High Five for Friday

Beauty 101 : Homemade Lip Exfoliator
It’s Friday! Hope you have a great labor day weekend and enjoy your last bit of summer! Or, if you live in the south–just enjoy another weekend because we all know summer lasts into October around here.

Here are my High Five’s for Friday! 

1. Had a little break at work, so I set up my office at Starbucks and got some blogging stuff done. And enjoyed a caramel macchiato. And a cookie. 

2. The one great thing about working at a freezing cold studio is that I can wear sweaters or layers even in the “summer”. This doesn’t help the sweat-indusing 90 degree car ride to and from, but at least I’m comfortable when I get there.
*if you follow me on instagram you may have seen that someone wrote that this sweater is sold out online. It’s not–click the link below the photo to be taken to the Old Navy website!

(ankle zip pants, Gap ; sweater, Old Navy ; shoes, Alfani)

3. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve shopped at Urban Outfitters, but is it just me or do they have some great shoes right now? 

4. I’m looking very forward to the Becoming Conference in September! There are still tickets available if you are interested in coming! I think it’s going to be great. There are so many great speakers and we are all talking about things that we care about/blog about!

Here’s a little bit about me and what I’ll be covering:
A Fresh Look at Beauty and Style: Kate Bryan
You know those days when your hair cooperates, your makeup looks nice, and your outfit is cute AND comfortable? Lets find out how to have more of these. Discovering your personal style, from a great haircut to your “go to” jeans and top, can make getting ready for the day so much easier. How do we get there? Maximizing your time in the chair at the salon. Finding a makeup routine that you can stick with. And learning where to shop.
As a professional hairstylist, I want to break the barrier between client and stylist. I’ll share some important tips to getting the most out of your time in the salon, and how to understand your hair. We’ll also talk about product, tools, and hairstyle options.
As a lover of shopping, I’ll share my experience on streamlining what I buy, why I buy it, and how to know where to save vs. splurge

5. This weekend my sister and I are going to help a friend create some new outfits from what she already has in her closet. I can-not-wait. I’m sure we’ll share photos on instagram : follow us at K8_smallthings and Lauren_FMGD !

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kristinwithani says · 08.31.12

Can’t wait to see/hear you at Becoming! My BF (another redhead) is coming in from Texas to go with me. It should be a fun weekend.

zach chuang says · 09.03.12

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still being [molly] says · 08.31.12

i was thinking the SAME THING about urban the other day. their shoes are amazing! and i was totally thinking about going to that becoming conference bu that is when we will be in Kenya on our mission trip! can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Katie Green says · 08.31.12

that outfit looks great on you! can you come reassemble my wardrobe next weekend? 🙂 so thankful for your blog. it’s helped me to reestablish my love for fashion/beauty after having my son. it’s easy to lose sight of yourself after kids! keep sharing your talents with the world! 🙂


Jen says · 08.31.12

A former Starbucks barrista told me that you can get caramel macchiatos made “upside down.” That way, the caramel mixes better with the rest of the drink (not just sitting on the top) and the milk mixes better too. It doesn’t matter too much for hot ones, but makes the cold ones much better!

Jennifer says · 08.31.12

Hey Kate,
You like caramel macchiatos too? Personally, I haven’t found many people fond of them. My best friend got me drinking these in highschool. I don’t get to Starbucks much, but when I do, caramel macchiatos are the only thing I drink. Cheers!

katie_shannon says · 08.31.12

Very pretty sweater and it hugs you perfectly

Becca @ Life as a Fitzgerald says · 08.31.12

I love iced caramel macchiato’s…they are my new fav drink! I have to get to ON to pick up that sweater. Adorable!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Kate @ Green Fashionista says · 08.31.12

Love that polka dot top 🙂

And I definitely share your love for caramel macchiatos.

Jessica says · 08.31.12

Those shoes are so cute! My BFF and I will be at the Becoming Conference 🙂 We can’t wait! The conference weekend is between our birthdays. It’s the perfect time for us to celebrate together since we live apart right now.


Jes says · 08.31.12

I’m not a coffe drinker, but I do hit up starbucks for the baked goods because they are so delish!

Just started following you on instagram!

pretty little things says · 08.31.12

I love that polka dot top – I actually have it in the camel color! xo


Megs says · 08.31.12

I absolutely adore the polka dot sweater. Bought it a couple weeks ago, and it’s officially my favorite item right now. 🙂 Saw it on copycatchic.com as a cheaper alternative to some other high-end sweater. Great website if you ever want to check it out, Kate!

