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Building Your Makeup Collection: Part 1
Are you living in gloom land like I am? It’s been rainy, humid, and rainy here this week. And frankly, I’m over it. 

And it’s making me want to cut my hair even more. I’ve entered that part of summer where styling my hair takes longer since it’s melting in the humidity as I style it. My remedy in the past? Chop it. 

But, I feel that I should keep at least a little bit of length on it so I can still do some new tutorials. So, we’ll see. Who knows what I’ll ever decide. 

I think there may have been a full moon last night because Grits was acting like a kitty on some sort of drugs. He was wild. Every movement in the bed prompted him to pounce–where he jumps, vertically, about 4 feet high and then lands only inches from his starting point. 

It was obnoxious. 

Then, later into the night/earlier in the morning, he embarked on the conquest of dragging the wand toy from the living room, all the way up  Mt. Everest to our bedroom. Mt. Everest is the stairs of course. I always think of Joey from that episode of Friends when he proclaimed, “You are my Everest. . .” as he ate an entire turkey. I assume the cats feel the same way when they decide to drag a wand upstairs. And then when they get to the top, feeling victorious and proud, I snatch it and hide it under my pillow until morning. I know, I know. I’m a terrible cat-mother.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s friday! Here are my top 5 things of the week!

1. I cooked, ate, and enjoyed quinoa. (I used this cooking method.) THAT IS RIGHT. I’m pretty well known as a picky eater who doesn’t go outside of the box when it comes to food, but I’m trying to up my protein intake for this baby so I gave it a shot. I’m way behind on the “trendy quinoa love”, just like I am with macaroons and calling sunglasses “sunnies”, but I’m glad I finally gave it a shot. 

2. This top from Destination Maternity has become a real favorite of mine. I highly recommend it if you are expecting! 

3. I posted this stunningly beautiful photo of myself this week. I’m planning on making it my profile photo for every social media channel imaginable. And it also sparked some discussion about face mask’s that I’ll cover next week on the blog.

4. My belly button looks like a typical pregnant belly button. It’s stretched out and I love looking at it. I think it’s probably time to start documenting my weekly progress now that I’m showing a little bit. 
(I don’t have a photo of my belly button, but I’m sure you can imagine it.)

5. My sister invited me and some gals over for game night + desserts on Sunday and I’m looking very forward to it! My husband and I also starting making plans for another visit to NYC this fall! We will definitely see Newsies again. I can’t wait.

Hope you had a good week! I’ll be back next week with a new hair tutorial! 


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Angie Mae Scullion says · 07.12.13

Hahaha… I hide our kitty wands under the chair cushion next to my bed. We all do it!

I can’t wait to see what length you choose for your hair.. I have an appt today and I’m seriously thinking about chopping off a few inches–this Florida humidity is too much!

So excited for bump photos! Since God hasn’t made it our time yet for a baby, I live through others!

Brittany Dorman says · 07.12.13

Where did you get your phone cover from? It’s super cute!

Amanda Horrocks says · 07.12.13

You can pull off any length of hair, but it would be nice to see some tutorials for people who have chin to shoulder length hair. It’s much easier to find tutorials for longer hair styles than it is for shorter hair styles. When people do tutorials on longer hair and say people with shorter hair can just adapt it to their hair length, it’s harder to figure out what to do with the pieces that need to be manipulated more because they’re shorter to try to achieve a similar look.

pretty little things says · 07.12.13

I agree so over this weather, but on a positive note, happy friday! xo


eatgreatbegreat says · 07.12.13

It has been sooo humid here too! I’ve pretty much given up on my hair and it’s almost always in a clip or pony tail these days.

Yay…I love quinoa! It’s prob one of my favorite foods right now, and super healthy too!

julie says · 07.12.13

I bet you love the sound of “now that I’m showing a little bit” !!!

Haley says · 07.12.13

If you’re looking for other shows to see in NY, my aunt is in Cinderella right now and I’ve heard it’s really great! I haven’t seen it yet, but am dying to πŸ™‚

Suzanne S. says · 07.12.13

Love that top!! It looks great on you πŸ™‚
Suzanne from written by suzanne

Gabriela says · 07.12.13

My unsolicited advice is to NOT cut your hair. It is particularly important to keep a decent amount of length (think pony tail) during pregnancy, because when you’re in labor and about to deliver your child, you will want to get your hair off your neck and into a pony tail. It is very common for women to cut their hair short during or just after pregnancy not realizing that short hair styles require infinitely more work than longer hair styles. Resist the temptation. Resist!

Maria says · 07.12.13

As a mom of four kids I completely agree with the leaving hair long advice. Short hair requires styling. Pretty ponytails and buns are much easier.

Mod Commonplace says · 07.12.13

I live in SC and this is our 23rd day of rain. GLOOM, just like you said! πŸ™‚

Nicole Marica says · 07.12.13

haha, don’t feel bad about being a “bad” kitty-mommy…i do the same thing to my Squish. He’ll bring up his mouse that makes noise when you shake it and then will proceed to stand over me shaking it in the middle of the night so I’ll throw it (he plays catch, not sure if yours do or not), but instead i take it from him and hide it under the covers. I feel bad too, but I need sleep!


