High Five for Friday

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It’s Friday! Hope you all have great weekend plans!

My mom is in town, so Lauren, she and I will be pounding the pavement until the day she departs. We love to browse all our regular stores (Michaels, Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc.) while she’s here.

So here are my top 5 things of the week!

1. Mom is here! Love when she comes, and am glad she comes so often!

not even a caption would make this photo make sense.

2. I finally made my way over to Madewell at Streets of Southpointe Mall in Durham. Whew, that is a great store. They’ve got some great staple v-neck t’s for $20.00. The staff there was really inviting and kind, and knew the perfect balance of distance and helpfulness. 

3. My husband finished P90X TODAY! He is a machine and worked out seriously hard for the past 90 days. And let me tell you, you can tell. 

My mad photoshop skills.
The man lost 15 lbs. (about 10% of his starting weight). And gained washboard abs. Okay, I’ll leave it at that.

4. I’m training for a sprint triathlon in October. I’m totally pumped scared. I just learned how to swim properly in the past three weeks. And by swim properly I mean gasp for air every three strokes. It ain’t pretty folks.

5. I’ve been swooning over these cute little knot studs from Kate Spade. But I found some pretty similar ones at Anthropologie and used a leftover gift card from Christmas! And that is why I love gift cards that don’t get spent in one shopping trip. It was like Christmas all over again today.
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Veronica and Daniel says · 08.10.12

Oh! Swimming is my favorite part of a tri! Just keep practicing and relax – dont go for speed right away, just try to feel fluid movements when you are in the water 🙂 Good Luck!

still being [molly] says · 08.10.12

yay! so fun your mom is in town! hope y’all have an awesome weekend – and i, too, am LOVING the new madewell at southpoint. LOVE that store!

Julie says · 08.10.12

You mentioned training for a sprint triathlon….I would love to do one next fall. Do you have a training program you follow? I am at a point now where I am not sure where to start 🙂

Julie says · 08.10.12

You mentioned training for a sprint triathlon….I would love to do one next fall. Do you have a training program you follow? I am at a point now where I am not sure where to start 🙂

Katie says · 08.10.12

Have fun with your mom! I so love spend time with my girls! They are the best thing that ever happened to me… XoXo Ps. Those are my favorite stores too, along with some very good thrift stores 🙂

@Jenn Marks says · 08.10.12

I am doing a triathlon next weekend! Good luck, they are a lot of fun to train for 🙂

Living Quarters on a Dime says · 08.10.12

Congrats on making the decision to do a triathlon!!! Not sure if you follow The Magic Brush or not, (highly suggest) but she (Jennifer) decided to do one also…..but did not know how to swim so she blogs about it in her painting blog and may be some inspiration for you.

Good luck and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

pretty little things says · 08.10.12

awesome congrats on your decision to do a triathlon! I wish I could do something like that!


Melissa Duckett says · 08.10.12

At least you’ll put your face in the water!! My dad has a pool and the big joke always is, Melissa will not put her face in the water. And that’s not true, because I DO… but when I swim I can’t stand it, so I sort of do the right thing, but with my head totally stuck out the whole time. And I can’t dive. I know how. I understand the process, but something happens when I try… like… my face and head try to go the other way to avoid being at the front of the impact. So, if you’re curved over, ready for a dive, instead of arching and going in the water (face first), my body somehow freezes in that position, I do a little hop, and hit the water in exactly that position. It’s hilarious, but I can’t control it. You won’t see me joining you on a triathlon any time soon. I can run a mean 5k though–with a dog OR pushing a stroller. 😉

Sarah R says · 08.10.12

It looks like you got your hair cut! Or is that just an old picture? 🙂

Kate says · 08.10.12

very old photo! 🙂

Sarah-R says · 08.11.12

Oh! Are you growing your hair out?

Young and Crafty says · 08.10.12

I just completed my first sprint tri last Sunday. It was a blast and I’ll definitely be doing another one! Just relax in the swim. Chances are you’ll probably be looking up a lot to get your bearings so you won’t be to terribly out of breath. Also, your adrenaline will get you through! Good luck!

Jessica says · 08.10.12

I love that picture of you and your mom! Very sweet 🙂


Allyson Butler says · 08.10.12

Girl I can’t swim properly either. I go underwater like a frog…my technical swimming is a mess.

Kristen says · 08.10.12

Cute earrings and congrats to your husband for finishing P90X. That takes some dedication that I surely don’t have! A sprint Triathlon! Wow, girl, you can do it!!
Have a fabulous weekend with your mom and sister!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 08.10.12

You Photoshopped that photo of your husband?! I wouldn’t have guessed. 😉

Happy Friday, Kate!

