Pregnancy Must Haves (thus far)

If I had to buy an entirely new makeup collection from Target

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m past the half way point. I’m 21 weeks and definitely in the “honeymoon” stage of pregnancy. I’m feeling great, food tastes good again, and have plenty of energy. I’m trying to really soak up this time before I get too huge/tired/emotional/huge/uncomfortable/huge when I’m well into my third trimester.

I’ve gathered a small collection of things I’ve enjoyed throughout this pregnancy. This is my  first baby and I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience so far–especially now that the morning sickness is over!

1. I’ve never been a junk food eater (chips, fast food, etc) but I would instead snack on fruit or crackers. And while I still snack on both of those things, I’ve added protein bars into the mix just to get a little extra protein in my diet. I love the Chocolate Chip ones by Special K. And I think it’s cute how they call it a “meal” bar. BAH. More like, snack between meals for me.

2. I’ve been craving ice cold water. The more ice the better. So I constantly fill up this to-go cup with ice and water and sip all day.

3. I’ve been wearing more maxi dresses and dresses in general, so I love a grey open carigan to keep me warm when I’m at the freezing studio, or just out somewhere where the air conditioning may be blasting. (I love this one from J. Crew Factory that is only $25.00!)

4. These v-neck maternity t-shirts from Target are fantastic. They are plenty long and are great for showing off the bump!

5. Baby Gizmo’s YouTube channel has been my go-to for stroller reviews. Hollie, a fellow northerner, offers great reviews of strollers. She points out all the specs and details, offers comparisons and then shares her personal opinions as well. She has a couple of kids and I trust her judgments. 

6. The full panel maternity jeans from Gap are great. They run a little short, which is fine for me, but if you are tall these may be too short for you. They are comfortable and have a little “give” without becoming too stretched out during the day.

7. The Wise Baby blog is another site I frequent when I’m looking for reviews of items. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty to look at too. 

8. My two favorite apps are The Bump app and Sprout. The Bump app has a weekly fruit comparison of how big the baby is (which I find strangely inaccurate sometimes) and has an extensive forums section. However, some of the women that participate in the forums are either crazy, mean, or rude so consider yourself warned if you download this app. I don’t bother looking at the forums anymore because they have wound up to be quite dramatic and obnoxious. I use the app primarily for the weekly progress. 

The Sprout app is really cool because it also tells you what the baby is up to during each week. It picks about 3-4 facts and shares them on the page. It also shows a photo of what your baby may look like at certain times (not specifically your baby, just general size). I also like reading the “doctors recommendations” on each week to see what it says. 

9. One of my favorite clients Pat came to an appointment chewing this gum. I leaned in at said “what. are. you. chewing?” She offered me a piece and my life was forever changed. This gum is great. I offer it to everyone I meet. I even gave a piece to the Apple Store employee who helped me with my phone. And if I’m offering it to a friend, I’ll say ,”Would you like a peach of gum?” What can I say, I’m a comedian. (no one has laughed at or gotten my joke yet but I won’t give up.)

10. Gala apples are my jam. Always crisp. I stash 4-6 in my fridge each week and chow down almost daily. 

I’ve gotten a few repetitive questions from readers so I thought I’d answer them here.

1. Has your workout routine changed now that you are pregnant?
Yes. I didn’t work out for a few weeks during the first trimester when I was sick. Occasionally I would walk, but there wasn’t a specific routine I stuck to. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m trying to get back into my daily gym routine. I’m either walking or using the stair stepper instead of running. And I’ll take turns working out my arms and legs. I’d really like to work out for as long as possible because I just feel so much better about myself when I do. I can tell that I have more energy, and I feel healthy. 

2. Has your skin care routine changed since becoming pregnant?
No. I’m still using the same products I used before. You can see what I use daily here. The only thing I’m not using is the eyelash serum. When I became pregnant, I decided that instead of researching things to death, I’d simply listen to my doctors on what I can/cannot do. All the products I’m using fall in their “okay to use” category. Of course, it’s a completely personal decision to use whatever you are comfortable with during pregnancy. Don’t use me as a guide, listen to your doctor.

3. Has your makeup changed since becoming pregnant?
No. And my answer is pretty much the same as in question 2. I feel comfortable using everything I’m using. A few products have changed, but this is a great round up of my “typical” makeup products.

4. Do you have a name picked out and are you going to share it?
We have a name we like, and we are calling him by it to see how it sounds, but I wouldn’t say we are 100% locked in on it. I think I’ll wait until he’s here to announce the name on the blog!

