Messy Bun with a Braided Wrap

Do NOT be intimidated by this hairstyle. It may look a little challenging but I assure you it is a simple 3 step process. You can start with absolutely any texture of hair, straight, curly, curled, wavy, etc. I actually think it would look fantastic with tight ringlet curls. 

When you are braiding, try to hold the braid a little looser than usual. If you braid it too tight, the look may be more severe than you want. And like I mention in the video, make sure you aim the braid backwards so it lies flat against your head.

*If you need help with a messy bun, see this tutorial

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  1. Posted July 29, 2013

    What a beautiful look! I love it!

  2. Posted July 29, 2013

    so pretty!!

  3. Posted July 29, 2013

    Yay! A great hair tutorial!

  4. Posted July 29, 2013

    Gorgeous! I am terrible at following hair tutorials, it never looks the same! But gotta try something. My hair has grown out a little long and I have a week until my haircut! Haha

  5. Posted July 29, 2013

    I love wearing my hair up during the summer, so this look is perfect!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  6. Posted July 29, 2013

    This is a great look. Can’t wait to try it! I have a silly question about your highlights. Do you do a full head or a half head? It looks like you do a half, but I wasn’t sure if you alternated or anything like that. I couldn’t find this answer anywhere else on the blog. Thanks!

  7. Christa says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    Love this, Kate! You make it look so doable! 😀

  8. Posted July 29, 2013

    So cute! Love it! I can’t wait until my hair grows out so I can try these amazing hairstyles:)

  9. Posted July 29, 2013

    Which tutorial do I use to get the style you had before you started the bun?

  10. Posted July 29, 2013

    Thanks for sharing. Also, wanted to say congratulations on your baby boy!

  11. Posted July 29, 2013

    Ooooh – I’m getting married on Friday and I think I want this to be my wedding hair.

  12. Posted July 29, 2013

    Beautiful! I love how this hairstyle has the perfect balance of messy & cute! I’d love it if you link this up to my blog hop. My readers would love to see this! Thank you!

  13. Katie says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    I love this look! What lipstick are you wearing? It’s beautiful.

  14. Posted July 29, 2013

    Yay, thank you! I have wanted to try a hairdo like this but thought it would be too hard, after watching your video I feel confident I can accomplish it!

  15. Julia says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    You make it look so easy! My hair just doesn’t do those things 🙁 However, I DID figure out the ‘knotty’ half up style!!

  16. Posted July 29, 2013

    Love! Just did this style — looks great, and really is very easy! Your tip about how to angle the braid is perfect. I love all of your tutorials and have been using quite a few of your “up” styles in this summer heat. Thanks, Kate!

  17. Carly says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    I love this hair! So cute!


  18. Posted July 29, 2013

    you have the best hair tutorials! love this look on you! xo

  19. Posted July 29, 2013

    very pretty

  20. Posted July 29, 2013

    Awesome tutorial Kate, it looks great on you as always!
    My Polished Side Blog

    Sweet Pea’s Party

  21. Posted July 29, 2013

    Absolutely beautiful! I love your blog header.

    Amanda Rose

  22. Sarah says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    Where are your gorgeous earrings from?!? Perfect new hairstyle to look dressed up or just do something fun…but it’s so something anyone can at least try! I would love to know where your earrings are from!!

  23. Posted July 29, 2013

    Looooove this, super cute!

    Kristina does the Internets

  24. Posted July 29, 2013

    Kate, this is my fav tutorial so far, and you look GREAT mama!

  25. Ashley says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    This hairstyle is so adorable! Thank you for this tutorial, I am definitely going to attempt this…

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  26. Ariana says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    That is soooo gorgeous! I’m obsessed with your blog!

    Embrace The Best: how to be the best at beauty, fashion, singing, dancing, languages, and more!

  27. Posted July 29, 2013

    Hi Kate,
    indee- this looks really beautiful.
    I will try it out today. Hopefully it looks the same 🙂
    Anna Julie

  28. Posted July 29, 2013

    Could you please do a “how to curl long hair” video now that your hair is longer? Mine is just a little longer than yours, layered and thicker texture. I bought a Hot Tools 1 1/4″ iron and have practiced a few times and I keep failing miserably! I somehow leave kink marks in the sections, I get it too thick in spots and the heat fries the inside of the wrapped hair but doesn’t curl the outside, and I burn myself! Any advice, especially a video (cause I am very visual) would be greatly appreciated!

  29. Posted July 29, 2013

    You are lovely! I wear my hair in a messy bun nearly EVERY DAY (I have a 6-month-old, 2-year-old and 5-year-old, so it comes with the territory!) Thanks for the tutorial.

  30. Posted July 29, 2013

    SO pretty! It may be one of my favorites that you’ve done, and SO do-able!

  31. leighms says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    Love!! Again great for the “tween” days…in-between washing, colors, cuts, or just a running late quick day. My hair is finally shoulder length so my guess in FL, time to start pinning it up.

