March Birchbox

ipad case giveaway!

This was a fun Birchbox month!

The Whish shave cream is fantastic. I usually don’t buy shave cream, mostly because my razor is surrounded by softening bars, but it was a nice change to use shave cream!

The Make eyeshadow color is beautiful. I love wearing a really pale, slightly shimmery color on my brow bone, and this is a perfect color.

The Make face primer is a little dark for my taste, but I love keeping spare samples around and sharing them with my friends.

I haven’t tried the Sulfate-free shampoo yet, but I’m planning on doing a post about sulfate-free shampoos soon!

Oh, and the Madewell nail file? Went straight into my purse. It comes in a nice little sleeve so it won’t “file” all your purse contents away.

Any questions about Birchbox? Click here!

Did you miss my post about the best Birchbox of all time? It was actually a year ago this month. Click here!


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Amy Kelly says · 03.20.13

I really loved my Birchbox this month as well! I thought the Madewell file was so flippin’ cute and I love that they thought to include a sleeve. I agree though, that the Teen Vogue Birchbox still holds the spot for best Birchbox of all time. (If only every month could be so impressive.)

Amy Earl says · 03.20.13

I got the primer as well, but it wasn’t dark, more of a white lotion. It didn’t feel like most primers that I’ve used, so I didn’t think I would like it, but I loved it! My Bareminerals lasted much longer than usual, and it kept my skin less oily than usual. I’ve already ordered it (yay for Birchbox points! Free!).

Rebecca says · 03.20.13

I received the shaving cream, and I’ve already used it all up. It smelled so, so good!!

I can’t wait for your post about sulfate-free shampoos. I just happened to try a sulfate-free shampoo and loved it. I didn’t realize my scalp was so itchy until it stopped being itchy while I was using that shampoo… if that makes sense.

Mallory says · 03.20.13

I really enjoyed my box this month too! Didn’t get the shampoo, so I am interested to hear your thoughts about sulfate-free shampoo. And I totally agree that the Teen Vogue box was the best box they’ve ever done! xo

Kalen says · 03.20.13

I got the shaving cream too and did not like it at all! It clogged up my razor and to me was just a barrier between my legs and razor (I never use shaving cream either). Threw it away immediately. Maybe I didn’t get it sudsy enough? Who knows…there’s only so many ways you can apply shaving cream!

I loved the Make Primer-mine came out white!

Kristen Prusak says · 03.20.13

The only thing I got the same as you is the nail file and the shampoo! I think it’s so funny how different boxes can be. I got a lot of skin treatment stuff this box – spot treatment, BB cream and enzyme facial rejuvinator.

I tried the shampoo last night though and I wasn’t too sure of it because of the lack of lather (since it’s sulfate free) but my hair looks and feels great today so I might be buying a full size one!

April Morgan says · 03.20.13

My box was different than yours! I got the shaving cream as well and I have yet to try it… implications please! I didn’t get the eyeshadow and I am kinda bummed about that because I would like to try it. However I did get the nail file and it went directly into my purse as well. I got a tinted moisturizer by youngblood and loved it!!! It was just the right amount of color to go under my regular mineral foundation and it made my skin look so soft and smooth. I also got a headband by twistband and it gripped my hair and made it stay in place with out being so tight that it cut off bloodflow to my brain! Also I got a blemish serum by evologie that I tried on my chin for one night and woke up with red, irritated eyes and decided it was too strong for me! This was my first box and I am looking forward to many more. Thanks for sharing!

Jen G says · 03.20.13

Just curious. When did your birchbox arrive? I signed up a week or two ago and I’m wondering if Ill get this one. Since I’ve already been charged the $10, I hope so!

Allie Marino says · 03.20.13

I haven’t tried my shaving cream yet (I keep forgetting to use it because I generally don’t use shaving cream either)- but I am glad to know you liked it. The only other thing I got that I was excited about was a dry shampoo…unfortunately it just did not work. It made my hair very sticky- almost felt like a combo of dry shampoo and hair spray 🙁


Tracie says · 03.20.13

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on sulfate free shampoo! My stylist started me on it but my neck broke out like crazy and then cleared up as soon as I stopped using it.

