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Fix a Hair Emergency : Fake a Ponytail

Colorless is the best word to describe my face post-foundation. I love the coverage my foundation gives me, but it does leave me quite pale, with no depth to my face.

I picked up a new “color boost” from bareMinerals and I have absolutely loved the “warmth” it gives to my face. I treat it lightly like a bronzer, but it could easily be worn as a blush. Plus, each “section” is divided off so with a smaller brush you could pick up just a highlight, a blush color, or a bronzed color. I swirl together and use it all over.

I start with blush to add some life to my cheeks.

I grab a larger, fluffier brush and swirl it lightly around the bareMinerals Color Boost. I apply where I would apply bronzer.
Without lipstick I look a little bit like a corpse, and I’ve really enjoyed my new Urban Decay lipstick.

And here is the finished look. I think I look a little bit more alive, if you will.


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Renate says · 08.13.13

It does make a difference, although you obviously look just as pretty regardless. It’s just impressive, how you’ve managed to come up with a routine, that leaves you looking so natural, glowing and not overdone, I’m still learning to find that middle ground between no makeup and a full face of it. Love the look


RACHEL ROWELL says · 08.13.13

Love this! I look the same without some color added to my cheeks and face. Us blondes with pale skin tend to need a little help in that area. 😉

Chrissie says · 08.13.13

I have this problem too! My powder foundation leaves me looking so pale. I want to try this Color Boost from Bare Minerals!

Kate says · 08.13.13

It’s awesome, I highly recommend it!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman says · 08.13.13

Gah! I need makeup lessons! You look beautiful.

Debbie Morreale says · 08.13.13


eatgreatbegreat says · 08.13.13

Love this look! It’s so subtle, but really makes a difference. Plus, I’m a big fan of bareMinerals products, so I need to try that color boost out.

Lauren says · 08.13.13

I agree! I look the same without color… high fave to the pale girls 😉 I am going to check out the Color Boost and that Urban Decay lipstick. It looks really nice!

Melissa says · 08.13.13

Color makes a huge difference! I have “Snow White” coloring – very fair skin, dark hair, dark eyes. I look like the walking dead without color. I’ve learned how to highlight and contour in the past few months and it makes a huge difference too! I did it for my little brother’s wedding and was so happy with how it looked in the pictures. And blush is one of my favorite things. I put it on immediately after I finish my foundation.

Martyna says · 08.13.13

wow, love the effect! xx


Michelle Hypki says · 08.13.13

Blush is my favorite makeup item! And I love that Urban Decay lip color… I might have to pick that up sometime soon!

Katie says · 08.13.13

I look the same way before applying blush and bronzer.


Christa says · 08.13.13

Your pregnancy agrees with you. I am still struggling with finding a foundation! The last one I tried was the Boscia BB but it did not go well and I broke out severely. So maybe a bare minerals would be a good place to start.

Ken says · 08.13.13

I too struggled with finding the right foundation – enough coverage to make it worth the effort, but not too much that I look artificial. I tried IT cosmetics powder foundation and was sold. Bought it on QVC, and am hooked.

Ken says · 08.13.13

Oops my husbands name listed as the author. It is not my husband making foundation recommendations. 🙂

Justine J says · 08.13.13

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still being [molly] says · 08.13.13

love this!!! that lip color is beautiful!

Deborah Boutwell says · 08.13.13

Beautiful. I’m trying to get back into the habit of wearing makeup and love Bare Mineral items. I watched one of your videos and you put your eye makeup on and then your foundation. Why do you not put your foundation under your eye makeup?

Emma B. says · 08.13.13

I agree! As a fair skinned girl myself, blush and lip color are a necessity to give my face some life. They make all the difference!

Miss.Tammy says · 08.13.13

Looks really beautiful!

Paola Ysabel says · 08.13.13

You look very pretty and natural looking 🙂 Love your hair!

Lidi says · 08.13.13

I absolutely love this post! The products look beautiful on you and I specially love that they are all cruelty-free! Woohoo! I have been coveting “blissful” for a while and now I’m eying that UD lipstick too!

MaviDeniz says · 08.13.13

I definitely see a difference. The colors look great on you.