  32. Unknown says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    I am really enjoying your blog, which I recently stumbled upon. I am SO tempted to drive from Charlotte to Raleigh just so you can be my hair stylist! 🙂 Thank you for your helpful posts and for representing the Church so well!

  33. sonu s says
    Posted July 29, 2013

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  34. Kar says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    That hairdo is so adorable and so easy!! Is your hair fairly thick? I did something just like it with a French braid the other day but my braids ended up really thin. I have pretty medium thick hair too. Do you have any suggestions of how to make it thicker?

    • Kar says
      Posted July 29, 2013

      well I guess it’s maybe more of medium thin…

  35. Posted July 29, 2013

    These hairstyles makes me miss my long hair! I am currently growing it out. This is so elegant and soft, I love it!

  36. Posted July 29, 2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. autryan says
    Posted July 29, 2013

    I literally just did this tutorial and it was super easy (and cute)! This hair style is definite my new go to! Thanks for the tutorial.

  38. Posted July 29, 2013

    LOVE this! I can’t wait to try it. I have similar hair to yours (although yours is growing SO MUCH FASTER than mine!) and it looks so simple that even I can make this work! Thanks for the tutorial, Kate.

  39. Posted July 29, 2013

    so cute and easy love the braid

  40. Posted July 30, 2013

    very pretty! could work with my curly hair too.

  41. Posted July 30, 2013

    Very cute!! Thank you

  42. Posted July 30, 2013

    Am going to try this one tonight, just beautiful. Thank you!

  43. Posted July 30, 2013

    I cannot wait to try this! I love braids but often can’t do them especially if they go around the back of my head. This tutorial looks so easy! Plus I am always looking for new ways to put my hair up during this humid NC summer!

  44. Elissa says
    Posted July 30, 2013

    I love this! I will definitely be trying this one tomorrow morning. Thank you!!!

  45. Ashley says
    Posted July 30, 2013

    I think this is my favorite so far!!!

  46. Posted July 30, 2013

    Hi there ^^,
    I think this is a great hairstyle! And your tutorials are very understandable( if this is a real word :P)
    Your blog is so beautiful, just like you Kate <3
    XOXO Abby

  47. Mallory says
    Posted July 30, 2013

    So fun and easy! I would also love to know what lipstick shade that is. It’s super fun.

  48. Posted July 30, 2013

    I am pregnant and due in october with my second baby. My first pregnancy was through the winter so I loved my thick hair. This summer heat and humidity(south mississippi) is really getting to me and I haven’t wanted to straighten or curl my hair. I just fixed my hair like this and I love it! I love all of your tutorials. I have done every single one 🙂

    The only problem I had was, when I pulled my braids back to pin them. It left a lump, I easily fixed it with bobby pins but what did I do wrong?

    Love everything you do!

  49. Posted July 30, 2013

    I love messy buns and I love braids! So… this tutorial was perfect for me. Thank you!

  50. Megan says
    Posted July 31, 2013

    I’m curious and I’m not sure if you’ve ever touched on this before. But, why do you only use clear elastics as opposed to the cloth like ones?

  51. papatya says
    Posted July 31, 2013

    i like your hair tutorial very much!

  52. Posted July 31, 2013

    I woke up late this morning (oops!) so I didn’t have much time to work on my hair. I tried this style and it worked out great. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Posted July 31, 2013

    My 1yr old & I watch your tutorials as I feed him breakfast. This morning he points at the phone as we were watching & goes “ate ate ate”….he was trying to say Kate!

  54. Traci says
    Posted August 2, 2013

    I tried this and it looked awful. I did the braids too tight, I think, and one of the braids wasn’t “aimed” back enough. Both should be easy enough to fix. However, I can’t figure out what to do with the ends. My hair’s several inches longer than yours and very coarse which can make it hard to deal with. But the tutorial only showed how to tuck the second side under the first braid (for which my hair was really too long, I think). What do I do with the ends of the first braid?

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    Posted August 5, 2013

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  56. Posted August 6, 2013

    You just get prettier with every post!!

  57. Posted August 8, 2013


  58. Posted August 12, 2013

    This is a perfect post for me. Bringing my hair into a clean bun is really a problem for me since I got my long hair. I even spend almost an hour just to properly tie my hair. Thank you so much for imparting the ideas on how to keep a hair.

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  59. Posted August 13, 2013

    I did my hair like this for work today and got lots of compliments, thank you!

  60. Andrea says
    Posted August 14, 2013

    I am currently growing out my hair and while it’s not quite as long as yours is (yet!), I am still figuring out how to wear it in fun ways. I just stumbled across your blog and I am in love already!! Thanks!

  61. Posted August 15, 2013

    LOVE LOVE this – so fresh and cute. Fantastic directions. Thank you!

  62. Shegy says
    Posted August 19, 2013

    I did this for a wedding on Saturday and got so many compliments!! I’ve always been able to execute hair-do’s, but needed the tutorials to do so, and yours are wonderful!!! Will be a regular follower from now on :o)

  63. Posted August 28, 2013

    I’m headed to the fair with my boys and it’s 90+ degrees so this is perfect! I need to work on getting more height, by this sure beats a boring ponytail! I have some of the aquage coming in the mail soon.

