregnant, I can’t wait to see how things progress and how you change your outfits around!

Thalita Molina says · 09.11.13

Hi Kate! I’m from Brazil and I follow your blog.
You look so happy and cute as a mom.
I loved your lipstick color.
God bless you! 😉

bonnieshee says · 09.11.13

I was in maternity pants by 8 weeks, and I never understood how the whole looping an elastic through your buttonhole or the belly band that would never stay in place was supposed to be the better option. Full panel maternity pants were soooo much more comfortable…and buying them near the beginning gave me so much more value for my money b/c I was able to wear them more often. Styling the bump is fun, and I wish people weren’t so judge-y about getting started as early as possible with it! 🙂

Beth McFadden says · 09.11.13

Those band things never worked for me either! It would just roll up or down depending on if I was sitting or standing.

ashnboys says · 09.11.13

I want to wear maternity jeans right now! ( Not pregnant :))

Breezy says · 09.11.13

I think that you should buy maternity clothes as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. In most cases, the seasonal clothes that are on clearance when you get pregnant, will be the season that it will be at the end of your pregnancy.

eatgreatbegreat says · 09.11.13

You look great Kate! Sometimes plain and simple is definitely the way to go every once in a while. I’m glad to hear that all is well and that you’re feeling good!

Susan says · 09.11.13

You look beautiful! You always look so polished in your posts about fashion while you are pregnant, I think wearing the maternity clothes gives that effect more than trying to wear your regular clothes as long as possible. Whatever the case, you always look cute! 🙂

The Mommy Trilogy: Minivans, Muscles and Makeovers says · 09.11.13

I totally agree that buying maternity clothes DOES take time and patience – but so worth it to feel good about how you look! I am 33 weeks with my third… and this pregnancy I totally share your obsession with apples and your aversion to chicken! Have you tried Honeycrisp apples? The crop is just hitting grocery stores in the midwest after not being available all summer and I couldn’t be happier they are back, even despite paying nearly 3x’s as much for them as other apples! Try them, they will change your life!

Courtney says · 09.11.13

You look fantastic! And, maternity jeans were the best.

laurabeth says · 09.11.13

Those jeans look awesome! Love this post! 🙂

Donna says · 09.11.13

So it’s a boy(“The baby is moving a lot. It’s more than just kicks and punches now. I feel rolls and entire rotating of his body. It’s really cool, but also a little alien like”). I must have missed the post announcing the gender. Congrats. I love love my grandchildren (2 boys and 2 girls) but boy oh boy, my first grandbaby (a boy) who is 5 is such a joy.

Francis says · 09.11.13

This is totally off topic, but I really love the red lip on you versus the paler/ neutral lips you normally wear. Those are pretty too but I prefer the red on you.

Melissa says · 09.11.13

I am only a few weeks behind you and I completely agree with buying maternity clothes when you want. People LOVE to give their unsolicited opinion on all things pregnancy and not buying maternity clothes until you HAVE to is the one I hate the most! I want to look pregnant and enjoy it. Not spend the day uncomfortably trying to keep my pre-pregnancy clothes from busting open. You look beautiful as always!

kristinwithani says · 09.11.13

“out of breath often” That made me smile. The thing I’ve loved about your videos over the last few weeks have been the pregnancy-out-of-breath moments. Little picture of God’s provision and plan!

Victoria Clemons says · 09.11.13

I had an obsession with Gala apples. I ate 5-6 A DAY!! You look stunning per usual 🙂


Melissa says · 09.11.13

I know a few girls who have some kind of aversion to maternity clothes. They were DETERMINED to make it through their pregnancies without wearing any maternity clothes. I’m sorry, ladies, but someone has to tell the truth. We look kind of ridiculous with our big third trimester baby bumps trying to squeeze into regular clothes. Yes, we do. Embrace the maternity wear!!! 😀 I love maternity clothes! I wish my regular clothes were as comfortable as maternity clothes. I wore them as soon as I had barely enough belly to fill them out. I especially loved maternity leggings and cotton jersey dresses. Felt like I was wearing pajamas only much cuter!

Melanie says · 09.11.13

You look gorgeous pregnant!!!

I Pink i Love You

Kim Santos says · 09.11.13

You look so beautiful!!! I’m loving your hair!

Applebypie says · 09.11.13

I understand the apple addiction – up to 5 a day all the way through each of my three! I hardly eat any now 🙁 XX

Jaquee Leonard says · 09.11.13

This has got to be one of your best looks – ever! From the makeup, to the outfit, to your glow, it’s all perfect! 😀

Kelly says · 09.11.13

super cute as always and I love that top even though I am not pregs. I am excited to hear the name you picked out for this liitle guy and I also have I am following you on facebook now because I have a serious question when it comes time for FAQ

Kate Haefner says · 09.11.13

As a fellow 1st time pregnant Kate, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Most people told me to wait to wear the maternity clothes until you absolutely needed them. But I’ve been so excited to wear them as soon as I could and to look pregnant! I just started wearing maternity pants yesterday and I have to tell you, I was sooo comfortable. And I felt like I looked good and that made me feel so much better about myself. Enjoy your journey!