5. Are you planning on blogging after the baby gets here?
Yes. And I’m anticipating a bit of a change in the typical daily blog content here. I’m always going to enjoy hair, makeup and pretty much anything beauty related, but I am anticipating I’ll write a little bit more about the baby and my life as a mom. I do not anticipate it becoming a “mommy blog” (does anyone else dislike that term?). I am guessing that the number of hair tutorials may dwindle, but I really am just going to be open and see what I have time for. 

6. Are you going to show us more “mommy” hairstyles since you won’t have time to shower/get ready?
I simply don’t know. After I get through the initial adjustment period (I’m guessing the first few weeks), I hope I’m able to find a little bit of time to shower and do my hair/makeup. It will completely depend on what the baby is like. If he’s fussy/needy, that is going to be harder to do. If he’s chill and sleeps for a decent amount of time, I may be able to spend a little time freshening up. I don’t anticipate giving up on hair/makeup altogether. Yes, my focus will shift, but I don’t think I’ll give up on everything I used to like before he got here! 
As far as “mommy” hairstyles go, I don’t really know what I’ll be doing with my hair (again, depends on the time I have).

7. Are you going to keep working at your salon when the baby gets here?
No. It’s really hard to imagine, but I’m going to close up my salon (it’s just me in a private studio) at the end of October. I’ve been doing hair for about 10 years, and I’ve absolutely loved it. I will miss a lot of aspects of it, mostly seeing my clients on a regular basis! 
I’m very, very grateful to have the opportunity to work from home (Small Things Blog + writing for Babble) once the baby gets here. I’ve met so many moms who long to be able to do that as well, so I’m very thankful that it works for my husband and I to do this.

Okay, I think that answers most of them. Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments, I’m a relatively open book! 


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Katie @ Loverly She says · 08.08.13

Working out all the way through DEFINITELY makes a difference – stick with it! I found that shoulder/back exercises were super helpful in combatting the discomfort of getting bigger out front.

And what a blessing to be able to work from home. I teach piano so I’ll be continuing that from the comfort of my own living room after my little guy arrives 🙂

Kate says · 08.08.13

Nice! My piano teacher worked from home too 🙂

Suzanne S. says · 08.08.13

Great tips! I love wearing cardigans during the summer months. They are just the perfect clothing piece to keep me warm on colder days 🙂
Suzanne from written by suzanne

amber says · 08.08.13

You are right on about the rude, nasty people on the pregnancy forums
Enjoy the pregnancy.

Kate says · 08.08.13

okay, it’s crazy isn’t it??

R+C says · 08.08.13

agreed. same goes for some of the forums on The Knot and The Nest too.

Britt says · 08.08.13

I hate to say it, but I’ve been a mom for 6 years and so far I’ve found that about 98% of online mommy forums/websites/facebook groups are the same. I don’t know why women get so mean and defensive about parenting stuff, but they really do! I wish there was a page called “No Mean Mommies” where you could just kick out anyone negative. 🙂 Good luck and stay positive! Being a Mommy is AMAZING and God is so faithful…he’ll provide an awesome group of Mommy supporters. Congrats!

Amelia says · 08.08.13

And what is with all of the shortening of terms. DD, DS, BF, etc. Just type what you are saying! You are not saving THAT much time! Half the time I cannot understand what people are typing because they make up their own terms/abbreviations.

Ashley says · 08.08.13

I totally agree except I found a pretty decent one where the majority of the women were very supportive and not so much rude. Check out – I just gave birth to my little girl exactly 2 weeks ago and it was great having these women to talk to or get advice from and even more awesome hearing and sharing our birthing experiences and seeing pics of our new editions!

Victoria says · 08.08.13

I like how you mention that you are a relatively open book, because you are! You are open without going too far and it makes it so much fun to read your blog and gets me excited about coming to read or watch what you post next! I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for about a year and a half and can’t wait to read more once the baby gets here and you start a new chapter!

Kate says · 08.08.13

Thanks Victoria 🙂

Our Little Family says · 08.08.13

I was also obsessed with green apples and fruity gum when pregnant! I agree with the “mommy blog” term. We need to come up with a better title for the mothers who blog!

Stephanie says · 08.08.13

I would LOVE to see some “Mommy do’s” once your son gets here. I am due in Nov with my second and what little time I have now, I know I’ll have even less. And while I adore the hair tutorials you have now, I don’t always have the time to attempt them like I want. I would love to see a few do’s that would be perfect for Moms on the go that only take literally a couple minutes with minimal products/styling…something other than a pony tail or alligator clip. If there is something LOL. Congratulations by the way…I don’t think I’ve commented that before. 🙂

Malisa says · 08.08.13

A few other apps you may like are the What to Expect app and Baby Center (although the message boards on Baby Center are just as crazy as The Bump). I have like 5 apps that I check daily for tips and milestone updates on my little one that’s due in 6 weeks!