Judy says · 07.12.13

Don’t cut your hair! The summer heat will pass and then you’ll be stuck with short hair that you wished was
longer. Don’t do it!

Melissa says · 07.12.13

Oh I looooove quinoa! I discovered it when I went to a special diet to help some issues I was having. Now I use it for so much – as a substitute for rice, as an ingredient in homemade protein bars, in place of couscous under Moroccan chicken, as a base for yummy side dish salads…the possibilities are endless!

As far as the hair chop…think about when it’s fall and the weather is cooler and your hair will be back to normal. Then you’d be longing for your longer locks again. Trust me. I currently have a “long-short” hairstyle which you would think would be fine, but my hair is VERY dark and thick and if any of it is touching my neck I overheat. I have a haircut next week with my awesome stylist and I considered going to a shorter bob for the rest of summer, but my long-hair-loving hubby begged me not to. He likes just a tad of length to my hair. If he had it his way, it would be way past my shoulders like it was when we got married. But that’s way too long for me. So the “long-short” is our compromise. πŸ™‚ He loves it, I love it, the world is happy.

And that picture now has me desperate to do a face mask. Oh, that sounds so relaxing as I sit in the midst of the chaos that is my in-the-middle-of-moving home!

Beth McFadden says · 07.12.13

Would love to see your protein bar recipe!

Melanie says · 07.12.13

That is my cat exactly – except 24 hours a day! Ugh so exhausting.

Amanda says · 07.12.13

Thanks for a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy day. I laughed reading about your kitty and your belly button. πŸ™‚ You’re just adorable.

Thanks for all your posts. Love following you here and on YouTube.

Sisterino says · 07.12.13

I recently cut my hair off; about 10 inches to be exact. It felt quite liberating. BUT, working out sucks, because I have to use 1982791872 bobby pins to keep it up and out of my face. Fail.

morgan823 says · 07.12.13

I use Aquage at your recommendation and LOVE IT!!! I’m with you though on cutting my hair. It’s gotten so long which I love but the longer it gets the harder it makes it for me to have true volume. I’d love any pointers you can give. Love your pictures!

Missy says · 07.12.13

We girls with short hair would love tutorials, too!

Atlanta, Food and Love says · 07.12.13

I think you could do a shoulder length cut and still do great tutorials. Welcome to the quinoa loving world – here is my fav recipe of late: http://atlantalifelovefood.blogspot.com/2013/07/teriyaki-zucchini-stir-fry.html

Our Little Family says · 07.12.13

The first stages of starting to show are so exciting…the end, not so much haha. I love your idea of putting the face mask pic on all of your social media profiles. It would be perfect!

Melissa says · 07.12.13

I am bias, but would LOVE for you to cut your hair because then I could benefit from your tutorials again! Also, I’m so glad you found that top online! I remember when you bought it and I searched high and low for it! YAY! Happy Friday! (Oh and yes please, bump pics are a must!) We are only a few weeks apart so it will be fun to follow your progress!

Beth McFadden says · 07.12.13

Babies love quinoa too! A couple weeks ago I made stuffed mini peppers (you know, those pretty multi-colored ones in the bag at the market that always look so good but you have no idea what to do with?), & I had some leftover filling that I popped in the freezer. Desmond is eating everything now, so yesterday I thawed out the leftover pepper stuffing & served him up a big bowl. He ate the whole thing & loved it!
Quinoa, sautéed mushrooms, onions, zucchini, a can of Rotel tomatoes, & some feta cheese.

Carly says · 07.12.13

So funny, I just chopped my hair yesterday! It must be a prego thing!


still being [molly] says · 07.12.13

girl i am with you – i am OVER this rain!!

Ashley says · 07.12.13

Oh my goodness… my cats were crazy last night, too! They (two of them) chased each other throughout the house for HOURS last night – of course, knocking things over and making a mess…

Robin Hinchee says · 07.12.13

Sometimes I feel like we’re living parallel lives across the country (woop woop, all the way in Tacoma, WA!). Weird cats and chopping hair off are definitely feeling pertinent in my life today. I called my stylist last night and booked an appointment for this afternoon, a shorter hair cut is MUCH needed after all this heat we’ve had over here (which is extremely rare). I’m thinking a Shakira (via 2011) neck length bob is in order πŸ™‚ Happy Friday to you!

Beth McFadden says · 07.12.13

Hey, I’m in Longview but soon to move to Olympia! πŸ™‚

dxeechick says · 07.12.13

About a month ago, I cut my hair into a pixie for the first time and I AM LOVING IT.

Momma Easy says · 07.12.13

HAHA the belly button comment cracked me up. I actually took a series of photos of mine while it was on it’s way out. ( I did a pregnancy journal-blog)

And if you chop your hair…it will grow back….FAST!!

Unknown says · 07.12.13

I just love reading your posts…they are a highlight in my day.

