Lavender Love

Low Chignon Hair Tutorial
I was checking out the new arrivals at Kate Spade and my eye was drawn to this look. I liked the simplicity of the color palette and the texture in the skirt was interesting too.

I used it as inspiration for pulling together a sorta/kinda/it’s a stretch/similar outfit from items I already own. 

I threw tights on too because, well, it’s still winter folks. And my legs are telling the story.

skirt: Francescas
top: J.Crew, similar
shoes: similar <–closest I’ve ever found to the ones I wear!

The only jewelry I accessorized with are these posts from Loft

They are the kind of earrings that make you want to pull your hair behind your ears.
Where do you look for outfit inspiration (other than Pinterest, of course)?


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Tasha Lee says · 02.12.13

I love that you and your sister both mentioned Kate Spade today! Too funny! I love looking around to different bloggers who have a similar style (and budget). Polyvore is also a great sight to look through all the inspiration boards!

Kate says · 02.12.13

I know! unplanned!

Alissa says · 02.12.13

I am obsessed with her new collection!

Michelle says · 02.12.13

Can I recommend that you try that outfit with the top tucked in and a lighter legging. Maybe a pattern nylon….

Kate says · 02.12.13

I tried the shirt tucked in, but it felt too “teacup” like. The skirt is a bell shape. And a lighter nylon may have been better, but I didn’t have any. 🙂

April M says · 02.12.13

I agree, tuck in that shirt! 🙂

Atlanta, Food and Love says · 02.13.13

Agree, right now the end of the shirt is hitting your body at the widest point making you look even wider. Tuck it in and it will be much, much more flattering! But I love the look!

Sarah says · 02.14.13

Agree, tucked in!

Amy says · 02.12.13

Love the inspiration Kate, your skirt is almost a dead ringer!

Karen Kane Giveaway up!

Carly says · 02.12.13

Love the skirt, it’s adorable!

I always flip through magazines, and of course my favorite blogs!


Adrienne says · 02.12.13

So flippin’ gorgeous!!!!

I so love the lavendar and that skirt!! ::swoon::

I look on blogs for outfit inspiration 😉
And Anthro.

I love their quirkiness.

Thagnas says · 02.12.13

They should bring back the show on E (or whatever channel) “The Look for Less” and have you be the new host. Of course then you’d have to move and wouldn’t be able to save me from my hair…

Nichole says · 02.12.13

I like to look at Kendi Everyday blog, J’s Everyday Fashion blog, magazines, pinterest, and of course you!

pretty little things says · 02.12.13

you look adorable! that is such a pretty color of purple on you! xo

SH says · 02.12.13

Love lavender!! I’m in love with pastels right now for Spring.

The Hartungs Blog

Filiz @ Light and Sweet says · 02.12.13

Really love the lavender! A much more realistic and casual take on the outfit, but still very cute. And yes, stockings/tights are a MUST!
Light & Sweet

Filiz @ Light and Sweet says · 02.12.13

Whoops… try this 😉
Light & Sweet

{Hi Sugarplum!} says · 02.12.13

You look great, Kate! I love dressing for winter and wearing tights, but so often they totally train-wreck an outfit…love the color you chose!

Angela says · 02.12.13

I have a pair of shoes that are similar to yours. I noticed there is a small gap between your heel and the shoe. Is there a way you keep your heels from slipping out? Mine come out all the time while walking.

Kate says · 02.12.13

I inserted the heel pads in the back when my shoes are too loose. You can find them at any drug store!

Tonya @ Love of Family And Home says · 02.12.13

Super cute!! Love this look!

ktlady119 says · 02.12.13

omg! i’m drooling like crazy over new kate spade line!! I love all the bow studs, bracelets and rings!! Love the outfit! xoxo

ktlady119 says · 02.12.13

Kate, I know its winter right now and most of the time you wear tights, but do you wear liner socks in your wedges at all when it gets warmer? I have several cute flats that I’ve tried every brand under the sun of no show socks, but you can still see them on the sides of my flats or they are cut too high in front and show. If so what brand do you like? Thanks!