April Wheeler says · 09.11.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Amanda Torres says · 09.11.13

I’m glad you’re not taking every piece of advice too seriously. I’m afraid the “advice” keeps on coming after you have your baby, but I wish more moms would follow their own instincts and do what is best for them, instead of what everyone else is doing. So, good for you!! You look beautiful and happy and that’s what is most important.

PS. Zulily had some cute maternity tops on there yesterday! I {love} that site!

....... says · 09.11.13

love that top you look super comfy in it! so radient mamma to be! xx. gigi.

Ashley Middlemiss says · 09.11.13

You look beautiful, as per usual! At what week did you start wearing your maternity clothes. I just found out I am pregnant and although I am not “showing”, I feel like I am, or that I ate far too many donuts!

Crazy Beautiful says · 09.11.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Crazy Beautiful says · 09.11.13

You look fabulous and you are absolutely glowing! Can I just mention I am really liking your hair in these photos? The soft bends but not actually “curly” look is working for you momma!

Confession: I bought my first pair of maternity pants when I was 12 weeks pregnant… maybe even 11. After nearly 4 years of trying, I COULD NOT WAIT. Glad you decided to take the leap and get comfy!

{Jess} says · 09.11.13

You look great! I love reading about your pregnancy updates. And I agree 100% on buying maternity clothes whenever YOU are ready for them. We had a very difficult time getting pregnant so I could NOT wait to finally be able to wear maternity clothes and show off my bump. I think I was in maternity jeans by 12 weeks. 🙂

katie_shannon says · 09.11.13

I’m a huge coffee drinker, but my last pregnancy I just couldn’t drink it, still loved the smell but the thought of drinking the coffee made me nauseous.

Leigh Anne says · 09.11.13

Arent’ you just a super cute mama!! Love that lipstick on you BTW.
I am 28 wks preggo with #4 and I still say……get the maternity clothes!! Trying to squeeze into regular clothes just doesn’t look good and it is uncomfortable. Good maternity jeans are totally worth it! And the Lord has blessed you with this baby so be proud of it!
Also, no one really tells you this, but I always left the hospital still looking 5-6 mos preggo and had to wear maternity pants/jeans for a bit afterward. So, it is nice to have your jeans then too 🙂 Although at that point you are kinda ready for pants w/ a button & zipper….LOL!

Vanessa says · 09.11.13

I think most people say to hold off on maternity clothes because what fits in the beginning usually doesn’t toward the end. Plus maternity clothes are expensive and you only wear them for a few months. I know I couldn’t afford to go buying tons of new clothes that I would only wear for half a year at most. But with saying that, a great pair of maternity jeans is worth it. I wore them after pregnancy and they did great in helping me transition.

gitterfamily says · 09.11.13

A lot of people told me the same thing about buying maternity clothes and use yours as long as possible. I tell everyone that asks the opposite. My other clothes never fit me after I had my first they stretched out and never came back. I’m super frugal and found awesome deals on clothes that were meant for our ever changing bodies.

You look beautiful!

Aja says · 09.11.13

I absolutely LOVE the 2nd picture. It just (for me at least) showcases how much you’re enjoying your pregnancy.
Wishing you all the best and enjoy it!!

Katie says · 09.11.13

You made a beautiful pregnant lady!

Kathy Olson says · 09.11.13

I’m so happy for you! You are glowingly beautiful!

Laura June says · 09.11.13

I think the difficult thing can be finding cute maternity clothes that fit on a really tight budget. I love how the designer maternity jeans fit but don’t have that kind of money in my budget so I have to rely on other means, like Instagram Sales or Goodwill.

Bonnie says · 09.11.13

Thanks for continuing to link to your articles on Babble!

BWN says · 09.11.13

I have a 10 month old right now, and we likely won’t be trying for another for quite a while, but I’m so tempted to go buy some of the clothes you’ve been wearing, pregnant or not! So cute! It makes me so excited to be pregnant again someday!

Kelty says · 09.11.13

You are so cute!!! I love being pregnant. (until the very very end) Isn’t it just fun!?

I totally put off going maternity with baby number 1. It was a pride thing, I guess. But then I bought maternity pants and learned the little secret that it’s like wearing pajama/yoga pants all the time, except it’s totally acceptable to do so. So when I got pregnant with #2, the elastic-waisted pants came out faster than you could say “2 blue lines!”

Soak it all up and enjoy! Each part of the journey is special and it just gets better (even if more tiring.)

Karen says · 09.11.13

You just glow. It’s delightful to watch.

Jessica M says · 09.11.13

I know how you feel! I have a 4 month old and all this sounds so familiar! Congrats!


