Mouth Watering Garlic Cheesy Bread

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Are you ready for the most amazing garlic cheesy bread recipe?

Get ready.

This recipe comes from my friend Tre . . . short for Theresa . . . pronounced “tree”. . . I was confused too when I first met her. . . actually Justin and I met Tre and her husband Dallas one Sunday a few years ago. We joined a small group through our church that met on Sunday’s for lunch. We arrived at the hosts’ home, and were introduced to everyone, and told “Oh, Tre and Dal are on their way!”.
Tre and Dal?…for real?
What are the odds a gal named Tre marries a dude named Dal?

Once we learned their full names (which they almost never go by) and got to know them, we loved them. Both are full of personality and so fun to be around. 

Tre happens to be an incredible cook with an arsenal of crowd-pleasing recipes. Since we all cooked lunch together in our small group, it was quite often that we were able to partake in one of Tre’s meals. 

One of the most incredible things she ever made was her Garlic Cheesy Bread. It’s the kind of bread that makes you close your eyes and savor every bite. Am I being a little dramatic here?
You’ll understand when you make it.

Tre was kind enough to let me share her recipe on the blog for you all, so enjoy!

Garlic Cheese Bread

          Set oven to 350

1 loaf Fresh French Bread-slice in half (so you can stuff with cheese mixture)

Cheese Mixture:

1 8oz cream cheese-softened
1 stick of butter-softened (I use real butter, but you can substitute margarine)
3-4 cloves of garlic-crushed
8 oz shredded mozzarella 
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 tsp black pepper (I just use my pepper grinder and grind away to taste)!

**Optional-chopped scallions**

Make horizontal cuts in the bread BEFORE you bake it. If you wait until afterwards, you’ll have a cheesy mess escaping through the sides. 

Wrap in foil and bake at 350 for 25-35 minutes.
*make sure you check the bread at 25 minutes to make sure the cheese mixture is melted. Since the bread will be so full of the mixture, you want to give it enough time to warm all the way through.

This bread is now referred to as “The Bread” at my house. It’s surpassed any and all other breads I’ve ever made. Well, except for the Rosemary Bread

. . . I’m pretty sure I could survive on bread alone. 


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Lela says · 05.31.12

Yes, yes it is. Thanks for the great-simple yet yummy idea 🙂

KristyLou says · 05.31.12

AMEN to surviving on bread alone 🙂

Victoria says · 05.31.12

YUM!! I have also discovered that you can make garlic bread with Pillsbury Grands biscuits! Just roll them in a ball and stuff them all in a baking dish, pour over butter, italian seasoning, and parmesean cheese! So good and so easy when you don’t have bread laying aound!

Melissa Duckett says · 05.31.12

Great recipe! We’ve cut bread right now on our diet (booo) but when it makes it’s glorious come back, this is how I’m welcoming it back in. Calories and carbs, welcome home! Hey… do you exercise? What do you do?

Mallory says · 05.31.12

That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams says · 05.31.12

mouth… is… watering…

Mary Beth says · 05.31.12

Yum! I’m a bread-a-holic too, I actually took the contents of my sandwich off yesterday because I was getting full and just wanted to eat the yummy bread. I don’t think I could make it without carbs!

Ms Maddie says · 05.31.12

oh my gosh.. this looks FABULOUS!! I’m going to make it for my husband and I sometime soon but I’m worried I’ll eat the entire loaf! I think this would be worth the extra time on the treadmill tho 😉

Lydia Geisendorfer says · 05.31.12

Kate, I love hearing about your church and your small group!

Sarah says · 05.31.12

Ohhhh wow! That looks DELICIOUS! Will print this out now and add it to my pile of “must try” recipes! Thanks for sharing.


Angie says · 05.31.12

OMG sounds so GOOD!! i love how you go to church and are so involved with it!! 🙂 That’s great!! I might have to get the stuff and make this for my husband tonight 😉

Maria says · 05.31.12

Oh god, I want to try this so badly!

Betty@SouthernGrace says · 05.31.12

This looks yummy! Must try!

LK says · 05.31.12

Um WOW – saved for future guests. This looks AMAZING!!

Libby's Life says · 05.31.12


DaintyandDecadent says · 05.31.12

Ummm this looks borderline amazing! I must try this soon!