Meredith ~ La Simple Bliss says · 08.08.13

I loved the What to Expect app. I suggest that also : )

LPatter says · 08.08.13

Kate, I love reading your posts – so glad you are enjoying pregnancy!! I did too – with a tinge more anxiety (needless – isn’t it always?!) in the beginning especially. I loved your testimony about trusting God. So powerful and straightforward – and I love how you’ve stuck to that decision. 🙂

As far as adjustment to baby goes (say your “probably the first few weeks”), I think planning your hoped goals is great – just be prepared to be ok with whatever you and baby need! Having targets will probably help you move toward the kind of balance of work/home that you need/want. Some moms bounce back amazingly quickly, and hit a stride with their babies beautifully from the get-go, but I’ve found that lots of people are just mindblown by how tired they are in the beginning and how one little person keeps you hopping! And that’s TOTALLY NORMAL! I found that the first 10 days-2 weeks were a blur, but by 3 weeks I was wrapping my mind around the basics more automatically. 6 weeks was a strong benchmark for me where I felt a lot more confident again (though I think N my guy was getting fussier at that age…!) and by 3 months – wow – they are changing sooo much and motherhood was feeling very much like my true state and default operating mode. Once again by 6 months they are big babies and tons starts to change – and I think I felt like I’d been a mom forever! (But only a mom of a baby…mom of a toddler is whole different ball game!) So I always tell new moms my experience of the “3s and 6s” – every time I hit one there was a noticeable shift. Moving through the world as a mom is totally different, but sooooooo amazing. GOd has so much good in store for you! Your experience could be totally different, but I know that the transition can feel shaky for a lot of people, so if it does for you, fear not – so much changes overnight at times it seems – it’s amazing how we’re designed both to see how utterly overwhelming and awe-inspiring it is to be responsible for a little soul & body, and at the same time, be able to perfectly rise to the occasion and meet the need at hand. None of us are perfect parents, but we are the perfect parent for our own child, because He has given us to one another. 🙂

Looking forward to announcements!!!

Lindsey says · 08.08.13

I was a hair stylist for 6 years and tried to work and be mom with my first child. Then my second came along and I quit doing hair and became a stay at home mom. After that I wished I would have done it sooner. I LOVED doing hair but as much as I LOVED doing hair I LOVED being at home with my babies so much more. You are going to be such an awesome mom, you already are :)! Congrats

Lynne Patton says · 08.08.13

Number 9 made me laugh:) I love your “peach of gum” joke! I am always cracking jokes that no one gets!

Meghan Yoder says · 08.08.13

I think your client tried to pay you with trident, but who wouldn’t want to get paid in layers and layers of flavor? haha 🙂 (only kidding, but it was funny)


Beautifully Inspired Blog

Windy Lampson says · 08.08.13

A couple of must-haves for me (I’m pregnant with my 2nd)-

This is a pregnancy journal that gives you day-by-day updates and a chance to write notes (when you have time). I have had one for each of my pregnancies and it’s interesting to compare:

And this book is from the same company and follows day-by-day through the first year. Also has a place for notes. I wrote down the feeding schedule for my first son (when he dropped a feeding, how much he ate, when he napped, etc.) I know all babies are different, but it will be interesting to compare.

Jenna Lou says · 08.08.13

Love reading your blog Kate and am just as excited to follow your pregnancy and journey into motherhood. I love how real you are an open to sharing… it’s just so nice to hear what other mom’s are up to how things are going with your pregnancy (fun to compare notes).

The term “mom hair” scares me. So if you do come across any new hairstyles that are super quick / easy (and possibly don’t require clean hair) I hope you can share them with us! I’m expecting my first in January and don’t want to do the mom hair thing!

Andrea A says · 08.08.13

Thank you for this! My husband and I have been trying for over a year and were so blessed to find out I am almost 5 weeks pregnant with our first! A few weeks ago I read your posts about your journey to getting pregnant and can remember reading through teary eyes and praying, feeling those exact same feelings and crying out to the Lord to protect my heart. Your words challenged me to be grateful in every circumstance and to trust the Lord and His plans completely. He is so faithful. 🙂

The Sprout app is AWESOME! Being a science teacher the images are just so cool to me!

I love every post and look forward to following your journey to meeting your miracle in December. Many congratulations!

Lori says · 08.08.13

I see that you crave super cold icey water. I did too during the middle and end of my hot summer pregnancy. I craved ice, lots of ice and ice cold water. It may be nothing but, have the docs check your iron. Mine was a little low and that was a sign.