Alissa says · 08.31.12

I normally hate Urban Outfitters but their freaking shoes are soooo cute and actually comfortable!

RachelMarie says · 08.31.12

Hmmmm, I’m from Michigan so I’m thinking longer summers in the south AMAZING!!

Kaitlyn says · 08.31.12

I agree about the whole upside down caramel macchiatos. 😉 Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing, and as someone who is going to attend beauty school it is so helpful!!!

Dixie n Dottie says · 08.31.12

Love the polka dot sweater! Happy weekend! 🙂

PixieSam says · 08.31.12

Love the polka dot sweater and those yellow wedge shoes are amazing!

It's Sooo Fluffy! says · 08.31.12

Super cute outfit! I’m right there with ya on the freezing office space but 100 degree weather outside. I wear scrubs to work everyday though, so I have a couple sweaters on my chair for daily use 🙂

Anonymous says · 08.31.12

You are so fantastic! Greetings from Germany and a nice Weekend!!

Jen says · 08.31.12

I just clicked the link and it doesn’t list the one with dots so it is sold out (at least now) because I totally want one! Also I live in the North and summer is coming to a rapid stop, I’m SO sad!!! (aside from the fires, those need to go away and I’ll take snow if that is what it takes!)

Whitney says · 08.31.12

Love this post especially because I was in a wedding last weekend and we wore the exact shoes you have pictured from Urban Outfitters! I would never think to shop there either but the shoes, oh the shoes!!

Fanchon says · 08.31.12

I think you are fab! I attempted a hair style you showed. About 40% successful. Personally I love your hair. So glad to have found your blog!!

Just Spiff It says · 08.31.12

I am loving that polka dot sweater!!! Too cute!

Tiffany says · 08.31.12

So cute Kate. I almost bought that sweater the other day, but it was just too dang hot.

Anonymous says · 09.01.12

Absolutely love, love, love, loooove the outfit on 2!!! It is ah-mazingly adorable!! Cheers!

Megan says · 09.01.12

I follow you both on IG, can’t wait to see the outfits you create! I wish you girls could restyle MY wardrobe!! 🙂

Kate K says · 09.01.12

hi Kate! this could go down in history as the most random question…..what brand is your lap top? it dawned on me you are on the computer all the time! the current debate in my house is Mac vs. “other”……Asus has been reccomended . Just throwing it out there, would love your opinion. : )


Amy Shaughnessy says · 09.01.12

They had plenty of those sweaters when I went yesterday. I went crazy in there. SO much cute stuff right now!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Anonymous says · 09.01.12

I have that sweater. I also got a cute creamish coloured sweater with little black poka dots from Old Navy….very cute!

Anonymous says · 09.02.12

I love all of your outfits! You are so good at putting outfits, hair and accessories together! It would take me hours to get a cute look like this!!

Jennifer says · 09.02.12

I seriously LOVE that sweater… I wish it was still in white online… My birthday is in a couple weeks – I guess I’ll be heading in to Old Navy with spending money to see if the white and black one is in stores still 😉 I’m seriously obsessed with polka dots… I’ve seen a few of these polka dot sweaters around recently – SO happy they’re in style this fall! And those Urban Outfitters shoes are great!!

Lizzy says · 09.02.12

Ok..what is your workout regime ?? You are looking amazing! 🙂

Rubiiee says · 09.03.12

Working at a Library, same effect. You’ll need layers to go inside, but they all have to come off before you go outside.
<3 Rubiiee

Jodene says · 09.04.12

Hey! I’m fingers-crossed-hoping-‘n-wishing that you post your presentation at the Becoming Conference for all of us that can’t make it – i’m in another country!!! Happy Labor Day!

Briana Mills says · 09.05.12

Iced carmel macciatos are my go to order in the summers ever since high school. Love ’em!

Kacie Jackson says · 09.14.12

I am a little late on responding, but I was able to pick up the ON sweater at my local store – seeing that they were sold out online. It’s very cute! I noticed it’s a little sheer, but nothing that a cami can’t cover up. I am excited to incoporare it into my fall/winter wardrobe! I also plan on picking up some of those ankle-zip pants from GAP – as soon as I get a good sale coupon to use. They were really comfy when I tried them on, and can understand why you love them so much! Love your styles! 🙂