the loop updo hair tutorial

a *Better Life* Bag.
This easy updo is great for a quick, but interesting, style. As long as your hair is near your collarbone or longer, you should be able to recreate this simple hairstyle!
It may be easier with straight hair, since you won’t have to deal with curls “poking out”.
Any questions about my favorite products? Find answers here!
loop updo


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Chris says · 01.07.13

Absolutely love this!

Lex LB says · 01.07.13

This looks so cute!! Looks a little tight but I love it!

fitandfashion says · 01.07.13

What a cute and elegant updo. I always LOVE your tutorials. They are simple enough that I can follow and elegant enough that I get lots of compliments 🙂

Maria says · 01.07.13

Ooh, this is great and simple enough that I’ll actually be able to recreate it.
xo, Maria

PixieSam says · 01.07.13

What a pretty style. My hair isn’t quite long enough for this yet, but I can’t wait until it is!

Michelle Rodgers says · 01.07.13

L.O.V.E. will be doing this tomorrow!!

Diane Roark says · 01.07.13

I found your website through Pinterest. I signed up to take your class. I also signed up to receive e-mail updates. You have a great looking blog. Blessings to you and your great blog this year! Diane Roark http://www.recipesforourdailybread Visit anytime.

Kate says · 01.07.13

thanks Diane!

Marianne B. says · 01.07.13

Kate—What class? Are you offering hair/makeup classes online? I don’t see anything on the mobile or full site—did I miss it? I love your blog & tutorials & if It wouldn’t be too much would love to see a couple of Mad Men inspired styles. My friends/neighbors are planning a premier party in March and I’m sure your interpretations would be inspired.


Kate says · 01.07.13

It’s a class on growing your blog with Pinterest! Here is the link :

I’d love to do a makeup/ hair class one day! we’ll see!

still being [molly] says · 01.07.13

LOVE this, kate!! so beautiful and classic! 🙂

Nana Trae says · 01.07.13

Pretty not to mention very quick and easy! Thanks again! <3

Applebypie says · 01.07.13

Another great style – will try this as my hair is straight and I don’t tend to curl it everyday.

LoveCaroline says · 01.07.13

Love this hair style! Looks super cute, and I am definintly going to have to try it soon!
Love following your blog!


Michelle's Musings says · 01.07.13

Adorable! I cannot wait to try it. Also, I love those earrings!

Unknown says · 01.07.13

thanks for the video…love it!!!


Annika says · 01.07.13

Wow, you look JUST like your sister on the second last photo!


Kate says · 01.07.13

thanks! 🙂

JKje says · 01.07.13

Gosh, you’re cute 🙂

Kierston Wilson says · 01.07.13

Such a great easy up-do. I can totally do this! (:


Taylor Campbell says · 01.07.13

Those earrings are amazing.

Kelly says · 01.07.13

I love it! I am having dinner with a friend tonight and am going to try to do this to my hair!

Danielle says · 01.08.13

Thanks so much for another tutorial! I especially like that this one can be done with straight hair!

Kristina says · 01.08.13

Is there any other type of hairspray you can recommend that does not have as strong of a smell as Kenra? I absolutely cannot use Kenra. My stylist has used tiny amounts on my hair and it gives me an instant headache. Thanks! Loving your blog!

SH says · 01.08.13

This is adorable!

redpeeptoepumps says · 01.08.13

YAY! A straight hair tutorial! I have pin-straight, thick, and heavy hair. It takes an hour with a curling iron to get any kind of kink in my hair, and it’s guaranteed to be gone without two hours. It’s not exactly helping me stay on trend. 🙂 But, this is adorable, and something I could totally do! Love!

Melissa says · 01.08.13

Hi Kate! I tried this style today. LOVE IT. It was quick and easy. Thank you for sharing.

Audra says · 01.09.13

I love this and am so glad you are doing some straight hair tutorials!

Aunt Cookie says · 01.09.13

This is a new favorite. Why? Because I can wear my hair in a regular ponytail all day while chasing my toddler around and then pull this style out for a night out with the hubby and no one will see a telltale ponytail line! Thanks!

Dorothy says · 01.10.13

I think I’m blind but where are the links to the tutorials?

Becki says · 01.11.13

I LOVE your hair tutorials! Ever since I stumbled upon your blog, I’ve been using some of these for my own hair when I feel like “switching it up.” I did my own hair for my wedding, and I used your “Twisted Updo” for it. I have to admit, I thought it turned out great! If it wasn’t for these, I’d have pretty boring hair. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Alisha says · 01.12.13

I love your blog! It is just adorable! I was wondering if you could tell me what the font you use to write “Product & Tool Essentials for this look:”? I just love it! Thank you so much!

workboy53 says · 01.14.13

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chiropractors nj says · 05.16.13

These are really cute. It would be my luck that I wouldn’t get it to look that cute when I try to throw it up there. | hair salons in new jersey

Sarah says · 06.24.13

did this updo for a job interview today! loved it 🙂 thank you for sharing!!!

Emily says · 11.10.14

Very cute looking. I’m what you could call a hair beginer. This LOOKED easy enough. But I just couldn’t figure out what to do with the hairs sticking out from the bottom of my pony tail. (I know you said to pin them but I just couldn’t figure it out). Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks so much for you blog. I am finding it very useful. It’s incredibly kind of you to share your skills and knowledge with us girls who need a place to start. I have to pull my hair back every day for work. Do you have any styles that you think are easier than others and would be good beginner ones?

Rebecca says · 04.27.15

I just did this style for a wedding last night and it was amazing! So beautiful and so simple. I got so many compliments on it! Thank you so much!