Two Lies and a Truth Answers

What kind of styling tool is best?

Well, turns out I’m a little weirder than you all expected because nobody answered every question correctly.

Don’t feel too bad about yourself though, it was a toughie one.*
*do you watch The Voice? Did you notice when Shakira said “it’s a toughie one” ? Justin and I died laughing because she was so cute about getting it wrong.

And now: The Explanations.

The correct answers are in purple!

1. As a child, I wore a watch and thought:
a. a small ant worked inside of it and would turn the dials. I would leave crumbs for him at the dinner table, and remove my watch, so he could eat.
Yes, unfortunately this is true. I couldn’t figure out how the watch could possibly work without having something in there turning it. This also reminds me that I thought an Abe Lincoln-sized man stood in stop light poles and would switch the lights when it was time. 
Ironically, I did NOT think that the people on tv were within it. It was just my watch and stop lights that I got hung up on. 
b. the time would only change if I looked at it. So, anytime I wouldn’t be looking at my watch, it would just remain on the time when I previously looked at it.
c. when my watch died it would also be when I died

2. The pet I most wanted when I was in elementary school was:
a. a kitten named “baby kate”
b. a monkey named “crumbs”
I longed for a monkey and loved the name “crumbs” for it. Later in life, my sister said she wanted an animal and wanted to name it “crumbs” too–and when I told her I was the first one with this idea she denied it with every bone in her body. #tinyposer
c. a giraffe named “affey”

3. When I grew up I wanted to be:
a. a zoo-keeper
This should not be a shocker and I’m disappointed in everyone who didn’t get this correct.
I’m just joking, I threw teacher and writer in there to throw you off. But I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and thought it would be pretty cool to work at a Zoo.
b. a teacher
c. a writer

4. In high school, I was on:
a. the pep club squad
b. the yearbook team
c. the cheerleading squad
Go Tigers Go! Ah, my cheerleading history was not lengthy. In fact, I only cheered for high school for 1 year and a small portion of my senior year (I quit because beauty school took more time than anticipated). I didn’t have a lot of friends on the squad, but I liked the social aspect of it.

5. In college, the odd job I had was:
a. computer room assistant
b. radio dj
That’s right folks, you’re listening to 101.6 The Flying Dutchman radio! My friend Cas and I had a small radio spot of 2 hours from, like, 3-5p on the college radio channel. It did not pay in cash, but it did pay in laughter. We would host trivia challenges and the prizes would be stickers. Cas hated all of my music, but I hated all of hers so it was even. I’m pretty sure I got mad at her for not liking my tunes at one point, but I now realize that my typical song choice is not universally pleasing. 
It was a lot of fun, and we both felt pretty cool doing our radio voice.
c. operator of the shuttle bus line AKA “the drunk people picker-uper”

6. In college, a classmate once told me:
a. I looked like a modern day dolly parton
b. I looked like a modern day june cleaver
This was a weird moment. I didn’t know what to do with that information, but for some reason I never forgot that this kid said that.
c. I looked like a modern day lucille ball

7. As a child, I thought I could be on a talent show because:
a. I was double jointed in my thumbs
b. My veins in my right arm are so visible I could stop blood flow by pressing on my arm and then watch it continue as I let go
c. I had the little dipper laid out in freckles on my back
My mom would “tickle my back” as a child which was more along the lines of a light back scratch and at some point I believe she pointed out that I had the pattern of the little dipper made with freckles. I thought I was a child star in the making! Just imagine the things I can do with this feature!!!! I was sure that I’d be a hit on a game show for my “secret talent” but I never pursued it. 
Then, one day, I was watching a show and a girl came out with a big dipper on her back in freckles. Once I recovered from this life shattering event, I realized that I was better off keeping my skill to myself and letting her shine.
*there is no skill in freckles forming a pattern, don’t be confused. 

8. As a young adult, I was convinced that I once saw:
a. an alien
b. a green ufo
I remember standing in my closet, on my step, to see out of my window. And suddenly, across the street, very high in the air. . .I saw it. A green ufo flew through the sky. My heart started pounding and I’m sure I ran and told my mom or brother and they did not believe me. They knew I was, ahem, a creative child. 
I still have no idea what that was, but I distinctly remember seeing it. 
c. an asteroid come flying toward the earth

9. In college, I considered this major before settling on philosophy:
a. education
Truthfully, I went through just about every major before settling on philosophy because I couldn’t imagine doing anything but hair. In hindsight, a business or marketing degree would have been valuable, but hey–philosophy is cool too er whatever.
Teaching seemed like a good option since I enjoy teaching people things, but I quickly realized I pretty much only enjoy teaching hair-related things so a career teaching english may not be very fulfilling.
b. spanish
c. political science

10. Up until what age did I believe that “sniping” was a real thing?
a. 11
b. 16
c. 25
I used to always believe everything I heard, and this was true with sniping, or snipe hunting. My uncle Jeff took my brother and I out into his yard to snipe one evening. He brought a paper lunch bag, and the three of us laid on the grass, doing some sort of call to attract the snipes. At one point, a snipe ran so fast into my uncles’ paper bag that he tore a hole right through the back of it! Can you believe it? I sure did. For many years. 
If no one tells you otherwise, don’t you just continue believing? I’m fairly certain I learned of this “practical joke that everyone but Kate knows” just last year.  I was both disappointed to learn the truth, and slightly embarrassed.
But you can be sure that I’ll have Justin take our kids sniping. 

So that’s it! Those are the answers. 

The winner, who received an 80% score first (so the first, highest score) is Steph Frank! Steph, check your email!