Amber King says · 03.20.13

I have always pondered signing up for Birchbox, do you think the samples they send are a good size? That madewell file needs to be in my purse.

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Ponies and Pearls says · 03.20.13

I love Birchbox! This month’s box wasn’t my favorite, but there’s always next month. Loved the emery board and it’s carrying case, too. I’m starting a Birchbox link up on my blog. Link up, if you’d like!

Kodi Jensen says · 03.20.13

The more I see of Birchbox the more I want to subscribe.
grey et al

Wunderwoman says · 03.20.13

I cancelled my Birchbox…..tired of bad boxes. Glad you like yours though!

Jessica Roth says · 03.20.13

I really liked the primer, but I got a super dark brown eye shadow…not my favorite, but that’s ok. And yes, the file is amazing!

Lauren @Simply With A Smile says · 03.20.13

Always looking for a good brow bone color!

Nicole says · 03.20.13

a friend of mine got the exact same Birchbox. Everything is the same! Too funny!

natsimone says · 03.20.13

I just discovered your blog and I am absolutely HOOKED!!

Brittany says · 03.20.13

I’m curious how you have your profile filled out. I get a lot of skin care products in my boxes ( and lots of twistbands) but no makeup.

Winna says · 03.20.13

Sort of unrelated – but, is there an all over body lotion type sunscreen that you recommend? Something that can be used like an all over body lotion but not heavy, greasy and smelly like true sunscreen? There are tons of facial sunscreens and make-up with sunscreen in it. I can’t find something decent for all other areas without using actual sunscreen!

Stacy says · 03.20.13

I was okay with the box this month. I, too, received the shaving cream. I pretty much hated it. It left me with razor burn, a not near close enough shave, and I thought the smell was noxious. I use a really good razor so I’m not sure what happened, oh well, just goes in the “not” pile. I received a BB cream that so far I have loved as well as a three pack of lotion samples that smell heavenly. The dry shampoo was okay. It really leaves a lot of residue so it’s probably not worth it for me; I’ll just continue to use cornstarch as a dry shampoo, it works better than any shampoo I’ve ever purchased.

Kacie Jackson says · 03.20.13

I got Benetint by Benefit, La Fresh face cleanser, dry shampoo, the shave cream and nail file in mine. I wish I had gotten the eyeshadow, it looks like something I would use on my brow line – like you plan on doing.

Michelle (michabella) says · 03.20.13

Def anticipating the sulfate free shampoo post!!!

Kristina says · 03.21.13

I haven’t tried the shave cream yet but now I’ll have to. My box also had some of those nail stickers – I thought they were odd at first but I’ve gotten so many compliments on them!


Kristina does the Internets

Ragan Burkley says · 03.21.13

I love all of your makeup posts!! The other day I went to Ulta and tried out the Stila smudge crayon in smoke and LOVED it so I bought it, and now it’s one of my new favorite beauty items. Thanks for all of the product recommendations! I’m really trying to branch out and make my personal style a little more age-appropriate (turning 30 this year!) and I know that I can always count on you for classy advice and direction. I’m a regular visitor to your blog and it makes my day to read your new posts!

Jessica Estrella says · 03.21.13

those are some nice goodies! I am signed up with ipsy but this is making me second guess myself!!

Jill says · 03.21.13

This looks like a great BB. I cancelled mine about 6 months ago and signed up with ipsy/Glambag but this makes me, too, second guess myself!

Katy says · 03.22.13

I just switched my shampoo to the Paul Mitchell sulfate free Awhapui shampoo and I’m in love! My hair feels cleaner longer, has more body and bounce and dries faster. If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe says · 03.22.13

I cancelled my Birchbox subscription…just not feeling it at all. The shaving cream was nice though!

Caroline says · 03.22.13

Just signed up for Birchbox because it seems like a very reasonable price and what fun to get a package every month. I credited you with a referral for the subscription so hopefully you will get something fun for it! I keep meaning to introduce myself at Summit Cary because I see you there often but I’m usually running to serve in the Toddler class.

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