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Have you tried this eye cream from Benefit? It’s relatively new (within the past several weeks, I believe) and I love it. I heard the terrible news that the Sephora Immediate Wrinkle Filler is no longer for sale, so I’ve been searching for a replacement. 
This eye cream isn’t the same consistency as the Immediate Wrinkle Filler, but it’s very moisturizing and truly brightening! And it isn’t oily or shiny, which is a major plus in my book. 
I use this daily under my eyes before I apply makeup. 

If you are looking for an eye cream, give this a try! 


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DaintyandDecadent says · 06.12.12

I can’t believe the Sephora one isn’t available anymore πŸ™ That’s what I’ve been using but I do like to hear that the benefit one is moisturizing. I need to check that one out then.


Amy says · 06.12.12

very awesome! I’m going to give this a shot.

Free To Be Me says · 06.12.12

I’ve actually been looking for some new eye cream…will have to give this a shot!

Meggie says · 06.12.12

So funny you posted this today! I got my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar in Macy’s this weekend (in Texas), and they tried all kinds of makeup on me also, and she made a big deal about this eye cream (because I had concealer under my eyes with no moisturizer so they looked dry). I didn’t buy it, but I can say I did notice a difference once she used this then concealer under my eyes. I did end up buying their Ooh La Lift ( and love it! πŸ™‚

Christy says · 06.12.12

I have Benefit scrub which I love mine. I will give this a try. I’ve used Bare Escentuals eye cream which works great for me. I love to try new stuff!

Gabyash says · 06.12.12

I want one. Where I can buy?

Anonymous says · 06.12.12

I found the eye cream at and it’s is $32. The description says “is used to fade dark circles”. Hope this helps : )

Amy Alyse says · 06.12.12

Does this help with really dark under eye circles? I was born with extremely dark circles under my eyes and no makeup or cream has been able to hide it very well. Any recommendations?

NaturalBeauty26 says · 06.12.12

I was just considering ordering this. Thanks for the heads up.

@Gabyash Its on the benefit website, as well as the ULTA website and in store. Much Love, Nikki

Mary says · 06.12.12

I love me some benefit cosmetics!

Kelly D says · 06.12.12

I love the whole Benefit line of face cleaners, but especially moisturizers because I have a problem with my skin becoming too dry and it hasn’t happened since I switched!

Lindsay Patrick says · 06.12.12

So what all does the eye cream do? Just moisturize and brighten? Lord knows I can use all the help I can get πŸ™‚

~Lindsay @

Mrs. Wheeler says · 06.12.12

So glad for the heads up! I heart Benefit! I have been wanting to try it.

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade

daisydiesel says · 06.12.12

i had no idea sephora was discontinuing it! i love the wrinkle filler! I’ll definitly have to try Benefit! Thanks for sharing Kate!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style says · 06.13.12

I went looking for the wrinkle filler the other night and saw that it was no longer online. I wondered if you had heard the unfortunate news. Thanks for the It’s Potent suggestion!

Michea says · 06.13.12

Nooooooooooo say it ain’t so! I absolutely LOVE my wrinkle filler! Ugh, that always happens when I find something I love πŸ™ It works so amazingly as an under eye primer. Boo. Well, at least a little goes a long way. I use It’s Potent as my night eye cream, and I love it. I’ve been using it since Christmas–it’s good stuff!

carla5555 says · 06.13.12

I’ll have to try this! I’m currently using a wonderful eye cream by Freeze 24-7 that i love! I especially love their exfoliator. ON a different note, have you tried the Julep Maven boxes? I’m having a GIVEAWAY on my blog! Here’s the link!

Dani M. says · 06.13.12

The wrinkle filler was awesome, but you must try Rodan and Fields Multifunction Eye Cream. It really is the best with visible results!! Buy it from me or anyone else you might know who is consultant…but just get it. Definitely a game changer.

danibrooke42 {at} gmail {dot} com

P.S. I am an avid Small Things fan. It should be said that you have got to be the next Jennifer Aniston of the hair world.

Maria @ All Things Luxurious says · 06.13.12

Thanks for the tip, Kate! I will definitely have to give this a go! πŸ™‚

Arika says · 06.15.12

I’m pretty sure this has been out for awhile at least a year here. I have an old sample jar of it in my make up bag. I love this whole line of skin care but it’s too fragrant for my ultra sensitive skin πŸ™

Erin says · 06.16.12

I am doing a product showdown between this product and another “dark circle cure”. Take a look!

Crojas says · 06.17.12

I bought this eye cream some time last year. The lady said it would help with the under eye circles…it didn’t. It was nice to moisturize with before applying concealer tho. I was kind of disappointed with it, but I hope it works for you!

Linda says · 07.09.12

bummer about the Sephora product! i used that based on your recommendation and really liked it. have you seen this? i haven’t tried it yet but it looks interesting…

Clueless says · 08.18.12

In your under eye routine you said you used Mark eye cream before the Sephora wrinkle filler (now replaced with It’s Potent eye cream)and in your daily make up routine you said you used Olay Regenerist eye serum, so do you use Mark, It’s Potent, eye serum, followed with concealer, etc?

Daria Flores says · 08.22.12

I bought this eye creme & the the one for face little bit before Xmas of ’11… I have been using it every day, sometimes 2x(morning & night) but mostly at night… I have not noticed any difference with my skin. The actual face creme was OK, very moisturizing, but the eye creme did not do anything for my dark circles…bummer !