Lillian Jupiter says · 08.13.13

Is that an E.L.F. powder brush you used to apply the color boost? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

LoriU says · 08.13.13

You look very pretty! Your hair is getting long!

Kinga says · 08.13.13

That lipstick shade – I’m searching for something familiar, still haven’t found it. 🙁


LuluG says · 08.13.13

Very soft and pretty and you still look like you, if you know what I mean.

Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

Amber King says · 08.13.13

I also look washed out once I get my foundation on, great tips! I love Tarte and have never used their blush but I use the BB Primer and the Amazonian Clay Foundation, they are both FANTASTIC.

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Sammyzee says · 08.13.13

I have the same problem, looking washed out after foundation. right now I just use a little bit of bronzer, I haven’t dared any blush type yet, I may have to try it now! it looks great on you!

Stephanie Govier says · 08.13.13

Have you been watching Essie Button? Your post is similar to one of hers! Would love to try the blusher! Never realised just how much difference it makes to add that little bit of colour!

Steph says · 08.13.13

I just started wearing blush this winter and can’t figure out why it took me so long! It’s an essential now. I love how it makes me look alive!!! Highlighters aren’t on my radar but maybe I will try it out.

Amanda Joy says · 08.13.13

I loveee that blush! Total staple.

Jadirah Sarmad says · 08.13.13

It still looks pretty natural and yet so beautiful and enhancing! 🙂 x

Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

Lizzie says · 08.13.13

I would not say you look like a corpse, but I do like that color of lipstick! How do you get your hair to look like that??

Downtown Haute says · 08.13.13

I have the same issue. I tend to look a little sickly and pale after applying my foundation and powder! haha.

I have the same Tarte Blush and love it. A little blush and lipstick go a long way for me.


Chelsea says · 08.13.13

I’ve been debating trying the Baremineraks color boost. I definitely will now! It looks so great on you!

Mercuteify says · 08.14.13

the Tarte blushes are my absolute favorite! the quality is so great and you don’t have to use barely any to get great color!


jadealli says · 08.14.13

I just want to say I love your make up!! You have a great way of looking natural! I was curious, if you would ever consider being “foundation free”? You can email me at jadegrigg@hotmail.com or visit http://www.jadeallison.myrandf.com

I would love for you to try this product!!

the pommers says · 08.14.13

Kate, I love your shirt where is it from? I didn’t see it listed in the products!


ofpolkadots says · 08.14.13

You are so graceful and beautiful !

Carly says · 08.14.13

I’ve been looking for a new blush, need to try this one!


undertheredwoodtree says · 08.14.13

I love the way that the blush and colour boost warm your face! I’ll have to give that a try. I was wondering… do you happen to know of any good resources for finding colours that go with skin tone and hair colour? I am quite pale and have dark red hair and I have a difficult time finding blush and lipstick (especially lipstick) that looks nice without making me look over done.

mmahessh keerthi says · 08.14.13

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ishouldprobablytellyou says · 08.14.13

So pretty! I put Urban Decay lipstick on the back of my hand in Sephora yesterday, and after a about 18 hours, countless hand washes, and a shower, some of the color is still there. Given that long-lasting is my main requirement for lipstick, I can’t wait to go back and buy it!

Chrissabella says · 08.14.13

Love this look, especially the lipstick looks so nice and fresh on you!


Lalonie Farnell says · 08.14.13

You have the most beautiful all American look! I just found your blog and I am definitely putting it in my favorites. I will spread the word too. It is great to feel like you have found something new on the internet. Keep up the good work!

Elexis Destiny says · 08.15.13

perfect pinch of color 🙂

Emily says · 08.15.13

i can’t get over how much your eye color pops with the lipstick on! I think I really need to look into getting some lipstick!

shortmediumroast says · 08.15.13

Lovely color rush! 🙂

Kristy Alexandra says · 08.19.13

The bareMinerals colour boost looks like a great product..may have to check it out:)

wearyourvitamins.com says · 08.20.13

That is a really lovely lip color – love it! And I know what you mean. I just feel like I look happy and alert with a bit of color on my face. 🙂 As Alison from 10ambeauty says, it’s just more me.

Melinda Kibler says · 08.21.13

I would never think that would make such a difference but it really does

tanvir says · 08.23.13

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