Lacey O. says · 02.12.13

You and your sister have both gotten me hooked on Kate Spade, thank you! My wallet does not thank you however 🙂


Deva says · 02.12.13

Super adorable – I love your shoes!

Emily says · 02.12.13

What a cute outfit! I’m drooling over your nail color! What is it?

Jen @ Bungalov says · 02.12.13

Have the same J.Crew shirt in burgundy. It is one of my fav shirts to wear. Love the lavender tho!

Annie Luhmann says · 02.12.13

Umm… you and your sister is where I get inspiration from! 🙂

Lexi says · 02.12.13

For the best inspirations, I visit three blogs.

Your sister>>
and Olivia Howard’s fashion blog>>

Magda Pomichowski says · 02.12.13

Cute look! I need to start pulling inspiration from your blog for my outfits, you do a great job. On a side note, I am sure you have heard this before but you look like Mary Elizabeth Ellis.


ajl2870 says · 02.12.13

I absolutely love this skirt! It has texture without being too heavy/bulky. Also, I am obsessed with the lipstick color.
I find inspiration for my outfits from my sister and friends! When I am shopping or picking out outfits, I am sometimes drawn to pieces that I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, because it looks like something my sister would pick.

As usual, your hair looks fabulous! (so jealous!)


Annika says · 02.12.13

Wow Kate, you certainly have lost some weight, haven´t you?

Looking sweet!

20-something says · 02.12.13

Love your blog and your sisters’ as well – totally has me wishing I had a sister to share clothes, beauty tips, makeup, etc with!

I love that you both put where you got your outfit pieces from – I’m thinking you both should also put the nail polish color you are wearing as well since I always see tons of questions about it in the comment section of your blog as well as Lauren’s. Just a suggestion!

Ashley Rane Sparks says · 02.12.13

Cute outfit!

I always look at the Jcrew catalog lots of times over for inspiration. I would love it if I could just go to the store and buy all the outfits pre done but it’s just not going to happen. It is a great place for inspiration though!

Your outfits are inspiring too! Keep it up!

Ashley Rane Sparks

Kristina says · 02.13.13

That purple looks great on you!!


Kristina does the Internets

hjoyspig says · 02.13.13

Kate, Question. I think the shoes you are wearing are from Target? I have some just like it but can’t seem to keep them on my feet without slipping! Especially with the tights. Do you wear some sort of grip inserts?

mohammad ahad says · 02.13.13

Yeah! What a great blog you have published. I like it and i will share it to others.

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Jamie @ Polish, Please! says · 02.13.13

You are simply lovely!!!

Sarah says · 02.14.13

Btw your hair and makeup look aMAZing!

ohyouoflittlefaith says · 02.26.13

Your posts are the best! I love learning from you!!
This even led to me purchasing some amazing earrings from your mom on etsy!!!
If you ever have time– I’d love for you join our link up party with a “Don’t Waste Your Style Post” all about fashion on a budget!!
Check mine out here! 🙂

Bethany Sloan says · 02.27.13

Kate, I am so excited I just had to tell you–I’ve been dreaming about those earrings ever since this post (and the pics of your beautiful chignon!)… Hubby wanted me to wait cause it wasn’t “in the budget” (loving submissive sigh…) 😉 and then what do you know–I got a birthday postcard from the Loft! Yay!! How did they know?!? Well this morning I checked online to find them at a nearby store, and saw that they were ON SALE!! $19.99 plus 30% off at checkout… My nearest Loft had ONE pair left (hiding!), so I packed my little girl in the car and we were off. With the sale combined with the $15 birthday gift, I walked away with them FREE!!! They went straight into my ears and I’ve been smiling ever since. What a sweet little reminder from the Lord that He knows our hearts (even our silly desires) and blesses our patience. 🙂

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