Enjoy your honeymoon, this was my favorite part, because soon you will feel like a beached whale! Lol 🙂

gitterfamily says · 08.08.13

What to Expect When You’re Expecting has a good app that’s free too. I really liked it when I was pregnant with our daughter last year.

With both our son and daughter we went into the hospital with 3 names and my midwife told me both times that her patients who go in with 3 or more names leave with something totally different, and those that come in with 2 or less usually leave with one of the selected. I didn’t believe her either time, but low and behold we went in with Alexander, Maxten, and Cooper and we left with our Tucker and went in with Mollie – Kenzie – Lily – Annabelle – Abilene – Quinn and went home with our Leighton. Neither of our kids looked like the names we went in with.

Sally P says · 08.08.13

I’m 14 weeks, and even though it’s my third, it is still fun to “follow” you along through your pregnancy and get your little tips. Thank you for sharing! I think you’ve done a good job at not creating too many expectations for yourself or what life will be like after the baby comes.

ishouldprobablytellyou says · 08.08.13

Congrats on being able to work at home, though it must be bittersweet to see the salon close. I’m a few years off from kids, but I’m trying to lay ground work now to be able to do the same.

Carly says · 08.08.13

I loveeeee those target maternity tops, have them in a bunch of colors!!!


Katy Krueger says · 08.08.13

I’m so happy that you’ll be able to work from home! I have a two hear old and a two month old, and it’s great. My second took a lot of adjusting, but he’s also a lot fussier. I’m the type of person that has to be showered, hair and makeup done, and dressed every day. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find time! I put my baby in the bouncy seat while I’m showering, and he likes the sound of the shower and the blow dryer. Same with my first when he was little. Now he plays with toys or my iPad on the floor or on my bed. Congratulations, and enjoy your sweet little boy!

Laura says · 08.08.13

Love hearing your pregnancy updates! I hate the term “mommy blog” as well. I think that any blog that is about someone’s personal life is going to change and shift as life changes. Just like I wouldn’t blog about the same things in college as I do now in adulthood, you will not blog about the same things after baby comes as you did before you got pregnant. Your life is going to be different and consist of different things and priorities, and that’s OKAY! Looking forward to hearing all about the process. Dying to hear the name, but of course I totally respect your decision to not publish it yet 🙂 Also it’s amazing that you get to be a stay at home mom!! That is my dream job!

Shannon says · 08.08.13

So I need a little hair advice… I went last Saturday to get my hair cut, which I hadn’t done since early March. My stylist that I have been going to since 2009 has recently over the past year had some family troubles and has been very “flighty”. She cancels all the time, doesn’t do her best, and I leave unsatisfied with the way my hair looks. Well I since I’m 17 (almost 18) weeks pregnant I didn’t want to try another person and have it turn out terrible. My hair was quite long when I went in last Saturday (just below my bra hooks in the back) and cut straight with no layers (as that has been the easiest thing to leave happy with from my stylist), and a little bit of face framing. She cut 2-2.5 inches off since I told her to remove the split ends and she got a little over zealous. I also had layers put in (I know… I wasn’t thinking clearly… baby brain), but the front just isn’t looking right. I wanted a style that I wouldn’t have to blow dry and leave it naturally wavy, but the choppy ends look awful like that, and I have to blow dry it with a round brush to get it to lay smooth and sometimes that doesn’t even work. I’m not sure what I should do… I just wanted to look nice for our appt tomorrow when we find out the gender! Sorry this is so long and rambly…(I’ll blame that and my made up word on baby brain… again). BTW I live about an hour outside of Austin, Tx in a small tourist town if you have any stylist recommendations around here. Thank you for any advice, and congrats on your little boy!!

Griggs says · 08.08.13

Thanks for sharing your tips. I’ll have to check out the Sprout ap, since I, too, find TheBump to be a little less than informative (although I’m always excited to see what the next week will bring).
If you haven’t tried Luna bars you might want to give them a go, too. When I was pregnant with my first child they were the only thing I could stomach in the morning during the first trimester. This time around I keep them on hand for snacks. I was excited when my midwife said they were a good option. Just thought I’d share.

Ella Lambert says · 08.08.13

I have a question. Maybe before the baby gets here, could you share some simple hairstyles for while in the hospital? I know I will get visitors (due oct 21) and I don’t want to look like I have been in a hospital all day. Just a few simple no curl, straighten or anything like that, hairstyles. An elastic, a few bobby pins, maybe a littkeu hairspray.

R2P2 says · 08.08.13

I’m sure your clients will be sad to lose you, but what a wonderful opportunity to be able to stay at home with your lil’ man!! I am open to adjuncting at a local community college in the spring (you’d know the name), but I am kind of hoping they will tell me that there aren’t any classes available, just so I can have more time with my guy who is due Oct 1. And I will gladly welcome any super-fast mommy-hairdos you manage to pull together!

