6:00 Shut Down

30×30, Week Six
photo source: Real Simple

It’s hard to get away from the demands of an inbox. From Twitter or Facebook. And now more than ever, it’s hard to stop uploading photos to Instagram. 
We’re all connected. And it’s good. It’s great actually. What a fantastic world that we live in where we can share moments of our lives with friends, or just other people!
We are inspired. Motivated. Moved. Changed. All from the things that happen around us. 

Pinterest changed weddings forever. 
And baby showers.

Instagram made every meal an opportunity for us to become photographers. 

Twitter has become my first resource for breaking news. 

It’s enjoyable to be in community online. 
But we can’t miss out on real life. 
Because you can’t scroll down far enough to see what happened. It happens, then it’s over.

So I started enforcing a “6:00 Shut Down” for myself. I’m not strict or rigid, but I’m determined to shut down some of the online activity at 6:00 in the evening. 
I’m ending my work day. Intentionally. 

But even if you don’t “work” online, the 6:00 Shut Down can be a way to just take a breather from social media. 

I’ve been operating in a busy lifestyle for months, and while I really, really enjoy doing everything that I’m doing, I’m not doing any of those things really well. I’m giving each thing about 70%, because that’s all I have available. 

So instead of qualifying my day a success or not based on getting through my entire list of to-do’s, I’m going to do as much as I can until 6:00, and then shut it down.

Or, I’m going to try.

So join me, if you need to, and we can let our thumbs rest a little bit. 

*there is nothing else going on, on a deeper level, I just wanted to share with you this challenge I’ve given myself. Also, I hope this doesn’t read as a complaint, but simple a glimpse into the fact that I don’t do it all–which it may look like on the blog sometimes. Someone recently told me , “It’s hard to fit a 3 dimensional person into a 1 dimensional place.” Truth. Don’t value your 1-d over your 3-d. 

Is this my philosophy degree talking? 🙂 


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