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I’ve seen a few different versions of this little bow hairstyle on Pinterest, but I like it most on half up hair. You avoid the “minnie mouse” look that may happen if you wear your hair all up in a bow. 
The longer your hair is, the easier time you’ll have making the bow. However, mine is mid-length with a lot of layering, so a few bobby pins were all I needed to keep everything in control.
You can start with any texture of hair, straight or curly. All you need are a few bobby pins and a clear elastic or two. I only use 1 clear elastic, but if your hair is heavy or you need a stronger “hold”, use two elastics. 

top: j. crew factory (similar shape/material), nails: neo whimsical, lips: Albeit in Peony


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Valeska M says · 04.15.13

So adorable!!! I will try this when I have a bit more time. Unfortunately doing my hair is not my greatest skill.

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Carly says · 04.15.13 Reply
eatgreatbegreat says · 04.15.13

This is so cute and looks so easy to do!!

Traci says · 04.15.13

So when you grab that section for the middle part of the bow, what did you do with all the length? It seems like it just disappeared… Thanks! 🙂

Kate says · 04.15.13

You tuck it under the bow and pin it!

Crystal Sargent @DearBlondie says · 04.17.13

Kate…when you pin down with bobby pins, does the wavy side of the boppy pin face up or face down towards the head? I’ve always wondered this for the best hold!

Sinem says · 04.15.13

so chic and sweet’

dustyroadblog.com says · 04.15.13

So CUTE!! I am going to need to practice to get this one nailed down (I’m not very talented at styling my hair)!!
~ Kimberley

Mandy says · 04.15.13

SO SO SO cute! I can’t wait to try this today!!

Leila xoxo says · 04.15.13

This is amazing I’m dying my hair today and going to try this out sooooo cute thanks for the tutorial 🙂
Leila xx
P.s I’m following you follow back?xx

Sequin Doll says · 04.15.13

This is MUCH cuter than a lot of the ones on pinterest. Some of them do look very Minnie Mouse like/remind me of Japanese street style…


McKenna Ryan says · 04.15.13

I love this! You always have such gorgeous hair styles! xx. McKenna Lou
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Jackie says · 04.15.13

Cute! I wish my hair were longer so I could do this!

mahoganybacon.com says · 04.15.13

I love how easy your hair tutorials are – totally changed the way I style my own hair in the mornings. I’ve definitely become a lot more creative. Thank you for these!

Alison V says · 04.15.13

Love love love this! I am always putting my hair half up in some way, so this is a fun way to switch things up! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 Do you think it matters if your hair is quite long?

Amber King says · 04.15.13 Reply
Jess says · 04.15.13

A bow! So cute. You have a real talent 🙂

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chicsmarts says · 04.15.13

So lovely! Thanks for sharing. And if you have any experience or tips on using/not using clip-in extensions, I’d love to hear…

Kayla Gilbert says · 04.15.13

oh my gosh! That is so adorable! I love it!! : )


Melanie Miller says · 04.15.13

This is so cute! I’ll have to try this after I master the French fishtail braid:)

Kat McEachern says · 04.15.13

How adorable!! Love it!! Yes, I know what you mean about the ‘minnie mouse’ look. I’ve been trying to think what that hairstyle reminds me of and that is EXACTLY it – Minnie Mouse!!

Thanks for sharing!

Would love for you to stop by my blog!



Jenny Lindner says · 04.15.13

I agree I love this style on half up/ half down hair! Very cute!
Side note… Have you ever heard that you resemble Megan Hilty from SMASH?
I think you are both gorgeous girls!

spanishkitchenette says · 04.15.13

Love the easy hairdos you teach us!

Becki Vieira says · 04.15.13

Your tutorials are amazing!

Carla says · 04.15.13

That is fun and cute. Thanks for sharing!

kristinwithani says · 04.15.13

This is like a Kate Spade hair style! Love it.

Djsmommy2010 says · 04.16.13

I’ve seen these bow styles before on pinterest, but didn’t like them because they looked so…I don’t know…heavy? But the way you’ve done it half way up with a little bow looks so subtle and cute. I think I might try this.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims says · 04.16.13

i think this is the cutest tutorial you’ve ever done! gah! i love it!! 🙂

Unknown says · 04.16.13

Hi Kate,

If you are looking for ideas on hair tutorials, can you do a tutorial on a pouffy ponytail – kind of like the beehive pouf plus ponytail? Thanks!

Gemma Chew says · 04.16.13


Lindsey says · 04.16.13

MUCH better than any of the ones on Pinterest!

Julie says · 04.17.13

This is a-dorable! Looks much easier and lighter than the versions I’ve seen before.

amandagajdosik says · 04.17.13

stop it! you’re too adorable!

girlwithspecks says · 04.18.13

This is such a lovely hairstyle and I love that you can do this on any length hair! xoxo

Jenna says · 05.08.13

thank-you for another AMAZING, cute and simple hair tutorial.

Kutkut Pusa says · 05.13.13

I’ll try this. Love it 🙂

Elyse E says · 05.15.13

Absolutely lovely!
I have to try it 🙂

Cutis Medical says · 06.04.13

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Steph says · 06.20.13

Just tried this about three times. 🙂 Got it so that I’m somewhat satisfied…Still not quite as cute and well-put-together as yours, but good enough. I am really a novice at actual hairstyles, so that’s not surprising. Will keep trying! My biggest hairstlying difficulty is curling irons. Me + curling iron = useless.

Steph says · 06.20.13

Just tried this about three times. 🙂 Got it so that I’m somewhat satisfied…Still not quite as cute and well-put-together as yours, but good enough. I am really a novice at actual hairstyles, so that’s not surprising. Will keep trying! My biggest hairstlying difficulty is curling irons. Me + curling iron = useless.

Dinesh Verma says · 06.25.13

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Running Betty says · 12.10.13

My daughter did this for homecoming and it looked beautiful! Her dress was silver and she didn’t want to add color with a hair accessory, but she loves bows. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151913907870923&set=a.10151913907745923.1073741834.742810922&type=3&theater

Ellie Schlauger says · 04.13.14

This is so cute. I love this style and your whole look!

Ashley says · 05.21.14

Wow, I sort of tried it. And it turned out well. It took me like 30 minutes. I have a question. I have very thick hair, and I can’t take out my elastics with out my hair getting trapped in the elastics. What can I use best to easily take out the elastics with out pulling my hair out?

Claire says · 11.23.14

Use elastics that are not rubber. Use the Goody kind.

India Edwards says · 06.01.14

I love your tutorials they are really easy to follow 🙂
I really like this hairstyle 🙂

Claire says · 11.23.14
Jessica says · 09.20.14

I ribbon curled my hair today and I just gave this a second (and third!) try and finally got It to work! Third time was the charm for me and I’m determined that this is going to be my diy wedding hair. After the success I had today I’m sure this is it.

Thanks so much for making this easy to follow, it always looked so difficult. 🙂

Claire says · 11.23.14

OMG! Thank you! I have 2 do that tomorrow for school!