Also, that lady’s reviews at BabyGizmo are stellar. Very thorough & easy to understand. I didn’t know it was the same woman, but it was her video review of the Peg Perego Si that convinced me it was the stroller I’d been looking for!

Melissa says · 08.08.13

I love maternity clothes. I wish my regular clothes were as comfortable as maternity clothes! My favorites were Motherhood Maternity jeans (they were the only ones long enough for my 5’10” frame!) and any kind of fitted ruched top. I didn’t like wearing loose-fitting things because then I just felt huge. I really liked showing my belly. One thing I loved a lot about the ruched tops was I could continue wearing them during the in-between phase after having the baby, when my body was still going back to normal. Ruching covers a multitude of sins! 🙂

Jen Gordon says · 08.08.13

ahh you are giving my baby fever with these pregnancy posts girl! Love them all & totally agree with everything in this post! I think I will have to check out those cardigans!

Andrea Schreiber says · 08.08.13

I’ve also had friends (pregnant and not-pregnant) who had cravings for ice and ice water only to go away once increasing their iron intake. It’s usually not that big of a deal, but it might be useful in the recovery process to have your iron levels up to normal!

Corie says · 08.08.13

Hi Kate! Just so you know, your hair tutorials, especially any involving putting my hair up, ARE my “mommy” hairstyles. I can easily look pulled together with a cute, casual up-do and some light make-up. And because you often start with slightly curled hair, my morning hair and a little dry shampoo work great with your tutorials! Thanks for helping me work with my bedhead on busy mornings rushing to get the kids off to school!

Jillian says · 08.08.13

I am 22 weeks and I too would say I am craving water. Not really ice but super cold water. I can’t get enough of it!

I agree about the forums on the bump, I don’t really enjoy that site period. I personally prefer the babycenter app, but it is pretty similar. I find the forums there are slightly better. I stay away from the big popular boards (like the monthly birth clubs) they are filled with nasty people. I did find a smaller group for Dec 2013 Rainbows (women expecting after a loss) and that group of women has been very helpful and supportive.

Dranrab says · 08.08.13

Glad to hear that you’ll still be blogging once Baby Boy arrives! 🙂 I’m also so glad to hear you’ll write about mommy-hood – it’s simply amazing. The hardest & best job you’ll ever have. Girl. My son is 9 months old & I used to look at your hair tutorials and sigh and secretly wish you’d do like a ‘2 minute I-swear-I-shower-but-my-kid-wakes-up-at-6am-and won’t-let-me-get-ready’ post. Haha can’t you see how successful that title would be?!

Lily Nolan says · 08.08.13

Please do more hair tutorials before you go on sabbatical! Your hair has looked so beautiful when it’s straight because it’s so long. Could you do another video on that since the other one is from when it’s much shorter? Pleeeease? 🙂

Shasta says · 08.08.13

As a mom to a 4.5 month old I want to tell you my saving grace during those first weeks with a new baby was babywearing. I highly suggest purchasing a woven wrap or ring sling (instead of a Moby) to wear your baby so you can get things done. My little one was so content being worn (she refused to chill out with daddy for more than 5 minutes) and would fall right to sleep after being put in a wrap. They are a bit expensive, but it’s an investment that will last you for the next 2-3 years (however long you choose really) and they have a great re-sale value as well. Also, I’m not sure if you are planning to breastfeed or not, but I can easily breastfeed in a wrap and no body really notices.

Lauren @ You Had Me at Handmade says · 08.08.13

I have been dyyyying to comment on your pregnancy updates but out of fear of spreading my secret too soon, I’ve just stayed silent. I’m almost 17 weeks now and I think we’ve finally told just about everyone so I wanted to say I’m excited to join you in navigating pregnancy over the next few months!

Thanks for the Wise Baby and Baby Gizmo links, I think I’ll be spending lots of time there! I don’t know if you ever swam before getting pregnant, and it might be different for me because I was a competitive swimmer for 14 years, but I feel soooo awesome on days I swim. I can only imagine it feeling better and better to get into that pool as my belly grows- the swim suit situation will be a different story 🙂

So happy for you that you’ll be able to work from home while taking care of your little guy. I run my business from home too so I’m looking forward to being a WAHM and figuring it all out once we get there!

Lauren @ You Had Me at Handmade says · 08.08.13

Oh and, I’m excited you’ll be sharing baby related posts once your little guy arrives! It’s only natural when you have somewhat of a lifestyle blog and I look forward to reading those posts.

katie landry says · 08.08.13

Great post! lord willing, I will be needing these in the near future (fingers-crossed!)

