What’s in Carrie’s Purse?

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Hi, my name is Carrie. 

I blog over at Chasing Big Dreams and I sell handmade accessories over at Caroline G. I recently changed the direction of my blog this year when I felt a tugging on my heart to use my voice to encourage and inspire others around me. And I started my handmade business two years ago while teaching preschool.

1. purse: longchamp. 2. wallet/wristlet: coach 3. wrislet: gussysews 4. sharpies + notepad: target 5. journal: michaels 6. lipgloss: clinque 7. car keys  8. bandaids: target 9: iphone + case: kate spade 10. iphone case pouch: gussysews 11. thank you notes: target 12. scripture cards 13. sunglasses and croakies: target and lilly pulitzer 14. tissues (dang allergies): target. 15. water bottle

1. The one thing that I always carry around inside my purse is my little gussysews’ bags. I use one to protect my phone from all the miscellaneous things in my bag. And I often carry a wristlet within my purse so that I when I’m out and about I don’t have to carry around a large bag throughout the many aisles of stores such as target because apparently I shop there a lot.

2. I tend to switch purses out based on outfits. My longchamp bag tends to be my go to bag since it goes with most of my outfits being that its a light shade of green and I am usually found wearing pink and green 90% of the time. However, I usually alternate between that bag and other bright colored bags such as a large tote from GussySews or Vera Bradley since both brands carry bright bold colors and patterns. 

3. I always, alway, always prefer a large bag over a small one. I tend to carry around way more than necessary, but I find a bigger bag easier to manage for shopping trips where I can slip a purchase into my bag and have have to worry about carrying around an additional bag. And because I carry smaller wristlets within my bag, I can always ditch the bigger bags when I’m tired of carrying it around.

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Lexi says · 05.07.12

I’m SO with you on the Sharpies!

elise leighann says · 05.07.12

everything in your purse is so put together. my word. love the scripture cards!

Allyson Butler says · 05.07.12

These posts are so cute…and always so much more organized than my purse!

Brooke says · 05.07.12

Scripture cards are the best way to prepare you for the day. Great post, thanks for sharing and I will have to add some to my purse for a reminder of how good God is.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss says · 05.07.12

Awh, I love Carrie!!!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious says · 05.08.12

I love that she carries thank-you notes in her handbag — such a great idea! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

Shannon @ Polish and Sugar says · 05.09.12

I am loving the “what’s in your purse” series!