Hi, I'm Jayda! says · 05.31.12

Ooh, this looks GOOD! Thanks for sharing!

lori says · 05.31.12

yes… my mouth is watering. and im on a diet. ugh. carbs are my favorite thing of life… i will pin it for we have friends over and i have an excuse to make bread as a side 🙂

Anonymous says · 05.31.12

Yay! That’s my momma! Best bread ever!!!! Love y’all!

Casie says · 05.31.12

Mmm I love bread! Thanks for the recipe, I’m totally making this soon!!

Marissa says · 05.31.12

This looks so incredibly good Kate! I’m making it tonight with baked chicken. Thanks for sharing & thank “Tre” for the recipe!

Ryan en Hannah says · 05.31.12

hi Kate! That looks glorious!! Thanks for sharing your (or Tre’s) recipe! I can actually get the Philadelphia cream cheese here in Holland, so that’s awsome! But…a STICK of butter? We buy butter in packs of 250 grams (which is 8.8 oz). A stick of butter sounds really silly to me, but it probably isn’t! How much weighs a stick of butter?? You can tell me in oz. I’ll convert it myself. Thanks!!!

Anonymous says · 06.02.12

A stick of butter is 4 oz. or 113 g. It’s actually pretty handy because it has measurement marks right on the package and you can cut off the exact amount you need

Sam @ Fit for my Fork says · 05.31.12

Oh my, that looks SO GOOD. My mouth is watering. Garlic bread is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I’ll definitely have to try this recipe sometime!

Melissa says · 05.31.12

Making this ASAP! Mmmm!!!!

Anonymous says · 05.31.12

A stick of butter is 4 oz.

Melinda says · 05.31.12

YUM! I could survive on bread alone too!

EllieLace says · 05.31.12

Yum! that recipe sounds amazing! If only I could find gluten free bread that actually tastes good!

Allyson Butler says · 05.31.12

This looks absolutely divine!

Kayla says · 06.01.12

My fiance and I just made this, and although ours doesn’t look as good as your picture, it is still delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda says · 06.01.12

Yum!!! Thanks for recipe 🙂 definitely making this!

Anonymous says · 06.01.12

Your bread was DELISH!!! Tonight we decided to use it as a spread for our sandwiches and then we broiled them! Thanks for sharing!


Meredith says · 06.01.12

Made this last night and it was amazing!! One question, when you bake yours, do you bake it with the long slice (not the slices that make it seperate pieces) up, or to the side? I baked mine slice up and all the cheesy goodness slid to the middle. We made it work by smearing it back up the sides, but it was a bit of a pain and I wondered if it would come out better if I baked it with the slice to the side. Thanks!

Kate says · 06.04.12

I bake it wrapped in foil and the same way it’s sitting in the last photo.

Meredith says · 06.05.12

I’ll have to try baking it that way. Thanks!

Vanessa says · 06.01.12

omg..are you kidding me..DROOL!

BrianneJoy says · 06.01.12

I must confess…. I just pinned this.


Anonymous says · 06.01.12

Great, now my mind is made up that if I do not have some cheesy garlic bread this weekend (I’m dieting) my weekend will not be complete.


Kelly says · 06.02.12

Where do you buy your french bread? Is there a kind that you recommend?

Michele Nicolette says · 06.02.12

and there goes my “diet” lol

Andrea says · 06.05.12

Made this last night…. SO AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing such a great and simple recipe! This is definitely a new staple in our home!

Kateelyse says · 06.07.12

I am making this right now. The aroma is amazing!!!! yuuummmm!

Sally says · 06.16.12

Made this for supper tonight…. wrote about it on

Jennis says · 08.31.12

Oh my word… Now I have to make something so I can eat this!

Glenda says · 09.06.12

This is AMAZING! Made it for a family get together and it was the best! It’s now referred to as “THE garlic bread”. Thanks so much for sharing!

gluten free pies says · 09.10.12

Bread always seems to taste better when you make it yourself and is certainly at it’s best when it’s fresh from the oven. This recipe suits hand mixing but it can be easily modified for a bread machine.

Stephanie says · 10.05.12

I made this last night and it was amazing as promised! I made baked spaghetti with it and they were awesome together!

Amber says · 12.06.13

Oh em gee. I’d kill for a piece of that right now!

تنور says · 02.05.17

that was perfect