Jordan says · 08.08.13

I have the same water craving as well! I have been able to do room temp water since forever but once I got pregnant ice water was all that did it for me. This baby is drying me out! I was straight up reptilian my first trimester. I’m 17 weeks now and don’t look like one of the Fantastic 4 anymore. 🙂

I’m glad you’re feeling great!

Jordan @ Let Them Eat Paste

misty says · 08.08.13

if you haven’t already, you should totally try and find an online garage sale type group on facebook to buy gently used items!! I’m not a huge second hand buyer, but I’ve found lots of toys and some clothes for much cheaper than at the store. our local group is for solely kids items, but some people post maternity clothes and such! definitely recommend scouting one of these out!

misty says · 08.08.13

if you haven’t already, you should totally try and find an online garage sale type group on facebook to buy gently used items!! I’m not a huge second hand buyer, but I’ve found lots of toys and some clothes for much cheaper than at the store. our local group is for solely kids items, but some people post maternity clothes and such! definitely recommend scouting one of these out!

JLWKZeta says · 08.08.13

I love Gizmo Mom! Hollie is great! I checked her out when I was planning my registry! I like Baby Center App better than The Bump. They give more information. However, I do get emails from The Bump that I find very helpful! Let you doctor know about your ice craving…could be anemic!

Kerri Waller says · 08.08.13

Goodness, this entire post makes me miss being pregnant! I worked for Gap while pregnant with my third baby and their maternity jeans literally are the most comfortable EVER! And I was totally obsessed with the same Trident Layers gum and gala apples! haha! Congratulations on your pregnancy! 🙂

Maria says · 08.08.13

I hardly ever post on your blog but I am an avid reader and am so excited you are starting a family.
If you read no other comments please read this one, it is a piece of unsolicited advice. I absolutely hate unsolicited advice but this is something I wish someone had told me and I would have taken the advice on earlier than I did.

I would recommend making a separate family blog for yourself (maybe even make private so only you, your husband, and maybe grandparents or close friends can read just to keep up with you and your family) apart from The Small Things Blog. Only about you as a mom, your baby, things your baby does, says, and you document as they grow. Like a never-ending baby book. It becomes a family book.

I’m a 32-yr old mom of 4 and the ages of my kids are 7, 5, 3 and 1. I started blogging about my family and my kids when my first child was 9 months old, I wish I had started earlier. Even before kids, just things my husband and I do. It is absolutely priceless and I love going back to read how my kids were at certain ages. My kids love it too.
Having a private blog will enable you to write freely and as the thoughts flow, not as though you have an audience.

Thank you for your work on this blog. I’m a Christian too and like your perspective on all things beauty. I’ve changed my beauty routine because of your hair/make-up advice and my friends/family seem to have lots of comments about how I look so much better, put-together, etc. It makes me a more confident mom and woman.

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever says · 08.08.13

Hi! Stopping by from Wifessionals and found your blog. I’ve read your first page of posts and love what you are talking about. You have given me more ideas on what to write about and I really like what you have to say. 🙂 Your newest follower here, Jessica over at

theayers5 says · 08.08.13

I adore you :), so I’m just going to say it plainly…Special K bars are full of GMO’s and chemicals that aren’t going to do anything good for you or your baby. Don’t buy the protein bar lie, it’s a joke, for real. Anything by General Mills or Kelloggs or the like are more damaging to your body than healthful. Sorry. I’ve had 4 babies (one set of twins) and I can promise you that getting 100 grams of quality protein each day is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a big, healthy baby and a pregnancy that makes it to the finish line. But soy damages your thyroid and nearly all protein bars are soy protein (so even the organic ones aren’t good). Go slather some organic peanut butter on a cracker, or enjoy a slice of organic raw cheese, you’ll be doing yourself and your baby so much more good. 🙂

Beth McFadden says · 08.08.13

Thank you 🙂

Kerri Muffin says · 08.08.13

I totally agree with you on the forums on apps like the bump- the women can be terrible! Definitely no use for that when you’re pregnant!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman says · 08.08.13

I didn’t work out for about 3-4 weeks in my first trimester for the same reasons. I think next time I am pregnant I will try to push through it because it may have helped me feel better quicker. I am so jealous that you get to stay home with baby and work. That sounds amazing and although it is a huge change for you I can’t imagine it any other way. Congrats! P.S. I had a very similar post today for that transitional period when you feel pregnant, but you don’t look it!

Coffee Fueled Mama says · 08.08.13

When deciding on baby gear, etc, check out It was a go to for me when I was pregnant with my first son, and I revisited when I was pregnant with my second.

