Birthday burgers and a fun collaboration

It’s my Birthday, here’s a gift.

Yesterday was my birthday (thanks to everyone who wished me a happy one!)!

I’ve been wanting to eat at Chuck’s with my husband for awhile now. But since it isn’t exactly on the P90X meal plan, we’ve put it off until he’s done with the program. 

But for my birthday, he said I could choose wherever I wanted.

So I chose Chuck’s. It’s quite possibly the best burger place I’ve been to. They cook them medium, unless you ask for something else, and have very creative options for the toppings. And the fries? They come with 3 dipping sauces. Yep.

So we headed to Chucks at about 5:45p

The restaurant was slammed. I’m so glad we got a table.         ::crickets::

I went with the Bear in Heaven, without cheese or mayo. Pretty plain, I know, but that’s how I like it.

And it was delicious. My husband loved it too. Although, I’m pretty sure he’d be happy with anything besides chicken & rice at this point.

I topped off the night with an old favorite from ColdStone. I feel like I’m about, oh I don’t know 8 or 9 years old when I order this. . . but I’m kind of into sprinkles. Excessive amounts of them. 

It was a great birthday. Definitely started year 26 off right.


You’ve heard me talk about Three Bird Nest before. In fact, you may remember these flower bobby pins that I used in the Knotted Ponytail Tutorial.

She and I have collaborated to create a section of accessories in her shop called “Kate’s Favorites”. I’m so excited to curate a handful of items that I love! Photographed below are just a few of the initial items that we decided on. Be sure to check out her shop to see the color options too! 
The clips can be clipped in hair, on scarves, on belts, on shoes. . .the list goes on. And I love the hairbands for a jazzed up ponytail without the headache inducing tight elastics. And the last elastic would be cute wrapped into a messy bun!


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