telluride ski trip : day 1 recap

packing your carry on bag

My family takes an annual ski trip out west (either Utah or Colorado) this time of year. It’s the Christmas “gift” to all, and better than that–good old fashioned quality family time.

I think one of the main reasons it works is that there’s plenty to do. We all enjoy skiing, and then oftentimes find somewhere to wander and shop to close out the day.

My brother joined us on this trip, and we were all happy that he came. He hasn’t been in a few years, so it’s been fun to ski with him again. He picked it up immediately, so after only a few green runs to get our “ski” legs back, we headed up higher to the blue and double blues.

My sister is a fantastic skier. Very controlled, has a good pace. She’s confident and enjoyed the challenge of steep hills or the occasional mogul.

Justin is a great skier. In fact, the first time Justin came on the family ski trip, after we were married, I was excited to finally have the ability to teach him an athletic skill instead of the other way around. I reveled in the fact that I knew how to do something way better than he did. When it comes to sports, that doesn’t happen ever. 

Unless that sport is shopping. At an outlet mall. With my mom and sister. Then I would always win.

So, this first ski trip with Justin. We started on the green slopes, of course. He needed to take it slow, gently figure out how it all works. I would show him how to “pizza” because surely he wouldn’t feel confidence cutting back and forth across the run.

If my memory serves me, it took about 1 run and he was great. Nearly better than me in fact. I remember thinking, “DANG IT! I wanted to be better at a sport! I wanted to “wait” for the slow guy coming up the back. Sort of ridicule him, in a flirty way of course, and show him how it’s done.

And then I remember thinking, “Kate. You idiot. Now he can ski at your level and you aren’t tied to green runs during the whole trip. Get over it.”

So I did.

And we love skiing together.

Mom and Dad are steady skiiers, enjoying frequent green runs and the occasional blue. It’s really a great mix of skill so we can ski together in the morning, and then venture out in the afternoon.

This year we are in Telluride. It’s a old mining town with a lot of charm and mountains. And that’s about all. It’s a great escape to a different world for a bit of time.

Also, Colorado just legalized marijuana, so everyone is really nice here. And hungry. 

Day 1 : [Ski Trip] Top 5 Moments!

1. Absolutely beautiful weather. The sun would peek through the clouds, and we would occasionally see a flurry.

2. I realized I was wearing my mom’s boots which didn’t properly fit into my skis. Somehow I managed to cram them in there hard enough to stay put without noticing they weren’t properly fitted. #blonde

Thankfully this realization occurred at the bottom of a mountain where I could switch into my own boots. SO GLAD this didn’t happen at the top of a blue run. That would have been a long slide down. 

3. Mom was recovering from a little bit of altitude sickness but felt good enough to come out in the afternoon to ski a few runs with dad. 

4. We made homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, the perfect comfort food after a long, cold day.

5. Justin, Marc, Lauren and I all headed into Telluride (the town) last night. The easiest way to get there is by Gondola, and it’s a stunning view as you ride into town. There’s something I love about a quiet mountain town that closes down at 8:00p. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Target or Starbucks every few blocks either. #keepingitreal

Today, we are going to attempt snowboarding. For the first time. Ever. Because, apparently, we think we can do it. 

Here is how we feel this morning: 

Here is how we’ll feel this evening:

Wish us luck. And preferably no more than 2 broken bones each. 


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julie says · 12.27.12

Good luck for sure! Cant wait to read about it!!

still being [molly] says · 12.27.12

i’ve never been to Telluride! it sounds beautiful! and i am a TERRRRIBLE skier. i just don’t have that type of athleticism in my body. i hope y’all have so much fun!!

Kaisa says · 07.09.14

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Lex LB says · 12.27.12

Snowboarding is so much fun!! Its hard at first but if your a natural skier you’ll pick it up quickly!! Good luck! Love the pictures!

Heather Carson says · 12.27.12

good luck!

the hubbi and i are heading up to Jay Peak in VT over the NYE weekend… this post just totally got me in the mood!!

– heather

Blue Eyes says · 12.27.12

Your line about legalized marijuana in CO made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. Love your sense of humor!

Rachael@HomeSweetHarbor says · 12.27.12

Your trip sounds amazing so far!! Glad Justin picked up skiing so quickly. 🙂 Good luck snowboarding! Three years later I’m still trying to “get the hang of it”, hehe. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

Melissa says · 12.27.12

Good Luck!!! Can’t wait to hear how you did snowboarding 🙂

Analisa Lopez says · 12.27.12

Good Luck!! Glad to see you enjoying my home state, it is beautiful:)

Michelle Carter says · 12.27.12 If my memory serves me right, didn’t our families go to telluride with a bunch of other bible study families together back when all of us were in high school? I’m pretty sure you guys were there too.

Amanda says · 12.27.12

I used to love to ski and then I was introduced to the snowboard. Now I snowboard and I love it. I would like to be able to go out to Colorado to snowboard sometime. Sounds like you are having a great time!

Susan says · 12.27.12

HGTV showed a home on Extreme Homes this morning on the top of a mountain in Telluride that has been rehabbed. It was an old electrical facility known as the castle. As soon as I saw the story I thought of you! Hope you’re loving and enjoying your vacation!!!

Jennifer says · 12.27.12

I have never skied, but i LOVE snowboarding! You are going to have a blast! :0)

Liz @ Beyond Blonde Blog says · 12.27.12

Wow, what a fun trip! Looks like you had a great time!

Lindsey Hemara says · 12.28.12

i love you blog. been following you for a year now. I see you go to my home state (utah) for skiiing. atta girl! I love colorado though.

Ashley says · 12.31.12

I am from the area, you probably had to go through my home town to get to Telluride. 🙂 We miss it so much! Looks like you had a great time! Happy New year!

Natalie Carter says · 01.02.13

We live at about 7500ft on the Front Range and went snowshoeing over the weekend in RMNP. We were convinced we would have expired on the trail (near 10,000ft) if we didn’t already live up so high. I’m sorry your mom didn’t feel well. I’ve heard it’s pretty rough if you don’t adjust well. And once we moved here last year (from the flat flat south) ,trust me, it took us MONTHS before we didn’t feel like we were going to pass out on our stairs!

SH says · 01.04.13

I love skiing with family too! When I was younger, my mother would wait in the ski lodge while my siblings and I went up and down the mountain all day. If we needed a hot chocolate break, we knew where to find her! Great memories, hope you made some too!

Vicky says · 01.07.13

We just got back from our family ski trip at Breckenridge! If you haven’t been there, you MUST go sometime! Great mountain, and the town is fabulous! (And they have a Starbucks! And the best crepe stand ever!)

I’ve never done skiing, but I’ve boarded for the past 5 or 6 years. Didn’t “get the hang of it” as in being able to get down a run without falling until last year. This year, I was surprised to find I still had it! 🙂 Until my board slipped out from under me on a giant patch of ice on a very steep blue run, causing me to bash the ever-living bujeesus out of my knee. ^_~ Boarding is fun, though! Just stay away from traverses & icy trails as much as you can!

Andy Gregory says · 04.22.14

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Shae says · 07.20.14

Hi kate! Your blog is the best!!! Do you still have the recipe for this baked spaghetti you posted? The link no longer works. I made it a few times & lost the recipe! 🙁