Unknown says · 08.10.12

Trust me, EVERYONE has a weak sport in a triathlon. Kudos to you for even being brave enough to do one!

I am training for my first marathon and can relate to feeling scared. The best feeling in the world is getting to a point at which workouts that seemed so hard and terrible months before are now your “easy” workouts!

Way to go – you’ll get there!!!

Alice in East Washington says · 08.10.12

Think I might do a High Five for Friday kind of thing at The Owl’s Skull (my blog). Great idea. Love your stuff. Keep it coming:). Alice

Heather says · 08.10.12

Good luck on your triathlon! And congrats to your hubby on P90X. You should do a round with him! I did 2 solid rounds of P90X last year, and then continued with 4 days per week of it since then. It is such an awesome overall fitness system, and you won’t get all muscular, just really toned and lean. I *heart* P90X!

spatulasandbuttons says · 08.10.12

Best of luck on your triathlon! I just did my own first sprint tri two weeks ago and am training to do an Olympic length at the beginning of September. I am not the fastest, nor the one with best form – it’s just about having fun and finishing! Good luck with your training!!

....... says · 08.10.12

it’s so nice to see family..ill be spending some time with my mom this weekend too so I know! Amazing that your husband did it…I do turbofire and these workouts aren’t easy- congrats! those studs look gorgeous- very different detailing then I usually see. Good luck with the triathlon! Gigi. Food and Beauty Blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

Amy says · 08.10.12

cute top 5, good luck training, yay for gift cards and hot hubbies!


Rachael {all things beautiful} says · 08.10.12

What a cute pic of you and your mom! My hubs and I did P90X a couple of years ago and that program is legit! I tell you what.. you will definitely lose some weight and tone up if you stick to it. Good for him to completing it. Happy weekend!

Victoria says · 08.10.12

Love that you get so excited about your Mom visiting! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

Michelle@AHealthyMrs says · 08.10.12

Sounds like a fun weekend — enjoy it!

Yolanda says · 08.10.12

there may be no words to describe the photo, but it’s adorable!!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious says · 08.11.12

Those earrings are adorable! Have a great weekend! 🙂

Pip C says · 08.11.12

Good for you Kate with your triathlon training- I got into that a couple of years ago- couldn’t swim at all to start- nothing like a goal to focus the mind and make you practice- was great for the fitness and confidence, not to mention the anatomy. A couple of strategic swim lessons can help- you don’t need to do a whole course- just book a couple for yourself as a treat. Helps heaps.

Nichole says · 08.11.12

From all of the half marathons, full marathons, and tris we’ve (my husband and I do races and train together) done, a sprint tri is my favorite! Crossing the finish line is plenty of motivation to do another one! You’ll love it, and as some one else said, the adrenaline during the swim will get you through it! Good luck, Kate!!

carla5555 says · 08.11.12

How fun, i love all those stores. Shopping with my mom and sister is so fun so i can imagine the wonderful memories you made. The earrings are gorgeous! Love Anthro! xoxo


MrsRo says · 08.11.12

Have you been to Versona Accessories yet?! There is one in Charlotte, and there is one opening up in Raleigh. If you haven’t been, you’ll have to check it out–soo many cute clothes & jewelry & very affordable!

Lianne Barr says · 08.12.12

I love swimming! Not that I am super good at it but I enjoy it:). But I don’t do it much because of my hair, so I was kind of happy to read that you were swimming so I could ask you . . .

How do you take care of your hair when you are daily dunking it it chlorine??

Anonymous says · 08.12.12

Kate! I love, love your hair tutorials! However, my hair is about twice as long as yours and I have a very hard time curling it….maybe a tutorial on how to style longer hair? I’ve finally grown my hair out and got it back to being healthy after coloring for so long so I really don’t want to cut it but I’m just bored and can’t do anything with it! Help!

Kaolee says · 08.12.12

p90x is great! it just takes so darn long!

Krista J. says · 08.13.12

I’m doing my first sprint triathlon in about two weeks. I’m a little scared!! 🙂

Jill says · 08.13.12

So have you been taking swimming lessons? I am a TERRIBLE swimmer. I can doggie paddle…and the rest is just like me flailing around. Anyway. Hope you and your mom and sis had a great time shopping this weekend! 🙂

Nicole @ Haute Runner says · 08.14.12

Congrats on trainging for your first sprint tri! I did my first one 4 years ago and was hooked! I’ve decided to focus on running for now but hope to get back into triathlon in a few years. I also didn’t know how to do front crawl/freestyle when I signed up for my first race. Swimming still isn’t pretty for me!

Tara says · 08.17.12

How did you pin your hair back in the picture with your mom? I love seeing your hair straight. It’s much more doable for me.