I love the Baby Gizmo channel as well, really helped me with both pregnancies (first for a single stroller, then a single jogger, then my double umbrella and double jogger!)

kristinwithani says · 08.08.13

Now I want to go to Target in Apex and get the dang peach gum. Kate, they should pay you.

Janelle says · 08.08.13

Love your blog, hair tutorials, fashion styles, and everything else! 🙂
Would love to see “bump-dates” every few weeks!

Laura says · 08.08.13

Kate! I’m 36 weeks and counting down the days till the birth of our son! I like you still crave ice cold water a d then I crunch all the ice!!! It’s my go-to snack. Just wanted to add my two sense about the bump forums…those women are crazy, nutso, weird, etc women. I couldn’t believe how mean and ugly they all are and more drama than my 5th grade class!!! So glad your feeling great. It won’t be too much longer. Can’t wait to hear is name 🙂

Jess says · 08.09.13

Kate, I found your blog when I was on maternity leave with my daughter in 2011. I was feeling a little bit like a frumpy human cow; sitting at home and breastfeeding all day. I was really inspired by your hair and make up tips that I could still be a pretty mommy.
I’m now pregnant with my second child due 12/14(sounds like we’re due around the same time), and I’m excited to see what you blog about as a new mom. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Michelle Jackson says · 08.09.13

what has been some of your favorite books to read?

Kristi says · 08.09.13 is a great, great resource for new moms. Walks you through every issue and stage you go through from pregnancy through school years. Also, Pregnancy & Newborn has great fashion and is a fun read. Lastly, check out the pregnancy section of my website,, for some tips on nursing essentials, what you need more than a birth plan and 10 reasons not to find out the sex of your baby. Enjoy the journey, it’s an amazing one!

Heather says · 08.09.13

I have just started reading your blog this yea and I am so excited for you and your husband and the new little blessing that is coming in the next few months. I just know you are going to be such a great mom and you will enjoy being at home with your precious baby. Children are such a blessing from God-enjoy this precious time of being pregnant with your first child! So happy for you!

Jen says · 08.09.13

You will have an adjustment period for sure once the baby is here, but as far as showering and doing hair and make up. I am all about the hair and make up. Nothing really changed for me there neither did showering. That is what bouncy seats and swings are for. You just put them in the bathroom or right at the door and you have a see through curtain so you can see baby and you are set. Mine loved the sound of the shower and it was great when they had colds too. The steam helped them. The first month is the hardest then you kind of know what baby wants and needs and what each cry means and all. My son was our easy baby. He was so go with the flow it was awesome.

CrazyButtons says · 08.09.13

I recommend Dr. Green – – because the articles are written by pediatricians answering parents questions. I avoid websites/forums where all parents can give their opinion. Sometimes I just want to hear what other pediatricians are saying.

For clothes, Macy’s has a very nice maternity department, at least in my area.

A tip for the distant future: I used to put my baby in her bouncer and have her stay in the doorway of my bathroom and I would sing to her. She was very happy to see me, I was happy that I could take a long shower. (I sometimes cooked the same way, I explained a lot of recipes to her.)

Tarheel Bride says · 08.09.13

Kate- I bet your iron might be low. I craved ice water my whole pregnancy and when I checked into the hospital the nurse asked me what I wanted and I told her ice. She asked me if I was anemic. I never knew it was related.

Jenn and Chris says · 08.09.13

You might want to check out Jamie at the Baby Guy for gear recommendations and reviews too. He’s wildly entertaining.

And congrats!

Becca Daniels says · 08.09.13

Hi Kate! I’ve been a long time fan. LOVE your hair tutorials. Somehow I missed that you were expecting your first baby. Congratulations!!! I am in the home stretch with my 1st pregnancy as well- 36 weeks. Yikes! I can relate to the ice cold water and crisp apple cravings. I constantly crave “cold and wet” things. Melons, peaches, etc. Weird… I wonder if this means that I am dehydrated but I do drink a ridiculous amount of water!

I teach . . . says · 08.09.13

GOOD FOR YOU! Stay home as long as you can. I was home for 7 years, went back to teach kindergarten half-day for three years and returned to home. They are only little for a while. Enjoy every breath.

Amanda AZ

Erin @ Isaboo Designs says · 08.10.13

Never let anyone tell you you have to give up the hair and makeup for mommyhood. You learn how to make it work. I struggled with PPD after my second and taking the time after working out to put on some makeup and fix my hair made a HUGE difference in overcoming that. Don’t lose the things that make you, YOU 🙂 I feel like you have so many great and simply hair tutorials so I don’t know what a “mommy-do” would entail other than a greasy ponytail with a french fry stuck in it. All the best for a great pregnancy!