Morgann Crook says · 09.12.13

You are hilarious! I was exactly the same way with my first pregnancy 9 yrs ago and I bought and then tried those maternity jeans daily until I could finally wear them…which was a loooong way in since I’m 5’9″. I never did get that baby bump until like 7 mos and I wanted to just scream it…”look! I’m pregs! That’s my baby bump!”
Fun to relive that thought…thanks!
Wait til that baby pops out though. You’ll be dying to get out of the maternity pants!
Congrats, I enjoy reading about your new adventure,

dxeechick says · 09.12.13

wait until they ask you how far along you are AFTER you’ve had the baby! haha that’s the worst. looking great! congrats

Abby says · 09.12.13

Aw, Kate, you are just glowing and I am so happy that you’re finally living through this wonderful blessing! I love the simplicity of this outfit, and your smile just pops with that beautiful lip color!
xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

Deepti Bahl says · 09.12.13

Hi Really nice blog, i am following u now, pls follow me back!

MichellePGH says · 09.12.13

Hi Kate… just wanted to say a few things:
1 – your hair color and lipstick choice really complement your skin tone. It all just “works”.
2 – I hope you’ve had a chance to try out the Sephora Airbrush. Still a favorite of mine
3 – I am not pregnant.. I am 5’1″ with a large bust (36DD natural) I’ve found out that maternity shirts fit me SO much better because they are a tad larger in the bust and the fit is a lot better. They seem to be longer in the front also so they dont ride up. OH.. and thank god for button up maternity shirts. No more “pull” in the middle with my clevage/bra showing. Ive been buying them for years!

The Upstairs Crafter says · 09.12.13

LOVE the shoes!! Such a cute Mommy to be! 🙂

Stephanie says · 09.12.13

I’m closing in on 18 weeks pregnant and so far, I haven’t had to wear any maternity clothes or use any tricks to get my regular clothes to fit. (Unless it’s a trick to pull skirts up higher on the waist to where you’re still roughly the size you were before.) However, I definitely feel like that time is coming to an end so my plan this weekend is to finally do some shopping. I’m lucky in that my sister lent me her maternity wardrobe but it’s all casual stuff and I need office-appropriate options. I’m excited to get some new stuff, especially pants that will fit the same way at the end of the day as they did when I put them on in the morning!

Mary Kaus says · 09.12.13

I am 14 weeks pregnant and crave apples too! I am from the midwest, so it is early harvest and ZESTAR apples are do die for right now.

You look beautiful!

Hannah says · 09.12.13

you always look so pretty! baby looks good on you 🙂

AJ Candrian says · 09.12.13

I am 27 week pregnant (just one week ahead of you)and felt the same way about maternity clothes as you do. I was afraid of looking dorky and frumpy, but I’m finding there are a TON of really cute pregnancy clothes line. Have you tried either of these two? I LOVE them: or

Even ASOS has some cute maternity things for an affordable price! Shop away!

Sarah Lagen says · 09.12.13

I love seeing you baby bump!! I read the post announcing that you pregnant and how hard that was to happen, so this really makes me so happy for you!! I wish the best health for you and your growing family!

Emily Pearson says · 09.13.13

I’m 26 weeks this week as well! Amen to the “buy maternity clothes when you want” statement. I was itching to buy some maternity clothes but kept thinking no, I don’t really need them yet. But when I spied maternity jeans at target (the kind with the band not fully belly panel) on clearance for $10 I went for it. With those and maxi skirts, I never wore regular jeans again. I think that was like 12 weeks along? It was just soooo much more comfortable.

Emily says · 09.14.13

Mmm, Cortland apples! My grandparents have an orchard on their farm in WI and we get them every year. SO good! 🙂

Melissa says · 09.14.13

You look great! I have been so blessed with the gift of maternity clothes from others for my first pregnancy. I am 17 weeks and so far haven’t had to wear anything, but I am happy I won’t have to spend any money on clothes, either.

Kellios85 says · 09.14.13

You are adorable pregnant! Quick question- what are you using to prevent stretch marks? I’m 13 weeks and am trying to stay on top of it by using cocoa butter and Shea butter.

Eva-Lynn says · 09.16.13


Laura says · 09.30.13

Gorgeous as always! I will be looking forward to hair/makeup tutorials post baby. I have 7 children and would love to find some quick hair do’s that aren’t just pony tails. 😉

Natalie Neal says · 10.25.13

You look fabulous! Is your hair growing with all the vitamins? Just curious!
– Natalie

Satnam Singh says · 02.28.14

You look so adorable! And apples were my food of choice and now my nearly three year old is obsessed. Makes ya wonder!! I ate the whole wheat thomas english muffins (like 6g protein), greek yogurt (chobani usually has nearly 16g in one container) and a handful of nuts here and there to up my protein intake. 🙂

maternity jeans says · 03.27.15

At this stage the women looks more beautiful you to also. Maternity Jeans are great for this pregnancy time.