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My sister and I just returned from a quick weekend in DC! You can read all about it here

A few observations:

1. Not nearly as tourist-y as I thought it would be.

2. Traffic was never an issue (everyone warned me how terrible it is–so we must have been lucky!)

3. Georgetown is the cutest place around.

4. Old Town Alexandria, VA is even CUTER than Georgetown.

5. Sister time is good.

6. Shake Shack didn’t blow me away, but it was a shake sooooo I ain’t complainin’. 

7. The people are nice.

8. I don’t know a lot about American history.


In other news, I don’t have a new tutorial for you today because I’m working on a very exciting project with a very much loved magazine.

Have no fear, Holiday Hair Tutorials will come very soon! 


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carrieg says · 11.12.12

lOVE old town, such a fun place…you didnt gave tons of traffic in georgetown?? Thay is a miracle…I live just south of dc and traffic is def much worse during the work week. Glad you had fun 🙂

Daliene says · 11.12.12

I would love to visit Georgetown! Glad you have fun sister time.

Alie says · 11.12.12

No traffic ? Are you SURE you were in DC / NoVa ? LOL

You probably visited DC at the right time of the year Kate.
Lots of tourists during the summer – oh yeah..

LoloMyDear says · 11.12.12

Seriously… how did you not have any traffic? I’m baffled. My life in the DC area revolves around the traffic at any given time… :p (I wish I were joking.)

dxeechick says · 11.12.12

I’m not a fan of Shake Shack either (I tried it when we took a road trip through the midwest and I was so excited.) Bummer. Glad you had a fun trip. Its definitely on my list of places to visit! http://www.thismomsgonnasnap.com

Alissa says · 11.12.12

I am going there in December so I can’t wait to see all the things that you are seeing!

R2P2 says · 11.12.12

The stars truly aligned for your trip into DC if you had no traffic! Did you drive/take the train? No matter what time of day I’ve drive up there (I’ve not done a LOT but a fair bit, since my BIL lives up there), there is always ALWAYS traffic around Quantico. That includes on a Sunday morning. It boggles the mind. And reminds me why I never want to live in NoVA! lol Still, it is a great place to visit — so much to do & see!

Anonymous says · 11.12.12

No traffic?!? I am in traffic all the time here, you must have hit it at the exact right time.

Melody says · 11.12.12

FUN! I’ve always wanted to visit DC. Going with my sisters would be hilarious, haha. We know even LESS about history! I’ve always wanted to try Shake Shack too. I imagine it’s gotta be like In and Out? I’ve heard mixed reviews on them!

Lisa - respect the shoes says · 11.12.12

I find DC traffic pretty good – except in Georgetown on the weekends, where it is gridlock central. You must have lucked out, girl!

Holly Louise says · 11.12.12

you definitely lucked out with traffic! It takes me 45 min to drive 7.5 miles to work on a good day!

According to Forbes, commuters in WDC waste, on average 45 hours annually sitting in traffic – 6th worst in the county!

You were very lucky!!

jennaad says · 11.12.12

I live in Balitmore and the traffic is always pretty bad on the beltway around DC and during rush hour however I found it to be hit or miss on weekends in the city itself. I agree with the comments above…you lucked out. Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria are my favorite places in the DC area.

Ms. Happy0349 says · 11.12.12

While in Georgetown I hope you stopped by
DC Cupcakes!

Mary says · 11.12.12

Traffic on the weekend isn’t bad in my experience especially if you park somewhere and take the Metro most of the day but during the week it’s BRUTAL. I travel for work and I haven’t experienced any other city like it yet for traffic.

Anonymous says · 11.12.12

Kate, I live near Old Town Alexandria. I love this area (NOVA/DC). So much to do and see! Christmas is especially wonderful.

Anonymous says · 11.13.12

Kate, DC is amazing! Old town is pretty neat. Did you ride the trolley around? I just went to DC in October and it was pakced, the traffic was horrible, and maybe its just because i’m used the south. idk. But I love DC. What historical things did you see? DC is full of history packed things and I learn a lot about history everytime I go. Love your blog girl thanks for doing what you do!

Anonymous says · 11.13.12

I recently cut my hair short (above the chin). Do you have any styles for the shorties?

Anonymous says · 11.13.12

all these comments about D.C. and I am DYING to know which magazine??!!!…….

– Abby 🙂

Amanda Taft says · 11.13.12

Aw, I’m so glad you and your sis had a good time in Nova! I got married in Georgetown, and Old Town Alexandria is my dream home destination (I currently live about 30 miles south of there). So I agree that they are both the cutest places around. Glad to see my neck of the woods was good to you 🙂

Karen says · 11.13.12

Old Town is my favorite place around DC — I was lucky enough to live right in the middle of it a few years ago! Now we’re about 15 minutes away, but find ourselves there at least once a week. Glad you had a good time in DC!

Meredith says · 12.04.12

I used to live in Old Town but now I’m in DC on the Hill.

Next time you’re here, go to Good Stuff Eatery (Chef Spike’s place, from Top Chef). Now THAT’S a milkshake. I’ve only had Shake Shack once and only had a burger, but I thought it was pretty delicious! Helps that I was at a Nats game and they were winning, though 🙂