Side French Braid Bun

Adding Vibrancy to the Everyday

I whipped up this little hairstyle last week when I was going out to dinner with some girls for my friend Allyson’s birthday.

And then I thought to myself, “Hey! New tutorial idea.”

The beauty of this style is you can “finish” it however you would like to. Maybe use my Messy Bun technique for something casual, or you could even try the French Twist technique for something a little bit more sleek. So don’t feel limited based on how I finished it–be creative!

sweater: Old Navy (last season)


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eatgreatbegreat says · 06.10.13

This is such a cute look! I love it! It would be a perfect style to wear to work!

Kelly Bowman says · 06.10.13

This is such a cute hairstyle, Kate! I do have one request, can you do some tutorials using hair extensions sometime? In particular, I want to use them and make a half-updo or a ponytail and not come out looking like a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knock off.

Suzanne S. says · 06.10.13

It looks so beautiful! I love it 🙂 Such a lovely idea for a wedding.
Suzanne from written by suzanne

Kylie Jones says · 06.10.13

I love how you do your hair….its tempting me to chop off my hair to your length its just so long and thick I never know what to do

Anna Laura Visser says · 06.10.13

very nice! I do this hairstyle for a really long time and I even do this for my little sister! it is really lovely! i even do instead of the bun a braid that is also really lovely!

Xx Anna Laura

Kerri Muffin says · 06.10.13

I love this! It’s so cute!
Kerri at HollyMuffin

LoriU says · 06.10.13

Very cute!

Still not able to wear earrings?

Carly says · 06.10.13

I love this, can’t wait to try it!


Reply says · 06.10.13 Reply
Ruth Walker says · 06.10.13

Hi Kate, I have a pixie cut so will have to wait a while to try this style but I saw polka dots and wanted to say I like your jumper! 🙂 Ruth xo

Jessica W says · 06.10.13

I love messy french twists and this is really cute. It’s too bad my pixie cut is still growing out and I just don’t have any hair to work with!

We Are Oceans | a beauty, food, & lifestyle blog

Hannah Elise says · 06.10.13

Very pretty & classy 🙂

DarcyDay says · 06.10.13

So cute! I love this style 🙂 Great post!


hkschulte says · 06.10.13

Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Business of Beauty says · 06.10.13

A beautiful fresh, easy, yet elegant updo. Lovely work. As one pro to another I really appreciate your work and your approach.

Carolyn says · 06.10.13

Lovely look! Simple for everyday, yet a bit glammed up. :]
<3 Carolyn

Afroditi Kat says · 06.10.13

Love this style 🙂 xxx

aboveallrubies says · 06.10.13

I absolutely love your blog! Just stumbled on it today. I cut my own hair but I have long layers – top layer is about top of my ears and my hair comes down to the bottom of my shoulder blades. Do you have any tips on self-hair-cutters?? I have yet to find a video. 🙂 Thanks!

thehighlandslife says · 06.10.13

Love this! I can always use new hairstyles and this is especially perfect to seem put together at the beach where it can make straight hair frizzy from humidity and in your face from wind.

3girls1apple says · 06.10.13

If I could aimlessly do my hair like that, life would be easy. It looks great. Thanks for showing us from 3girls1apple

Missy says · 06.11.13

Hi Kate! Can I please ask you for help? What is the paint color in the stills of this post? I’m with you from last week- love all things grey! But, I’m staring at 4 samples on my wall now that all look blue or purple! I’m having a hard time finding a true grey through and through without wonky undertones! I know paint can be unpredictable, but id love any advice you have! I know it’s not hair related, but thank you!

Heather N says · 06.11.13

So cute, Kate! I wish I could get volume in my hair like you without having to backcomb 🙁 I feel like I’m torturing my hair!

Beauty Banter Blog says · 06.11.13

So cute! Love all your hair styles 🙂

Maddy @

stephen says · 06.11.13

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Hannah says · 06.11.13

I love this hairstyle. Definitely one I’ll have to practice on my sister though. I’m so bad at french braiding my own hair!

Kstylick says · 06.11.13

Love the hairstyle! 🙂 I also love this blog.. maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

You can also like my Facebook page.

Jacque Pinol says · 06.11.13

ok, one of the hand full of hair stylists that cannot french braid….RIGHT HERE!!! I will def watch this more then once!!!

Erica Hartmann says · 06.11.13

Absolutely LOVE this!!!! thanks so much for sharing!


Pascale says · 06.11.13

such a stunning way to do hair! love it!

Miss.Tammy says · 06.11.13

So cute, would be nice for work!

Christine says · 06.11.13

I usually have a really hard time replicating the styles in tutorials, but this one worked so well! It looks great and I can’t wait to actually wear it out in public and not just around the house.

anna Sonata says · 06.11.13

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
@ sewa mobil

WeatherBunny says · 06.11.13

Just tried this with damp hair and it came out really cute. Thanks for another great tutorial!

Steffany @ Spit and Sparkles says · 06.12.13

Beautiful! I hope this works on a little bit shorter hair than yours. Thanks for sharing. And congratulations on your pregnancy! Being a mother is the best job in the world! 🙂

haircaresite says · 06.14.13

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Kimberly Bonham says · 06.18.13

This is so beautiful! I love it!

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Faisal Malik says · 06.24.13

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faisalgrapix says · 07.05.13

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Sarah says · 07.10.13

Whew. Just tried this for the first time — it took me 3 tries to get that ^!#$!@# French braid placed just right (going blind, of course). Didn’t have all the essentials (duck bill clips, enough bobby pins, clear elastic) because I was at work…but I think I pulled it off! Thanks for the great tute, as always!

John E. Vida says · 06.04.20

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