Anyways a couple things:
1) I LOVE the maternity shirt and I have saved the blog post email in my “Pregnancy” folder for future use. Thank you!

2) When you return to NYC this fall, I highly recommend going to Alice’s Tea Cup. It is the most quaint little restaurant. There are about 3 across the city but we went to Chapter II. I have a feeling that you will LOVE it.

Eva-Karin says · 07.12.13

I only eat healthy because I’m “supposed to”…you know being a “grown up” with kids and all. However, I really do like this quinoa recipe. If you make some good guacamole, you won’t even miss the meat! My husband even likes them. http://www.cookingclassy.com/2013/04/quinoa-black-bean-and-corn-tacos/

Bonnie says · 07.12.13

I don’t think you should let the blog or tutorials dictate what you do with your hair. As others have pointed out, ideas for long hair can be found pretty easily; for shorter hair, notsomuch. And, you could always make a star out of a long-haired friend or client if you wanted to do a tutorial.

Whatever you decide, you’ll look great.

Unknown says · 07.12.13

I rarely comment, but I love all the pregnancy talk πŸ™‚ I think you should document it here. I love reading pregnancy updates. I saw that shirt at Destination Maternity last week, and as tempted as I was to buy it, I just couldn’t bring myself to because I have spent SO much money on maternity clothes (I’m 29 weeks with twins). Just wait until you’re to week 30 or so, your belly button is going to look SO weird. Mine is out on the top, but in on the bottom.

kristina elaine says · 07.12.13

You are so adorable! Love it all.
xx http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com

danica + stephen says · 07.12.13

please cut your hair! i’ve been dying to cut mine too so if you did some medium/short length tutorials that would be a dream!

also, i love your iphone case! do tell where you grabbed that!

p.s love your blog, have been following for quite some time…you can say i’m obsessed! you’re an inspiration!


Jessica says · 07.12.13

First off I love the shirt. You are a cutie with your little pooch πŸ™‚ . Im in Georgia and with all this rain my hair just wouldnt do anything. So I took your pic from a long time ago showed it to my stylist made a few adjustments and chopped my hair off. Now that my hair is shorter I cant make all the styles of yours that I use to. Sooo if u decide to do it.. it will be so helpful to have how to’s for shorter hair. Plus I have a 9 month old and her little hands kept getting tangled in my hair. ALSO… I would love updates on your pregnancy. Pregnancy has been one of my most favorite times in my life. You will want to document anyway :)…. Big hugs.

Amy Duff says · 07.12.13

Best piece of advice I was given when expecting a baby…do NOT cut your hair shorter than your shoulders…you will regret it! The face fills out…even Kate Middleton’s face looks fuller, and a shorter due will make you FEEL fuller!

Christina (I'm a Mom...What's Your Excuse?) says · 07.12.13

I love, love, love your blog and because of you I know have nice looking hair styles πŸ™‚

You are one of my favorite things this week for sure!

Kate Behrendt says · 07.13.13

My fiance is determined to shove lots of protein shakes down my throat when I’m pregnant someday – he read somewhere that if you have a lot of protein when you’re pregnant that the baby absorbs the nutrients and is smarter as a result…we’ll see!!

Stevie C says · 07.13.13

We are about to move to an apartment with stairs for the first time since we got our cat… i’m anxious to see how she handles “Everest!”

The VanderLaans says · 07.13.13

Thanks for the link about quinoa prep. It’s the best one I’ve see yet and very informative! I also hope you don’t cut your hair TOO short as I’ve only just discovered your tutorials after having grown my hair out from very short and looking for some new and fun ideas!

Sara says · 07.13.13

A while back you were looking for a good “snack” bar. I love Kind bars, lots of variety and full of protein. They are all natural/no GMO, gluten free, low glycemic, have fiber, low sodium & dairy free. Yes, I copied that from bar! They are delicious and nutrious!

hundredforever says · 07.13.13

Um, where did you get your iPhone cover? I LOVE it!

neil says · 07.14.13

Documenting your weekly progress is a great idea! All the best in your journey to becoming a Mom =)

Katie Derrenbacher says · 07.15.13

You are so cute – I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying it! YES start documenting your pregnancy, it’s fun to look back after you’ve had the baby. Our current daycare provider gave me this book when I was pregnant to help me document everything and I really enjoyed working on it……http://www.amazon.com/The-Belly-Book-Nine-Month-Journal/dp/0307336182/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373855486&sr=8-1&keywords=the+belly+book

Jessica Stolz says · 07.16.13

Hi Kate! I stalk your blog and love, love , love it! I know it’s kind of late to tell you congratulations on your pregnancy, but I haven’t checked your blog in a while. I’ve been busy chasing my 9 month old daughter around. πŸ™‚ CONGRATS!! You’ll be a great mom and I can’t wait to hear about your progres as you go. Being prego is so fun! πŸ˜€

littlekoo says · 07.18.13

I totally know what you mean about the belly button stretching – I’m 26 weeks into a twin pregnancy and mine has almost disappeared! Very strange!

You look great so far, I hope you feel great too and are enjoying your pregnancy πŸ™‚