  64. Daisies says
    Posted August 31, 2013

    Your videos have inspired me to try out new styles and I love them all! I recently bought the Aquage Uplifting Foam and I LOVE it!!

  65. angie.a says
    Posted September 14, 2013

    I love this tutorial, as I love all of your tutorials. I noticed you did much less “detail” in the creation of this look though and I really missed that. You’re adorable and your videos are so informative and easy to follow (and I need all the help I can get!) I’m probably being selfish, but I hope you don’t switch to this streamlined format permanently! 🙂

  66. Liza says
    Posted September 16, 2013

    I tried doing this but my hair is longer than yours and when I try to braid it there are extra long hairs dangling out! 🙁 What should i do?

  67. Posted October 12, 2013

    I finally found the hairstyle I’m going to wear on my wedding.


    Irene (Plumbing Puyallup)

  68. Yara T says
    Posted October 13, 2013

    I used this for my sister’s wedding and also did it on the bride’s maid. Thanks!!

  69. Audrey says
    Posted December 1, 2013

    OBSESSED with this! So easy too. Absolutely love your tutorials! x

  70. Posted January 3, 2014

    This tutorial was so easy to follow! Decided to use it for courtwarming. Love it.

  71. Posted January 23, 2014

    love the styles! I love love braids and buns…but I think I make mine too tight! thanks for doing this!

  72. Posted February 15, 2014

    I am planning to do this hairstyle for a University Ball on the 22nd of this month. What I want to know, is it better to create this hairstyle with 2nd day hair or on the day I wash it?

  73. Jenny says
    Posted April 29, 2014


  74. annon(15) says
    Posted May 29, 2014

    i have never been able to get my hair to look “fancy” but today i really needed to because i was receiving an academic award. this tutorial saved my life. i looked great getting my award. this style is so easy and fun to do. thank you so much for helpingg me with my hair crisis!!!!!

  75. Whitney says
    Posted June 22, 2014

    I did my hair like this last night for a wedding and I loved it! Got so many compliments.

  76. Ana says
    Posted July 18, 2014

    Hi Kate!
    I have spent 2 days trying to recreate your hairstyles for the event I am having tomorrow – and I haven’t been so pissed in years. Disappointed, sad, mad, furious.
    I mean, it has absolutely nothing to do with you – it is my hands and my skills. And I greatly appreciate your tutorials. I am sure some people got the results they wanted.

    I just want to say that I have picked Fancy ponitail, Messy bun with a braided wrap and Double braided ponytail. And I have been practicing for 2 days. With ugly as hell results. But so much disappointment, so much pain from combing my hair afterwards, so much mess – washing my hair every time after using dry shampoo or powder. And so much frustration and anger. I just had to share.

    I have beautiful but very long, very thick wavy hair. I should have known none of this would ever work and I should continue wearing it as is. Because no elastic can even hold a stupid ponytail and all the pins come out as soon as I put them in.

    I wish I never found any of those tutorials and just made an appointment with a professional. That would save me so much time, effort and nerves. Thank you for letting me ease my mind.

  77. Stephanie says
    Posted August 25, 2014

    Hey you say not to use a french braid, but I have bangs at an odd length and I’d like to pull them back with this style. Do you think this could look good with french braids on both sides of the head?

  78. Pam Brown says
    Posted August 31, 2014

    This style is so cute and fun! How do you get your bun like that? I have tried several ways and can’t figure it out. A little advice would be appreciated! I just love your blog!!

  79. Middle Cyclone says
    Posted September 24, 2014

    This is a beautiful look and so much simpler to do than it appears! I really love your tutorials as you break everything down so clearly. I’ve already tried a few updos and this one will be my next!

  80. Olivia says
    Posted October 13, 2014

    I found your blog looking up bridesmaid hair styles and decided on this look. Everyone complemented me on my hair and it was very quick for the hairdresser to do. I’m looking forward to my next event to try out another of your styles then my usual boring ballerina bun and pony tail. Thank you!!

  81. Morgan says
    Posted December 9, 2014

    I love love love this look, but when I tried it I just failed. I wonder if my hair is just too silky and not textured enough? Your hair seems like it just does what you want it to do. Mine has a mind of it’s own.

  82. Wiebke says
    Posted December 10, 2015

    You’ve saved me and my hair for my sister’s wedding! Thanks a lot!!

  83. Hannah says
    Posted March 13, 2017

    what accessories do you think would complement this hairstyle that would be appropriate for a wedding?

  84. Posted August 4, 2018

    Would not work for me. I have wavy curly hair. Combing through and using heat just make it frizzy. Other than this annoying cowlick my hair is fine.

  85. ashley says
    Posted February 26, 2019

    so pretty

  86. bella says
    Posted July 26, 2019

    Matching each face will help you own a beautiful and youthful appearance