It was fun to see what some of you answered, so thanks to everyone who participated! 


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Susan Jeffries says · 05.24.13

That just mad me love you even more. Although you are simply stunning and very talented, you are real and true to who you are. You are a great example for women of all ages. My tween loves to do hair and I show her your vlogs all of the time. She has tried a few of your styles. She is a lovely person – much like you. Be blessed and thanks for the laugh today. Susan

Michelle Hypki says · 05.24.13

Kate, I used to think there was a very tall, very SKINNY, almost cartoon-like man inside all the traffic light poles too! It was his job to change the lights! LOL!

chantelle says · 05.24.13

Take the June Cleaver comment as a compliment! Sweet, classy and a great cook 🙂 actually I am not sure about the cook thing, I am too young to have watched Leave it to Beaver…but I assume she was. And besides anyone who would name their child “Beaver Cleaver” gets some major humor points!

chantelle says · 05.24.13

Just don’t follow in her child naming footsteps 😉

Anne-Marie says · 05.24.13

i have the little dipper on my face in the beauty mark sort of freckles! we should start a triangle support group!

Natalie says · 05.24.13

I have one too in the crook of my right elbow. I’m in!

Tara says · 05.24.13

Flying Dutchman?! Where did you go to college? Hope???

Jennifer says · 05.24.13

When I was quite little, I thought that the holes in your ears for earrings just grew there themselves! I had a friend with earrings and I would ask her and her sisters…”do I have the holes now???” over and over again.

Amanda Joy says · 05.24.13

I bet the stories you have from that odd job are the best!

dressesforjulie says · 05.24.13

I love this so much. Hilarious!

Emily Heizer Photography says · 05.24.13

Wait, what’s sniping? I’ve never heard of it. And what’s the hole in the bag from? Is it some kind of animal??? What??? I thought you were talking about snipers… I’m so confused!

Kalie says · 05.24.13

I love that someone else was taken sniping! I thought this was only a redneck tradition! I still remember my cousins taking me out for the first time, and all the crazy lies they told me about Snipe Hunting. Glad to know my family isn’t the only ones who do this!

Meredith says · 05.24.13

What the heck is sniping? I tried googling it but I can’t get any answers!

Kim says · 05.24.13

When I was little I thought there were smurfs under my bed and if I let me hands hang in between the headboard and the mattress, they would climb up there and nibble my fingers. Scared me to go to bed!! I guess we are all a little weird 🙂

Kori says · 05.24.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kori says · 05.24.13

When I was little I thought the foam in the water at the beach was dish soap and that there was a huge drain with a plug (like the old school ones on the beaded chain) that someone (that part was never clear…who was that big?!) pulled it every night and then the ocean got filled back up in the morning. I also thought that the ocean got deep RIGHT away, like two steps in and BAM! water 100s of feet deep!!

Chloe West says · 05.24.13

I love this! I thought there were little people in stoplights, too. I also thought there were little people in the lunchroom tables at school because anytime I put my ear to it, there was always noise coming from inside. Also, one time I asked my mom why there were reflectors in the road, and she told me so that the fire trucks could see. So now that always comes to mind whenever I think about reflectors.

Dana says · 05.25.13

Being told you look like June Cleaver is far superior to being told your eyes are the color of diarrhea. Nice, right? I have to agree with you…those awkward “observations” are definitely hard to forget!!

IneseMaria says · 05.25.13

PLEASE, what is sniping? Tell us more!

Meredith says · 05.25.13

After doing more searching, I found out that sniping is when people take kids searching for imaginary birds that don’t exist. The kids are told to make sounds, yell for them, etc. but the bird doesn’t exist. It’s a practical joke. Sounds like fun, you learn something new everyday! Here is a link:

Lindsey says · 05.25.13

In my neck of the woods, snipe hunting is where you go out into the woods to catch a little fictitious bird called a snipe… But the key to snipe hunting is “forgetting” something in your car, and going back to get it so you can leave your snipe hunting guests out in the woods to find their way back! When I was a teen I was begging my parents to let me go snipe hunting with an older boy (I only knew about the part where you catch these little birds) and a waitress walked by our table and intervened. She sat down and told us part two of snipe hunting so my parents wouldn’t allow me to go.

Raffaella says · 07.10.14

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bradandsadie says · 05.26.13

I always thought that the lines in the middle of the road depended on how much paint they had, two solid yellow lines = lots of paint. One solid and one dashed = okay amount of paint and one dashed line then they were getting pretty low on paint! Bahaha

Miss ALK says · 05.27.13

This was an awesome post and I really enjoyed learning more about you! You may have inspired me to do a post like that on my blog! 🙂

xoxo Miss ALK

Dorothy Wu says · 05.27.13

i pretty much won this competition…in my head.

Kerri says · 05.29.13

I am so glad to know that someone else has seen that green UFO thing! I’ve seen it twice- while we were camping one night and one night out watching the stars (country girl here)- and NOBODY else saw it or believed me! Now I’m very curious.

T says · 06.02.13

I thought I was the only one! I have the little dipper on my arm. Apparently neither that, nor my dancing skills, are worthy of any sort of talent show award ribbons.

Glass Slipper Gourmet says · 06.03.13

best post ever in the history of ever! And the replies…! just as entertaining! 🙂
When i was a kid i thought the earth…or something?…made a speific sound at certain times of the day to tell me what time it was. :/

Turns out it was the single engine planes flying overhead… we lived a mile or so from a small airport and the planes make this looonnggg chattering/backfiring kind of sound). I have NO IDEA why i thought it was the earth and had anything to do with the time of day. weird kid.

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