Mommy Tay says · 08.10.13

Totally 100% agree!

robertmcastillo says · 08.10.13

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Mommy Tay says · 08.10.13

Hi Kate. Not sure if you’re planning on Breast feeding or not, but thought I’d pass along a few good sites and pages to you. (site has tons of info and FB is great for support) Best For Babes (site has tons of info on beating the “booby traps” that can impede a nursing relationship) and last but not least The Leaky B@@b (On FB and a private forum) Absolutely awesome for support from other Mommas who may be asking or can answer the same questions you have. I don’t want to be pushy (so I hope it doesn’t come across that way) just want to share places to learn everything you can….when it comes to breast feeding, knowledge is power 🙂 I like to pass these sites on to all my brand new mommy friends.

Rachael says · 08.10.13

I am so excited you are choosing to stay at home… I think that is wonderful. You look beautiful!

Laurie Dalesio says · 08.11.13

I love the look of your blog, so clean and classy! Could you tell me what program you use to create your inspiration boards? Thanks!

Kelty says · 08.11.13

Pregnancy is way fun, isn’t it? Here’s a vote for some “Mom Hair” tutorials!! (okay, I hate that term as well but as I mom, I struggle with cute hair that I can actually do in the few moments that I have!!!) I think you’d have a fantastic take on this.

Best wishes to y’all on your parenting journey. It just keeps getting more and more fun!

thewisebaby says · 08.13.13

So glad our site has been helpful to you! I am also 21 weeks pregnant with baby #2 – yay for December babies! xo

Elissa says · 08.13.13

Kate, I am so hoping that you do hair styles for the busy mom once you have your baby. I’ve been a mom for a little over three years and we adopted three kids, are in process of adopting a baby and we’re fostering two teenage girls that we’re trying to be a family too. Needless to say, I’m a busy mom and I need quick, fast beauty and hair routines! Well, truth be told, I’m so thankful God blessed us with kids that I’d rather look horrible and get to be a mom versus looking great and not being one :).

Inspired Mom says · 08.17.13

Ack! Sorry you had a bad experience on The Bump forums. A lot of them are pretty crazy. I got really lucky with my bump month board and grew very close to the ladies there. There was a couple crazies at one point, but they got weeded out because the rest of the ladies didn’t stand for the drama =D almost 3 years later many of us have met in person and have deep friendships…the main trimester boards I stayed away from. They CAN definitely be scary.

Harry Olson says · 08.17.13

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tracy tobe says · 08.19.13

I am an older mom so my advice I am about to give you may go against what the new baby advice says. My first child was born in late fall and he was somewhat fussy during the day, so showering was quite difficult. I couldn’t get finished with my shower/shave/ lotion/ comb through hair/ throw on clothes before he became too fussy.( and by fussy I mean violently screaming,red as a beet,sweating all over fussy. A friend gave me this advice, an hour before his last feeding of the night, give him a bath, massage him with lotion, and dress him in a diaper only. Then put him in his car seat or bouncer or swing if it fits in the bathroom and take your shower. The steam and heat from the shower keeps him warm, I always put alight blanket over him to start but he was so wiggly it would be off in no time and his skin was always warm to the touch not cold at all as I feared! I don’t know if it was the noise of the shower,the warmth, or just being close to me but it worked like a charm! By the time you are finished mommy and baby are cozy and smelling wonderful. This worked for me because I vowed when I had my son I was not going to let myself go. Yes my routine changed but I still was able to feel clean and put together everyday. Best of luck to you and your soon to be bundle!

Sharon Swanson says · 08.19.13

Love your blog! A pregnancy must have that I couldn’t live without was Belli skin care! Their Elasticity Belly Oil worked great for my stretch marks.

Dolores Jackson says · 09.13.13

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Hari Hari says · 10.13.13

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Alani Anthony says · 11.18.13

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Donatella Nobatti says · 12.29.13

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Heather B says · 08.19.14

Don’t wait to blog until baby gets here. If you’re not a blogger, it’s okay, but you can keep your memories documented for yourself. I just came across this awesome new book called “The Wonder Within You” by Carey Wickersham. It’s an awesome combination of week-to-week pregnancy information, what’s going on with the baby, “Did you know?” plus health advice like this about what to eat, cravings, nutrition, etc, BUT also with awesome 3D/4D pictures and videos you can link or QR with your phone to and see what your baby looks like at each week stage. I wonder if the baby gives a thumbs-up in the videos after you eat the right yummy treat. Even better than the typical week-to-week books, and so personal! It’s got mom stories and even a journal/note section to write your personal memories and letters to your baby. The pregnancy information is as up-to-date as it gets and it’s such a great keepsake. I want to get one for everybody I know who is expecting! Check it out…

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Maternity clothes says · 07.05.15

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